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Welcome Home, Amazons
Date of Scene: 29 March 2021
Location: Main Room - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: The Amazons return to the Tower
Cast of Characters: Caitlin Fairchild, Dick Grayson, Irie West, Donna Troy, Toni Monetti

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
It's not a big surprise that the girls are returning from Themyscira. Diana's jet starts pinging the Tower with IFF codes while they're still over the Eastern Seaboard. The approach brings the Invisible Jet coasting over the city and lands neatly atop Titan Tower.

Those who hitched a ride home debark and say their farewells at the landing pad and take the elevator down to the main level.

The door *dings* open, revealing Caitlin and Donna. Caitlin's dressed... a little flamboyantly. In full, Amazon-style armor, with a split leather skirt and half-cloak. Gold and silver protect her shins and arms, and a pair of gleaming golden bracers cover the whole of her forearm and connect to gleaming silver knuckleguards. The halfplate is reinforced at her left arm and shoulder with a chinguard shelf on her pauldron. The studry silver helmet lacks much adornment but fully encircles her head, leaving her face exposed and her ponytail hang out the back.

"Okay, I wore it here, there's no one around, I'm gonna go change," she tells Donna, and starts trying to make a quick step towards her room before anyone spots her newly acquired accoutrements.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing wolf-whistles from the couch where he's working on getting high score on a game, "Way to go Donna! Bringing us back warrior women, awesome!" He mock-peers over, "Oh, it's just Caitlin. I thought you brought us someone new, I thought Caitlin would never be caught dead in something like that."

He grins and pauses the game, then kips backwards over the couch and lands on his feet, spinning to face the new arrivals, "Welcome back guys, we missed you. Been kind of empty around here."

Irie West has posed:
Too bad Irie is here. I mean, she wasn't a second ago, but thanks to her speedy feets she is now. In the kitchen. Fixing herself a snack. It takes her a second to realize that there's a full-on amazon warrior standing in the middle of the floor, trying to sneak on by.

"OOooooooh!" she declares, zipping up to Caitlin. "Hi! I'm Iris West but everybody calls me Irie. Are you an Amazon? I've never seen one in full armor before. It's sooo coool. And shiny! I can, like, see my reflection in the breastplate! Do you have one of those cool Greek names that all the Amazons have? I bet you do. I bet it's really cool just like your armor."

Somebody better stop her or she's likely to prattle on like this for hours.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Look!" Donna says, grabbing Caitlin's cloak with one hand so she can't get away, and pointing at the kitchen area with the other, knowing this will be the ultimate Caitlin distraction. "Do you see signs of wreckage? Has there been a saucepan catastrophe? It looks suspiciously clean. Either the boys are more house-broken than we thought or they've been hiding the evidence.

    "Besides," she says, grinning from ear to ear and releasing Caitlin's cloak. "You're going nowhere until Nightwing has a had a proper chance to see you - give a twirl, Cait!"

    Oh, she's enjoying this too much. To make matters worse, Donna, traditionally the armored one around the Tower, is dressed in a t-shirt and black jeans. Lazy, casual, thoroughly American. You couldn't really tell that she'd just returned from Themyscira. Some of the paler Titans have picked up noticeable tans, but Donna had one anyway. Cheating.

    "Of course she wouldn't be caught dead in this, Nightwing. That's the whole /point/ of armor," Donna says with a smirk. There was a time, back when the Titans were first setting out, when Donna might have said that because she was amusingly bad at idiomatic English, but it's obviously intended as a tease now.

    "Hey Irie! Settling in well? Yes, she has a cool Greek name, she's called /Aikaterine/." Donna turns to give Caitlin a broad smirk. "You want to tell them, or shall I?"

Toni Monetti has posed:
"We have come to conquer the World of Man, so take us to your frigging shopping," declaims Toni Monetti, still wearing a dyed blue chiton with a silver belt but having put on some chunk-ass platform sandals because she is ALL CLASS, especially with her tacky plastic sunglasses on.

"It does kinda smell like a gym, now that you mention it," Toni half-concurs with Nightwing.

Then she smiles at him, toothily. "Do you wanna get up and come look at everyone or are you too into the game? Ah, shit, I'm being a jerk. You should do what you wanna do, I guess." Toni then looks towards Donna and Caitlin, before visibly restraining herself from blathering.

"I'm gonna get a juice or something," she states instead, before going to the fridge. ("Hey, is this someone's seltzer? 3 2 1 nobody claimed, mine now.")

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
Oh, wishful thinking. Caitlin groans and covers a sheepish grin with both hands, trying to hide from Dick's teasing. "Oh, shutup shutup shutup!" she says, somewhere between a giggle and a plea. She's laughing despite her self and once she realizes there's no escape, she relents and drops her hands. One cuts through the air at Donna's wrist with a weak effort to dislodge the cloak from her hand. The redhead's face almost matches her hair, but she does twirl obligingly. Modest as she is, it's hard to hide a radiant grin of great personal triumph.

Donna's still giving her A Look, and there is a momentary silent debate between the two girls. Caitlin apparently loses the argument and looks skyward for relief from her friends. It gives her a second to remove her helmet, which is when Irie dashes up to her. She yelps and jumps a few inches. "Oh! You must be Wally's ... uh..." Then Donna speaks up, and Caitlin wags her chin. "Irie. It's nice to meet you."

She looks to Dick, then steps over with her arms spread for a warm and sisterly hug. "But yeah, it's official. I am no longer Junior Varsity Amazon, I am Senior Varsity Team," she tells him. "Thanks for not giving me too much grief," she adds, and sticks her tongue out. The sartorial criticism could have been much, much worse.

Just ask Donna or Dick.

"That's one, Toni!" Caitlin calls, and points at the Swear Jar in the corner. It's next to several other penalty jars, including 'Caitlin Forgot Codename', 'Did Not Replace TP', and 'Food Thief'.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Before stepping forward with a big smile, Nightwing nudges one of Vic's Roombas under the couch with his foot. The poor thing looks like it died of indigestion. He then steps forward and gives Caitlin a big hug, "Way to go! Got a special name and everything, I'm all jealous and stuff. I take it this" he indicates the armor "is your varsity uniform? It's pretty impressive."

He turns to Donna, waving to Toni as she heads for the kitchen, and says, "Troia, Argent, nice to have you back. Things have been mostly quiet except for the attack that killed all the turrets, but I got them repaired already. So how was the trip? Were you allowed to take pictures or anything?"

Irie West has posed:
"Aikaterine," Irie tries, rolling the sounds in her mouth. "That's cool. I like it. Yeah. I'm Wally's daughter from the future," she confirms. "Pleased to meecha."

She nods to Donna when asked about settling in, having calmed down a bit now. "Yeah. My room is still a little bare, but I'm sure it'll be filled with stuff sooner or later. I went to school for the first time last week before we all went on spring break. I even got to experience homework! It isn't all that it's cracked up to be, to be honest."

She remembers the reason why she's down here and heads back to the kitchen to forage for some food. While there may be some healthy options to eat, Irie settles on a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips. "Mmm," she says, crunching on a chip. "Tasty."

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Way to sell yourself short, Cait," Donna says with a knowing smile at her tall friend. Turning back to Dick and Irie she explains. "Caitlin is now officially an Amazon of Themyscira, accepted by Queen Hippolyta and by the goddesses themselves as part of the sisterhood. This has been coming for some time, but she took the opportunity this trip to go through the trails that were required, and here she is."

    Donna looks back to Caitlin, the pride in her friend obvious in her face - though that look has rarely left her face in the short time since Caitlin had returned from her quest. "Cait is not technically the first American-born Amazon, of course. That's Cassie. But it's Cassie's heritage, and not Cait's. Caitlin is the first truly self-made Amazon in... a /very/ long time." When Donna calls something a very long time, it's a fair bet she means it. A Themysciran upbringing ingrains a very long-term view of history.

    "Good to be back, Nightwing," Donna says, giving him a one-armed hug that won't actually leave bruises but is perhaps slightly stronger than she had intended. "Yeah, we got photos. Show you later, though I am determined to persuade mother to let me bring you there one day so you can see it all for yourself. A few mementos of the visit too. Got a bottle of Themysciran brandy in my bag if you'd like to try some."

    "We'll have to take you furniture shopping, Irie!" Donna calls out to her as she ransacks the kitchen. "And get you some posters. When I first moved into the tower I covered my wall with posters. It seemed so big and plain without them. Could you grab some glasses while you're over there?"

Toni Monetti has posed:
Toni obtains a canned seltzer and opens it with a low-calorie psssh. "Huh? Oh. How much is it per cuss?" she asks Caitlin.

Backto Dick. "Whaaaaaaaat?? Are you kidding?? I just moved my crap in and already the turrets broke? You guys don't have a super or anything either, do you." *slurp*

"Yeah, homework sucks. Is sucks a swear for this?" Toni asks Caitlin.

"I was just a tourist," Toni advises the notorious Nightwing. "We went hunting once, though. It was nuts. Did you ever do hunting? I thought about you guys a lot, like, isn't there the Norse island or something? You guys should go there, fair's fair. I bet they do hunting too."

Caitlin Fairchild has posed:
"Wait, turrets? An attack?" Caitlin blinks in surprise. "Sounds like you guys had an exciting week, too," she tells Dick rather wryly. She steps two paces backwards, thumb pointing at the kitchen. "Am I gonna be upset when I go back there, or...?" she trails off, pointedly, and heads that direction. It pulls at her like a magnet-- and also, gives her some evasion from Donna's effusive praise.

She pushes her bags aside so they won't get tripped over and puts her helmet atop them. A few seconds later, the gauntlets and cape accompany it. The gauntlets seem to integrate with the golden bracelets clasped firmly around her wrists. Relieved of some of her armor she navigates carefully past Irie and Toni. The redhead almost sighs in relief once she's in the kitchen area, and her hands slide across the granite counters with a familiar affection.

"It's just a quarter, Toni," she assures the girl. "The whole list of swears is on the jar." Whatever Caitlin was /going/ to do, she immediately gets sidetracked in the kitchen-- checking the shake dispenser, looking in the massive refrigerator, and then examining the carefully displayed enamel cookware on the wall.

"No one used my Le Creuset, right?" she calls over her shoulder at Dick-- and stares suspiciously at her four-quart saucepan.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nods, "Yeah, Gwen was bringing a girl/raccoon hybrid type person, and the group who made her didn't like the idea of her abandoning them. We kind of ended up with a pitched battle outside the tower, they had a bunch of animal hybrid soldiers. One of them was this like porcupine type thing, when I activated the turrets he fired quills off all over and took them out. We beat them down, with some help, that Punisher guy showed up, Robin was there, couple others. Anyway, I got the repairs done on the turrets and tower. Girl's still in the medbay, they poisoned her and took away her powers. So yeah, little busy here, but we muddled through."

The kitchen looks suspiciously clean. The boys are never this neat, something is up. Opening the fridge reveals... lots and lots and LOTS of leftover pizza. Looks like nobody actually cooked the entire time the girls were on Themyscira.

Donna Troy has posed:
    "I'm sure nobody would dare to use your Le Crueset, Cait," Donna says, smirking slightly. "Not since The Incident. Gar had only been here a week... unless someone broke into the tower, that is. You know what Terry's like with intruders in the tower and pans. Last time he grabbed the nearest pan to hand, but if he had a few moments I'm sure he would have looked for the heaviest..."

    Irie returns with some glasses and Donna fetches a bottle from her bag and starts pouring out measures. "You having on, Toni?" she asks. Scandalous, Toni's surely not over twenty-one. Still at least Donna's not offering a shot to Irie. Let's not discuss how drunk Toni got on Themyscira.

    As Donna passes out drinks, she listens to Dick's tale of animal hybrids with a slight shake of the head. The girls may have been riding giant attack kangaroos, hunting manticores and swimming with megalodon, but of /course/ things would be wierder back here. "Raccoon, huh. If the last Raccoon we had as a guest here is anything to go by, I suggest not letting her go on the roof unaccompanied. She might decide to dive off it."

Toni Monetti has posed:
"OK, so some kind of animal torture people were attacking other animal people who were comin' here to get bailed out because of Gwen who I don't think I have met? Is that right?" Toni says to Dick. "Yes," she says to Donna.

Toni wanders over to the swear jar and says, as she gets out her purse and then her actual pocket book and THEN, after a little rifling, a $20, "my PERSONAL opinion is," and the $20 goes into the swear jar:

"Heck those guys."

"I think you ought to be careful with raccoons, like I don't wanna be prejudiced or nothing I mean like actual raccoons. Not like if there's an alien who you look at and it's like, oh, he looks like a raccoon. But like a normal raccoon from Earth? I wouldn't trust 'em. That's just my opinion, though, and I got jet lag," Toni concludes.

She is silent for a few moments.

"I'm gonna teach you guys how to cook spaghetti," Toni says. "Not like right now cuz I'm jet lagged." Toni is actually hung over. "But soon. Like it's high in carbs but if you cook some tomatoes and zucchini and onion and everything you get, like, food. If you just eat pizza all day you're gonna fart a hundred times and then die." ("Is fart a cuss for the jar?" Toni asks.)

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing makes a face, then walks over to the 'codename' jar and drops some money into it. "Yeah, they brainwashed her and stuff, we can go into it later. She's not a raccoon any more though, that all went away when she lost her powers. And I know how to make spaghetti already, it's just way easier to order out, and then you don't have to do dishes either."

He walks back over to Donna and takes a glass, but not drinking until everyone has one. "It's your special stuff Donna, you want to make a toast or anything before we drink it?"

Donna Troy has posed:
    "Honestly Toni, the list of cusses for the jar depends on who edited the sign taped to it most recently," Donna tells her with a gentle laugh. "If Cait got there last, the list is way too long..." Caitlin responds to this by sticking her tongue out at Donna, but Donna ignores it. "I generally just cross off half her choices. If it's Gar or Cyborg, it's a toss-up whether they'll have blanked the list or added things to it they think Caitlin will be too embarrassed to read.

    She passes out the glasses, even one to Cailtin who accepts her after a brief argument that Donna also ignores. "A toast... hmm. Well, we're back at the Tower, and that's worth drinking to. Home again, even me. Themyscira may be where I'm from, but the Titans are family too. And you guys didn't burn the place down while we were gone, and that's also worth drinking to. It also incidentally means Rae owes me ten bucks, but there's no need to drink to that. So I'll say..." she raises her glass, grinning. "To Titan's Tower."

Toni Monetti has posed:
"What if the raccoons sneak in when the delivery guy gets here?" Toni tells Nightwing. And then, she raises the glass.

"To Titans Tower," she concurs. Then she downs it.

"Phew! Okay I am seriously gonna go sleep this jet lag off. This is amazing, you guys are amazing, all of you are amazing except whoever left pizza crusts in the sink. Whoever that is, straight to Hell." She then kisses the air at Nightwing and pivots round to collect her baggage and go off to whatever barren room with a foam mattress she has chosen to bunk down in.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nods and raises his glass, echoing Donna's toast, "Titan's Tower" and then takes a drink from the glass. He raises an eyebrow and nods, "Oh, that is very good. The Amazons could make a fortune selling this stuff if they every want to open trade with the world."

"Night Argent, and I blame Vic for that, he seems the most likely culprit." Looking back to Donna and Cait, he grins, "Seriously, I'm glad you're all back, but I'm betting you want to get some rest. So go unpack, rest up from your jet lag, and we'll talk tomorrow about what disasters we have to deal with."

Donna Troy has posed:
    Donna drinks her down in a single shot, and refrains from saying anythint to Caitlin, who is sipping hers cautiously, as if it might bite. To be fair to her she has been bitten by the stuff before.

    "I brought back some /really/ good wine too, Nightwing," she says with a grin, obviously pleased he's impressed with the booze. "And when your vitners have thousands of years of experience in wine-making, they know really good. It's back at the embassy. I think it's time we got the old guard together for a private party, don't you? Masks off, relaxed, recounting tedious stories about past glories that would bore the new guys rigid. Soon, okay?"

    Donna takes her empty glass to the sink, stares into it for a few moments, then puts the glass down next to the sink instead. "Yeah. Always some disasters to deal with, it's how we know we're home," she announces with a grin, still lookin down into the disaster that is the sink.