5738/The Coolest Woman Ever

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The Coolest Woman Ever
Date of Scene: 26 March 2021
Location: SoHo
Synopsis: Ellie experiences the best day of her life, running into Selene Corvinus.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Selene Corvinus

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie was just doing shopping in several goth stores in the area, and so she's walking with a backpack full of her purchases. Phone in hand, she split her attention almost evenly between her phone and her surrounding as she mostly blindly walks about. Her scary looks is what keeps most people from running into her, as they prefer to clear a path.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
From a nearby park, across the street from where Ellie is walking, there comes the sound of a very loud growl/roar. It sounds like a massive dog! A second later and something huge and black bursts out of the park tree line and leaps over the wrought iron fence! It bounds across the street about fifty feet ahead of where Ellie is!

Not but a handful of seconds later the sound of a roaring motorcycle engine can be heard coming out of hte park, and a bright white LED headlight shines through the same trees. Following the actions of the giant beast, the black motorcycle and rider appear! Flying over the same fence, the sleek motorbike clears the fence and the sidewalk, landing out in the pavement of the quiet NYC street, the bike bounces, the rider atop it leaned forward with their black long coat trailing behind them as they squeal the tires and roar after the creature that had just rushed down an alleyway!

That's... not normal! Right?

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie still seems none the wiser, that is until she catches on to the loud growl. It actually gets her to look up from her phone, but what she sees looks like the movies. Is that a fucking werewolf or what!?

The fact a badass motorcycle soon follows with a badass rider, complete with cool long black coat, just has Ellie mesmerized, as if she forgets to worry for her safety, she stares in awe. "wow." She gasps out while staring.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The 'werewolf' and the rider disappear down the alleyway up ahead of Ellie, a few other people who were up on the other side of the alleyway run away in to a nearby residential building leaving just Ellie on the street and the distant lights of vehicles moving up near the intersection.

The sound of the motorcycles engines echo out of the mouth of the alleyway before it suddenly falls silent and then a second later... another roar! The sound sof loud metal crashing around inside the space between buildings.

Followed by two gunshots!

If Ellie advances forward to look down the alleyway she'll see the motorcycle parked with it's headlight on, shining down the alley and illuminating the figure in all black on her right side, her eyes down, her shoulder length black hair concealing most of her pale skinned face. She has a gun drawn, aimed down, at a the creature on the ground that is writhing around and whimpering/growing in pain and anger!

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie absolutely follows after that mayhem, armed with her phone, she tries to snap pictures too, and at the very least gets a good one of that sick black motorcycle parked with its headlight on. She makes it just in time watching Selene about to deliver a coup de grace. "Holy fuck you're awesome!" She calls out while snapping a pic of Selene.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene has the handgun lined right up for the Lycan's face as its rolling over to snarl up at her. She's about to squeeze the trigger and execute the creature right there in the alleyway before she hears the girl's voice call out.

It's then that Selene's eyes snapp up, their pupils are a near solid white, with a hint of blue... the color of the cold winter moon.

Selene stares at her, motionlessly for a few seconds before the Lycan starts to move and reaches for the woman's black clad leather tall boot.

Selene's eyes leave Ellie and shoot back down to the Lycan crawling fo rher. Her non-gun-holding-hand snaps up, a silver spile twirls in to her palm, her pale fingers wrap around it and she lunges her entire body down, jamming the spike right in to the cranium of the Lycan beast on the ground.

Ellie will hear it, it's a crunch, and wet splatter, the beast twitches and growls, then ... gurgles... and stops moving.

Negasonic has posed:
"OMG! White fucking eyes!?" Ellie is besides herself, "I want those contacts!" Obviously, Ellie hasn't quite figured out just WHAT she's looking at, all she knows is she's never been more inspired than when she just saw Selene give chase to that creature. And now Selene turns to be even cooler from up close.

Ellie is no stranger to death, and so isn't deterred by the sound or sight of it as she approaches Selene, putting down her phone after snapping one last pic, "...I'm Negasonic Teenage Warhead," because of course she'd introduce herself to someone like Selene using her codename, "and you're the coolest person ever, and I need you to teach me, because whatever you are, that's what I want to be!"

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene is crouched beside the beast's dying body now, she keeps the silver spike embedded in its head and just sinks it a little deeper to drown out the last bits of noise that come from the monster's ajar maw.

It's not until Ellie gets closer and speaks, that Selene looks up. She has her mouth partially open as she's staring at the young girl, the visibly noticeable fangs appearing from the top row of her teeth... becuase of course she's a vampire too.

Selene just stares at the girl for a few lingering seconds. "A pleasure, I assure you." Selene says, her voice pitched in a husky tone, and laced with a mixture of European accents that lean twoard British and French. "Pleasure aside, however, I assure you, you do not want to be anything like me." She states before standing up and looking down at the beast.

"Step back." Selene tells Ellie as she steps over the creature and to stand just in front of Ellie, between her and the body.

A moment later and there's a spark, followed by a flame, and Selene drops a very bright, and hot, flare down on to the Lycan's body that starts to LIGHT IT UP, with flames racing across it's bloodied fur!

Negasonic has posed:
There's a glimpse for a moment, but that's all it takes, Ellie just spotted fangs! "SHUT UP!!! You're a fucking vampire!? Is this a vampire versus werewolf kind a thing? Like, what if Twilight was actually awesome? Holy fuck, make me a vampire now, I want in!" Ellie's eyes are aglow with adoration as she keeps staring at Selene as if she was the top celebrity in the world. "Fuck yeah I do! Don't tell me I don't that was the coolest thing I've ever seen!"

Ellie steps back when told, still staring and then the spark of light, and Ellie cheers "wicked!"

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's eyes are on the beast as it burns on the alley floor. The heat is intense but it doesn't seem to bother the woman standing directly beside it making sure that every inch of the creature is consumed by the flame. She exhales only when its all lit up and all clearly being eaten by the hungry fire.

Its then that she turns around to look back to the young girl professing her desire to be a vampire and join her. Selene just stares at her, and after a second there's a hint of amusement that plays across her visage. Her eyes, also, have noteably changed from that silver blue, to a dark brown.

"IT was a Lycan." Selene corrects Ellie. "They're an advanced strain of Werewolf, from my homeland." Clearly she's not from around here. "And... you're far too young for this life, believe me, I'd do anything to go back to where you are now." The woman tells her, calmly, peacefully, as she slips her gun back under her leather longcoat and in tothe holster on her thigh, her black bodysuit shining in the fire's light, along with the corset that wraps around her torso and over the suit itself.

Selene was turned at age 19, so Ellie may think she doesn't look that much older than her, to be fair.

Negasonic has posed:
"Wait...that white thing, those were your actual eyes...?" Ellie is pretty much floored, as she notes Selene's eyes turning back to their natural color. "That is the most badass thing ever, my eyes do a thing when I use powers too, but nothing as cool as yours." Not a shred of fear from being in the presence of a vampire, if anything, Ellie is much more forthcoming and happy with Selene's company than she is with any human. "Well...whatever it was, shouldn't have picked on you, stupid dog."

Told she's too young for this life, Ellie gasps, "too young!? You're like, what, 18? I had my sweet sixteen like a few months ago, and it wasn't sweet at all, it was lame as fuck. But this would definitely fix it!" She then looks a bit cross eyed from confusion, "shut up! You did not just say that, you're such a badass, why would you ever want to be like I am? I'm stuck in a lameass school with morons and douchebags." Well, it's not everyone, but she has to make her case for Selene to just take her.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene spends the time of Ellie talking moving around the Lycan's body again as its consumed by the fire that seems to be a bit too red to be actual normal fire. Its almost like it's designed specifically to do this job of burning flesh and bone. Selene crouches after the skull starts to foll apart and she reaches inside it to grab the silver spike-- even though it's surely super hot!

Selene looks up across the flames and the STENCH to look at Ellie. "I was born over six hundred years ago, my curious friend." She tells her. "Looks can be deceiving." Selene smirks to Negasonic then. "It sounds as though to me that you have a good life, and you should look at it in a more positive light."

After offering that wisdom, Selene rises up again and walks toward her motorcycle. She does, however, pause between it and Ellie. That silver spike, eight inches or so, is then offered to Ellie, still hot, but not untouchable. "Happy birthday though." Selene tells her as she then moves to mount her bike once more.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie seems to watch this macabre spectacle like it was a music video, she's loving every second of it, until she gets distracted by Selene's actual age, "....did you say 600 years? The fuck...? You look like a Senior at best! Mmm maybe College Freshman, but that's close anyways."

She looks at Selene with disappointment when she realizes she will not be turned and join a badass vampire wolf assassin life, but the gift she's given makes her face glow, "oh my fucking god, that's the best gift I ever got in my life!" She handles it carefully, shifting from hand to hand because it is quite hot, "I'll see you again! I'll find you!" She promises.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene sweeps her leg over the bike and takes a moment to settle in to its seat again with her hands going to the grips. She stills then and just looks over at the young girl who seems enraptured by all of this. A more visible grin crosses over Selene's pale pink lips at Ellie.

"You're fun." Selene tells her. "But take my word for it, this isn't a life worth living if you have a choice to avoid it. Find your spark, revel in it, and take care of those who are important to you." Is she talking to Ellie, or she talking to the 19 year old girl she wish she could be again? Whose to say!

A second later and the bike is activated, the engine revs hot and the vehicle rips forward, tearing through the charred remains of the lycan that are fizzling out on the otherwise wet and grime coated alley floor, the rider disappearing through the alley to the other street beyond.