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Date of Scene: 28 March 2021
Location: A Rooftop. At night.
Synopsis: Dinah and Thomas meet after their capture. Making plans and enjoying junk food.
Cast of Characters: Thomas Blake, Dinah Lance

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake had to kick some purse snatchers off the roof. It was a nice roof. they knew of him and left quietly, happy they got to keep their loot. He watched them go, then smirked as he heard a familiar motorcycle roar up. Then grunts, small cries of desperation. Then nothing.

Damn she's cute.

A woman like that could save a man, if he wasn't careful.

Thomas finishes counting his winnings for the night and stuffs the money into a billfold and waits.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance did tell Catman that their next meeting would be discreet, so his suggestion of a rooftop wasn't really a surprise. Pulling up to the building, there was a brief distraction on the way to the fire escape. She left the purse snatchers zip-tied to a lamp post for safe keeping.

The climb is quick, and Thomas can hear boot heels on the metal grating well before she climbs over the roof ledge. She's in costume, of course, although the black bodysuit has the sheen of new leather. He would notice that 'new leather' smell, too. The fishnets are definitely new.

"You always pick the nicest places." she greets, sauntering over.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake gets up and does some sauntering himself. "New outfit? You look nice. Higher heels? Is this because I called you 'Tiny'? I meant it affectionately." Hmmm, definitely new leather, flowers, and motorcycle exhaust but on her it smells good. "I give you credit. You do everything Batman does and you do it in high heels. I'd hug you but I bruise easily. Come on over. I got dinner." Sure enough a sheet is spread and decked with fries, hot dogs, ribs, and coleslaw.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance chuckles softly at the comments on the outfit. "No, the heels are just the same. And of *course* it's new." She suppresses a shudder of finding her other (stolen) suit and the guy who was wearing it...

Then he unveils the junk food spread and she perks up, stepping over more quickly. She flashes one of those winning smiles as she settles. Leaning over, she peers more closely at the spread. "You get this locally?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake regards her curiously. "Yeah. Food truck three blocks north. Don't worry, I'd never drug a woman. Want me to sample your food for you?" He sits down on the diagonal from her, not across and fairly close. Sitting down he could be said to loom. Anyone who did say that never saw or heard the Black Canary in action. But e grabs a chili dog to make her feel better. He finds them and most processed meat revolting. "Was there some kinf og trouble at the Central Park Zoo? I have some friends there. Even a tiger. He's a nice fellow."

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance smirks, keeping eye contact with him as she reaches for one of the fries. And eats it. "I trust you." she declares. Chewing a moment, she reaches for a chili dog as well and takes a deep sniff. "I know this place. They make their own chili." she declares, tilting her head to take a bite. Brows knit, then. "Trouble at the zoo? Not that I'm aware of, why?"

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake shrugs. "The lions seemed a little agitated. Maybe it was just something in the air. Spring is in the air. Love is all around. I mean I don't exactly talk to them. More like I know their moods and feelings. Especially the lionesses, they have a raw deal. So what have you gotten on the Masques Club?" He debates bushing a stray strand on her hair back but is rather fond of his hand.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance chews, her expression becoming wry at the talk of 'love is in the air'. Swallow. "Well that's good for the lions, at least." she quips back. Unconsciously, she gives her head a little toss and the shift of a breeze tosses the errant lock out of her face. "Computers are still chewing on the details, but there are definite ties to Alchemax. Executive private investors, that sort of thing. All legal, if not exactly public. And enough of a link to confirm our suspicions of the setup."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake tries very hard to keep his mind on business. She tosses her hair really well. "Good. I figured as much. I'm going to squeeze a couple execs who are rumored to handle shady business for Alchemax. Don't worry, it's just some light B&Es, assault, illegal gathering of information. You know, the stuff heroes do all the time."

"I also heard rumors there are a lot of B and C-List super villains (God I hate that word) who have Alchemax stock." He grabs a rib and begins inhaling it, grrrr'ing faintly.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance lifts a brow at the comment of hero 'activities'. "Yeah? Maybe you should try walking on the lighter side sometime. It's not all about breaking into hideouts and beating up bad guys." Well not ALL about it. "Working the street side will only get us so far. We need to cut the head off of the snake."

Wait, did she just say 'us'?

She shifts position a little, stretching out one leg while tucking up the other. "The more I think about it, you keep the pressure on their street-level activities. Make them think THAT is the focus. I'll keep pushing the intel on the higher level."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake eyes the leg a moment. "I do the best I can with what I have," he says with a frown.

"You 'heroes' should realize people don't wake up one day and say, "I'm going to be a supervillain." They have reasons. Sometimes you just wind up in a bad place. And don't knock the way I do things. I've stayed out of jail or the morgue this far." He puts a hand (the clean one) on her shoulder. "Ah the hell with it... you want to get busy?"

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance's leather jacket is open, as usual, and she glances down to where his hand rests upon her shoulder. She doesn't reach for it, at least. "Get busy? Is that a double entendre?" For all that, her smile becomes a bit playful.

"Listen. I don't know what you've been through to get where you are today. We all have our stories and I'm not here to judge. And yes, we both operate in a pretty gray area. I hurt people when I have to, but I'm not a killer. If we're going to work together, I'm going to ask that you keep to those basic standards."

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake leans forward almost touching foreheads with her. "Get busy, like kiss, snuggle, back rubs et cetera. I'm not Joker or Cheetah. I don't just try to make a quota. Killing puts you right on the most wanted list. That draws the Bat or the Amazon or God forbid, the nutcase with the skull on his shirt and the gun fetish. Also you're very persuasive. You could redeem me if I wasn't careful." He lets go of her shoulder resting his hand against her upper arm. "You know... I almost wanted nothing to do with Satanna, when I heard you were roomies, I said F*** No! But... I don't think you'd stick to letter of the law and you're a lot more fun than I thought so far." He grabs a bottle of beer and twists off the top, holding it out to her. "This place has very good ribs." He cleans his hands off and reaches for another bottle.

Dinah Lance has posed:
Dinah Lance doesn't pull back when he leans in, or when his hand slips from her shoulder to her upper arm. Keeping eye contact, she deliberately finishes her chili dog. "Yeah, but do you really -want- to be redeemed? You just said you're not all that bad."

With the chili dog gone, she hand-waves the subject of previous roomies. "I live somewhere else, now. I have a nice, respectable place that's all mine." And now that she's this close, the scent of flowers can be picked up even over the fresh leather. Coincidence?

"As for 'getting busy', don't think that I'm easy just because we woke up naked in bed together." Smirk.

Thomas Blake has posed:
Thomas Blake hehs and leans back. the smell of the cili dog was a little overpowering. The smell of flowers quite beautiful. "That was fun though..." he says.

Wait... that's flower type flowers. Not shampoo or soap or body wash. Interesting. Maybe she works in a funeral parlor. Interesting. Some heroes and villains avoided scented products. They could give you away.

"Yet... you're here socializing with me after our business is done..." He sees the beer bottle still in his hand and takes a gulp. He missed beer back in Africa. A nice cold one on the veldt would've been nice. He gives her a genuine smile, that goes all the way to his green eyes.

Dinah Lance has posed:
"That's because I never got the chance to thank you." Canary replies, taking a beer for herself. Twisting off the cap, she takes a slug as well. Then she leans in closer. Much. Closer. "For being a gentleman."

There will be a hint of lipstick on his cheek later, and she takes her time. "But we're not quite ready for backrubs."