5794/A Nice Day For A Walk

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A Nice Day For A Walk
Date of Scene: 30 March 2021
Location: Washington Square Park
Synopsis: Gwen and Eddie go for a walk in Washington Park, playing frisbee and figuring out how to get Gwen an audition with the Jets.
Cast of Characters: Eddie Brock, Gwen Stacy

Eddie Brock has posed:
The sun is out today, and the thermometer has climbed up to weather that is appropriate for short sleeves, possibly even shorts. Washington Park is bustling with people out enjoying the day. The flowerbeds are not quite to bloom yet, but it won't be long. People are playing frisbee or throwing baseballs or footballs, while younger kids blow bubbles or play tag under the watchful eyes of their parents.

Eddie and Gwen turn in from the sidewalk, the older man reaching over to take the coed's hand if she lets him. He's wearing jeans and t-shirt with a logo that's faded too far to be read. He looks over to Gwen as they enter the park. A smile spreads slowly across his face as he shares a look with her. "Yep. Luckiest man in the city," he comments to her softly.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
It was indeed a good day for shorts, but Gwen had an appointment later on at the university with Professor Descoteaux. And no shorts for that! So instead she had a pair of tight jeans on along with a t-shirt depicting an imprinted genetics code (must some kind of inner-joke between those sorts!) and a pair of running sneakers. Hair was up and bunned up behind her head, faint smile on her lips as she took in the afternoon air.

Hand was wrapped about Eddie's and she looks up at him when he speaks. A grin spreads across her lips. "Oh yea?" eyes lighting up, "It's good to see you smile." she comments, giving the larger man's hand a squeeze.

She casts a look over at the kids playing frisbee, chuckling. "Ooof, been a while since I have dne that."

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie gives a soft chuckle, which seems to agree about him smiling. "Been awhile since I have very much," he tells Gwen. "And now that I think about it, you were even responsible for most of those times, few as they were." He swings his eyes back to her, letting her see the smile showing both in his eyes and on his lips.

His attention is pulled away about the talk of the frisbee. "Yeah? I thought that's all college kids did between classes. Sit on the quad, throw a frisbee around. Play guitar and sing songs about world peace," he teases. He was one of those college kids too, not that long ago. Ok maybe that long ago, at least by the younger woman's standards. She would have been a toddler then.

"We could probably find someone willing to insert us into their game," he suggests. "Since I'm not carrying a frisbee on me." And going to buy one would bring up the fact he has no money at the moment.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Is that what people did when you went to ESU?" Gwen teases back with a bit of a smirk. "Now it's more about cheerleading, knowing your Es, your Ss..., and your Uuuus." no she doesn't do a pose. In fact she doesn't even *know* their cheerleading dances. "Frisbees is too last year." she says, "And I do follow the trends."

The suggestion about them playing is returned with a brief shake of her head, then a laugh. "It's fine.. Mostly a comment really." bit of a longing touch to her expression though as she looks at the game again before looking ahead. It used to be something she did with her father. When she was a kid.

"You know, I was thinking you could find a job revising works for people, after the success we had with mine." Five stars from the presentation! "Could even set up an online thing. College students are a bunch of illiterates, you could make loads of money." she suggests.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie walks along with her, his gait a sort of ambling thing at best. He's happy so it's not quite a stalking walk. Nowhere near the graceful way that Gwen moves.

"Hmm," he murmurs as she brings up the job opportunity. He gets a wry grin. "Probably half of them would want me to write their papers for them," he tells her. "I suppose it might be a way to help make ends meet though," he says as the idea seems to take root a little bit.

Eddie's eyes look back over to Gwen. "Thanks. You keep earning that ray of sunshine designation that I have for you," he tells her, giving her hand a squeeze. "Though, ah, I probably shouldn't include all the benefits that you got from it," he says, his smile turning a bit teasing. "Unless that's like, the premier service level. You know that lady in the wheelchair hinted I could make a living at that," he tells her. Possibly joking?

Gwen Stacy has posed:
A laugh comes out and Gwen shakes her head. "Well, that's why you get a pro twitter handler to take care of that for you, like me." she winks. Because yes, she and twitter are in quite the intimate relationship. Or well, she and any kind of online platform are. Just not Facebook. That sucks.

Gwen is indeed moving with quite the graceful step, that sway to her hips, a bit sassy really. Or maybe just teasing. Though could also simply be just enjoying the day out with Eddie. "First rate service." she confirms, not even missing a beat. And then a brow arches, amused. "What, you mean Maddie?" a chuckle. "Sounds like her, really. Wanted you to give her a hand or something..?"

Yet before a answer comes there's a snap alert from her spider sense. That oncoming rush of 'danger'. She moves without thinking, turning her head and seems to note the frisbee just in the nick of time before it hits her head. One hand snaps and catches it in the air. "Oh uh, lucky catch."

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie has his lopsided, wry smile on. "Yes, Maddie. Yes when you went to get the food she made me an offer," he says, chuckling. "I don't know though, maybe she was on to something there. I mean, she did think you and I were... or that we should be," he tells her, casting that wry grin over to Gwen. Though it picks up an extra warmth when Gwen is the recipient of it.

Even looking at her, Eddie isn't at an angle to see the frisbee coming. So he's as surprised as she, ok less surprised, when the blond coed suddenly snags it out of the air.

"Wow, nice catch. I may have to call the Jets and tell them I've found them a new wide receiver," he tells her. "Well you were talking about playing," he says now that she has the frisbee in hand, and the people that had thrown it are waving for her to return it.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The funny part about all that was Gwen would most likely run that whole Jets team to the ground. But no need to share that. Instead she just winks, flipping the frisbee nimbling between fingertips before making it spin atop a fingertip. "You can be my agent." she says, "2% good for you?" she then asks with a raised brow. Tough negotiator!

She finally shifts her gaze to the players out in the park, tossing it back to them with a wide swing, "Hey, my friend here was wanting to play!" she shouts. There's a look between the players before they wave them on to go. "Guess we now *have* to play." she grins and tugs on the man's hand to follow her on to the grass and in the direction of the game.

"And maybe she is seer. Or psychic. I mean, there's a few of them around." Maybe more than a few. It's New York. City of Heroes!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie gives a warm chuckle. "2% it is," he agrees. "The rest of the NFL won't know what hit them," he tells her, having released Gwen's hand so she was unencumbered when she tosses the frisbee back.

Though she takes it again to lead him out onto the grass and he gives his lopsided smile and follows her off the path. "True, there are some of those around. That or maybe I didn't do as good of a job hiding some things as I thought," he says, casting a smile over towards Gwen. He lets his eyes soak in the sight of her in a way he wouldn't let himself do before. At least not where she'd have been able to see him do it.

Which means he isn't looking when the frisbee is thrown his way and hits him in the chest. It bounces off, startling him, but he reaches to try to catch it before it hits the ground. His first attempt fails but knocks it back up into the air, where he catches it with the other hand.

"I know, I know. Smooth," he says. "But then I'm not the NFL receiver," he says, flashing a grin over to Gwen and throwing the frisbee back to one of the other people playing. She catches it and throws it towards Gwen.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Wait, I thought you were supposed to haggle. Or is 2% a good value?!" Gwen lets out a sigh. "I never knew how to negotiate.." hands resting on her hips and she shaking her head a bit to herself in a faux-mocking way. Though then they are off to joining up for the game. "And oh? What'd you be hiding, mmm?" she asks over her shoulder while they move along. But then hands separate as she is off to get a bit of a distance from Eddie so they can properly play.

It's when that frisbee hits and she laughs. "I was going to say suave..., but smooth is good too." mischief twinkling in her crystal blue gaze. Clearly no receiver material! "What's the name of that other one that sorta blocks attacks? Wait, let me guess..." a beat, "Blocker.." a smirk on her lips.

She has to make a bit of a run, jumping to catch the frisbee that was going a little wide. Lots of spatial awareness on that Gwen! A thumbs up and she then tosses it over to Eddie. And apparently wants him to run a little as it goes just a bit away from his position!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie flashes a grin back over to Gwen. "I think it used to be 10% for agents, but the players have been trying to cut that down to 5% or something like that," he calls over to her. "Though hey, to be there in your life? I'd have done it for 1%," he tells Gwen.

When she tosses the frisbee and he sees it's overthrown, he takes off running that way. He's actually pretty spry for a man his size, and that he's nearly double Gwen's age doesn't seem to slow him down either. He runs the frisbee down and catches it, getting a couple of comments of approval from those they are playing with. He throws it back to one of the men, who tosses it on to another, and then back to Gwen.

"You got quite the arm on you. Maybe I should get you a quarterback tryout too," he tells her.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"Not bad on the catch!" Gwen shouts, hands close to her mouth and grinning amusedly. Yes, she totally did that one on purpose. Forced exercise! And with the frisbee going around the group and reaching her again she says to Eddie, "And a quarterback tryout? Does it pay better than the others? I mean, I am on it for the money of course. Bloodsucker that I am for the easy college football money." hey, got to have prospects.

"But nah, too attached to my little lab and becoming a little mad scientist. Well, maybe not too bad. Certainly not like Maddie, mmm?" again an amused laugh out of her lips. She tosses the frisbee again, but this time more direct.

"With all this running I am betting you will be wanting ice cream today, mmm?"

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie Brock jogs back over to where he was, closer to Gwen, before running down the frisbee. "Ice cream?" he repeats. "Does that come out of my 2%, or separately negotiated?" he asks her.

The larger man gives a quiet chuckle and says, "Seriously though, if you had to imagine someone to be a mad scientist, wouldn't she be perfect for the role. Unassuming to see, but it turns out she's got this big personality. And probably too smart for her own good," Eddie tells Gwen.

He catches the frisbee and then sends it soaring through the air towards one of the other people. It's a little high and the guy runs it down, just missing it and grabbing it off the ground after it hits. "So how is class going, by the way? And, do you have any plans for the summer? Just a couple of months away."