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Mos Eisley Stories
Date of Scene: 26 March 2021
Location: The Dugout - The Narrows
Synopsis: Today our process of finding if Big Moe could eat a snooker ball is interrupted by Nightwing barging into the Dugout to ask Harley about all that's been happening around her. Noone gets dragged to Arkham Asylum. Refreshing!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Dick Grayson

Harley Quinn has posed:
The Dugout. A sleazy cantina in Gotham that's become a beacon of gathering for mooks all over the place. The worse of the worse. It's also a great place to gather information on certain matters.


Not one to be intimidated by a simple hit job on her and Aimee Harley wasn't the one to run off. In fact she faced things head on. Which often brought all the chaos to her life, both to who and what she is but also to taking decisions impulsively. But those trying to keep track of her whereabouts may have gotten word of a certain former clownette of crime to have been seen approaching the cantina. And in fact she even went inside!

It's been a few minutes by now. And there's no bodies flying out of the windows just yet. A good sign? Who knows! But one should always expect the unexpected where it comes to Harley.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing has been looking for Harley, so has been following up reports of her. Thus, several minutes after she was seen entering the Dugout, his motorcycle pulls up outside and he hops off. Settling his batons in their sheaths on his back, he walks over and through the doors.

Once inside, he scans around, perhaps expecting trouble, though from the normal clientele or Harley herself is hard to say. Depending on what he finds inside, he'll either make his way further in looking for Harley or step over the unconcious bodies of those she has already 'questioned' as he keeps an eye out for her.

If she's not immediately visible, he will call out, "Harley, I need to talk to you!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
There have always been fabled questions surrounding this 'Mos Eisley' cantina for years. Like: 'Did Quick Pete shoot first?' or even 'How many balls can Harley fit on a mook's mouth without breaking all their teeth?'

Walking in shows some of the mooks up on their feet, the bartender reaching for a shotgun under the table. Eyes aren't on the entrance but instead on Harley. Because yes, she is standing near one of the pool tables, a rather large biker dude lying atop it and she pressing a snooker ball into his mouth. "I know they weah part o' yoh crew, Mikey!" those baby blue eyes look dangerous! "So who is--"

A pause at the voice. She looks up, and so do most of the people inside the cantina. They fix on Nightwing, the bartender putting the shotgun back inside the counter again to hide it, the others looking as if on that indecision between staying put or going for a swipe at Nightwing. But the man's focus doesn't seem to be them tonight so .., they wisely remain still.

As for Harley. "Ah, shit..." then she lets out a quick, "It wasn't me!" she doesn't wait for an answer. She just expects the worse! So she runs to the nearest windows and jumps. There's the sound of a window crashing, a Harley landing on the other side and then she is running off down the alley!

Dick Grayson has posed:
He actually pauses to facepalm for a second before offering the assorted scum and villainy a little wave and diving out the window after Harley. He lands in a roll and comes up to his feet, running after Harley.

After a second, he pulls a grapple gun from his belt and shoots it upwards at one of the buildings, taking to the air to swing after Harley, trying to make up some distance and hopefully be able to drop in front of her.

His voice drifts down the alley, "Talk means talk Harley, Vorpal talked to me."

Harley Quinn has posed:
This is not the first time Harley has been pursued by masked vigilantes in the past. In fact one fond of shooting people in the kneecaps had used those same tactics! Following her through the roofs. Hmph! So she has an eye out, peeking up from time to time while her mismatched sneakers carry her to a bend on the street, into another alleyway. If anything she knew these streets like the back of her hand. She had to if she wanted to survive during her reign of terror as the clown princess of crime.

"I am not gonna go back ta Arkham..." She is muttering to herself right before she hears the voice from Nightwing. Something there makes her stop. Abruptly. Pale hands rest on her thighs as she takes a moment to recover her breath.

"Awright." She turns back to the alley, "If ya spoke with Vorpal..." seems like she has a lot of faith on the chaotic cat. Hands move to rest on her hips and she looks into the darkness, expectant.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing drops down in front of her, perhaps six or seven feet away. Close enough to talk, but not so close as to be threatening. He chuckles a little and says, "I see the old habits die hard, but at least you're keeping in shape." He moves over to lean against a wall, arms crossed.

"So, been reading some articles in the paper about you lately. And they kind of suck, as in, no details, but somehow it's all your fault because you were seen there. I tend to agree with Vorpal, it looks like someone's trying to frame you for stuff you aren't doing."

He grins, shaking his head, "So, bounty hunting, huh? I'm kind of proud of you Harley. It's nice to see someone trying to get away from the crime thing for a change. Though I do have to wonder why you were trying to force feed that guy a cue ball."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"In shape?" A brow arches as if affronted, Harley jutting her hips to the side and flexing her arms up as if to show muscles. There .., aren't much of that on that slim body but .., her strength did come from other sources. "Look at these guns, they nevah let me down." and now that the issue about our shape is solved she focuses on what the man says next. The distance is welcome, even if she knows it can be travelled rather quickly by any of them. So there's that little tension that stays on her shoulders.

"They do!" She immediately says in agreement. "Suck with a big S. And yea, I spoke with Te- I mean Vorps a small while back. Must be that no-good reportah on the take. But we got some plans foh him..." the wicked little smile on her lips is telling that she has her own ideas about it.

"It all sorta started with that crap at the docks, where Pam blew up the construction goin' on theah.." She says, "Something was fishy about all that." She stops talking when the conversation goes to bounty hunting and she beams a smile, showing all her pearly white teeth. "Big Moe is a bit of a dick, Nightwing. He deserved it! Besides I was in the middle of interrogatin' the guy! He used ta hang out with the crew I saw was woikin' at the construction yard. I just took a bit of creativity on my interrogation! It's not like ya ain't done some hardcore interrogatin' in the past too!" she points in an accusatory manner to Nightwing!

Dick Grayson has posed:
Another chuckle and a nod acknowledges the point scored, "Yeah, I have now and then. Vorpal told me about the plans to stake out the reporter. That's actually why I wanted to see you in public, so it would look like we were suspicious of you. We figure this way, it looks like the smear campaign is working.

"But seriously, I'm all for the new leaf Harley. If you need a hand, let me know, ok? Just try and remember not to hurt anyone too badly during questioning. Scare is ok, break is not." He shrugs a little, "We live in a weird world, but you gotta have a few rules, at least."

Nightwing just looks at her for a moment, then asks, "How _are_ you doing, Harley? Is there anything you're having trouble with that I might be able to help with?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oooo, smart o' ya..." Harley nods approvingly about the whole 'being seen in public'. Then of course that she suggests, "Want me ta give ya a black eye? So as to make this more plausible and all.." she is already starting to lift the sleeve of her shirt so as to better punch! Never miss an opportunity to take a jab at one of the Bats! But then she winks. "Just kiddin', just kiddin'.."

"And ya know, ya guys awhe way friendlier than I expected. Theah was this visit from Batsie at my home perch a while back. He didn't even crash in through the window! Was sorta refreshin'.." because really, she could count by the fingers of her hands the times in which Batman hadn't barged in through some unorthodox place and started dishing punishment to either her or mooks she had at the time.

"But .., it's appreciated.." And this time she appears at least a bit more genuine and without all the flair that is her usual. A bit of a nod. But that's all Nightwing gets, "I mean .., eitha than this problem things awhe okay.." she says. "Just the normal wild with demon summonin', some monsters poppin' at my favorite karaoke place. Nothin' big.." she shrugs. "And all been handled!" how weird it must be to live like she does...

The question for help has her ponder, "Mmmmmm..." And she probably mistakes what Nightwing meant for helping her. "I need ta get a gift foh this girl that was with me during the shootout at that cafe." the one on the news more recently. "Any suggestions? She likes karaoke, arts and is as smart as a turnip!"

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing smiles at her, then shrugs a little, "Hey, you're trying to fix things in your life, we kind of support that. I wish more of the folks we tend to be hunting all the time would give up on crime. Nothing would make me happier than to be out of a job, but somehow I don't think I'll ever get that lucky."

He nods in agreement, "Yeah, I know how the normal goes, it's kind of like that on my side of things too. Demons, animal mutants, all kinds of weird goes on all over."

He thinks for a minute, rubbing his chin, "Not exactly what I meant, but... Let's see. Might need a little more, karaoke and arts is kind of a wide catagory."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Wait. A JOB?!" This makes Harley inch closer, leaning forward, "Ya gettin' paid for this gig? Ah, o' course. I am suwah Batman must have some recruitment ring goin' with all the vigilantes I see undah his wing and so. I don't even know how many batgirls theah awhe now. Theah's this red-haired one.." she lifts a finger. "Then a short-haired one." another finger, "And then theah's this blonde gal as of late." three fingers. "But she's always lookin' at me weird." her tone lowering as if she was sharing some secret, "Don't think she likes me much..."

"But if it pays I am serious, I could go into the biz o' bein' a caped crusader. The Hammah of Justice..." but just if it pays!

"And right?!" This about all the demons and so. "And they call *me* crazy, when it's the world that's gone to hell and then some.." She sounds disappointed. "I am saner than most!"

The part on the gift has her jerk her lips to the side, thoughtful. "Well ..., karaoke, bein' a bit shy but needin' ta get out o' her shell, sorta rich too so no big expensive stuff that won't mean shit to her. Loves the ballet too, and dancin'.." fingers taptap on her chin. "Very easy ta make blush too. And oh, she likes cats and has one."

Dick Grayson has posed:
He blinks, realizing his mistake almost immediately, but not sure if saying anything will help. Still he's got to at least give it a try. "Not exactly what I mean Harley. Batman doesn't actually pay us for this. I just meant I put so much time into it it feels like a job." He gives a shrug, "It'd be nice if it did pay, really. That's a good title though."

"As for the gift, if she's kind of rich but has a cat, maybe something nice for the cat. Or else just keep taking her out, since she's shy she might have trouble meeting people, and if there's one thing you aren't, it's shy, so you can help her there."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Really? Ya do this without gettin' paid..?" Harley turns her nose at that a bit, "See what I say about people bein' crazier than I am?" She shakes her head a bit to Nightwing but then her expression lights up at the suggestion. "Mmm, somethin' foh the cat. Good idea!" a thumbs up given at Gotham crusader. "Knew I could count on ya!"

"And now...! I need ta go back and talk with uh .., my friend." Big Moe. Doesn't seem like too big of a friend. "So if ya need anythin' ya know wheah ta find me, or well, Batsie does." April's apartment.

"I am gonna continue pursuin' this crap. I think Vorps has his idea too on how to help in this." her gaze turns to look in the direction of the cantina, a bit of an anticipatory grin coming to her lips. Oh yes, she can't wait to get her mittens on Big Moe again.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing shrugs, "What can I say, somebody's got to do it. We all manage to get by decently, at least. But if you want to stick with the bounty hunting so you get paid, I'm all for that.

He takes out the grapple gun and aims it up at the roof, reminding her "Scare, not break. Otherwise, have fun, and I hope you find the information you need. If you need help finding something out, let Vorpal know, he knows how to get hold of me and I can do a little digging for you. Take care of yourself."

With that, he fires the grapple and ascends up to the roof and out of sight.