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So You Like Pizza Too
Date of Scene: 29 March 2021
Location: Giorgio's Pizzeria - St. Martin's Island
Synopsis: Arthur and Kori run into each other in what turns out to be both of their favorite pizza place. Pizza delivery to Iceland is planned.
Cast of Characters: Arthur Curry, Koriand'r

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur is in a booth with a pizza in front of him, two slices already gone and working on another. It seems to be some kind of meat combo pizza with lots of extra toppings. He's dressed in his normal more than relaxed fashion, unlaced boots, jeans and a black sleeveless T with a olive canvas vest over it. As usual his wild hair and beard make him like like a pirate, and he's got a beer on the table as his drink.

He's doing what he can to remain unnoticed by the populace in general, not that at his size that is a terribly easy thing, but he's doing his best to keep his face turned away from the main part of the pizzaria. He's not one for lots of attention.

Koriand'r has posed:
Entering the parlor with a bounce in her step, Kori immediately waves to the guy behind the register, it was Kyle working tonight and she knew him well, or at least believed she did. Her attire for the evening is the required layers of early spring. A lovely cream colored shirt tucked into tight fitting jeans, that disappear into a pair of knee high brown leather boots. Over the shirt she sports a jean jacket with the collor and cuffs smothered in multicolored rhinestones.

"Kyle! Anything new tonight, I am very excited for pizza night," she calls out as she is already starting to make her way to her favorite booth. The one night of free mustard pizzas for everyone had not gone over well for the staff or customers, but not one had had the heart to tell Kori that. They always feared there would be a repeat.

Turning her head to look at the booth she calls her favorite notes Arthur Curry sitting in the one right next to it and her face lights up like fireworks on the fourth of July

"Arthur Curry!" She chimes, practically dance-darting over to his table. "It has been a while since I saw you, how did you find my favorite pizza place in all of Metropolis?" She leans a little closer to whisper, "Do not tell Pizza Hut."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur looks up as he's addressed by name, first taking in the clothing with a somewhat confused look before his gaze gets high enough to see her face. When he does, he actually gives her a little smile as he remembers their previous meeting. "Koriander, right? I remember you from the Hall of Justice, you're one of the Titans. Lookin pretty good, although I liked the outfit you wore when you came to visit. Very, um, flattering."

He waves at the empty seat across from him, "Grab a seat, I wouldn't mind your company. In fact, lemme buy you dinner, kind of a return for the pizza you brought to us. Whatcha want?" He waves at one of the servers to come over as several people take pictures of Kori with their phones.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori smiles very brightly, "Oh! You were so close! Koriand'r, not Koriander," there was only a slight difference really. "You can just call me Kori you woul dlike, it is much easier."

She slides into the booth across from him, "I was wearing my battle armor when I came to visit, it felt appropriate to present myself and my readiness, though I could go and change if you would prefer." She gestures toward the door, "The tower is right there, it would only take me a few few moments to go back."

WIthout waiting for the answer to that, she continues right on into the next topic. "I like pizza very much, with vegetables and meat, and even fruit, did you know that pineapple is a fruit, and people put it on pizza? I learned this, it is very good with bacon of Canada. What did you put on yours?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
He nods, "Ok, Kori it is then, that is easier." The smile seems to pull a responding one from him. It doesn't look entirely natural on him, but she seems to have that effect on people. "You can just call me Arthur."

"Oh, that's your battle armor? Well.. I guess I could see how that might work. Kind of a distraction thing, right? And no, it's all good, you're fine dressed as you are. We're eating, not fighting.

Arthur chuckles a little at the nonstop flow of thought from Kori, "Yeah, I'm not a big fan of pineapple on pizza, but lots of people do like it. I just went with a Meat Lover's Pizza with extra everything. And believe it or not, this is my favorite pizza place too."

Koriand'r has posed:
An expression of shock and happiness mingled together land on Kori's face. "Really?! Oh that is such a good thing to hear. This place is very popular with the college students and tourists, I am assured they will not be closing any time soon as I would miss it immensely."

She eyes his pizza, looking over the toppings, identifying those she can. "Oh my Arthur, when you say all meat, you mean all meat and cheese, but no vegetables. Olives and mushrooms, onions and peppers, these are all very excellent on pizza, especially if you use mustard instead of the red sauce." She licks her lips, then takes a piece of his pizza and consumes a large bite. She has to know if the missing elements just mentioned still make the pizza good or not. There is hestitation as she chews, as if she is seriously thinking about that singular bite with great concentration. Once chewed, and swallowed she pipes up, "Yes, yes! Even without the vegetables, this is very good! You are wise Arthur."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur nods, "I know, that's the only down side, there's always lots of people here. I usually try and avoid crowds, but it's deal with the crowd or have pizza somewhere else, and they're good enough here to make it worth dealing with all the people now and then."

He takes another bite of the pizza slice he's working on and asks (with his mouth half full), "Whatcha want to drink? This is my favorite pizza they make, I like the way all the meat tastes together. Sometimes I have the mushrooms or onions, but I didn't feel like it tonight."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori takes another bite of the pizza, chewing at it with Mmmmm sounds and bobbing her head to some piece of music in her own head. "A coca-cola with no ice please, I do not like the watered down coca-cola, it tastes rather like water with brown instead of the wonderfully fizzy soda."

She looks over to Kyle, in that moment seeing another customer making those gushing 'oh my god it's her' actions so she waves and offers a smile, then points at Arthur and meant to just mouth it but says rather loudly, "Aquaman, but call him Arthur because he does not like Aquaman at all." How anyone would have gotten that from just mouthing, no one knows.

"Kyle, coca-cola with..." she starts, but he finishes.

"No ice, coming right up Miss Kori."

Kori looks back to Arthur, "How many pizzas can you eat?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
He takes a drink of his beer, then winces a little when she announces his name. This actually does have the effect of quite a few people breaking out cameras to film Starfire and Aquaman together. Arthur takes a deep breath, remembers what Diana drummed into him over and over and... is nice to people. A couple small waves, actually managing to smile for some of the pictures, all of that sort of thing. Finally the attention dies down somewhat, and he turns back to Kori.

"Well, it depends on how hungry I am. I can usually go through at least one, but sometimes I'll do two if I haven't eaten in a while. Usually not more than that at one time though."

Koriand'r has posed:
This information seems to surprise Kori as both brows raise, "Really? Only one? How do you survive on just one pizza? How do you get the variety and savory flavors?" She finishes off the piece she stole as Kyle sets the coke on the table.

"Did you want your usual Miss Kori?" The young man asks, a few people around the area suddenly wishing they worked here.

Kori nods, "Oh yes, but mushrooms instead of green peppers, so double mushrooms please and thank you Kyle!" She offers him a big smile then as he move away looks back to Arthur.

"I have always been very curious about how much others can eat as it is often said that I eat enough for a small village. I am not entirely certain what that means, as I have never witnessed a small village consuming a meal to have a comparison. Do you know a small village that might let me?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur nods, "Well, if you want variety you can always go half and half on the toppings if you're only having one pizza. I don't mind my pizza being all the same though, I can always have something different tomorrow. Gives ya something to look forward to."

"You know, I do know a couple small villages, I bet you could show up some day at mealtime to get an idea how your meals stack up to theirs. They're a little far away though, how fast can you fly?"

Koriand'r has posed:
Opening the straw is like some kind of ritual that requires just the right steps done slowly. First the tip is taken off and set down on the table, then the straw pushed up and out of paper, held up to make sure there is no paper left any where on the plastic. Then, and only then, finally, into the coke. Ritual complete Kori takes a sip and smiles.

"I can fly pretty fast, really fast, okay super fast, but I do not have a speed meter attached to tell you specifically the speed, I can only say that I am here then there, really super fast." She considers taking another piece of his pizza, but her's will be here soon enough. "Can you fly?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
With a shrug, Arthur replies, "Only with my trident, and not very quickly. I swim really really fast though, so I tend to travel in the water whenever I want to get somewhere fast." He takes another bits of his pizza, swallowing it down before adding, "I don't need an exact speed, long as you can fly fast you can get there and back quick enough to make the trip worth doing for one meal."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori opens her mouth to say something but shuts it again as Kyle delivers her pizza. Most would consider it an abomination. The crust is standard New York style, the sauce is hot mustard mixed with red sauce in a swirl patter. The toppings are cheese of course, meatballs, bacon, canadian bacon, pineapple, mushrooms and what looks like ghost pepers or some other hot pepper.

"Ooooh! Thank you Kyle!" she sings, then immediately reaches for a piece. "You swim very fast, that is how you get from place to place quickly? What if there is no water? Like trying to get from here to Montana?" She believes Montana is a place, it could be a rumor. "How do you travel then?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur just... looks at Kori's pizza. He doesn't say anything, and he's encountered enough alien palates in the Justice League not to even make a face or anything. He won't, however, be stealing any of her pizza. He's not sure he would even survive doing so.

He smiles at her ongoing questions, and manages to edge in an answer here and there, "Yeah, that's how I travel. If I need to go somewhere there isn't water, I have to rely on one of my teammates, we usually use Diana's Invisible Jet for inland locations." He takes a slug of his beer and then another bite of pizza. There may be a piece of sausage in his beard at this point.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori starts to devour her slice of pizza, not afraid to eat like a hungry person rather some petite little thing. "Invisible jet?!" She suddenly exclaims, and has to take a drink of coke to wash the food down so talk more.

"A real invisible jet? How do you see it to get in? Do you look like a person sitting there flying through the sky or do you go invisible? Is there a way I could see..." she pauses there, considering. "... feel this invisible jet?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
He nods, "Honest, invisible jet. No joke. It can become visible so you can find the door, but when you get in and it's flying, the people inside are invisible too. It would look pretty silly otherwise, I bet." He eats more pizza, then adds, "Yeah, I don't see why you couldn't see it sometime. I mean, it's not a tourist attraction or anything, but you're a hero like us, you can come visit the Hall and everything."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori giggles profusely, clearly the idea of sitting people flying around amuses her. "That is a shame," she comments through the giggle. "I was hoping to see you sitting and moving around the sky looking casual and handsome like you owned the sky."

She takes another bite of pizza, debating if there was a way in fact to get Arthur flying while holding the sitting position, just because that would be interesting to see then adds, "I would like to see this invisble jet, and perhaps race it." She then looks back to him. "Sometimes I forget that being a hero comes with those kinds of perks, seeing things others do not get to see."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry grins, "You've got a great laugh, you know that Kori? But that would just be really silly looking. Like seriously goofy." He takes a slug of his beer.

"Well, I can't guarantee the race, because Diana would have to be around to fly it, but you could certainly come see it." He considers, "Actually, it might be better to wait until Diana is around, because when it's just sitting on the ground, it's not invisible. I'm sure Diana would be happy to show it off to you though, she's friendly like that."

Koriand'r has posed:
Nodding a few times, fire red hair bouncing around her face, Kori sets her glass down. "That is very wise, Arthur. I cannot see an invisible thing, though I could successfully run into it. It Diana is not there, then I would just run into it. I will have to see if she will show it to me."

Another piece of pizza begins to disappear as she talks, though she tries not to talk with her mouth full. "You were talking about a village where I could see them eat an entire meal, where is this village and would they be alright with me watching them all eat at once?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
"Yeah, I don't think that'll be a problem at all. As I said, she's pretty good about that kind of thing. She's all about making friends with other heroes and stuff, so I'm sure she'll let you race it and all."

He considers, "Well, I know a couple little villages up north in like Iceland and such, sometimes I help 'em out in the winter when they need food and all. I'm pretty sure they'd find it a little strange, but I could talk to them for you."

Koriand'r has posed:
Again Kori giggles, distracted still by the invisible plain. "Could you imagine for a moment this plane parked in a well traversed place and people constantly bonking into it." The giggle continues for a moments, then she just beams a smile. Clearly she enjoyed that image in her head.

"I would very much like to see this village, even if they do not wish to be watched while eating. It is just such places that interest me, places where humans continue their lives in their own way. Why would they need help in winter? Is there problems?"

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur actually laughs as well, because he can picture exactly what Kori is talking about, and the thought of the confusion on the people's faces amuses him quite a bit. "That would be pretty amusing, yeah. Those would be some pretty confused people.

"Well, I'd be happy to show you, it's not that far when you can move as fast as we can. And they need help because in the winter the water freezes, so the fishing boats can't always go out and get food, so I bring food to them so they have enough to eat."

Koriand'r has posed:
For one brief moment, Kori looks worried and sad at hearing this, the idea of no food and frozen water, hungry people in an icey land, but then just as quickly as the sad hit, a smile beams back to life. "Well then, we should take them some pizza! It may not be like fish, but it can be quite tasty even warmed up in an oven! Do you think the would like some pizza? I can carry quite quite a lot of pizza, enough for an entire village. Yes, I think we should take them pizza, what do you think Arthur?" No, it wasn't winter any more, but it looks like this village is getting a special delivery.

Arthur Curry has posed:
He stops to think for a minute, then shrugs, "Sure, why not? I don't think they've ever had it before, so it'll be something new for them to try. I'm sure we can figure out a way to keep it warm for them, and they can all try pizza." He smiles, "And then you'll be able to see them all eating at once also, so you'll get that out of the way as well."

He blinks, then grabs a napkin, holds it to his nose and sneezes. For a second, then he pulls the napkin away from his nose, you see something pink and glittery, then he folds the napkin up and puts it aside, muttering something about, "Freaking glitter."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori blinks, lifts herself slightly and leans over the table just a little. "Why do you have glitter in your nose? Were you attempting to decorate your sinuses? I did not know what was something people do."

She looks up at him from her leaned position, almost face to face but not quite right there. "You have a very handsome face, I do not think you need to glitter your nose Arthur, but if you think you, I would suggest a green or blue, but not pink for you, no... that is not a good color for you at all."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur's amber eyes meet Kori's solid green ones from a close range, and he chuckles a little, shaking his head, "No, it wasn't on purpose. A bunch of us were fighting this weird backwards Superman guy in Metropolis when this red headed cat guy dropped a huge glitter bomb on the street to spot an invisible magician. (This could almost certainly not be anyone but Vorpal). Anyway, I've been cleaning glitter off of me ever since, and I swear I'm never going to stop sneezing the stuff out."

"I mean, it worked, but what a freakin mess he made. Glitter all over the damn place, they're gonna be cleaning it up for weeks."

Koriand'r has posed:
Her head tilts slightly as she takes a moment to think about a glitter bomb, a giant pink glitter bomb, with glitter everywhere.

"Everywhere," Kori says a loud. "And I missed it, that is almost sad, but it would be difficult to get that much glitter out of everything. I wonder if the pink glitter factories will go out of business because of this."

She looks back to his amber eyes and a playful smile plays across her lips, causing a sparkle to in her own emerald eyes. Leaning a little closer, she suddenly reaches up and pulls a piece of sausage from his beard, then holds it up for him to take with his mouth if he wants. "You are quite handsome."

Arthur Curry has posed:
He grins and does indeed eat the piece of sausage, then tilts his head a little, considering her. "Yeah, somehow I get the feeling you would have enjoyed it, seems like your kind of thing. I wouldn't worry about the factories, with all that glitter used in one place, now they need to make more for all the people who want to use pink glitter for something."

"Thank you. You're very pretty." He looks a little confused, "And really, really fun and energetic. Usually someone like you would drive me nuts, but something about you makes me... like happy or something. It's kinda weird."

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori laughs then boops the end of his nose with the tip of her finger before sitting back in the booth. "It is weird to be happy? Is it at least a happy weird?" She moves on to another slice pizza. "Thank you for the compliment, I do try to maintain a pleasing appearance. I am looking forward to spring, when it is slightly warmer and people will no longer look at me strangely for wearing less clothing. I do not like having to wear jackets all the time, but they are quite lovely, especially this one."

She stretches her arm out to reveal the multicolored rhinestones on the cuffs, then turns her arm to they sparkle in the light. "I wonder if it would look good in pink glitter too."

Arthur Curry has posed:
Arthur Curry smiles, "Yeah, it is a happy weird. I think I like it. We'll have to get together again so I can check how I feel about it. And while I'm not a giant fan of pink glitter, I think you could probably pull it off if you wanted to."

He suddenly reaches down to his pocket and pulls out his phone, looks at it and says, "I'm sorry, but I have to go. It was nice seeing you, and feel free to finish off my pizza." He grabs a last slice, waves and heads out, tossing some money to Kyle to pay for Kori's stuff as well as his own.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori turns slightly as Arthur stands to leave, then reaches out to touch his arm. "Thank you for allowing me to join you, Arthur. I look forward to finding out how you feel about it, and what you think of something in pink glitter."

Withdrawing her hand, she starts to wave profusely, even though he is standing right there, "Next time lunch is on me! Be safe out there! Swim safely! Look out for invisible things in the road!" She continues to wave as he walks away to pay, and even as he heads out the door.