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The Playground
Date of Scene: 27 March 2021
Location: Lounge - Playground
Synopsis: The Agents of SHIELD start to gather in their new headquarters: The Playground. New lanyards. New tablets. New phones. New digs. Same old HYDRA; the weary SHIELD agents work is never done.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Lance Hunter, Melinda May, Carson Deschain, Aaron Stack, Sharon Carter, Koga Miura, Nick Fury, Jack Nolan

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The betrayal by the US Government of SHIELD was heartbreaking for many agents. But their job doesn't suddenly end just because people don't _like_ them. Heck, plenty of people hate us spooks in dark SUVs and fancy quinjets as it is. Not that everybody out there in the USA believed the government when they claimed SHIELD were doing bad things. Quake has too many fans for them to suddenly decide she has betrayed them too.

    Bobbi was tasked by Hill to find a place where SHIELD could call home and its headquarters again. There weren't many places that fit the bill - tactical, training, science, operations, bunking, supplies.. room for The Bus and a small fleet of quinjets and vehicles. SHIELD didn't suddenly shrink just because they were kicked out of the Triskelion.

    Instead, Bobbi suggested parts of SHIELD move to different bases.. but the headquarters? for that she dove in to the history books. Inspiration from Peggy Carter's return, she found an old SSR base that had been off the books long enough to be almost completely forgotten.

    Fury rubber stamped it - according to Hill anyway. Keonigs sent out encrypted issues to bring agents in out of the dark. SHIELD was now ready to begin a new chapter from The Playground.. somewhere nearish to Washington DC.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter had been laying low since SHIELD fell, mostly watching over Harry of Harry's Hideaway fame after sort of kind of, getting the man shot in a showdown with 'Babs' Bobbi's only slightly more psycho doppelganger. It was a good way to pass the time, and besides the Task Force wasn't going to be kicking in the door of old bartenders looking for SHIELD agents. So, he'd hung around and introduced Harry to Marble Olympics, drank beer and waited for a message to come. When it does, he calls Harry's son to take over, borrow's Harry's truck (he'd already faked an ID in his name while he'd been looking after the bloke) and then made his way down to where the message said to go. When he steps out of Harry's old truck, Hunter has case of beers in one hand and his kit bag slung over his shoulder, looking around the vehicle bay. "Of course, soon as we lose one base we have an even cooler base standing by, got to love SHIELD," he remarks to himself as much of anyone as he begins to take a look around.

Melinda May has posed:
Someone from the Long Island safehouse needed to make the trip. The message came through and May was quite willing to be that emmissary. If this pans out, they'll have somewhere to move Vogel. Nothing could suit her more. She's tired of feeling his sullen presence every time she walks into what should be Peggy and Daniel's home.

Then again, she's tired about a lot of things to do with this situation.

Still, when she enters the Playground, new lanyard received and tucked beneath her jacket, it's with a faint smile on her lips. She's been here once before -- for that damned rage staff. It was dark and dusty then. Full of memories for her working partner. Now, the lights are on.

She approves.

Carson Deschain has posed:
The Action Wagon, glorious testament to Amazing that it is, was parked almost a mile away and Carson was last seen finishing up an exposition for Monkeyboy Freerunning where he was witnessed doing stunt-work leaping and running about a major downtown area and then wandered off in the arms of two ladies who were regularly paid as part of his act, in various differing makeup and attire, to make it look like he was just wandering off with groupies in the aftermath.

His agent said it gave him a 'sexy edge' to build hype.

Carson just liked that it gave him a cover so that he could disappear, change into work clothes, and make his way for the Playground to see what this place was about. Pezzini was letting him use her bathroom while he parked outside the carriage house... what was next here? Bunks he wouldn't be staying in, to keep his profile as is? If there's a canteen though... there will be noshing. But for now the man walks, suited up and uncomfortable as ever in these damned monkey-suit shoes, taking in the sights with casual curiosity likely a blanket veneer for the deeper intrigue being hidden.

"Really wish I'd run off more of the juice 'fore I got here..." brow raising, heart racing and twitching like he'd decided to pound a six pack of energy drink before he got here.

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack wears a jumpsuit that looks like it belongs to a mechanic, the false skin of his face fitting a little awkwardly. He can almost pass for human, in a dim light, from a distance, but close-up, it never works. Not enough movement, not enough expression. And the eyes, of course. He never found decent fake eyes so he just gave up, letting the red-tinted optic sensors stare out of the sockets. He has a nametag sticker on his suit just reads AARON - ROBOT - HE/HIM

He's shown up alongside Sharon Carter, the two of them recently having made a rather messy extraction from a long undercover assignment in Russia. It might've been more of an issue, since they broke a few rules, but all water under the bridge given the circumstances. Probably. For now, Aaron is just sipping on his beer and sticking close to Sharon, "Are we supposed to know these people? All you fleshies look alike to me."

Sharon Carter has posed:
Gone for nearly three years and back home stateside. Touching down upon American soil would have been a welcome instead, they're back to this. It was a minor mindfuck of course, but thankfully almost all SHIELD agents are trained to adapt on the fly and deal with issues as they come. This was one.

Rentable car. Thanks Aaron.

A long drive down to DC and the arrival at The Playground was met with wide eyed apprehension. Well, as wide as one eye would go, it was finally opening up from being swollen shut.

"Yes." Sharon answers the robot. "We only look alike to you because you do not bother." Which, to her, was true. Having heard the story of what happened, in regards to Hydra, Sharon was not happy not arriving at the shiny Trisk, but this'll do.

Koga Miura has posed:
Well, at least part of that had been Koga's literal bus mobile base. He was helping agents where he could that had trouble. A lot of them. Then the signal had come for some place safe. That's what lead Koga's small team here. And the troubling thing was that Koga himself didn't look in great shape.

In fact, Koga looked like hell warmed over practically and then some. The only thing really keeping him going it seemed was a bottle of some sort of pills and a very large mug of coffee as he watched his team member drive the bus into the old base. Let alone when he disembarked when he got there.

Looking around, he tries to flag someone down to find out where to go and what to do next, but is looking more like an irritated individual who probably should be going into that monster form of his just... he doesn't. Nope. No wanna-be Hulk in this moment at least.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    There's someone in the directors office too. A man sitting in the chair. Agent Morse is standing in front of the desk doing a lot of nodding and saying "Yes Sir" a lot. Those who know his profile and voice can recognise it's Nick Fury. Her hand is idly fiddling with her shiny new lanyard pinned to her belt waist. She can hear more agents starting to arrive so she lets him know and reaches over to shake his hand.

    The doors are shut behind it. Locked in fact. She heads out in to the lounge and looks at the old SSR logo on the brick walls and smiles. "Peggy is going to flip when she sees this place again," she thinks. Her eyes turn to May and she says, "May.." She offers a hand out to her and says, "Crazy times."

    Crazy times indeed. Rumours that not all agents would be joining them - not because of Talbot's taskforce, but because some of them were HYDRA moles and they had been rounded up. There are quite a few agents moving boxes and equipment in to the place, generally setting things up for operations to resume as soon as possible. There's a real energy being injected in to the old base.

    She nods to Lance and says, "Hunter." It's not quite over yet, but she's not saying his name with acid on her lips any more. Not after Babs and Lancelot tried to take another bite out of them. Lancelot captured.. Babs next.

    One of the Keonigs is circulating the room offering new SHIELD foldable tablets and phones. It's a strange thing to watch - all the agents filtering in out of the dark. No doubt people will blame her if the plumbing is bad though. It probably needs work.

    She smiles to Carson and says, "Perhaps check out the gym to burn off some energy then. There's a whole rack of weapons in there and some nice mats that are brand new." Then her eyes fall upon Stack and Carter and she has an expression of shock and joy, "Carter, Stack.. did you two just get back? Welcome to the new base." She nods to Koga, "Agent Miura. Good to see you, hope you're finding your way in WAND, welcome to the new base." she says as she passes by people, checking her tablet. Setting up a new HQ for SHIELD wasn't in the job description.

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Commander," Hunter replies to Bobbi, keeping with the formal but not angry tone. He's got a shiny new lanyard around his neck and a fancy new SHIELD phone in his pocket and along the way his case of beer has had a few casualties, but he offers it up to Bobbi. "Beer?" he offers as something of a peace offering, before glancing back at the others. Lot of new faces," he says before noting the state of Carter's face. "Some more beat up than others."

Though there's some familiar ones too, Hunter smiles to see May, Koga and Carson. "You lot want a beer?" he asks them and then turns to the new faces, at least, new to him. "You too, they're going fast."

Melinda May has posed:
Oh, those moles are gone. May was there. It was a Good Day. And they've had so few of those, lately. She hears the rumble of Fury's voice, knows his profile well. She's been where Morse is plenty of times. Just not this time.

When Morse escapes the big man and approaches her, she gives a small nod, a faint smile on her lips. She seems more or less back to her old self. Well mostly. She only hesitates half a second before taking Morse's hand, still just a little leary of making her ill with a touch... and reading a little more than she wants to. More than she needs to, thanks to that helpful little blade in her boot.

"No argument here," she agrees. Crazy times indeed.

She gives Lance a nod, too. "Good you're in one piece."

She's happy to take the new equipment when it's offered. Happy to be back somewhere they can actually get some real work done. Saving the world doesn't just 'happen', after all. And HYDRA's still out there.

As Hunter offers the beer, however, she quite willingly takes one. "Thanks, Hunter." Then, she's turning to see who else the cat has dragged in.

Her own brows rise as she sees Sharon and Stack. "The family just keeps growing," she says, moving toward them. "Peggy and Daniel should have come after all."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Of course there's a gym... Not surprised." Carson grins at Bobbi as he adjusts his tie, "Hey I needed to talk to someone about getting proper footware allowances made for me... These standard issues for the suit keep getting blasted apart if I need to move quick..." grinning sheepishly and turning to the others that arrive.

"Fleshies..." brows lifting, does he want to know?

A little.

He's a curious man. Just ask Hellboy. There won't be specifics buuuut... well. "By the way, Bobbi - I'm starting to get Highschool hallway make-out familiar with WAND folks. Hellboy may be needing me around to help with his filing." and for other things but we can't discuss that. No not at all.

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga looks over at the mention of a beer, "Nice to see you, too." He pulls out a small USB and offers it to Bobbi as she passes, "New cover identities in case anyone needs it. And a list of who we have picked up and brought in more or less."

He seems to consider, looking at the coffee, then at the beer offer. "Sure. Might help with the headache... and muscle seizures. Medics might kill you for giving it to me, but I should survive."

Another one mentioning WAND has Koga looking at Carson, "The hell? Who or what is Hellboy and why would we need Highschool hallway make-out lessons?"

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack inclines his head forward, "Greetings," he says. He seems a bit awkward, but that does tend to come with the territory, even as he starts scanning the faces to try to match features to the personnel files he still has in storage. They might be a little outdated, but he tried to update them regularly even while they were underground. Wouldn't due to be too out of touch.

"We just got back. Don't read the newspapers about Moscow. They got it all wrong. We only blew up one car," he says. Which is a generous we, since it was technically Sharon that did that, but partners have to share each other's glory and blame.

"I think we are both still adjusting to the new status quo. Wasn't exactly what we expected to find and I think both of us are still a little unsure of exactly what is going on at all. But I've been on the run before. Sometimes I think I prefer it."

Sharon Carter has posed:
"Hi Bobbi." Sharon cracks a smile. It's been a while, and so far? Everyone looks right as rain and at home. Before she could offer up another word, her attention is grabbed by another agent, who.. gives her a new cell phone and tablet. Tablet first was inspected, powering on, her fingers slightly crooked as she scans across the screens to familiarize herself quickly with the software. Soon it was tucked underneath her arm while Stack was doing the explaining; phone powered on, the same inspection hand and soon, eyes lift towards May. "Sight for sore eyes." She offers up to the woman, but echoes Stack's sentiment. Only about not knowing what's going on.

"I'd rather not be on the run, but what can you do." She sighs. "I think I'll make due, since I'm a face seldom seen. Speaking of, is medical set up yet? I need to pop in." Beer? No. She shakes her head towards Lance, "Take a water if you're grabbing though."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi accepts the beer with a slight look of relief on her face, "Give them time." She shrugs to Lance, "It's going to be an adjustment for everyone."

    Bobbi nods her head to Carson and says, "Requisitions - you can be brave and talk Fitz in to making you something, or you can do the paperwork and it'll definitely get done but won't be anywhere near as cool. I highly recommend you ingratiate yourself upon Agent Fitz. Highschool hallway make-out familiar huh? oookay your words not mine. You can call me Morse when we're on duty." Though she does lift up the beer Lance gave her and takes a sip.

    She takes the palmed USB from Koga and nods to him with slightly raised eyebrows, "Thank you. You know I'd like to introduce you to the Keonigs. You five would get along I think."

    The sound of the Directors doors opening catches her attention and she claps her hands to get peoples attention.

Nick Fury has posed:
    Director Fury steps out of his office and surveys the gathered agents. He clears his throat, "Agents. Your attention please." Wearing his usual long leather jacket and his eye patch, he looks like he usually does - like he hasn't slept but somehow is okay with that. Hill isn't here at the moment but it was important that he be here for this.

    "First of all I'd like to welcome everyone to our new Headquarters. The Playground, originally put in to commission during the days of the SSR, has found new life. If you want a history lesson on this place, I'd recommend talking to Agent Peggy Carter who lived those days, or Agent Phil Coulson who wished he did."

    "Now to put rumours at rest. Several agents were uncovered recently as being undercover HYDRA agents. Notably head of security Commander Jasper Sitwell and head of STRIKE Commander John Garrett. Thanks to the tiresome work of a SPOT team lead by Agent Peggy Carter.. we can finally all take a breath."

    "Our job is not done. Sure the world thinks we're the bad guys now.. who cares. We didn't get in to this gig to be applauded when we walk down the street. We're here to make sure the bad stuff out there doesn't hurt the good people down here. HYDRA is still out there. Their network is rattled and they're making mistakes. They took a swipe at us - a good one - but we're not down and we're not out."

    "SHIELD matters. You matter. Without you, this world would have fallen to the likes of HYDRA, AIM, Alien invaders, Loki, the list goes on... your work matters. Now, administrative matters. I will be assigning someone new to run STRIKE and I will be assigning someone to run this base, The Playground. Further news will be distributed when I have made up my mind."

    "Our work got a little harder now that we have to do it in secret. Most of our work was in secret already. Quinjets and vehicles have been stripped of our SHIELD logos. Agents Keonigs will be available to issue you with cover credentials - FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Fishing and Game, whatever is most appropriate for the operation you're involved in."

    "The BUS will be available to Commanders stationed at this base. Right now that means Coulson and Morse. There will be more. And no, you cannot requisition the Helicarrier, it will remain hidden until the world needs it. Agent May, my office in three hours. Every one else get settled. If you have questions.. talk to Agent Morse," he says and turns, heading back in to the Directors Office.

Lance Hunter has posed:
A nod is given to Bobbi. "Guess so," he says of the new folks before turning to May.

"Good to be in one piece, May," Hunter replies with a smile. "Not that Bobs' doppleganger didn't try her level best to make it otherwise," he says with a wry smile, happy to have her take a beer. "Who the bloody hell is Daniel?" he asks her, he slept through most of the rah-rah esprit de corps history crap in the Academy, really it was the scheduler's fault, they put the class at the end of their day after the second round of PT. might as well have called that block 'nap time'.

He nods when Sharon opts for water. "Davis! Water over here," he says to one of the other agents handing out refreshments. He sticks an arm over the beer case though to Sharon to shake hands, and then does the same to Aaron. "Lance Hunter," he says by way of introductions.

Then he's shutting up as the man himself enters the room and gives a rousing speech, which admittedly is pretty rousing even if Lance largely considered himself immune to such things, though he does add a murmured, "You're welcome," about the efforts of that SPOT team.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I didn't mean like I was fraternizing. I meant I've actually been in some places with some really crazy mystical magical trinkets sort of close. Like I got to pick up a few doo-hickeys that Hellboy said could cause the end of existence as we know if it I had dropped them or rubbed my thumb on one the wrong way... that's what I meant by highschool halw... I..." Holy... "Agent Fitz... got it... Cool footwear." That is... "Maybe give pair of my..." Nick... "Vibrams... less is more." Mother... "They don't explode..." Fu**ing "Keep my toes free." Fury.

Carson stops talking because he can't. His mouth stopped working, it's stuck in 'open' mode. But he listens to Fury when he speaks, brows raised all the rumors he heard of in the Academy. The legends at the Triskellion. The Boogieman made manifest. THE spy.

Good job, new guy. Yeah. Just gawk while gape jawed.


Melinda May has posed:
"Stack," May says, greeting the robot as evenly as she ever has. "Nice to see you in one piece." Then, to Sharon, "Your eyes look pretty sore, yeah." Her tone has some sympathy in it. The elder specialist has been been hit in the face often enough to know. "There's likely someone down the hall, if you want pain killers. I don't know if the med staff have fully moved in yet, but there's bound to be someone around."

Then, of course, Fury's making his entrance. She turns towards him, beer in hand but not yet tasted. When he singles her out, she blinks mildly, but nods her head to him. "Sir." She'll be there.

Not like there's much of a choice.

But once the old man has retreated, she glances to Lance. "Peggy's husband. Long story." She looks between him and Sharon particularly. "I only want to tell it once, though. So, if you want to hear, it'll have to be at the same time."

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack doesn't really do the awe thing. He has emotions, certainly, but not all of them or, at least, he has the ones he's found useful and may have mildly worked on erasing the others. He's not entirely sure why he has them anyway. Dr. Stack might've explained it someday but he blew up. But still, he listens to Fury politely and takes in the important parts. Humans like inspiration.

"May," he says in response. "Same to you. I'm not rusty yet," he says.

Sharon Carter has posed:
Sharon approaches the refreshments table to reach out a good hand towards Lance. "Sharon Carter." The shake was quickly given, and once the water was in her hand, she keeps it palmed with a brief turn towards May. "Ooh. Its not the eye. Stack does a good job at Medical but I certainly need to see a doctor to make sure I don't have any debris in my back." While, lifting up her shirt would be optimal for May to see, she doesn't do it. The elder agent would understand what she was speaking of.

Then as the Director's door opens, and Fury begins his speech, he captures her attention. She listens with a tilted, nearly bewildered face, brows lowering, one raising as well as an upturned lip of.. not disgust but.. 'What in the bloody fu--..'

The closing of the door pulls Sharon from her reverie as May answers Lance. "I.. what." It was a flat what. Sharon knows that story vaguely because her father only spoke of it once.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Nolan was just in time to hear the tail end of Fury's words of encouragement. He had been laying low in a safehouse in Mutant Town. Not many other places he could go that he wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.

He had to duck to enter the room, though, rising back up to his full height after he steps inside, "I don't think they built this place with me in mind." He mutters to himself, as he takes a quick look around at the folks who are gathered, "Good to see you all made it here." Even if he doesn't recognize everybody. SHIELD isn't a small organization, but he knows most of the big name players.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Sharon.. Carter.. oh crap. Her eyes widen as Sharon has an indescribable expression on her face. She walks over to May, Lance, and Sharon. "Hey yeah Sharon. Some things have changed while you've been undercover. First of all, your grand mother Peggy Carter .. de-thawed. She's back on active duty," she says. "You know what - we will get you to her asap. Either Peggy here or you to Peggy."

    She gives May and Lance a slightly grimaced look. Fury can be so oblivious sometimes for someone who seems to see everything. She continues, "Peggy has been adapting to life in the modern age well.. and has been involved in several spot and ops missions." Possibly best to leave out the very classified bit where Jemma and Bobbi replaced her broken DNA with their own to save her life.

    She comments to Lance, "This is a _very_ deconstructed revelation about lost family members returning." She takes another sip of the beer. "May do you have one of the burners? perhaps you should call her so they can talk."

Carson Deschain has posed:
Had anyone spoken to him? He froze. Carson knows he froze. But he's not sure what he's missed. But he blinks and looks around. No fury. Huh. "Huh." eloquent. Carson turns a bit from one face to the next. Did they know he went gawp-faced? Probably. But it was THE Nick Fury. He's never seen him before, perchance he is a man allowed to be stunned once or twice.

Let's be honest, Peggy does that. But it's because she's Peggy.


Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter shakes Sharon's hand, "Carter?" he begins before Fury gives his speech and Sharon's reaction fills in the rest. "Guess you didn't know she was back? Relation of yours?" he ventures before Bobs fills in the salient details. "Oh, you're her granddaughter, well, got to say your Nan's pretty spry for someone pushing one hundred."

He nods to Bobs, "Very," he confirms with a smile.

He hasn't forgotten the husband thing however, gossip that he is (and pretends not to be). Turning to May he asks. "That shifty British guy from the party at the Swordfish when you got back from your... trip?" he asks clearly not up on all the current events, he does however look to Bobbi and says "Hush," suspecting him saying shifty British guy in her presence was too much of an opening for her to resist.

Melinda May has posed:
May lets out a tight breath, pulling strongly on her emotional control as emotions in the room spike some. "Yeah," she says to Bobbi, her expression tightening into her mission game face. "We can make that happen. Just... not at the moment. Peggy's... occupied." Otherwise, she'd be here.

May listens to Bobbi's short explanation and gives Sharon a bit of a nod. "Yeah, that's the Cliff's Notes. Basically, your grandmother was revived from cryostasis about ten months ago and has spent that time adjusting to modern life. I'm surprised no one got word to you." Actually, she thinks it's a damned crime, but she doesn't say it. "She and I have been working very closely together the last few months, so I've gotten to know her pretty well. But we can catch up on that over beers some other time." And only if the younger agent decides to pursue it.

"The rest of this mess? That's a result of an operation Bobbi has been running for the last several months. Quite successfully, I might add, until HYDRA decided to twist the SecDef against us using details from that op. Hence..." She gestures to the new digs and grimaces. "All this." Though, truth be told, she's pretty sure the mission Peggy's been running is a contributing factor. When you start going after HYDRA aggressively, they get testy. Go figure.

She blinks, though, at Hunter's question. "Who?" Then she remembers the night of her homecoming party. "Oh, god, no. That was John Constantine. He's a prick. Daniel is Peggy's husband," she says, pausing for breath and looking between both Sharon and Lance again... "He died in 1956. First SHIELD agent fallen in the line of duty. But he turned up just before we went after the Russian. About a week after the agency got burned." She closes her eyes and shakes her head. "The details are confusing, but it has to do with some really powerful temporal magic that basically snatched Field Director Daniel Sousa out of 1956 just before his death and landed him here."

She gives Sharon a wry, humourless half-smile. "I'm sorry, Sharon. I know it's a lot to drop on you at once. But your grandparents are now both alive and... looking not much older than you."

And she finds herself silently very, very grateful to the young witch who gave her the blade that lets her keep her nascent empathic abilities under control. Because... Jesus, she's tired of emotional overload.

Sharon Carter has posed:
Sharon's mind is running a mile a minute. In fact, she was knee deep into a panic attack and if anyone could tell? They were a very damn good agent. As much as Sharon kept her composure on the outside, inside is one thing. The need to call her parents was one, the need to go into another room to break something was another. Cry, there. Laugh at the absurdity of it all, totally there. But there was one thing that rang true out of all of this.

The people standing in front of her were no liars.

So her weight shifts, hand lifts to open the top of the water, which was soon taken down about halfway as a stall tactic. May answers for her and May was correct, Sharon really didn't want to bother with Peggy at the moment. And to hear that her granddad was alive too?


"Did anyone tell my parents." Flat response. Holding it in. "Nevermind. Don't answer. Beer me." Her hand was outstretched, fingers wriggling. Three years deep cover and she nearly lost all of her personal decency.

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga had just stared a bit at Fury's words. As if taking it in more than anything. That what they were doing matters was what he wanted to hear. And well, after that he listens in more or less. Whenever a medic is mentioned, he sighs, "Guess I know where I am going after this..."

He's been mostly quiet and listening in. Then he looks to Sharon, "Good luck with the meeting. I would offer some support, but well... no family for a few years now. Be glad for it and go have fun with them."

He looks over at Lance and then at May. "Why do I get the feeling I am woefully behind on reading dossiers for WAND still? That name does sound familiar. The Constantine one, I mean."

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack wanders towards the fridge, wondering when the last time this place was used. If it was an SSR pad, it had to have been in the 1950s at least. Seems someone's been making some modifications.

Popping open the fridge, carefully, he extracts a drink from it and then turns around.

Far more pressing matters going on that he's not inclined to interrupt, but at least it seems the core group made it out okay. Must have really pissed HYDRA off when they didn't nail Fury, Hill, May or Coulson.

Carson Deschain has posed:
And now Sharon, a new face to him, was having an emotional break that he wasn't quite sure he knew the source of, due to his momentary fugue state. He has no clue what might be causing the issue, but as far as he knew Morse, May and Lance were the only people here he really knew and they mostly seemed pre-occupied. May moreso. So what might be the best idea?

Not talk to May. She'll kill him, she'll kill the absolute hell out of him. He's not even sure if she has the capacity to like anyone and he isn't willing to find out what horrendous, life ruining, hell she'll dole out to him, casually and without second thought, for so much as slightly shifting towards her with the intention to socialize.

So when Sharon demands for beer, he nabs one from the fridge and focuses a little energy against his thumb too send the cap spinning up and into the air before holding it out to the young woman.

"Thy beer, or lady of such nascent conundrum!" all of his expectations for his attempt at humor to break tension a gentle cover for his expectation for death yet to come.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi hmms at a missed opportunity from Lance. He was too quick on the hush. But it does remind her, "We need to talk about your house guest some time May. The one with the cat." Because dang if she wasn't thrown in deep with SHIELD's crazy. "Actually, on second thought.. may be I should pass that one over to Palamas," she amends.

    More beer is sipped and she lets out a slow sigh, "HYDRA .. is not exactly who we thought they were. Now that we've started peeling back the layers they're getting worried. They threw a big gun at us - they damned us in the eyes of the public and got the US military to take over the Triskelion. Now there's a task force out there hunting is down - so we have to work around that too."

    She shakes her head, "But they can't hide forever - now that we know their game. Turns out the deepest truth of HYDRA is that they're self identifying psychopaths." She nods to May, "Also, the 'other' time traveller? I think Fury wants to talk to you about that too. Hill .... had me on a 5 hour phone call and I do not think I can handle that kind of call time. You're lucky you're still level seven."

    She peers at Carson and asks, "First time you've seen Fury? Trust me, he knows your name."

Lance Hunter has posed:
"Oh, /that/ Daniel," Hunter says before listening to all that happened, temporal magic, people coming back from the dead, "So, what you're saying then is it was Tuesday?" he says with a sip of his beer.

Though he's not blind or insensitive to how rough this must be for Sharon giving her a sympathetic look and a "Welcome home?" offered with a wry little shrug before glancing to Bobbi as if to say, 'and we thought our lives were interesting'.

There is a too sweet smile at how fast he got that hush out there, before nodding in support of Bobbi to Carson. "He knows /all/ of our names and a whole lot more, trust me."

Melinda May has posed:
May's jaw tightens as she feels Sharon starting to spiral into a panic attack. Uncharacteristically, she lays a gentle hand on the woman's shoulder, murmuring very softly, "Breathe." And if her touch happens to have a bit of a calming pulse behind it, it's only because the neophyte empath really wants to not have a panic attack herself. She doesn't even realize she's doing it, honestly. Which means it may not work. Still, the sense of support is there regardless.

Yes, it's as weird for May as it is for anyone else.

She lets her hand fall away from her best friend's granddaughter, feeling an odd wave of fatigue wash over her as Koga addresses her. "Yeah, he's a consultant." She steadies herself with a deep breath before continuing. "A know-it-all prick who, unfortunately, is right often enough that he's worth putting up with." She's done a lot of work with WAND, herself, in recent months, though it's not her area of expertise by any stretch of the imagination.

She can feel the apprehension and fear rolling off of Carson, too, despite his flamboyant attempt at humour. Pushing it away with an act of will, she straightens a little stiffly and rubs at a spot between her eyes briefly, almost like soothing a headache. Her eyes close briefly as she runs through a mental exercise she's been working on to strengthen her control and equilibrium. The little magical blade in her boot is good at keeping the worst of the emotions at bay. It doesn't keep them *all* away.

And it shouldn't, if she ever wants to truly learn control.

She nods to Bobbi, opening her eyes when she talks about Prescelta. "Yeah, I've been in contact with Wilcox about her. I expect Palamas already knows." If she doesn't, it means WAND's chain of command and lines of communication are worse than May already thinks.

She snirks at comments about Hill. And being L7 still. "Yeah, I'm okay where I'm at. I'm sure Fury will ask me whatever he wants to know, anyway." She grimaces again and looks at the beer she has yet to touch. Time to remedy that.

She swallows down two substantial swallows of the stuff before adding, "If I ever find the guy who actually founded HYDRA, I think I'll shoot him. No matter where he is in time."

Sharon Carter has posed:
"Nnyeaah!" Sharon nearly cracks, in fact, she laughs a little bit as she shakes her head. "Oh god.." Have fun? The way she's heard her dad speak about his own mother and to imagine them in the same room? Cringe. Cringe. At least her mom is nice?

"You're coming with me then." Yeah, Koga walked right into that one. Family reunion? On the books. Maybe.

Carson's handing of the beer was quickly snatched with another awkward laugh, this time her cheeks were burning and a swig was taken. SHIELD always carried the good stuff, but the situation left a rather strange taste in her mouth, but she takes another drag of beer either way. "Thank you.." She says, tilting the beer towards Carson, then glancing towards Bobbi as a little more details about HYDRA comes out. And..

"Put me in. They weren't responsible for what happened in Russia, it was just bad luck on my part. But I bet I could get in with no problems." Work-a-holic to the core, Sharon definitely wasn't going to stay home after this. There were a lot of things to think about now.

A little look was given to Lance at her welcome, but she does raise the beer to him. It was all in good fun and awkwardness, yet Sharon was itching to leave again and get back to work.

Sharon was set to fidgeting at this point, up until May places a hand upon her shoulder. That causes her to take in a deep breath as instructed, and exhales with her lips pursed and head bobbed. Speaking of Fury.. "Oh, May. Since you're going to see him, give him this?" A flashdrive was produced from her back pocket, and offered up to the elder agent. Stolen details from the Krem.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Eyyyy! No death for him, and no one noticed the trick. Getting better at that. He backs up, quieting again while the adults talk and he does his best to absorb. Fury knows his name, and likely everything about him - as mentioned by Morse and Lance. That's to be expected if the stories were even a scrap of true.

"If you need someone on field work, hiding in plain sight, can put me in too." piggybacking some on Sharon's comment, "I know Morse has final say on where I go and what I do... and I suppose Ms. May does as well." supposing she doesn't murder the hell out of him... Murder his soul, until there is nary but the putty she wishes to make of him with her own hands.

This is all sounding way more HBO Late Night than he is intending. But we're not going to unthink in those particular words. Not at all. No cowards here! Push on with these thoughts of his, however they sound. Is he talking to himself. He's thinking at himself.

At that Carson begins shaking back and forth with growing speed as he begins burning off the energy pool he's belt up, vibrating the floor around him... But he's finally starting to calm.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter nods at the tilt of a beer in his direction before enjoying a sip of his own. Though when May mentions putting a bullet in the founder of HYDRA he says, "I'd gladly steal whatever Deloren we need to put down Arturo what's his face," he says. "World would be a better place without him or his messed up little HYDRA cult ever existing," he says, his tone dipping towards the serious for a change.

"It's agent May if you know what's good for you mate," Hunter advises Carson sotto voice, giving the rookie a smile.

Melinda May has posed:
May's brows rise as Carter produces the flashdrive. "Yeah," she agrees, taking it and slipping it into a pocket. "But don't think that'll let you off the hook for a full briefing. You know Fury." It's rare the L6 or higher that doesn't get an up-close-and-personal with the boss periodically. Especially specialists like May, Morse, and Carter.

She's not surprised Sharon's a workaholic. She's met both her grandparents, after all. She doubts Michael avoided that family curse, even if he avoided the family. Why wouldn't his daughter inherit it, too? Besides... most agents end up falling into that trap eventually. Especially if they're SHIELD lifers.

She spares Carson a sidelong glance. "May," she corrects him. "Just May is fine, Deschain." Her brows beetle some. "Seriously, man. Hit the gym, grab a shower -- hell -- grab a beer and have a seat. I don't care. Just do *something* to relax. Please." He's giving her a headache.

Then, she's giving Hunter a tight ghost of a smile. "You may have that chance. I just don't think it'll help." Cryptic much?

C'mon, it's May.

Koga Miura has posed:
Koga looks considerate, then shrugs, "Sure." He says towards Sharon. Then puts the cold beer next to his head. "Okay... going to see that medic now."

He starts out after that, moving carefully as he almost looks to be having trouble staying stable. "I just hope they have the records on my medical." He sips at the coffee and the beer as he moves along.

"Oh, and if you people need a ride somewhere that's not a jet, let me know. Got a nice cover now."

And with that he hobbles more or less off, still occasionally putting the beer to his head.

Sharon Carter has posed:
Sharon gestures at Carson, living proof that they need something to do! "He can come." Once again, dragging someone else into her shennanigans, first Koga, now Carson. The day is looking to end well. She doesn't need to echo Lance's statement, but the sentiment was there. Sharon reflects on this, calm now thanks to May's doing, thoughtfully sipping upon the beer until..

"Ahh.. I wish he'd work off of email." Not that Sharon wasn't eager to say hello to the old man, but now she just wanted to relax.

May is a godsend.

As Koga agrees to showing up with her parents, she tilts her beer to him, watching after his back for a moment with a gesture as she returns to the four. "Is he alright?"

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Carson, May. Deschain is my dad. And no alcohol, it's not safe." frowning now, dead serious, "Unless I'm completely on empty I could flick a peanut across the room hard enough that it could break skin at the very least. Not a good thing if you have impaired reasoning, right?" giving May a level look. Maybe a little tired now as he looks to the beer and back to the older woman with a 'speaking from experience' expression.

But then Sharon notes he can come along, "Spectacular! I'm in our networks, let me know when and where and I'll be there!" calming some with the energy bleeding off while he vibrates.

"I'll find the gym, if you need me I'll be doing some jumps and jogs..." shaking a little slower before he looks to the others, the people that he knows only as human, maybe some of those might have some 'modification'... "Toodles!" shoes swelling with each step as he doesn't so much move like a speedster, but he is being kicked along at higher speed - enough to put an air-wake behind him.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Very cryptic, Hunter takes a chance and raises questioning eyebrows, "Interesting," he says of them getting a chance, before shrugging and saying, "Well you know what they say, never know until you try," he says, which is to say he's down for whatever is going on.

As to the question about Koga, Lance shrugs, "Only met him the once, this is about standard I think," he says before adding. "SHIELD's become a bit weirder these last three years," and well it wasn't a bastion of normalcy before that either.

Melinda May has posed:
"I'd say... no," May says, brows dipping as she replies to Sharon's query about Koga. "But if they can't help him in medical, we'll probably need a WAND specialist, instead." Which they're fresh out of. For now, anyway.

Which isn't to say she isn't concerned about him. She is. But she's also absorbing Sharon's concern and that of others'. Which makes it harder... and she's trying not to mother him. She is not Peggy Carter. She's Melinda May. "It's a shame his sake can't help him..." Magical healing sake is the best, she learned.

She nods to Carson's request to use his given name. That's fine. She can reciprocate. But there's no little sense of relief about her when he retreats toward the gym. She lets out a soft sigh.

Then, however, she snirks at Hunter's assessment. "Yeah. Welcome Wagon and 0-8-4 assignments used to be dull." Not so much.

She rakes a hand through her dark hair and takes another swallow of beer. "I'm going to go check in with Long Island," she says, glancing between Sharon and Hunter now. "Let them know we can look at a prisoner transfer ASAP." She glances to Sharon. "You want me to tell them you're home?" Long Island, of course, being where Peggy currently is.

Sharon Carter has posed:
"Noted." Carson's name is in the database. In which she'll be browsing once she gets down into medical. She finishes off the current beer, then decidedly goes for another, and yet she takes three out of the stash. "Things aren't usually a picnic anywhere.." Though, this seems concentrated enough. Carson's energy-burn in place exercise was one for the books that she didn't try to 'huh' at.

But, to avoid all briefings with -anyone-, Sharon too, takes off towards medical, her gait slow and practiced, but stops as she considers Melinda's words.

"I.." No sense in having anger about it, or surprise. "..if you think it's best." And she disappears down the hallway, leaving all burden of what ever is going to happen on the elder agent's shoulders.

Lance Hunter has posed:
Hunter gives May a nod, "I'll go see what we've got for places to stash him," he says about Vogel. "Then go find a place to stash myself. I've got my burner on me if Long Island needs any help," he says before glancing at his phone for a second checking it got reception down here. "Call anytime," he says before he takes his leave, beer in hand as he walks towards the living quarters.

Melinda May has posed:
May watches Sharon go, gathering from the sense of her emotions that she's not terribly upset, now. She releases a gentle breath and then nods to Hunter. "Oh, I will," she promises him. That's a given.

As he retreates, she raises her beer to the others that are left, taking a last swallow and leaving the bottle on the counter before she heads toward the hangar to inspect the quinjets, the bus, and whatever else she finds there while she makes her call.