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When Bobbi Met Wanda
Date of Scene: 28 March 2021
Location: Avengers Mansion - Study
Synopsis: Dr. Morse is invited to a meeting at the Avenger's mansion and learns of an unexpected ally.
Cast of Characters: Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Bobbi Morse

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint sent Bobbi Morse a message asking her to stop by the Avenger's mansion, as he had to talk to her about something important. WHen she arrives, he meets her at the door, "Heya Bobbi, come in. Don't know if you've ever dropped by before." He guides her in and up the stairs, leading her into the study. Already in the room is Wanda, most likely reading a book while she waits for them to arrive.

"Bobbi Morse, Wanda Maximoff. Wanda, Bobbi." He waves at the various chairs and couches, "Take a load off, Bobbi. We need to talk about some things."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda is indeed in the study surrounded by her main comfort items, most notably candles. It's a warm, cozy room, even when the fireplace isn't lit, but this evening it is, just to pull the chill from the air. The main ceiling lights are off, the candles, fireplace and a couple of standing floor lamps give the room a gentle glow. The red-headed witch is curled up in her chair, a new book in hand (she'd finished off the other one a day or so ago), again a paperback, but this time a touch thinner for quicker reading. She's got her hair down, half covering her shoulders in front, and half down her back. She's dressed casually, but still looking as if she could go out in the outfit chosen; red, form-fitting light long sleeved shirt with fingerless gloves, jeans and low boots finish the outfit. There is some bohemian fringe, colors to reflect the Roma in her, but mostly variations on red, tans..

The door downstairs opens and closes, and without lifting her eyes from the page, she smiles first before her brow creases, the words on the pages before her blurring as concentration is lost. Looking up as the archer enters the room with Bobbi in tow, her expression is still quizzical, her lips open in first silent question before she nods, acknowledging the introduction.

"Ms Morse," is given in response before she looks to Clint, the book set aside on the end table slowly but deliberately. "Clint?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "A couple of times," she says to Clint. Enough times that Jarvis recognises her. "I think the last time was when Hank went missing and we found that portal to another Earth in his lab in your backyard with the evil Hank Ultron .. nevermind. It was a thing. A terrible terrible thing," she says guessing that might be too much info to dump on Clint right now.

    "Hi there," she says with a wave to one of the more enigmatic Avengers. They need to talk? that's usually her line.. at work. She is wearing business pants, blouse, suit jacket. She wants to look presentable, professional, while currently keeping things on the down low. Walking in to the Avengers Mansion was not her first idea of 'keeping it on the down low' but Clint wanted to talk.

    She settles down on the couch and says, "Call me Bobbi if you'd like. So.. is Thor here?" because of course he is the dreamiest of the Avengers and why wouldn't she want to stare at him like a school girl for a few minutes making a fool of herself.

Clint Barton has posed:
He laughs and goes over to sit beside Wanda, taking her hand almost unconsciously the moment it's within reach. He settles in right beside her with a smile and a quick kiss on the cheek, then looks back to Bobbi. "No, last I heard he was back in Asgard for some business or other. Now, I assume you've read all the Avenger's dossiers, including Wanda's? I'm hoping so, because that will make this go a little quicker."

He raises his voice slightly, "JARVIS, lock the door and give us a little white noise please."

<Of course, Mister Barton. Door is sealed, and you are safe from listening devices>

To Wanda, he adds, "Bobbi is one of my oldest friends, and also one of the highers up in SHIELD. I figure she's the best one to tell about what we discussed Friday night."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
His hand.

Wanda reaches out even as Clint's reaching for hers, and as he settles, she leans into him for that added contact, a smile ghosting with the kiss on the cheek. Once he's settled, she is as well, and there's a little more presence in the lithe, diminuative witch. Green eyes are inquisitive, her attention clear and certain.

Wanda shakes her head as Clint answers as to where Thor's whereabouts, a touch on the 'girls' side of things'. "He does have some urgent business. He is prince, after all." Her Eastern European accent has her words lilting, almost singsong.

"Bobbi it is," is followed up with a polite smile. "Call me Wanda, please."

Just the thought of having her dossier read, however, brings a green eyed flicker towards Clint. Not all in there is //good//, and there are things in there about HYDRA, about Magneto... it's by the grace of Captain America and his vouching for her and her brother that she is counted an Avenger. And Clint. He, too, has a great deal to say regarding her presence here. Any concern or complaint there, however, is pulled away as Clint continues, nodding in the background given regarding Bobbi. "I see.."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Sure. Glowing hands, move things with your mind. You have a very fast brother," she says curious where this could possibly be leading. Magic was not really her department, though she has gone up against it once or twice and managed to walk away alive. Of course the history section was illuminating. But then, the Avengers are a scruffy team on the best days.

    One leg it crossed over the other as she actually gets more comfortable on the couch. The familial touches makes her guess that they're either very good friends or dating. Probably dating.

    "Though we're keeping the whole SHIELD thing on the down low at the moment.. for obvious reasons," she adds with a small little smile. Just what is Clint up to she wonders. Luckily, it seems, not an intervention. "So.. what is it then? I mean, I know bad news tends to travel in packs but please don't tell me the world is ending again and HYDRA has just screwed us over at the absolute worst possible time?"

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint shakes his head, "No, actually we're getting some help. Wanda has a certain link to me, so it was pretty obvious how wrong things were on Friday night. We talked, and she's going to be working with me on the missions I go on to fix this mess. And before you say anything... there's really nothing anyone can do about it. She and I have already decided. She's stayed out of SHIELD business, I've kept her in the dark even when I've been gone for weeks without a word. I've been a good agent and a terrible boyfriend, and now that SHIELDs walls are crumbling down, she wants to help."

He chuckles, "And to be honest, she'll be an amazing help. She can do things I can't even describe, but teleportation, shielding, attacks, all kinds of magic are included. I'll be able to do things I couldn't hope to accomplish without her."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda breathes a hint of a laugh as Bobbi sums up her abilities. "Yes." Unlike some other practitioners of magic, she has absolutely no need to go into what it is she can and can't do, correcting or elaborating on what it is that was said by the other woman. The Scarlet Witch truly is one of the more enigmatic Avengers and one of the lesser understood witches simply because Wanda simply doesn't speak up.

There's no need, and in her life, to be underestimated is one of her greatest advantages.

So, when Clint begins explaining himself, themselves, Wanda's fingers curl around Clint's hand as she watches Bobbi's expression to the unfolding information and offer. Well, more than an offer, really. More of a 'this is the way it's going to go down, just letting you know' sort of offer.

"Clint is loyal agent," Wanda begins when he's had his first part of his say, and her tones are soft. "He is also an Avenger. If anyone can succeed in missions, I know you understand it is he. I will be there as partner, to help him, to hide him, to watch his back. And," here she pauses before, "I can make sure what is done does not become undone."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi's expression changes to one of surprise. In all the years she's known Clint the only other time he's talked like this to her was when he brought Natasha in from the cold. He was meant to kill her, instead he wanted to recruit her. And now here she is again. Demands are being made, no choice is being given. Clint's way or the highway.

    There is a wary look as she then listens to Wanda's ideal configuration. Clint's partner in the field? She taps a finger to her lips for a moment and says, "You know we're not exactly in the best position to train new agents right now.. so.. I'm guessing you're considering more of a consultant role?" At least this time she doesn't need to beg the higher ups to listen to her on his behalf. This time she only has to ask for forgiveness.

    Though, that last line 'what is done does not become undone' catches her attention. "Wanda.. Clint.. I'm not really up on what kind of training you do with the Avengers, but Avengers missions aren't what I'd call... subtle. We're walking on a ledge right now. Our enemy is far stronger than we ever imagined and they hold all the cards. Wanda, can you be sneaky?"

Clint Barton has posed:
He nods to Bobbi, "I know it's not procedure, but yeah, call her a consultant to cover your ass. Besides, the Avengers are Fury's baby, how can he bitch if one of them helps us?" He smiles at Bobbi, "I know, this isn't the way we normally do things, but this really will be a huge help for us. And Wanda's not one of the more public Avengers, so it's not like I'm dragging Thor along with me.

He looks at Wanda, then smirks, "Gee Wanda, can you show Bobbi if you can be sneaky?"

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Brows rise at the idea she'd be considered a 'new agent' and how it'd be problematic to train her as such. Glancing at Clint once more at those words, her expression takes something more set, more determined, and the smile that had been polite takes a slightly different line. She's almost offended, but then again, she shouldn't be. After all, she likes her anonymity, so why should she be insulted when her abilities are questioned?

She likes it both ways!

"Whatever you wish to call it," Wanda returns evenly, her lilting accented tones sounding the indifference. "It does not matter to me one way or the other. Either way, I am there. I do not need name or title."

It's when Bobbi starts again with commenting upon the Avengers that she once again chimes in, "Have you ever seen me on those missions? I am there. You just never notice me." It's almost a note of pride, but truth be told, when the big guns come out, the Scarlet Witch is there in the front line. Her words do echo and curl back on Clint's own observations regarding her use. 'Not one of the more public Avengers'.

Brows rise at the request, and she releases Clint's hand even as it begins to glow with light red wisps of magic. All Clint would feel there is possibly the hair on his hand beginning to stand on end with the slow accumulation of power and essence. As in creating something from the crimson clouds, she plays with it, moving the clouded wisps from hand to hand as if it was a ball before she tosses it.

And nothing seems to happen.

One heartbeat, two.. and there is a knock on the door. Through locked door, a version of Wanda appears, sliding through and appearing to solidify on the interior side of the study.

Wanda, seated still on the couch, has a look of concentration, but not overly so. The other Wanda, there by the door, dressed slightly differently in that she's in her favored canvas tennis shoes speaks up, sounding like her original counterpart.

"This is example only. I am quite real, and can do anything she," and the physical illusion points to the seated Wanda, "can do."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi is impressed. She has been encountering people with gifts a lot over the last several years so that Wanda can do something like this isn't a huge surprise, but it's still very impressive to see. She smiles and says, "That's - pretty darn cool." May be an updated dossier on Wanda is necessary. Her list of capabilities seems woefully understated.

    "Look, Wanda, you're an Avenger and Clint is vouching for you. I know you can take care of yourself and if Fury trusts you, I trust you. Right now SHIELD is.. reconfiguring itself. I don't want you to walk in to this not understanding the risks. We have reason to believe there is a HYDRA mole high up in SHIELD itself - HYDRA somehow has high level influence in the US Government - and they have manipulated the narrative to make SHIELD out to be the bad guys."

    "They've made a villain out of one of my best agents and friends, practically my niece at this point - Quake - all because we've been a bit too successful at ripping apart their network of lies and weapons. You're... clearly an escalation of power in this fight. Don't take this the wrong way -- but in your operations with Clint, we can't let them know what you can do. No witnesses. Cameras, satellites, etc. Every enemy agent accounted for," she says and looks to Clint.

    She offers her hand to the Wanda across from her.. then looks to the sporty Wanda and suddenly isn't quite sure whose hand to shake, "So if you still want in.. welcome to SHIELD."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods, "I already told her that. As I said, we had a long talk on Friday, and I came clean about what had happened and why I was so furious. It really called for the truth, there was no other way to explain what I was feeling at the time. So she's aware that as of right now, she's backing the team that's currently losing the fight. We hope to turn that around though."

"I was already planning to leave the bow behind to hide who it is doing things, those arrows are a dead giveaway. Switching to throwing knives and maybe a katana. Gonna talk to Fitz and see if we can make some explodey knives, maybe a couple other specials. And if it has to be scorched earth, so be it. I wasn't feeling very compassionate to begin with."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda smiles indulgently, and with a wave of her hand, the created physical manifestion of Wanda disappears in a brief *poof* of particles. All magical, and when she's gone, there is nothing to say that she'd ever been there. Except for JARVIS' electronic record, that is.

She listens closely, catching basically the same information she'd gotten when she and Clint spoke, but there's nothing that lets on that she knows half of what is being said now by Bobbi. Her expression is poker-face; attentive and giving off micro-expressions of disgust, as any person in her position would. It's when Clint 'fesses up to spilling it, that she retakes his hand, fingers entwined.

"Mole in US government, then Avengers will be targeted soon," is considered. "Government, HYDRA, SHIELD.. I understand." And she already did kind of understand how important it was that she step in to help. She's worked with Clint before, before they were dating, and now? It'll simply add a new level to the partnership. It's been too long since they'd gone out on a mission together, as Avengers. Now?

Wanda smiles, though now it looks as if it's predator that is allowed to search for its prey. "Satellites are difficult. May ask Stark to keep eye out. If he cannot, then..." she has ways of making sure things aren't seen, but it'll take a great deal from her. Each mission on its own merits, though. If it's called for, then it's called for.

"HYDRA also knows who I am," Wanda admits, "But they will never know it is me." Scorched earth, indeed. "No witnesses. No cameras. Nothing. Anything destroyed, there will be no memory of it." Literally.

She is clearly an escalation in the war, and she knows it. But she also knows how to be subtle, even if it is simply implanting memories, dreams.. nightmares.

Reaching over, Wanda takes the profferend hand with a smile, her green eyes bright, "I still want in."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi gives Clint a 'this is your last chance' look, then shakes Wanda's hand. "Clint will be receiving an encrypted communication as to our new base of operations soon. You're welcome to join us there. It's where we will be planning our missions - and especially our next moves against HYDRA. They might have sucker punched us and knocked the wind out of our sails, but we're not done yet."

    She sits back again and says, "This was.. not what I thought you wanted to talk about at all, but it's refreshing. The Avengers.. well, you guys are one of Fury's crowning achievements. The way he talks about you.." she smiles and says, "And the few times I've worked along side you all too. I suspect when the time comes to finally crush HYDRA we're going to need you all. At least you're still in the public face - they wouldn't dare move against you. You're all too popular."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods, "Yeah, didn't think this would ever cross your mind, but it's a good thing for us. I'll keep working with the Avengers as well, of course, and that way maybe be able to pull in a little help when needed. I'll be staying here, playing the good little Avenger and not a SHIELD agent at all, nope, I'm innocent of such spylike things."

He smiles over at Wanda, "See? I told you, we'll take care of this together, none of the 'I'll maybe be back soon' crap. We'll do it as a team, and we will kick one hell of a lot of HYDRA ass."

Out of habit, he looks at the ceiling and says "JARVIS, unlock the door and kill the white noise."

<Done and done, Mr. Barton. Will Dr. Morse be staying for dinner?>

He looks to Bobbi, "That one's for you to answer."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
"They may not dare overtly," Wanda reminds, "but there are personalities on the team. It would be difficult but not impossible. News can be manipulated, which is why it is very important for me to stay quiet." Under the radar. "I will not bring attention to Avengers." And with Clint's words, she smiles looking next to her at the blond Avenger, "or him." At the last words, she looks again to Bobbi.

The meeting place mentioned gains a quick nod; understandable, and she'll be there if she can. "We will push them back, Bobbi," and it's not only a promise, it sounds a threat in their direction.


With that done now, a finality to it as JARVIS is instructed to shut down the higher security features of the room, Wanda looks to Bobbi expectantly, brows rising in quiet inquiry. Easy enough to add a plate!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The way that Clint took what they spoke about at the whisky bar and brought it back to Wanda ... inspires Bobbi a bit, gives her some hope. "Oh. Sure, I have no where to be at the moment. I'm just Dr. Morse, consultant. My schedule is wiiide open." Great, now she's thinking about Lance again.

    May be she needs to point out to him how much of a commitment he just made to SHIELD and that may be they should both just accept that SHIELD is their third partner. If only he would agree to that. Still, a smile is shared at the way they're handling their relationship. It's touching.

    "What is for dinner in anyway?," Bobbi asks.