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Home On The Curb
Date of Scene: 27 March 2021
Location: Angelo's Carriage House (Brooklyn)
Synopsis: Sara and Carson discuss the foibles of their abilities and establish a curious sort of 'room mate' like situation.
Cast of Characters: Sara Pezzini, Carson Deschain

Sara Pezzini has posed:
After the fiasco that was supposed to be a good night for SHIELD, Sara had made the offer to any who needed a place to crash. Angelo was SHIELD as well, so she was certain he wouldn't mind. Only one agent accepted the offer, though not exactly the whole thing.

The trip over from the Swordfish had been met with one stop to show ID to the New York police department, which Sara handled easily in a way that Carson didn't even have to show anything. What she said to the officers he didn't hear, but they waved him through to follow her on her bike.

Pulling up to the house, she actially parked her bike up on the sidewalk, out of the way, so he could pull the van in behind the other vehicle parked there.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Once hopping out of his vehicle, Carson gave the local area a look about, smiling to himself and speaking in low tones once near enough to Sara for only her ears, "Y'know... I was marked as a field op. So my connections were dark. But I appreciate helping make sure things run smooth. I reckon this'd look a lot stranger out near Peg's too." looking to The Van. In all of it's unimaginable glory, it's sheer wonder and amazingness.

"I hope I ain' putting you out either, ma'am. For all the help being given and all." head ducking slightly, "Could even try to manage some house chores in return for the bathroom usage."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Swinging her leg over she climbs off the motoercycle and pulls her helmet off, then sets it on the seat. When Carson comes over she offers him a smile, but then blehs softly, shaking her head, "No ma'am needed, just Sara."

A quick gesture toward the house is given, "Come on in. It's no trouble at all really. We all have to do our part, and well... I'm not the only one here. I'll explain more inside." Into her coat pocket her hand goes for her house key, which is apparently not on the ring with her motorcycle key, in fact the other ring has numerous keys on it and the motorcycle key is all by itself.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
With the door unlocked, Sara lets Carson in, then steps in and closes the door behind them.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Following Sara in, Carson looks a about, one brow raising slightly, "Have to say I've not run into a place like this since back home." having actually taken time to wipe his feet and scrape his shoes outside before coming in. Them midwestern manners shaking through before he is brushing hair out of his eyes.

"So... you're a cop. And you're part of the ah... Organization?" thumbs tucking into belt loops before Carson's gaze is back on Sara.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara pulls her jacket off and hangs it up, which is when the shoulder holster with gun becomes obvious. That she removes next, then walks over to set it on the coffee table right next to her 'Welcome to SHIELD' packet.

"Detective," she responds with a nod. "Have a seat. This place belongs to Angelo Tampambulos, also former... organization. I joined literally two days ago, but was put into WAND. It's safe to talk here. Even if Angelo comes in, he's in the know."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Only a few days after me then..." moving to find a place to get settled in, "Detective..." taking that in and resting his hands on his knees while still gazing about, "I guess a few days after I officially was in. I've been at their academy for a year, prepping to apparently become a fugitive due to graduation." a cynical twist to the grin.

"Almost wish I'd kept with being just some two-bit vigilante working where I was gigging." jerking his thumb towards the door where his van is outside. "Professional free runner and all." lips a line for a moment, "I guess you being only two days in gives you less 'exposure' to try and help out too eh?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Stepping into the kitchen, but still in earshot, Sara gets the coffee pot going. "Can I get you something to drink while I'm in here? Beer, tea, coffee's just started." She pops her head back out while speaking, so not be rude. "Between just joining and being part of WAND, I get off easy, but I will use every resource available to help, and I'm not beneath spying from within either. I don't know what Hydra is," she says that part with a clear disgust to her tone. "I didn't get that far into the 'get to know' part of things, but whatever the fuck it is, I want a piece of it hard core now."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"SPOT myself. Basically espionage, the performer thing really lends to that type of work... HYDRA is..." working now from briefings from his recent op out in California, "Nazis. They were a rogue Nazi group... Like the Thule Society, but they split off led by their own 'Chairman' so to speak. They're the last part of the Third Reich left... trying to create a new world order. They do a lot of experiments with my kind rom what I understand and they've wanted to create Captain Rogers for a while."

There is a moment where Carson has to suss out his thoughts before he continues, in brief, "Possibly even more clandestine than SHIELD has ever been..." another moment to think, "Coffee is fine... No alcohol. I'm still not good at control if I'm inebriated."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara steps back into the living room for now, since the coffee it brewing, and leans against the wall near the kitchen archway. "You said your kind, what kind is that? I mean I know what I saw, just no idea what it is I saw. Hellboy punched and you... ate it like that energy was some sort of light snack pack of chips." She offers him a smile. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I know some people like to keep things like that secret, and I'm cool with that."

Nazi's. That was a shocker, but she didn't show that shock, instead she used the usual detective counter of asking a question.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Mutant." simple enough, "Everyone calls us Inhumans now. Not very fair. I just have a genetic abnormality. Doesn't make me any less human." no sense hiding it from another member of the company. "I absorb kinetic energy and can re-purpose it." shrugging, "Take in enough and I start getting bullet proof. Handy till we run into people who use weapons or powers lacking a kinetic element." head lifting a bit as he smells the brewing,

"Also starts making me a bit... wired, like I've been sucking down pot after pot." jerking his head to the kitchen. "Gotta be careful when I've been absorbing with using, or I could make a mistake."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
It's obvious when he says Inhuman that Sara isn't having that sort of thinking at all, in fact she glares, not at him but at a wall. "Fuckers," she mutters. "Doesn't matter if you're human or super human, doesn't matter if you're an alien or something else, if you breath, if fluid flows through your body and gives life to you, then you deserve to be treated with same respect as everyone else out there."

Straightening now, she looks back to him. "Sorry, you've probably gotten real tired of humans saying that, acting like we even remotely understand the struggle you go through, but I mean it all the same. I'd stand with you in a fight any day, I'd call you friend and defend your rights."

Carson Deschain has posed:
Shaking his head, Carson gives a small smile, "Outside of Hunter and you, only command staff know I'm a mutant. Not even the X-Men know about me. I got lucky, no skin tones, no weird hair or eyes. "I don't know their struggle except for an outsider perspective. I just live in plain sight, you know?" still smiling, Carson shrugs,

"But everyone has struggles you know? Just different levels of severity. No sob stories here, thankfully. UoW Physics major... Became an extreme free running performer... Could say I'm a cheater 'cause I use my gift to do better than ungifted people can do eh?" tipping a wink, "I do appreciate it though, but if you stand with me in a fight... give me a few good slaps on the back and maybe even a punch in the back of the head, you'll be doing me a favor."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara laughs with a nod, "Alright, I'll remember that. Smack the mutant," she continues to chuckle as she heads back into the kitchen. "Does a baseball bat to the head help?" She calls out.

The coffee is poured, and onto a tray both cups go with some sugar and real cream in a little pitcher, then she carries the tray in and sits it down on the coffee table, right by her gun and over that packet.

"Didn't know how you took it, so covered the bases," she says with a gesture, then she sits down on the floor opposite the couch he choose.

"I've seen a few of the more obvious mutants around New York, there's even one with wings that flies around. It never felt odd to me to see them, I didn't stare or point or anything like that, you know? I get it, they're different in how they look, but that doesn't mean they don't have feelings." She picks up one of the cups and adds a dash of cream before stirring it. "Everyone has skeletons in their closets, pains in their past, issues they've dealt with, it's all part of what makes us who we are, just easier to deal with all that shit when you have friends, right?"

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I expect that'd work after a few good warm-up wall bashes. Start with the bat and I might get a minor concussion while I'm absorbing." lifting his own cup, going for a little sugar and a little cream - seeming for taste than anything else while he listens to her. "I guess the fact that mom and dad don't know would be mine." the smile remaining but holding fainter on his features.

"I just like helping people. But being a cop would've put too many eyes on me. But doing it 'freelance' was going to get me the bad sort of notice before too long. Never hurt anyone..." looking a little sheepish. "But what about you, WAND is the 'mystical' stuff I thought. You cast spells or warp the fabric of reality with incantations that would run mad the mind of this poor physicist?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The smile that comes to Sara's face is clearly a 'oh fuck' smile, the sort that makes her looks happy but at the same time, regretting existing, but only for that moment.

"Uh... nothing like that," she starts, trying to figure out how to explain, if she should explain, etc. "Um, let's put it this way. It's not something I easily talk about. There's only a couple of people in the whole world who know aboput it, but I wanted to pput it to a real use, not just for New York, you know?"

Well that was just beating around the bush Sara, get to it. "I have an item of magical nature, I think that's why they put me there. I thought I'd do better in ARMOR, they decided WAND. It was their call."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"They do like to move us like chess pawns, that's what I learned in the academy." shrugging, "So, magical artifacts." It's clear she doesn't want to talk about it so he just takes a long sip of his coffee, eyes closing for a moment with the look of a man who's been having gas station coffee for a while. Only occasional Truck Stop coffee. No complaints for that, none at all. Truth told some of the best food and coffee you can get is at truck stops. They survive on repeat business... and truckers are chatty with one another.

"I think when SHIELD approached me, I figured it meant that I had a choice. Join or start running. They don't seem the type to let a freelancer do their own thing if thy think that they can contain them."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Shifting slightly where she sits, Sara pulled the sleeve back on her shirt and shows him what looks like a plain silver bracelet with a red gem on it. "Singular, one artifact. It sort of attached itself to me during one of my cases, and prompty saved me from dying."

She takes a sip of her coffee, Angelo's dark roast that she loves soooo much. "I'm not used to talking about it, but you are SHIELD even without the badge, and I know I can trust you to keep what I tell you to yourself. I was leery of joining at all, because I've been used to keeping this a secret, hiding from the world with it, but I can't do that any more. It needs to be used for good." At this she smiles more brightly, apparently getting comfortable with talking about it alittle at a time.

"Yeah, if they came to you, it was join or run, that's what I've heard anyway. I don't recall many who have chosen the run, but I don't think they announce those to anyone."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I liked that badge too. Got to wear it almost a whole week, then I had to dump it." mulling that over with the last bit said, "I think those who run are the ones the Avengers deal with, if SHIELD determines they don't have the firepower." holding the cup to let it warm his hands, looking to her one wrist.

"When you say attached itself, do you mean like you literally couldn't pull it off if you tried? Like it's grafted to you in a manner of speaking?" not what it does, how it saved her... Just if it's literally part of her now. "I expect if you'd chosen to run, you'd have had Hellboy charging after you..."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara hmms softly, apparently picturing how Hellboy going after her would have gone, then she clears her head with a quick shake. "I can remove it now, now that it and I have an agreement, but it choose me and for the longest time, no I couldn't remove it at all."

She considers for a moment how best to explain, then nods to herself. "There have been others throughout history who have been chosen by this item, chosen to know its abilities and use them. I wasn't exactly all that accepting of it in the beginning, so it refused to be removed. Now that I have accepted it, and what is can do, and know how to use it for good, I have the ability to take it off, I merely won't. No one can take it off me however... you could try, but you would find no latch or means to remove it."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Like in the storybooks, cursed, then not. The intelligent artifact..." a sudden laugh "It feels like when I was playing the old Sword and Sorcery games when I was a kid." nnnNNNEEEERRRRRrrrd. "I expect that people couldn't cut it off either. Would just protect you, since it could save your life it'd save your arm too." following the logic circle there, not bothering with pointless hypothesis.

"Magic requiring magic to confront and all that." head bobbing slightly, "Honestly wish I could turn it off and on like that though - even if you choose not to." head cocking to one side now and Carson thinks, "I mean... when I wake up in the morning I'm normal. But even walking I absorb it. After a while I can't really even feel my own steps... New York has so many people bashing into you after a while their bouncing off me and I have to pretend they can move me." smirking, "If I don't use any, by the end of the day it's like I've just been drinking this by the gallon" lifting his cup, "And then I have to burn it off before I can even get to sleep."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Sara ahs and nods, "So that's why the punch." She nods, getting it now. "But yeah, you can't cut it off. In factit is reactive to danger before I even know it's there sometimes, which is /really/ hard on my clothing, you have no idea."

A smirk comes to her face but she takes a sip of her coffee to cover it. So many articles of clothing gone in her life at this point.

"You know, you don't have to sleep in your van, unless you want to. You could crash on the couch, or in the guest room there." She points back behind her, not that that gives any indication really. "Also, would you like a small demonstration of what this thing can do? I am /not/ going full out because that requires either clothing destroyed of being naked, but once you see even the small demo, you'll understand why I say that."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I completely believe you regarding clothes. I go through shoes like you wouldn't believe... except for those 'five-finger' toe shoes. They conform to my feet, they last much longer. Some jackets. Ballistic cloth survives me best." pondering again a second, "If you want to give a demonstration I wouldn't be opposed either. If you wanted to show the full affect I promise I'll avert my eyes till you're fully covered." a slight shift of hue to his cheeks.

"As for the guest room or couch? I wouldn't want to cramp you and Angelo's style or privacy, truly. I have a sort of murphy bed in the van, full size. Been living in it or hotel rooms for... I want to say... man almost five years? I preferred it to dorm life in college." Carson tips back his mug again, downing hot bean-seed juice with cream and sugar.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The comment about full demonstration makes Sara smirk and chuckle, "Yeah, they all say they'll look away..." she leaves it there, but decides for now the small demonstration is enough.

Unbuttoning her shirt, she pulls off just the right side. She's wearing a tight fitting sports bra beneath, so nothing hangs out. Once arm is out of the sleeve, she holds up her arm. From the bracelet hundreds of tiny sharp metal tendrils wrap around her arm to the elbow and her hand, forming a really bad ass looking gauntlet with a large red gem on the back of the hand.

"This is Witchblade," she states bluntly, then into her right hand those tendrils form a wicked looking long sword. "Now imagine that is armor over my entire body."

Carson Deschain has posed:
The moment the shirt is being unbuttoned Carson is apparently true to his word because he fully shifts how he sits and turns his head, his movement arresting when she introduces the device, turning back and leaning in with his eyes focusing on the twisting metal and crimson gem. The fact that she's exposed save for the sports bra doesn't seem to register and a pair of glasses with bi-focal magnifiers come out. Studying closer, leaning to the edge of the seat and setting aside the coffee cup.

The sciences major coming out as he tilts his head to get a closer look through the magnifying parts of the lens.

"That..." adjusting his glasses, "That looks like it would be like thumb screws along your arm if not for... well magic." looking back up again, expression curious, "Does it hurt when it wraps around you? Or is it... what's the word... complete enmeshment of you and it?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
The sword disappears back into the gauntlet, the tendrils that formed it merely melting back into it. "It doesn't hurt me, but it shreds my clothing. I honestly don't know how it works beyond that, but I assume since I am attuned to it, it doesn't hurt me."

Looking at the gauntlet for a moment, turning her hand over to show him the palm and claw like nails at the ends of her fingers, then, he gets to watch the tendrils withdraw down her arm and back into the unassuming silver bracelet, like it never happened. "I dream of memories from former users sometimes, but they didn't know much more about how it was made or why it doesn't hurt, only that is works and how it works. But, as you said, if you tried to cut my arm off, those tentacles can form the armor faster than you can blink, it just wouldn't happen."

Pulling her shirt back on, she stands up and stretches. "Breakfast is at 7 o'clock, most likely french toast and bacon. If you aren't up I'll leave you a plate in the fridge." She pulls an extra key out from a small cubby and hands it to him. "Let yourself in for facilities and breakfast, but for now I have to hit the sack or I'll be dead tomorrow at work."

Carson Deschain has posed:
Taking the key as he stands, Carson nods with a chuckle, "Brekky at seven." tucking them in his pocket, "Well, after work - I can give a demonstration as well if you like. Some alley dives, or if you want once I'm charged up enough you can shoot a guy for funsies and not worry about hurting them. Even at point blank - I don't recommend full barrel to surface contact. It'll backfire the weapon." long story how he found that out, his expression says.

"You have a good night, Sara; I really appreciate it and I'll do my best to be a ghost. Won't know I'm here unless you want to know it, or if I want to make sure I'm not behaving like some creep." lifting his mug to finish off his coffee before he makes for the door, humming to himself to disappear into a vehicle that the Eighties are desperately trying to retrieve.