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Catching Up with Errol Flynn
Date of Scene: 25 March 2021
Location: Amanda's Apartment
Synopsis: Kurt drops over for movie night and learns what Amanda's been up to lately. He also meets (sorta) her erstwhile head-guest, the ghost of Sister Phillis. But really, it's all about the Errol Flynn movie marathon, as always.
Cast of Characters: Amanda Sefton, Kurt Wagner

Amanda Sefton has posed:
It's been a couple of days since the church fire in Queens, which means Amanda's magic is slowly starting to replenish. She's still tired, mind. She managed not to show it, the night Pepper stopped over to celebrate her birthday with her. But healing always takes more out of her than normal magic. Probably because it's so much more reliant on her own life force, her own essence.

Still, she's got a collection of old movies on the coffee table, a large bowl of popcorn prepping in the kitchen, and a handful of drinks chilling in the fridge. Her intention is definitely a night in, for once. The Trouble in Tribeca still weighs on her mind, but its urgency has receeded as the equinox comes and goes and the dark magic that was so powerful in winter wanes with the coming spring. Thus, it's easier to take the night off.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
With the kinds of lives they lead it isn't always easy to celebrate holidays and milestones precisely when they should be celebrated of course. Threats and disasters standly pay little attention to particular days of the year. They're rather inconsiderate that way. But that doesn't mean there is any reason that such get-togethers can't be done on a slightly more belated basis, right?

Kurt can do low-key. He has no problem taking a night off now and then when there is nothing pressing on the go. Indeed, the highly recommends it to anyone who gets the opportunity! They live high stress lives, for better and worse. Sometimes the answer to working hard is not playing harder, but a little rest and relaxation. Which is why he appears just outside the door to the apartment with that customary quiet *Bamf*, rapping knuckles on the door before pushing it open. He's not a random caller, he can just walk right in! "Helllllllooooooo!" he calls out in that cheerful fashion. "I smell popcorn, so I hope you have a suitable selection of outstanding movies as well. Or something suitably awful. That works too."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
It's true. The wards are keyed to let the fuzzy blue elf in with no resistance. And even the bot Patrick recognizes and welcomes him with a trill and a wave of his temporarily humanoid hand. He is, for whatever reason, sporting his transformer knight for, this evening, rather than the Wall-E meets Roomba form that is his original appearance.

Amanda emerges from the kitchen to give her foster brother a warm hug. "Always," she says with a laugh. "And both. Though, I've erred on the side of Errol Flynn rather than B-grade gore, tonight." Mostly because she had enough of the A-grade stuff at the church.

Releasing him with a kiss to his cheek, she returns to the kitchen to fetch the popcorn. It's a huge bowl, one likely suitable to feed a handful of people rather than just them, but she hasn't quite filled it so much that it will go to waste. "There are drinks in the fridge," she tells him. "Why don't you grab us a couple?"

Kurt Wagner has posed:
It's not like he just casually drops by on a daily basis. Such exception to the apartment's protections are for convenience and the occasional emergency. One never knows when either of them might need a passingly safe place to lay low at least temporarily. Besides, Kurt's a pretty considerate houseguest, indeed even greeting Patrick with a grin and a pleasant word or two.

As she emerges from that kitchen, the fuzzy blue elf turns that grin her way, wrapping her up in a hug. "A belated happy birthday! I'm only sorry I missed the actual day. I hope it was a pleasant one though!" he notes sincerely, the corners of his mouth dancing a little at the mention of hte movies on tap. "One can never go wrong with Mr. Flynn. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing I could use right now," he admits.

While it might be cheating, Kurt 'liberates' a few pieces of popcorn from the bowl, treating himself well before the movie has started before scooting on into the kitchen, peeking through the fridge for the moment before tugging out a pair of drinks for them. "Mission accomplished," he says proudly, holding up their prizes as he emerges from the kitchen -- just like any good conquering hero. "It was a challenge, but in the end it was entirely one that I could achieve!"

Amanda Sefton has posed:
"I never had any doubt," Amanda says with a grin. She sets the bowl down on the coffee table and then flops on the couch, remote in hand. "And, yes. It ended well, anyway." People were saved and she got a steak dinner paid for by someone else. She won't complain. "Captain Blood?" she asks, pointing to the disks with the remote, "or Robin Hood?" There are others there, of course, but those are particular classics.

Her head cants some as she claims her drink from him, a soft 'danke' as she does. "So, what's had you so busy? Not more lamia, I hope..."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
"Captain Blood," he says without hesitation, sly grin slipping back over his features as he too flops down onto the couch without ceremony, wiggling a little to make himself comfortable. "I am feeling in a particularly pirate sort of mood," he asserts. Which, really, tends to be the case more often then not truth be told. He could surely have worse vices so that's something at least.

"I'm glad it ended well at least, though it sounds like there was otherwise a story," Kurt says, glancing her way, those bright yellow eyes curious. "And no, nothing so exciting for me. I almost wish it was! Then there would be adrenaline and thrills. This, this is more routine. The responsibilities," he begins, making a face at that, "that come from being a teacher to teenagers that have being a mutant as well ontop of it all," he conceeds with a quiet laugh, that playful smile flickering back over his expression. "I fear I might need to live vicariously through you this visit," he suggests slyly.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda is so not surprised that the pirate movie is the movie of choice. She laughs and slips the disk from its sleeve to put into the player. As the openning credits start, she settles back down beside him and kicks her feet up on the edge of the coffee table. A wiggle of her fingers and the popcorn bowl comes to rest on the cushions between them.

She chuckles dryly at his description of a teacher's life, though she well knows the pressure it represents. She remembers the pair of them as teenagers, after all. "Mm. We can live vicariously through each other, I'm sure." She gives him a wry smile as she reaches for a swallow of her drink. "Did you hear about that church fire in Queens? It was pretty bad. A friend of mine called and asked me to give him a hand with it." Her expression sobers. "I killed a city block's worth of plants and small animals to bring eight people back from the brink of death." And milked nearly a hundred gawkers of some of their own life force to accomplish it... not to mention what she spent of her own. Kurt would know, after all, something about how Amanda's powers of healing work, how she transfers life from one place to another -- and is usually so very careful when she does so, so as not to take more than any one being can handle.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
He certainly does have a type, and given that in many respects he is a good Catholic boy, it might be surprising that said type would be a pirate. Not exactly the most noble sort of heroes to be found there, now are they? But Kurt certainly seems to be able to find the romance in it, the swashbuckling and derring-do. The swinging on ropes and leaping around, fighting with style perhaps taking preference over substance. Clearly there is some attraction.

Or maybe he just likes playing with swords.

"Mmmm, maybe it's true. The grass is always greener," Kurt suggests with a quiet laugh. "It is important work I know, if not as exciting as jet setting about the globe for some emergency or another. But if you thought we were trouble that young..." he says wryly, casting a grin her way and shaking his head. "At least there is the Danger Room. You will have to come out one weekend and we can play pirate for real," he suggests with a smirk before falling silent to let her tell him a little about her week.

He is no expert in magic, but he has seen the effect it has hand on both her and their mother. That gives him a far more specific perspective then most can aspire to. So he does indeed have some sense of just what it has all cost her. Reaching out he takes her hand gently giving it a squeeze, the mischief fading from those brilliant golden orbs for a moment at least, filled instead with sympathy. "I had heard, though I did not know that you were specifically involved. That must have taken something of a toll. No wonder why you are so worn out."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda gives a quiet nod, but an easier smile, returning his squeeze. There are still shadows in her eyes. What she saw in that church will haunt her for some time to come. But she has remarkable strength of mind and of will. So, there will be no lasting harm. "I slept most of the next day," she admits. "But it was a good sleep."

She chuckles, however, at the suggestion of playing pirate 'for real'. "For real," she echoes, her blue eyes twinkling. "In a holographic simulation." She's teasing, certaintly. "I suppose it's no worse than the illusions we'd play in as children." And she's naturally game to come play. Because, why not? It's still way to keep their skills sharp.

For just a moment, she looks distracted -- in a way not that dissimilar to a telepath receiveing a distant message. Her expression turns wry, but still amused. She inhales a bit of a breath and gives her brother a somewhat martyred smile. "I should tell you, we're not entirely alone, this evening. I have a bit of a rider with me." She taps the side of her head lightly. "I am currently playing host to the ghost of a nun who is devoutly hoping her wayward sister will see the error of her ways and repent before it is too late."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Perhaps that is why he embraces the moment, embraces levity so frequently. They see a lot of horrible things and while they might be extremely resilient it is hard not to allow little pieces of their humanity, of their person to be devoured by that bleak darkness. That levity might be the armor he girds himself in each day. It might be a different way to deal with things, but it seems to serve him well enough. Keeping one's sense of wonder about the world is indeed a great blessing. Kurt can't really recommend it highly enough.

The fuzzy blue elf laughs as his phrasing is subtly called out and he dips his head in appreciation of the fact, casting a smirk her way and nudging her gently in the shoulder. "You know what I mean. I think it's safe to say that a holographic illusion is as close as I am ever likely to come to captaining a sloop or galleon. Which is probably for the best. Despite the somewhat fragrant odor left when I teleport, I am not sure that I would want to be confined in tight, dark quarters with fifty or sixty unwashed men for months on end," he adds lightly.

When she seems to get distracted he tilts his head to the side and studies her for a moment, waiting patiently as she works herself up to share this little piece of news. And when she does he can't help but blink. "So... you're saying that you are possessed by a nun. I am not sure if that is disturbing and quite awesome in fact. I mean, I am certain it beats a demon -- though I have met a sister or two that might be worse -- but even still," he conceeds, tilting his head and quirking a smile at the news of her waiting passenger waiting for reformation and repenting. "I see..."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda chuckles again, amused that he'd find the predicament 'awesome'. "Her name is Phillis," she says, "and she is, apparently, almost as big an Errol Flynn fan as you." A beat. She snirks, gaze unfocusing again for a moment. "*No one* is a bigger fan than Kurt, Sister," she says aloud, as much for his benefit as anything else. "Especially not when it comes to swashbuckling."

She gives him a mild shrug and another lopsided grin. "She doesn't know you can swash with your tail," she says sagely, eyes dancing. She's clearly saying that to needle the nun, despite the fact it's the truth.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Look, sometimes Kurt has a unique perspective on things. He can frequently find the bright side in almost any situation. Even being possessed by a nun it would seem. "Oooooh, she is an Errol Flynn fan? Clearly this is a nun of excellent taste. Definitely not a demon then. Clearly," he says, those brilliant yellow eyes dancing mischeviously, "you have lucked out," he asserts with a firm nod of his head. Easy for him to say right? He's not the one with an extra passenger riding around in his head.

"Mmmm, like any good pirate I don't fight fair," he agrees, reaching for his drink as well. "And being able to triple wield swords is definitely not fighting fair," he conceeds, that nimble appendage sneaking out from behind him, jabbing into the air as if in emphasis of the point. Hey, if she wants to play to her passenger a little he is always going to be there to provide suitable backup.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
After dealing with Lucifer, Kurt is a positive relief to the nun, Amanda can tell. Internally, the conversation goes something like: "<<He's blue. And he looks like a demon.>>"
"<<He's not a demon. He's a mutant.>>"
"<<You seem to know a lot of demons>>"
"<<Kurt is my brother. He's not a demon. Don't confuse him with Lucifer. They're not remotely the same.>>"
"<<Why have you befriended the Devil?>>"
"<<Kurt isn't the Devil.>>"
"<<Lucifer is.>>"
"<<Lucifer's not here.>>"
"<<I fear for your soul, Amanda.>>"
"<<I know. Let's not worry about it right now, though. Watch the movie.>>"
"<<Can he really use a sword with his tail?>>"
"<<I want to see that.>>"

And that leads Amanda to laugh out loud, even while Kurt is jabbing the air with that very tail. "She wants to see that," the blonde chuckles to her brother. "I think she likes you."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Certainly if anyone could understand how a nun could get hung up a little about the fact that Amanda appears to be on a first name basis with the Devil, it would be Kurt. But being a mutant has taught him to be pretty accepting of others and the differences that they might have. Appearances can be deceiving, he should certainly know.

Besides, devil or not, he seems to come through for Amanda whenever she needs it. That's a pretty good character affirmation in Kurt's eyes.

When she laughs aloud Kurt can't help but grin, and while he might not be party to the internalized discussion going on he can at least guess something of it's contents. "Well then, you will definitely have to come out to the mansion one of these days for pirate time," he asserts with a quiet laugh of his own before sneaking a sip of his drink. "And of course she likes me. I'm a good Catholic boy. Most of the time."

Amanda Sefton has posed:
Amanda laughs harder, blue eyes dancing. "Yes," she says aloud. "He *is* a good Catholic boy. Most of the time. Really." She shakes her head, flashing Kurt a grin. "You surprised her." She gestures lightly. "She's still getting used to the pointy tail."

She grabs a handful of popcorn and pops a few kernels into her mouth before washing it down with another sip. Her eyes stray to the screen, but both of them could recite the movie almost from beginning to end, anyway. It's not hard to track.

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Hey, sometimes it is good to be full of surprises. And if it impresses the incoporeal spirit of a nun what further proof is needed? At least that's the argument that Kurt would freely make. "I suppose many people find it surprising. But it's hard to go wrong with an extra limb when it's time to play pirate," he points out lightly.

He too freely partakes of the popcorn, attention flickering back to the movie for the time being. While he would never spoil it for anyone seeing it for the first time, that is definitely not a burden either of them suffer from. He would probably see it even more often if he didn't live in a house full of teenagers who have little interest in black and white classics. What is the world coming to?

Fortunately, there's always a bolt hole where he can immerse himself in the best of times whith the best of friends.

Amanda Sefton has posed:
As far as Amanda's concerned it's almost always good to be full of surprises. Makes it a whole lot harder for the bad guys to trap you. She laughs lightly again, nodding in agreement. "I don't think there are many games you play where your tail doesn't come in handy." Even if it's moving a piece in chess.

She pushes Phillis a little further back in her mind, letting the movie and her memories of the movie occupy the spirit. That allows her to relax a little more. She doesn't really want to play translator all night.

"I think I'll be mostly recharged by the end of the weekend," she says after a moment. "I feel stiff. Not actually, but that's the closest analogy I can think of. Like when you overwork a muscle."

Kurt Wagner has posed:
Really, who couldn't use an extra limb most of the time? And while it might not look like it, that tail does have endless utility -- even beyond the surprise of triple-wielding rapiers. But Kurt doesn't cheat with it. Really. Just ask him. "I won't argue with you," he says with a wink, settling in comfy-like with her on the couch, gaze flickering back to the movie. If her unlikely guest has anything more to share, it appears that Amanda is done relaying messages for the night -- okay, that might be a small downside to being posessed -- and his attention is only diverted back from the movie when she mentions her recovery. "I can imagine it, yes," he admits. It's not something he knows of personally obviously, but he would expect it's not that different then pushing his mutant powers a little too far. "I shall just have to endeavor to keep you out of trouble and entertained until you're fully recovered. I sense a movie marathon coming on!"