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Overwhelming Charity
Date of Scene: 17 March 2020
Location: St. Luke's Hospital
Synopsis: Alanna and Hank meet at a charity event at a hospital.
Cast of Characters: Alanna Lyons, Hank Pym

Alanna Lyons has posed:
The 'galaxy' themed charity event for the children at St. Luke's has mostly concluded. Volunteers wearing astronaut outfits and other star and planet themed costumes have brought toys of various types for the kids. After meeting with the majority of the children in a larger multi-purpose room, they had roamed the halls bringing toys to those who couldn't leave their rooms.

Stepping out of one of the hospital rooms following a nurse, Alanna is in something of a Ms. Frizzle-inspired dress with a galaxy pattern on it. The hospital room door is shut behind her as they leave the occupants to quiet prayer. She doesn't seem down from the whole experience, somewhat cheerful rather. She looks to the nurse.

"You think you can keep the rest of these for later?" She holds up the bag containing the rest of the toys--there were more than enough to go around.

Hank Pym has posed:
Somebody's not so cheerful; he must not have gotten the memo about the cheerful and pleasant visit that the volunteers were doing. The man's gesturing directly towards the door to the room Alanna just came out of, and having some quiet but very firm words with one of the doctors.

"/Everyone/ that you let in there is potentially exposed to that," Dr. Pym is explaining. He's frustrated but passionate. Hank Pym is on the tall side, about six foot, blonde and blue eyed. He isn't a well known Avenger without a mask, let alone in a white doctor's coat in a hospital, so he's just another doctor, by appearance alone. He's having words with a gray-haired doctor, who seems a little cowed by Dr. Pym. Pym's younger, clearly, but has some heavy clout. Or just a big personality. Or both.

Pym turns his eyes on the nurse and the exiting Alanna. "I'll need to get them treated before they leave, any visitors to 4-A-- get them into the exam room next door."

"The patients are showing no signs of being contageous--" answers the gray-haired doctor, and earns a sideways /stare/ from Pym.

"Nurse, which volunteers went into 4-A?" The doctor asks the nurse next to Alanna, while Pym visually takes in the costuming.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna's never been a science buff. Her medical knowledge stems to watching a bit of Grey's Anatomy and being confused why it was a soap opera with medical terms. But the words 'contageous' and 'potentially exposed' are things that are key words for anyone to take into account. She glances over her shoulder to look for which one room 4-A was to double check that, indeed, that was the one they'd all been in.

"That one? There's a gentleman still inside there with the kid and then the nurse and I." She gives Hank Pym a cautious look. "Do I need to incinerate this bag of toys or something?" She looks inquisitive more than anything.

Hank Pym has posed:
"Just this volunteer, and the others still in there," The nurse answers, as to who the targets are.

"Good thing I was here, then. You'll be fine," Dr. Pym says, smoothly, his tone shifting now that he's not in a battle of sorts with another doctor that wasn't listening to his highly prudent warnings. There's some arrogance there, but also a kindly smile for Alanna. "Nurse, please collect anyone that's still in there when they're done; not in front of the children, though," Pym asks her. Don't make the children feel guilty or odd about it.

"You can use exam room three," the other doctor grants to Pym and Alanna. "Great. We're just going to make sure you're not allergic to the treatment, and, ideally, innoculate you against what you came in contact with," Dr. Pym says to Alanna, his tone entirely relaxed, as if it were, indeed, not any big deal. "Better to be on the safe side. With your consent, obviously...?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Alanna Lyons," Alanna supplies, "and that's fine. I've no problem with the testing and innoculation." Isn't this the kind of risk that happens any time you're in a hospital? "Guess you've got fortunate timing," she says, politely.

The relaxed tone seems to work just fine on her or perhaps she remains it on her own as she looks to Dr. Pym to lead the way towards the exam room. "Is this the sort of thing that travels airborne or by touch? I didn't touch anything in there, if that helps anything. Pretty sure the other guy did though."

Hank Pym has posed:
"Touch, in this case, though there was a lot of sneezing related to a lot of objects within that room, so I wouldn't push your luck there counting on there being a small 'splash zone'," Dr. Pym answers, leading into the room, a wry smile on his face, but he doesn't seem to push his sarcasm too hard. It's just his humor type.

"All right, Ms. Lyons," Dr. Pym says once they get inside, gesturing for her to have a seat, while he sits on the little rolling stool nearby. "I'm Dr. Pym, here on consult on a handful of cases, including the biohazard in 4-A," he explains. "I won't keep you long. Any penecillin allergy?" he asks, while pulling a plastic sealed box from his inside left coat pocket, opening it. He sets it nearby, while pushing with his feet to send the stool to one of the low cabinets, fishing around there.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Ah, well, you win some you lose some," Alanna says, moving to take a seat. Once settled, she starts to roll up her sleeve to expose her forearm. "No allergies that I know of. Guess there's only one way to find that out." She tucks her sleeve up neatly as she looks over at Dr. Pym.

"How /does/ a kid get exposed to some kind of biohazard like that?"

Hank Pym has posed:
One of the nurses pushes into the door, and immediately stops, apologetic. "Oh, sorry, Dr. Pym," she says quickly, then immediately offers, "Anything I can do to assist?"

"Nope, I've got it," Dr. Pym answers, without even looking up at all, finding the things he wanted in the drawer. The nurse flashes a warm smile to Alanna, taking in her attire. "Love your costume," she says, with a thumbs up, before backing off and shutting the door again.

Pym eyes the door finally, unimpressed, and scoots on his stool back to Alanna. "A kid gets exposed by a parent. In this case, a genetic mutation that rearranges bacteria. And then we have exciting new strains of things. But some of us are smarter than those germs." He tips a wry half-smile, chatty while he goes about giving her the treatment, as if it were all just another thing he's done thousands of times. It is.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna smiles briefly at the nurse in reply to her costume before she looks back to Pym with a bit of a nod. "Poor kid. He didn't seem to be fairing too well in there before. Kind of surprised he wasn't in isolation if there was a chance of biohazardous material getting out and infecting others." She shrugs a shoulder, then offers a wry smile.

"But I'm not the one to ask about science-related questions. Not really my area of expertise. So you'll have to forgive me if I smile and nod about half of what you say."

Hank Pym has posed:
"You would think that would be the smart idea, but there's more at play than just what /I/ recommend," Dr. Pym says dryly. "While there's an easy treatment, others are less prone to care." He lifts his eyebrows, but finishes the treatment, and tosses the pieces into the little trash receptacle.

"Now we chat for a few minutes, or I can call a nurse to sit with you if you prefer, to be sure there's no bad reactions," Pym says, stretching his back and scooting his stool back.

The nurse seems to know she was mentioned, she peeks in again. "Dr. Pym, I have the results of those other tests. Both were positive, and we're taking the discussed steps." she says, discreetly.

"Great. Now we're going to listen to Dr. Pym?" Dr. Pym asks, dry. She shrugs a little, uncomfortable due to being in front of Alanna about it, and leaves.

Pym clicks his tongue against his teeth, gathering his treatment items up, slipping them away, and then strips off one glove, then the other, disposing of those similarly to the treatment vial and pieces. "There's your answer, I suppose, Ms. Lyons."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna manages to keep a straight face until the nurse leaves. Then she gives off something that sounds like a barely contained laugh. She covers her mouth with one hand in an attempt to somehow further muffle it, but it's pretty obviously there... she's just trying to be polite about it. "I don't know what you did to piss her off, but that was a much needed bit of amusement. I hate to be happy at someone else's dismay, but in this case I'll just have to deal."

She keeps her sleeve up on the off-chase there's a negative reaction. "Does that happen a lot? With the way you were fighting with that doctor out there, I kind of made an assumption. Let me guess... you come in to consult on things, don't have the kind of comradere that you do with close coworkers, you challenge them on things they might take as fact, and they disrespect you for it." She tilts her head. "How close am I? Hot? Cold?"

Hank Pym has posed:
"Generally they know better than to argue with me," Dr. Pym laughs in answer, a lift to his eyebrows that may be hard to read if he's teasing about that or not. It may be a blend. "But I'm famous for several things. Always being /right/---" there's amusement there, he's probably kidding?

"And also being overly direct. I'd hate to not live up to either reputation. On the upside for you... I'm also like that with patients."

Dr. Pym rests on the stool, but does draw out a mobile device to check it. It isn't dismissive of her though: more that he might have messages on it. "Two more minutes, and we'll get your temprature. If you're not hot, you're free."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Overly direct is honestly... refreshing." Alanna makes a bit of a sour face. "You will not believe the amount of bullshit that I watch fly back and forth all day like I'm stuck doing cleanup on the last day of a rodeo." She certainly does sound amused. "So yeah, a doctor being straightforward is kind of a good thing. Bullshitting has a time and a place."

She idly checks her arm for a moment to make sure there's no weird bruising or marks or anything that makes her think there's an allergy. Two minutes, huh? She can survive two minutes. The last comment gets an amused snort, but she doesn't say anything.

Hank Pym has posed:
Whether Pym meant it in jest may have been unclear at first, but his self-satisfied little smile is not entirely subtle. He amuses himself: and maybe to Dr. Pym, that's often what counts!

"To be direct, I'm not a medical doctor," Dr. Pym clarifies. "I'm here to deal with this specific infection. I'm a scientist; mostly a biologist, in this instance." He says it in a way that doesn't lean one way or another: medical is the same rank of things, to him, or maybe down a notch. He remembers where he saw the thermometer, and slides back to get it, changing out the piece that will contact her, and comes over. "Your ear, please," Dr. Pym asks. For someone that's not a medical doctor, he's doing a good impression. He checks it.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"See, no bullshit, straight-forward," Alanna says, dutifully, turning her head so her ear is accessible. "So you're more of the lab guy and less of the people guy." There's plenty of her life that she'd like to shift away from dealing with people, but it's mostly too intermixed. "Makes sense why you're here, then. You'd know about it more than they would." She's pretty certain /that's/ true.

"So, Dr. Pym, am I about to die?" She smirks. "From this infection, that is. Pretty sure this isn't what gets me, though."

Hank Pym has posed:
"Some kind of dangerous lifestyle? Perhaps you're a racecar driver, or just a taxi driver?" questions Pym while he takes the temperature and then reads it, slyly smirking. "And yes, I'm from the lab. Sometimes they let us out to talk, when things get bad enough," Pym replies.

"Looks like you'll live. If you get symptoms, particularly swollen lymph nodes, come back here right away, though," Dr. Pym says, cleaning up, and then easing his feet. He palms his mobile device -- it seems to sort of disappear? -- while he's standing up, resting his hands in his white low pockets on his labcoat.

"Hope this hasn't spoiled you on the charity. The kids can really use it," Pym says, a little awkwardly, but direct as before. "Everybody can do something." He gets up, a clear signal that the treatment is complete.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Professional dogwalker. Those chihuahuas are the ones that'll get you. Vicious little teeth," Alanna quips, rolling her sleeve back down to its proper position. "Or maybe I'll be done in by a heavyset bulldog that plays too rough and crushes my windpipe." She gets to her feet, smoothing her dress out as she looks back towards him.

"I'm not the kind of person who gives up on something good because something bad happens. The charity's fine." She moves for the door. "Thank you, Dr. Pym. Just keep doing your part. Excellent job so far."