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Paintball for Charity
Date of Scene: 27 March 2021
Location: Davis Park NYC
Synopsis: Diane and Hellboy play paintball against a huge crowd for a child's birthday. The child 'wins.'
Cast of Characters: Hellboy, Diana Prince

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy is a sucker for hardluck cases, and a local kids 'make a wish' foundation has him showing up at an 8 year old's birthday party for 'the ultimate paintball experience'....this seems like a good idea but apparently Jailyn has a LOT of friends as suddenly about 150 people showed up with paint ball gear. Its not inconveivable, but a local tech start up guy has offered to donate matching funds to a charity of the kid's choice if Hellboy can survive by not getting hit too many times.

Good news? Apparently there is a surprise guest who is also a super hero. Bad news? Hellboy is good but...150 people? That's kind of intense, but its for charity so....sure?

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana had returned to NYC from her trip home to Themyscira and the first day back was a scheduled charity event. The very same one Hellboy was scheduled to go to. Diana was connected via one of the children being a special case, who had survived a car crash and helped their parents out of the car that was engulfed in flames. The child was awarded a medal for bravery, by Diana, and since then they've been connected through the kid's efforts in charities.

So Diana arrives at the event today, the fanfare is fairly huge throughout the crowd. She's not in her armor, but rather civilian clothes, casual attire of a nice slim fit black sweater with the sleeves pushed up to her elbows, her dark hair is tied back in a ponytail and black jeans cover her lower half. She's greeting everyone who approaches her eventually ending up at where Hellboy is, offering him a once over and a smile.

"Hello there." The Princess says to the large red man, offering him a hand. "I am Diana." She states, her non-American accented voice laced witha friendly undertone that plays nicely with the smile on her lips.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy waves and smiles back, he is nervous but actually glad that such a heavy hitter is here, even if she isnt dressed for paintballmageddon. "Hey, nice to meet you" he smiles back. "Huge fan by the way," which is rare for Hellboy...he has met everyone sooner or later, but not many Justice Leaguers. "So, did you have any idea it would be us vs 150 people with paintball guns when you signed up for this?" He chuckles darkly while the crowd begins to distribute paintguns and check ammo.

"Call me Hellboy, my real name is very well...you know...demonic." He shakes the offered hand.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana keeps her smile on her lips as she puts her hands in front of her stomach with her fingers lacing together. Her eyes go out over the crowd and she laughs at the question, a soft and sweet laugh. She shakes her head.

"I believe it was decided on while I was out of town." She replies about the paintball. "I will admit, guns are not my strong suit." She tells the large red one. Her eyes look back to him and she nods at his name. "I believe I have heard of you, yes, you're one to make waves after all." She states with another quick smile for him.

"I will do my best at this, but yes, it certainly will be an unusual experience. But those a good, yes?" She adds a little grin then and waits fo rher turn to received gear for this!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy says, "Makes waves..." he thinks about that for a moment, "Well I definitely have the subtleness of a chainsaw in a plate shop wielded by one of those wind stringy armed...balloon...things. Jesus what are those things called?" He puts his hand behind his head a moment thinking and then smirks, "Well I'm good with guns but I mean...this is...pretty long odds." He smiles, "But again, for charity. And yes, unusual experiences are good. Normally I deal with the 16 impossible things more for breakfast in the room but I think you win that one" he chuckles and is surprised as they give him a normal paint ball gun. He had hoped to use his own, this small thing? They also hand him a poncho as well as one to Diana.

He looks down at the poncho which covers his arm....it certainly won't fit him. "Heh.""

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is given some very nice equipment, the gun looks brand new and the helmet looks the same with a clean shield and freshly scented interior. "How lovely." She quietly says before putting the poncho on over her head and tying it off with the strap at it's waistline around her slim waist. She had been listening to Hellboy and grinning at his words.

"I am curious what it is you do for a living now, Mister Hellboy." She states in that thick accented English. When she looks up she puts the helmet on top of her head and takes a moment to latch the chin strap. Her eyes look back to him then to see him having very undersized gun and poncho. She shows a smirk at him. "I do not not think they fully thought this through." She tells the man. "Will it work, or do we need to..." She looks at the trigger. "Maybe remove the trigger guard?"

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy says, "I shoot and punch things for great justice. Mainly, I'm an agent for W.A.N.D. though that has certainly taken an interesting turn lately. I wonder how long before I have to shack up with my friends under the bridge. Trolls can be good roommates if you give them their space you know.

Hellboy carefully reaches down and gently removes the piece of plastic with his fingers, "Now that's a very good idea Diana. Why do I keep wanting to call you highness?" He grins. He drapes the poncho on his arm like a fheild, "Well, I will figure it out. Maybe I can use that card table over there" he motions with his head and smiles.

The crowd is enjoying themselves, an unruly happy chaotic mob. A few people shoot themselves with paint guns because they can. "Ow.""

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana has to share a few words with a pair of mom's that come up to her, but they only talk for a moment before the helmeted Princess looks back to Hellboy and smiles at him through the plastic visor covering her face now. "I have heard a bit about the situation with SHIELD. I have not... been able to look in to that. It is very concerning though. I hope you are not forced in to a uncomfortable situation though, because of it all."

She looks him over again and then walks over to where the ponchos were being handed out. Diana acquires three more of them and comes back to Hellboy now. "Perhaps we can wrap these around you?" She suggests, "Tie them off? We don't want you to be covered in paint after this is all said and done..."

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy takes the helmet off of his motorcycle, not minding if he has to clean paint off of it and there is no chance of them having one that fits with his horns, but Diana setting a good example for the kids is smart. See, that's real superheroism...y...ness....he checks the paintball ammo in his own gun....just because he can and who knows, someone might cheat? As it is he smiles and nods, "Yeah, its bogus your hi...Diana. But I appreciate your willingness to do so. If enough people with sterling reps like you do that, it will plug up the...evil...er...plans." Not blithe today is Hellboy.

He smiles at the improvised meta poncho, "I love this idea." He ties a few together, "I wash off easy." Its not always paint...."but I appreciate the thought.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana will help him with the ponchos where she can, her paintball gun hanging by its strap from her left shoulder. She smiles lightly at it starts to come together, the covedring for him, and she steps back. "There." She says, looking up at him. "And yes, 'Highness' is a fairly common one, but really I just prefer Diana." She states with a soft grin.

"WAND then, that is the magical division, is it not?" She asks of SHIELD's many sub-divisions. "I have always wanted to visit the Triskelion to get a tour and meet the agents who put their lives on the line... I guess it is a bad time for that now." She states this with a bit of a somber voicek, concern laden on her tone.

"Well then, teammate, are you ready for this?" She asks then, grinning again.

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy says, "I will call you Diana. I like to call people what they are used to being called, its just that my father was a royalist and tried to drill proper britis etiquette into me with a power drill." He chuckles, "But its more rude to make my manners steamroll your confort." He bows 'demurely' and looks at the crowd, "I dont see how this isnt going to end in a few seconds. I mean, if they had real guns we could do this all day but not getting hit?" He chuckles, "Yes WAND is the magical division. Good people. I was with the BRPD before that, mostly british with a few men of letters in the US. The Triskelion is a neat place, but the US Military does NOT know what they are doing. Imma probably gonna need to lock it down but no one above me has said we NEED to but thehy might be being skittish. And ready?" He chuckles and cocks his gun, "As I'll ever be."

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana raises her rifle up and looks it over once more, familiarizing herself with it. She jiggles the gun a little to hear the paintballs jiggle around inside of the plastic jug attached to the buttom of the weapon and then raises it up to point it at a tree in the distance, testing the sights?

When she lowers the gun she looks back over at him, smiling still. "Well, do not do anything irrational in this moment of SHIELD's story. They have existed a long time, and I cannot imagine that whatever is going on now will suddenly signal their end. I imagine a lot of things just have to be sorted out by those in power positions."

Diana looks over to the crowd and waves to them, as some of them grab pics of her in the gear. She'll look back to Hellboy and nods to him. "We will do our best, such is all we are able to do."

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy says, "Yeah, Diana..." he chuckles, "I promise not to do anything irrational in that department." After all, he has this whole other irrational area that he's obsessing over saving a soul and staging armed mystical robbery to save, so the good news is he is far too occuppied to take on the US military.

People think Hellboy is cosplaying and get several pics with him; or with him and Diana before the adult organizer finlly says,"Alright starting in...5...4....3....2...1.."

Hellboy was in actual trenches of Korea and Vietnam and this is less fire than he saw there. He moves and fires back a few times, his skill with the gun apparent despite how tiny it is and dives back and left and right managing to only take a few hits but hardly spiderman at agility.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana once more smiles to Hellboy's response to her before she turns to participate in the last pre-event moments. The selfies are taken and a few more words are shared with others, teases and taunts about what's to come are included.

Diana joins her teammate in the starting positions then and when the count down is done, Diana pivots and starts to move for cover. The shots that come her way, she literally dances through them, her body moving in real-time at tremendous speeds as she twists and turns past the paintballs... her reflexes being almost unmatched next to the famous 'speedsters' in the world!

She makes it through the initial wave unscathed and ends up behind cover. Her eyes go to Hellboy, then she nods once and ducks out of cover to fire paintballs back at their attackers!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy makes a dive for that card table he mentioned earlier and takes a paintball right in the face! Everyone goes 'oooo' 'ouch' for a moment but Hellboy keeps on moving. Apparently whatever version of 'out' counts for this they have high standards and he now has the card table as cover to 'shoot' behind noticing that Diana isn't shooting back per se. He hits people but there are so MANY and people LOVE being hit by Hellboy, treating it like a bad of honor.

Diana Prince has posed:
A group of people converge on where Diana had been behind cover and they flank her on either sides, jumping around the cover to start firing!

Only to find she's not there and they've fired on each other hitting each other with paintballs!

Diana then appears out from behind a bit of tree cover furhter back from the cover and peppers the last remaining attackers with painballs before she sweeps over to where Hellboy is to try to give the besieged big man some cover fire!

She still hasn't been hit yet either!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy has been hit a few times but the gold standard is that they are waiting for the heroes to hit everyone else. This is CRAZY since despite being hit a few times (are they AIMING for the face?) the organizer hasnt stopped it and Hellboy has hit no less than 30 people reloading.

He does his best western voice, "Well Diana, I reckon this here is the OK Coral, but if we're gonna go, we go in a blaze o glory" he is grinning ear to ear.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is crouched behind the cover with her shoulders up against it and her eyes are going over it to take shots at those she can see advancing on them. "Perhaps it is." She replies to his western commentary. "But at least we won't be forgotten." She adds in a bit of playful levity!

Once more a group of people try to make it through their surroundings to flank the would be heroes, and just as they jump out from the trees to start firing, Diana shoots her eyes over to them. Her foot snakes under a fallen tree branch that looks like it was cut away on some recent tree grooming, and she kicks it up in to the air!

The Branch floats through the air and all the paintballs fired at them collide with the branch, shielding them both from their attackers!

When it falls again, Diana sits up and starts to fire back! She is laughing through out it all too!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy smiles, "No, that we won't be ma'am, I reckon not." Another shot to the face? Alright, that was what he was waiting for and he takes out his actual gun loaded with large cluster paint munitions and a loud cheer comes from the crowd. Apparently they wanted this and people throw themselves into shots as he unloads at full bore spreading paint like mad. He smiles at the branch and the crowd claps, clapping and also getting shot.

Diana Prince has posed:
The Princess is looking right at Hellboy when he's shot smack in the face. It makes her suddenly laugh because of his facial expression from it, but she also has to look away to shoot back at the person who fired athim!

But then Diana's eyes widen at the sight of him whipping out his giant gun. But when she realizes he's loaded it with paint pellets it makes her laugh once more.

Back on her feet, the Princess advances out of cover and the audience watching all of this will be greeted with a show of the Amazon warrior doing a handless cartwheel, and firing her paintball gun while completedly inverted in midair before she lands and twirls around behind a tree!

Needless to say, it's very entertaining for those in attendance today!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy chuckles darkly but also enjoying it and uses his actual combat experience to take his card table sheild and lift it as a giant mobile wall moving in a criss cross to Diana's cartwheel providing cover as she moves, the FOOM FOOM FOOM as large swathcs of the audience gets drenched in paint laughing at this as Jailyn claps delightedly, wielding two paint guns in each hand (She has them taped together) and 'charges' Hellboy and Diana while the audience falls back.

Hellboy whispers, "I think this is where we take a dive...."

Diana Prince has posed:
Sweeping back around, Diana is very nearly about to be shot when she spins and fires back!

However, she's not so agile as to completelya void the shots and the edges of her poncho beneath her shoulders are splattered with paint from shots that would've gone under her arms but instead splattered against the material of her poncho!

When she ducks back over to look to Hellboy she sees the child of the event coming up on them and Diana steps out of her cover to aim her gun at them and tkae shots that all MISS!

Apparently she's sacrificing herself!

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy takes a dive, so mote it be, but he is gonna take it theatrically and fires his big and small gun very succesfully NEARLY hitting the young girl who is fearlessly advacing, hitting Diana and Hellboy multiple times and shrieking in victory as she does so. She laughs with delight as does Hellboy.

Diana Prince has posed:
Needless to say Diana winces and recoils some as the young child starts to pelt her and Hellboy with shots. She lowers her gun and drops down to her knees in defeat before she collapses on to her side in to a pile of old leaves!

"I surrender!" Diana of Themyscira shouts up to the sky and the branches on the trees that are still budding their Spring season leaves.

"I surrender!" She shouts one more time before she rolls over and looks to Hellboy. "You were supposed to attack at the same time with me. This is all your fault." She teases him before looking to the little girl and grinning at her.

"You have defeated us."

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy says, "Well....how was I supposed to know....uh" this part of the scene he had not expected and he is terrible at Improv, "She would so uh...boldly attack. Yeah." He kneels on one knee and offers his gun with both hands, "I too surrender."

This may not have been a good idea since Jailyn grabs Hellboy's gun and immediately turns and points it at the crowd lacing them with heavy duty paint shot. The crowd resumes shooting each other and needless to say there is a great deal of paintballs being shot at everyone and everything and everyone is laughing.

"Well...that was....a success....I suppose?" He smiles, face covered in phospherecent green"

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana is lowering her gun down to her side when she sees the chaos start to unfold around them after the little girl started a rampage of people turning on one another. It's amusing, the Princess is evening laughing at it.

But she's soon to look over to Hellboy again where she has to raise a hand up and lift the visor on her helmet up to uncover her face. She then dabs at the corner of her mouth. "You've got a bit of paint about to spill in to your mouth." She tells him in good humor, showing on her face.

"This was great." She says then, looking out to the families playing now still. "Certainly it will go down as one of my more interesting charity events!"

Hellboy has posed:
Hellboy chuckles and wipes it with his arm, only smearing it all over. "Yeah, yeah it was. Very nice meeting you Diana. I gotta...go but we should meet again some time." He salutes and the children all run around and play some bizarre hybrid of tag and paintball as he subtly snags his gun and walks to the south.