5767/Habitat For Humanity Build - Everyone's got to eat sometime

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Habitat For Humanity Build - Everyone's got to eat sometime
Date of Scene: 28 March 2021
Location: The Future Richardson Family Residence
Synopsis: People join forces to support a good cause
Cast of Characters: Joan Wright, Cinque Evers, Carmine Falcone

Joan Wright has posed:
It is a beautiful day in New York State. With such wonderful weather it is a perfect time to do stuff outdoors. One such instance of persons taking advantage of said weather is in a neighborhood in desperate need of some TLC.

Behind a chain link fence that is open at the gates, there are plenty of people gathered. From looking at them it is very apparent that they are definitely not related by blood but joined together in a cause. This lot is the future site of the Richardson Family home and builders from all over are collectively raising it up in record time.

But even volunteers need to stop for a break. A small tailgating tent is set up in the far corner of the lot where volunteers are currently enjoying a meal being provided by one of the local mom and pop restaurants.

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan Wright, architect and Damage Control employee, is part of the numbers. With the need to build a home quickly and the use of volunteers, it is imperative that some industry professionals be on hand to make sure that things are done right. It's not everyday you get a home. And darn it all it's going to be a house that LASTS.

But she's not going to last if she doesn't eat. So lunch break it is. Joan has no clue what it was she was getting when the closed food container was handed to her at the tent. But based from the smell, it was going to be GOOD.

Prize in hand, she wanders around, looking for a spot to sit while eating, eventually settling for a spot on the newly finished porch area. She walks over.

Cinque Evers has posed:
A mixture of pride and joy washes over Cinque as he see the mother, Lillian Richardson speaking to the press, while her oldest son, Marlowe is handing out prepared lunches to his siblings. This is the first time the Jamii Shelter has partnered with Habitat for Humanity. so Cinque is making sure that the volunteers that he brought from the shelter are pulling their weight, and reminding that this can be them one day too.

Cinque pats the back on the shoulder of the father, and jokes, "So once you move in, you know I am still coming over to clown you about your , Jets."

Nathaniel Richardson lets out a deep laugh, almost choking on his sandwhich. After clearning his throat with some strawberry juice, he replies, "No, I am going to get a big dog named Testaverde that is going to be trained to bite you if you come sniffing around here!

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     One of the more surprising faces in the crowd may just well be a 71 year-old man assisting in the raising of the building. Carmine Falcone of Gotham. The man gets around it seems and he's currently moving his way slowly but surely back over towards the food splayed out as he adjusts his hardhat to one side. His construction company had been one of the groups offering to assist this little building project with materials and supplies but no one had expected the suit wearing man himself to join in and assist in the raising of the home.

     "There is nothing that stokes the fires that rage within the heart of a man than to see the results of his labour attained in real time." He offers with a light smile as he throws back on his suitjacket around his shoulders. "Truly it is these little things in life that do bring with them the most joy is it not my friends?" To no one in particular, as he holds two fingers to one of his.. Well goons would be the best word to describe the men he brought with him. Hulking muscle bound men dressed in sleeveless t-shirts and hardhats.

     "We are here as guests my friends, let us eat what is provided and let us not complain for it is surely a good meal which is provided from the kindness of another heart." Every word the man speaks seeps with that overly thick Gotham accent mixed with unavoidable Italian. He takes hold of the box as if it were the finest of five star meals and gives a friendly nod of the head towards the one providing it as he turns to face the results of the groups labours for the first time from a distance.

Joan Wright has posed:
Reaching the porch area, Joan turns her head hearing the mention of getting a dog. She sees the father of the family laughing. It can't be helped, laughter is contagious. But she does manage to instead quell it to a big smile instead as she turns, sitting down on the ledge of the porch area. The railing will be one of the last things put in most likely.

She opens the box finding a lovely looking half sandwich wrapped partially with a food wrapper. The baked beans and slaw are also a welcome sight. Ignoring the sandwich for the time being, she takes the prepackaged fork and pops it out of its plastic sleeve.

From her chosen perch, the hard hat wearing woman can see the food tent and the front part of the lot. The older form of Carmine looking back towards the house is visible when she glimpses up after consuming a scoop of baked beans.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine takes in a long look at the building before walking forward slowly but surely towards the home with food in toe, along with his two guards watching either side for anyone to try something rough, and tumble. He lets out a contented sigh as he makes his way closer, the man in surprisingly good shape for someone his age. There's a pause at those steps.

     "A labour of a day that will last a lifetime with proper care, would you not agree that it is a beautiful thing?" Spoken around him as he holds out his hands that bright white suitjacket of his billowing in the slight breeze. That smile has still yet to leave his face plastered firm full of sparkling teeth. "To give is to receive or so I am often told."

Cinque Evers has posed:
Shakes his head in laughtter as he leaves Nathaniel's and his "dog" threat. Cinque tracks down one of his volunteers to hand off the keys to the them and let them know that a few of the volunteers that are here need to go back to their shelter to get to paid jobs, but there are more volunteers waiting to come here once he gets back to the shelter.

After this brief exchange, Cinque makes the round of the work site again. He captures Carmine's comment about labour and casually replies back to the older gentlemen, "There is nothing greater than helping those that cannot help themselves." Cinque pauses for a moment, "Would you like a work apron? I would hate for you to get that jacket dirty, while helping us?"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan is quiet as she chews her food. As the elder gentleman makes his way closer to the home with his security. It causes for her to wonder where she's seen that face before. Her work causes for her to meet so many people, and honestly after awhile they start to blend visually. Was it on the news? Was it in New York? Or perhaps Gotham? Metropolis?

Oh gosh this is going to bother her.

How long has she been looking at him?


The woman gives a closed mouth smile to Carmine, tilting her head in greeting before looking back to her food. Probably better not to speak up with the mouth is full.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Ten thousand thanks my friend however I believe I may have already ruined this poor undershirt, which admittedly for the amount of money that went into it is a shame, but it is the price that I pay for dressing for the wrong occasion." Carmine offers a hearty belly laugh and another smile as he sets down that white box onto a nearby drum to flick it open and grab a lovingly handcrafted sandwich.

     Of course it's far lower quality than a man of his statue is used to, but he savours each bite before setting it back down into the box and dabbing the corners of his mouth with his handkerchief.

     He offers a friendly wave towards Joan seemingly not too put off by people staring at the only man wearing a full bright white business suit to a construction site. "That said it is, I believe, the best course of action to minimize the damage from here, as the situation where, so I would be more than happy to accept."

Cinque Evers has posed:
Tilts his head towards his left shoulder as a slight grin appears on his face as he retrieves an apron for Carmine. He unfurls the brown apron like a matador waving a red cape in the air before offering it to Carmine, "So have you ever worked with Habitat with Humanity before. You seem to be at ease at a construction site. You must have been a Seabee back in the day?" Cinque's gaze shifts to the two workers that Carmine brought with him as he elaborates, "One of our first clients was a former Seabee. He lost one of his eyes during the final days of Vietnam, but he carried around old photos of some of the hospitals, bridges, and airfields that his unit helped builts. Little memories that he could keep forver.

Cinque thinks --oo0 "Just like I will remember your colleagues forever. There are now part of my personal database. 0oo---

Cinque snaps his fingers, "Pardon my manners, I am Cinque Evers. The family that we are building the home for stays at my shelter. Did you get the chance to meet them? A slight chuckle escapes his lips as he explains, "Just stay away from the middle child, Jayden, unless you want to get hustle out of your snack. He already got me from some chocolate chip cookies, today."

Joan Wright has posed:
With another bite of food in the mouth, Joan glances up once again. Carmine and Cinque being in view again. It is an interesting sight. Expensive suits and construction sites don't usually mix well. Although white is an acceptable color, even at her dressiest on site, she would never go full suit.

Overhearing the mention of cookies, she looks to her box again, But where? She reaches her hand over to lift the sandwich, finding a plastic wrapped round treat hidden underneath. Ah. So you have to eat the sandwich first to find the cookie. How sneaky.

...Well played.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine graciously takes the Apron wrapping it around himself so that he can keep his suit from getting much worse than it already is from helping out around the place. He's already adapted like a fish to water. "My name is Carmine Falcone, I was drafted into the united states marine corp during 1968 and served my time until nineteen seventy three." He speaks with no small sense of pride in his service as he looks up a slight bit.

"I do not for a moment believe that I would be where I am today if it was not for the institution of the american draft." Speaking with a light fondness of his time during the war mixed with a tinge of sadness for some of the men lost during that time. It's clear that he perhaps had a slightly different experience than most during Vietnam.

     "I do not believe that I have had the pleasure, however I am a firm believer of providing opportunities for advancement from ones station in life, thus I have no troubles lending my time, and money to such endeavours."

     One thing that Cinque would notice is that one of the two workers Carmine brought along happens to have a minor mutation, gills on the base of his neck. They're submerged in water in little plastic bottles almost that have been affixed to his neck.

     "I do believe that I may have a small surprise for the family that they may not have been expecting." Carmine adds without further explaining as he gives a light smile only now realizing for himself that there is in fact a cookie waiting at the bottom of that box. He reaches in and grabs it with a light bit of surprise.

Cinque Evers has posed:
"What is the marine motto? Semper Fortis!" Cinque quickly states, before he shaking his head, "Wait, that is the Navy's. Semper Fi is the Marine's." Cinque bites his lip in mild frustration, "I never asked what that meant?" Cinque sees that a lot of people are finally getting to the dessert section of the lunch, so he announces, "The cookie recipe was created by me and another one of our sucess stories. We will be selling them and our residential cookbook at the Spring Craft Sale.

Cinque lightly nods his head as Carmine elaborates on his background; however, it is the mention of the small surprise that causes Cinque to raise in his eyes in disbelief, "Really, I am sure that they will appreciate any sort of gift."

Cinque tilts his head towards his left shoulder as silently judges Carmine for a moment, his quick mind performing a plethora of moral calculations about Carmine, before he speaks again. "Well, the Jamii Shelter is having a Spring Craft Sale. It a fundraising event that we are going to put on before it gets too hot in the city. Some of our residents are really talented, and it is like you said earlier about putting in a little bit of labor that will last a lifetime. Some of residents have create brillant crafts that can last a lifetime." Cinque taps his right foot in the ground as he further explains, "We could always use some more sponsors, people donate their time, or their money."

Joan Wright has posed:
She's not really in the conversation but she's close enough where snippets of talk is easily overheard. As Carmine makes his introductions. Joan glances up again. Falcone. As in Falcone Construction. Bingo! Ok she's probably seen his face on some promotional materials when going through contractor profiles for work.

She gives herself a mental fistpump as she listens in on the bonus information regarding being drafted. Oh if her father was here he'd probably be wanting to write this stuff down!

Seeing the expression on Falcone's face as he finds the cookie, Joan gives a bit of a giggle. Holding up her own wrapped cookie in explanation for the outburst. Her head turns to look towards Cinque as he makes the announcment. Oooh Spring Craft sale... Possibly food vendors maybe?

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine offers a friendly smile and a light chuckle. "While I am not the type of man to take to the life of a braggart I do happen to be fortunate enough to hold a lot more money than I do time but I do still have a bit of both that I enjoy spending on little projects like this." He looks back over with a bit of a nod slightly holding up a cookie of his own with a vague interest. "That said instead of money itself directly I'd far rather supply construction materials, and labour, I find that it's oft worth far more than some simple digital numbers in a machine." And he can more easily manipulate those numbers for tax reasons.

     Right on cue a semi truck rolls up with a covered trailer behind pulling into position. The label on the side reads Falcon Finance and two men hop out the side of the truck and around to the back as the back door lowers down revealing the tail end of a 2021 Kia Sedona in dark grey. They slowly roll it out the back of the truck and down to street level allowing it to rest in the parking space right in front of the home.

     "A little surprise but hopefully a welcome one."

Cinque Evers has posed:
What starts with a loud gasp from Lillian turns into an avalanche of joy as the sight of the Kia, and realization of what the gifts means to the family. Each family members shows their exhilaration differently. Lillian Richardson throws her hand in the air as she proudly proclaims, "Oh, Blessed Day! Blessed Day!" She begins to wipe the tears in her eyes with one hand and reaches out with the other hand to squeeze the hand of the person nearest to her which happens to be Joan.

Nathaniel just sports a huge chesire grin as if the Jets actually made it to Superbowl! "I don't have to worry about the bus or the subway being late to get to work, no more."

Marlowe and Jayden are busy taking selfies, and joking about how they are going to be the first ones to drive it. Their sibling discussion ends quickly, when Marlowe reminds Jayden that he is the only one with experience with a non-video game car.

Attuck has taking out his toy car is racing against athe Kia's tire. "We have a real car, momma?"

Once the awe has subsided, Cinque waves them over to congratulate Carmine personally. Cinque offers tells him thanks.

Joan Wright has posed:
The cookie drops back in to the food box as Joan finds her other hand being taken up by the excited Lillian. One handed, she slides the box off her lap, turning her attention over to one of the build's beneficiaries. Eyes shifting over to the new car. "That is a very nice car." She acknowledges. Fortunately the parking in front of the house is part of a public street so there's no concern about driveway maintenance for this unexpected surprise. Her smile deepens, looking back to Lillian, "Congratulations."

Even without alcohol, the lunch hour proved to be a happy hour. Not only was it clear that the Richardson Family would soon have the keys to a new house. But they also had the keys to a new vehicle as well.

By the end of the day the yard was in the process of being cleaned up and the family now had two sets of keys given to them. With the help of a neighborhood and some visiting forces, It indeed was a Blessed Day.