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Mutant Riverboat Unlimited Texas Hold'Em
Date of Scene: 29 March 2021
Location: Location
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue, Kitty Pryde, Neena Thurman

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It took some convincing, it started with an idea, but after that it too some convincing. And what is one thing the cajun is good at. He can sure sweet talk his way into nearly any situation before he's able to mess it up with his behavior and actions. "The First Xavier's Texas Hold 'Em Tournament has been a huge success, and I wanted to give my appreciation to all those in attendance, and am pleased to announce our final players at the final table." Remy says with a grin as he steps up into the banister of the large room with a handful of green felt tables, painted and ready for gambling to take place on them. The team and kids stand in a large ballroom, meant for all sorts of things but it's been converted into a gambling hall with only poker tables. This room itself is the main room of a riverboat.

    Yes, a steam powered paddle boat that Remy has rented and is teaching a gaggle of students how to play poker in. He's also provided era correct costumes for them all to pretend and be western cowboy heroes and heroines. He's gone the whole nine yards to have a unique experience.

    "We have Kitty, the beautiful young woman with a lucky dragon's foot. Anna Marie, the stunning countess with the will and strength to bust through her competition. We have the woman with a luck stolen from the Greek gods and goddesses themselves, Domino. And lastly ... myself. But of course." Remy says before he steps down the stairs down into the hall from his initial perch above, having taught several though the course of the night, but we're finding the remaining players already escorted to the communal table with their chips and winnings already relocated to the playing field, and set where they will be seated.

    Remy steps to his chair and takes a seat, smiling to three left playing. "Well well well... can't say I'm surprised you three beat up a buncha kids and the others." He winks, leaving his gaze upon Rogue, as if he's daring her the most.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, dressed in a nice dark green gown, is playing up the wealthy socialite Countess affair tonight. She's got one of those long cigarette holders too with a fake cigarette in the end of it that she pretends to puff on now and then.

Rogue has been moving around greeting people and interacting with the others all night, having quite a bit of fun. Dress-up is always a fun time after all, right?

In the now, she's seated at the table with her legs crossed and her eyes on Remy as he settles in. She puffs on her fake vigarette and then nods her head. "This is the kinda thing we need t'do more'a around here. Change things up, have people dressin' nice. Rather than in tshirtshirts and jeans. Put a little class in this school."

She looks at the others at her table with her and smiles at them.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty sits in a chair, wearing an old fashioned yet fashioanble violet dress with quite the skirt that would have been considered frippery and finery in Deadwood. It leaves her shoulders bare, the neckline just high enough to not be inappropriate for the school. Sitting on the table beside her, Lockheed has a green see-through visor on. And sunglasses. He peers about at the other players trying to project an intimidating air. Kitty reaches over and pats his back.

A stack of Kitty's chips are picked up, the young woman splitting them into two stacks then bringing them back together, interlacing every-other one to turn them back into a single stack. She does it again, not paying attention. Which is probably why she messes up and half of one the stacks falls over, chips rolling around the felt surface. "Crap," she says, gathering them back in. "Texas Dolly I'm not," she says with a grin. "We need more dress up," she amends Rogue.

Neena Thurman has posed:
Domino's dressed up to fit in at a casino... but probably not because she's planning a heist this time. She's wearing a stark white blouse buttoned up to her throat with a bolo tie snugged close, the clasp of it engraved with a spade. It contrasts the black, slim-fit skirt clinging to her hips, going down to opaque black stockings and a pair of heeled ankle boots.

Given how she keeps glancing to Lockheed, his mind games might already be working. Or she's resisting the urge to talk to him in nonsense noises like he's a cat.

She glears her throat and flashes a grin, "Hey now, I haven't asked to substitute in the phys ed and self defense classes yet. I haven't beat up a -single kid- today." She sniffs softly, like this is quite the impressive feat.

It almost muffles the amused little snort, clearly this is a relaxing evening for her... but then again, when it's a school function and there's nothing on the line but her pride, of -course- it's fun.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The dealer, one of Kurt's little BAMFs sits wearing the floral patterened gold and black vest, sits- stands at the table with the prerequisite sealed pack of cards to his right. As soon as Remy sits, and gives a glance to the ladies he'll be playing with, nodding to each in turn. "Ladies. Lets have a fair game and keep it civil." Remy grins as he leans back.

    The bamf opens the deck, tosses out the instruction card, and the jokers, before it begins to shuffle the deck in triplicate. Sending the cards out to Kitty and it motions for her to cut the deck before moving on.

    "I know, we don't play dress up near enough. I'm sure I missed the last handful of times." Remy says with a shrug of his shoulders as he leans way back in his chair and a look is sent towards Domino, but he only grins and bites at his bottom lip idly before looking to the bamf.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go to Lockheed for a second and he gets a grin out of her. "I still think he's helpin Kitty count cards or somethin'. We don't even know how many skills that little dragon has. But... the hat is cute, so I'll let it slide."

She smirks playfully and raises her drink up to her dark red painted lips to sip from the contents of it.

She then looks across the table to Domino. "You're a wildcard." She tells her. "I get the sense that you might even be better at cards than our dear Cajun host here." She glances to Remy and gives him a grin before looking around at everyone.

"Nevermind that I was lookin' at advice on Youtube videos for how to play this again this mornin'." The Belle adds as she sits up a little straighter in her chair again.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde sits up a little straighter. "Wait, a fair game?" she repeats and looks around at the other people at the table. "But I thought we agreed to let Remy play," she says, the serious expression morphing into a teasing grin that is directed across the table at the Cajun.

She definitely isn't sitting next to him if she can help it. Fair, hah! Kitty cuts the cards and then relaxes back in her chair. "It's always about the hats," Kitty tells Rogue with a grin.

The Jewish girl looks across at Domino. "So are you staying around the school more now?" she asks. Kitty is still serving as a guidance counselor, but is around a little less than she had been.

Neena Thurman has posed:
Domino shakes her head and lifts her hands, palms out with a soft laugh, "Actually, I'm -terrible- at cards. I mean, the luck powers help, but actual skill?" She snorts softly and shakes her head, "I'll be lucky to get out of here with the shirt on my back."

She shrugs lightly and lifts her drink to her dark lips, taking a slow, contemplative sip of her martini. "I was thinking about it. The mercenary game's getting old. I was thinking a little vacation, a change of pace might do me good." She snorts softly and sighs, "Going -back- to school being a vacation. What am I becoming?"

She flashes a broad grin to Remy, "I mean, you -are- part of a school, you can just force the kiddos to have a school dance when you want to dress up. Isn't that the perk of not -being- a student?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The bamf takes the deck, and starts to deal the cards. Rogue, Kitty, Domino, and Remy lastly, before going around again and then laying out the community cards in the flop. The dealer then motions for Kitty to place her bets before the circle goes back around.

    Remy peeks at his two cards, and ponders then just as quickly folds before lacing his fingers against themselves and rest his hands on the table. "Don't judge me, but I don't really know what I'm doing at the school, but you're welcome to take my job if you'd prefer." He smirks towards Domino and he shoots a look at Kitty, "I'm not the one most likely to cheat here. You just think I am."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue eyes the bamf dealer for a moment before she watches him deal the cards out and around. Her eyes go up to the others then and she looks from Kitty to Domino. "You wantin' t'join the staff of the school then?" She asks the Lucky one. "The Professah is pretty open t'who he lets in here, just look at all of us." She says with a slight grin before she reaches a gloved hand to pick up her cards and sweep them out in her silken covered fingers.

She eyes them, then looks up to the others.

"You just gotta do things with a educational slant t'them around here. Like this whole event is for showin' the kids how t'do a party, but make it classy and fun. Rather than whatever the hell they're bein' taught on the internet these days." She states with another little grin.

"And I'll admit, I'm the one who's tryin' t'cheat. But I don't really even know where t'begin t'pull that off with this kinda game."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty peeks at her cards, lifting them just enough to see them. Lockheed leans over and she lifts them again so he can see them too before she reaches for her chips and tosses a few into the middle.

"I was teaching those at my table about odds as well," Kitty comments. "How to calculate the chances of getting a card that helps them. How to compare the odds of that to the size of the bet they have to call, compared to the size of the pot," she says. "We should have had Bobby here for that," she says. "Also to keep our drinks cold." She grins and picks up her glass, taking a sip from it.

A soft chuckle is given about the cheating. "Well, other than Remy I'm probably the most capable of it I suppose. Which is why I wore the sleeveless dress," she says. "Not that I couldn't phase extra cards from other places. But nah, this is for the kids, I'm just teasing."

Neena Thurman has posed:
Domino sighs and shakes her head, "Here I've been holding back on using my power all evening, and I wind up at a table full of card sharks." She clicks her tongue and flashes Rogue a grin, "Well, maybe I'll take up home ec. I mean, I can teach the kids how to cook, or at least how to tell when you've found a good pizza place. Which, really, is an important thing in life."

She glances down at her cards, teeth worrying her lower lip, not much of a poker face going on as she sighs out, "I wish I -did- know how to cheat... although that's an idea, do another game night full of powers and cheating? Frame it as a lesson on... creative use of your gifts or something."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "I don't know why everyone thinks I'm a big cheater at poker. I have honor and class." Remy notes, forgetting that if you have to say it, it's likely not true. The cajun leans back as the game seems to be afoot already with Kitty, Rogue and Domino playing this hand without him. He leans way back in his chair, the blue coat, nearly civil war era, or at least by the cut and material makes him look quite dapper. His hands end up behind his head as he waits for the next round.

    As soon as Rogue, Kitty and Domino finish their initial bets, the bamf flips over The Flop, the first three cards that the whole table use, and the bamf then waits for the girls to go back around and make another round of betting before he plays the next community card.

    "A powered card night... I might need to sit that one out, Logan, and Scott too." Remy says with a smirk towards Rogue, but thumbs towards Kitty, "She's the worst person to play war with, able to draw the perfect card every time."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue makes her bets and progresses along with the game while she glances down at her cards now and then as they're held in her left gloved hand. She grins over at Domino.

"We could use a good Home ec teacher, I think. The last one we had took off last year. II don't think anyone's even handling that course now." She says with a glance to Kitty to confirm that.

Another look is given to the Bamf before Rogue smirks and shakes her head.

"I don't think I'd fit in well with a Poker NIght With Powers. What would I even do? Just smash the table every time I lose a hand and watch my chips dwindle down t'nothin?"

She laughs then. "Jean or Kitty would be the champs anyway. I'm not sure who'd out cheat the other in a poker stand off between them."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"And of those of us at the table," Kitty says towards Remy, "which one of us actually goes to synagogue listening to lessons about living a good life. And not doing things like cheating our fellow man?" she says, though her tone lighthearted as if it isn't meant as any kind of actual judgment on the matter.

Kitty picks up a few chips and sets them out in the middle, apparently going to stay in the hand. "Oh, it's hard to play against someone who knows what cards you have. And knows if you WERE cheating too," she agrees. "Though... well yeah. So many variations. Shan would just make us go all in when we had nothing," she says with a laugh. "Jean could do that too though."

A glance is given to Domnino. "Are you a good cook then? I mean, I think we need to put this to the test. Lots of testing. Of the baked good variety," she says, grinning to the other woman.

Neena Thurman has posed:
Sighs and eyes the chips in the middle of the table before finally, reluctantly throwing her cards down. She bobs her head to Rogue with a little laugh, "Yeah, I guess that's a pretty good point. Come to think of it, the telepaths would win -most- games involving powers. And they'd probably do it all thinking at each other."

She tilts her head thoughtfully and murmurs out dryly, "Hm, telepathic chess tournament? We all show up to watch, and then they just sit there for a few minutes, shake hands, and now we're not sure if they really -did- anything or are messing with us..."

She clears her throat and glances around nervously, "Well, uhhh... I mean, I can follow a recipe off the internet pretty well. I might need a -little- practice before I can actually, you know, teach the kids. I suppose I could always fill in for something else at the school. Mostly I'm just looking for a break from flying to unpleasant places and meeting unpleasant people. Plus you get one of those red pens to mark papers, and that's always seemed like a pretty big ego boost, you know?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Don't put that evil on me Ricky Bobby." Remy says with a wink towards Domino with a shake of his head. "I don't think any of us normal folk wanna be stuck playing games against Telepaths. I know they might not cheat, but we all know they do." Remy says with a grin as he watches the two x-women duke it out as the Bamf then flips over the fourth card on the tabletop, and the hand continues, with betting going back to Rogue and then Kitty lastly.

    "I mean, lets do stuff we can all enjoy other than a few women staring at each other, lets do something more visual. Y'know, like mud wrestling." Remy teases.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue waves her right gloved hand toward Domino. "Teachin' home ec t'school kids? All they know how t'make is a Pop Tart. If ya can beat that then you're way ahead'a the curve." She says with a big grin before she glances toward Kitty to her left. "

"Look at us, tryin' t'recruit us a new cook at the school. Almost like we're tired of each other's cookin'." She laughs a little before reaching out to sip her drink again.

She eyes the Bamf dealer, almost like she doesn't trust HIM to not cheat. Her eyes go up to Remy and then to their surroundings. "So... how much did all'a this cost, anyway?" Sheasks the Cajun, knowing he won't tell her. She shows him a knowing grin to prove it too.

"And ya wonder why people think ya cheat at this kinda thing..." She teases him.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks at the next card that comes up. She sizes up Rogue's bet and then tosses her cards into the muck, giving Rogue the pot. She turns to look at Lockheed and he turns to look back at her. Neither saying anything as they turn back to the table.

"Your hand, AM," Kitty tells her old roomie. "So Remy I'm just impressed that this didn't turn out to be strip poker. And I don't think I was the only one who was surprised, given the disappointed 'Oh man!' that I heard from Hambone," Kitty says with a warm chuckle. "Though, ah, now that I say that. We should probably make sure students are back in the rooms at a decent hour tonight. Now the idea is in their heads."

Kitty chuckles and tells Rogue, "I'm just wanting some good baked goods. Actually that new student did a really good job with that bbq thing she put together," she says. To Domino, she says, "Kassandra. Has a power that can make people see moments related to the history of objects she handles. Trying to control it, happens when she sleeps," Kitty says.

Neena Thurman has posed:
Domino lifts an eyebrow and laughs, "Wait, the students thought it'd be -that- kind of poker game? Jeeze, and here I thought -I- had the wild reputation." She clicks her tongue and shakes her head with a soft snicker. "But I'll have to do up a resume and drop by the school. I mean hey, a little time as a teacher can't hurt too much."

There's a brief pause and she shrugs, "Plus hey, I can probably run a pretty good detention when it comes down to it." And right then there's a soft chirp from her purse down by her seat. She bends down and lifts her phone up, looking at the screen.

Her face runs through a range of emotions, from surprise, to amusement, to a faint concern. "Oh.. blast. Well Remy, I'm being called off... I think I'll let -you- take my chips, and give the girls a run for their money! ...Or uhh, a run for my money?"

She drains the last of her martini and hops up, wiggling her fingers in a little wave, "Well, I'll see you all around! ...Don't bet anything I wouldn't bet! Or if you do, film it for me!"

And then off she's sprinting like she's got a cab to catch.