5766/Another night, another bruised rib

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Another night, another bruised rib
Date of Scene: 28 March 2021
Location: Upstairs - Red Cave
Synopsis: Jason and Val discuss learning and escapades.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Jason Todd

Valeria Richards has posed:
    Valeria's downright lounging. Nothing so pedestrian as sprawling bonelessly on the couch in the living room. She's reclining artfully of course! And judging by the tidied condition of the kitchen, which is to say the takeout containers placed in a garbage bag, she was at least energetic enough earlier to do some tidying. Now she's fiddling with her phone, almost the stereotypical vision of a texting teenager.

    Of course, most teenagers aren't working up manifests and design documents for an interstellar spaceship. But -some- of them are, and Val is definitely one of those.

Jason Todd has posed:
    The door to the garage swings open, and Red Hood grunts softly as he steps inside. He turns and closes the heavy door, using the several locks and kickbrake to keep it in place. He's dressed for work, of course, from his helmet to reinforced costume, to weaponry. He has one hand against his side, though, and is limping slightly. If injured, Val knows by now that he'll be okay within the hour. Still, he's hurting. He grunts and makes his way in as he reaches up to hit the release on his helmet.

    There's a hiss of pressure and he pulls the reflective metal away and drops it onto the ground. Black grease paint. Handsome face. Red domino mask. Jason Todd. "Mmmn. Havin' a good night?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
    Valeria looks up, eyebrows perking slightly as she rolls her eyes and sighs out, "Well, better than -someone- it seems." She quirks an eyebrow as she shifts on the couch, drawing her legs up and swinging about to sit upright instead of laying across the full length. "Another gang of gun runners? Drug dealers? I'm sure they got the worst of it."

    She frowns slightly, brow furrowing with concern, "You know, just because you -do- heal easily doesn't mean you need to take advantage of it so often!"

Jason Todd has posed:
    "Still dealing with those traffickers. Followed a lead up at a shipping warehouse in the Cauldron. Put the pokey-end to some hired muscle and got a name. I'll...look him up later." He flops down onto the couch beside his girlfriend, reaching up to peel his mask off, leaving just the black paint. He drops the mask on the ground, too, running his fingers back through his skunk-striped hair. He leans over, then, to kiss her if she allows it. He collapses back into place, then. "Bruised rib. I heal fast. Faster then most. I can take more of a beating then most of the masks on the street. Use every advantage."

Valeria Richards has posed:
    Val bobs her head and rolls her eyes playfully, murmuring dryly, "Well, we can discuss whether or not being able to get beaten up more really counts as an advantage versus avoiding being beaten up another time." She accepts that kiss and reaches up to tease her fingers through that dark hair with a soft little murmur. She looks around the room and murmurs dryly, "And, well, maybe the next time you're out tracking them down I'll install a TV for you. I'm -going- to get you a hobby. And crimefighting doesn't count."

Jason Todd has posed:
    He smirks softly. "See, I've grown. The Jason you knew when we met would have made a rude comment about you being my hobby. See how I've grown?"

    He rises to his feet with a grunt and makes his way over towards the kitchen. Once there he spends a few moments undoing the buckles on his torso armor and dropping it onto the kitchen island. The bruising on his ribs can be seen, and he sighs. He goes into the freeze and fills a plastic baggy with ice, pressing it to his side. He then opens the fridge and fishes out two beers. He reconsiders and snags one for Val, too.

Valeria Richards has posed:
    Val rolls her eyes far -far- more dramatically and muffles a snicker, "Oh yes, from saying it to just thinking it and then saying you -would- have said it. Such progress!" She shakes her head helplessly, biting her lower lip.

    Not that the amusement stops her from reaching out for that beer when he returns, sighing out and murmuring dryly, "I guess we'll need something for me to learn from -you-. I'm sure we can come up with something."

Jason Todd has posed:
    He slides back onto the couchb, now wearing his boots and armored pants only. One hand presses the ice to his ribs. The bruising is already fading slowly. He takes several long chugs from his beer and lets out a satisfied sigh. "Well, you can't get mad at me because I didn't say it. I just said I would have said it before." Mischief is in his black makeup surrounded eyes. "Hm. What can I teach you?" He brings his beer to his lips for another pull."

    "History? Classic literature? Philosophy? Batman wasted all that shit on me. I know stuff I am never, ever gonna use." He really is startlingly educated. "I figure your parents made sure you know how to fight. Need to learn...Spanish? Russian? Cantonese? Mandarin? Japanese?" He slumps down a bit on the couch and looks over at her, shrugging a firmly muscled shoulder.