5808/Two-Fold Extraction

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Two-Fold Extraction
Date of Scene: 31 March 2021
Location: Outskirts of Moscow, Russia
Synopsis: X-51 and Agent 13 make a sudden getaway out of Russia. They've been compromised.
Cast of Characters: Sharon Carter, Aaron Stack

Sharon Carter has posed:
We operate off of rumors.

There was a rumor that the fine denizens of Russia, their government, were holding certain documents that would affectively bring down the super powers of America. The documents had a few things of interest; most notably technology specs of a super weapon that could, in a sense, liquify or re-arrange certain parts of our DNA which would make brain particular functions and spinal chord activity rendered useless. The victim of said weapon would be paralyzed, in a constant state of pain, yet unable to speak or move or voice what had gone wrong.

A bio weapon of sorts.

Names, dates, locations of test subjects, scientists, laboratories and factories were on this list.

Among other things that do not have to do with said super weapon, but equally important.

Sharon, had been in Russia for three years at this point. Immersed herself into the inner workings of the government under the name Anyanka Popov, front desk secrety of the IT department. It took a while for her to gain their trust, and once she did..

"Agent 13 to X-51," she whispers into her comm. Sharon and Aaron have gone dark for the past three years, unawares of what had gone on at home. Even though there were messages out, Sharon barely checked them. She was over here, and not there. That was Aaron's job. "Agent 13 to X-51, do you read?"

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack's voice crackles on the line, "Of course I hear you. My comms are never off. I am my comms, Agent 13. I'd say they're implanted in my skull, but I don't have a skull, do I? Just a shell casing."

Aaron's cover job was a security guard at a small and mostly forgotten warehouse that happened to abut quite close to the old Kremlin and was occasionally used by smuggler types who were more then pleased to bribe the very strange looking old security guy with the obviously fake beard. Aaron found that when he added odd details, people missed the robot part and just remembered the beard or the glasses or the gut.

"Do you have anything to actually report or is it just the usual dazzling array of Russian nightlife?"

Sharon Carter has posed:
If there was any indication that Sharon was in trouble, it would be the sound of gunfire cracking over the comms. The sound of wheels peeling against a rock pavement could be heard, along with more shots fired and a window shattering.

"Need emergency evac!" Still at a whisper, keeping her voice tempered yet excited all the same. This was the stuff that she was born for, and she was doing it well.

"Also, get the fuck out of that warehouse, you're compromised!"

Aaron Stack has posed:

Aaron stands up from his swivel chair, in which his over 300 lbs frame had worn a nice divet and sees a group of armed men coming in on the security cameras. Kind of stupid to try and get a jump on the guy who watches the surveillance, but hey, they didn't pay based on IQ scores.

"We'll meet at the Beta Plan Intercept to prepare for extraction. Don't worry about making a mess on the way out. You need to get out alive," he says. No worries on his part. He's not actually alive to begin with.

He jumps through the glass window of his office then over the railing of the catwalk to land in front of the men confronting him. They raise weapons as his eyes glow yellow. In flawless Russian, he says //You half-witted meatbags think you can hurt me? Please.>>. Their gunfire punches through his layers of clothing but do nothing to his titanium hide as he extends his arms out into long tentacle-like appendages, thrashing them about and just bashing them out of the way, throwing one over his head and back as he heads towards the door, his robot brain reaching out to unlock and rev up a sports car parked nearby. Might as well leave in style.

Sharon Carter has posed:
"Going dark."

Per usual. There have been days where Aaron hadn't heard anything from Sharon, not that she had forgotten to check in. Eyes were on the prize and they both were busy dealing with their own missions to remain in constant contact. But when they spoke, it was almost always in Russian and usually about Sharon having a good time.

All in code.

The jeep that Sharon drove was down upon it's last legs. Windows were already broken out of due to gunfire, the rubber upon the wheels nearly burned out causing her to skid where most normally wouldn't. She was almost out of ammo, conserving her shots for ones that really count. She's been in tighter pinches before, but this was hairy.

"Come on come on come on.."

In the dead of night, three SUV's trail close enough behind her to cause worry and damage. Keeping her head down, attempting to drive in horrible conditions.. this just may be -it-.

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack headbutted the last agent out of the way and pushed outside, the car pulling up on its own and letting him hope behind the driver's seat. His arm reached back and seized one of the automatic weapons, letting him spray down the few that had recovered from his battering as he sped away.

He quickly scanned through the various transmission frequencies in the area, setting up a cross-channel jam to try to keep things confused. //Subject heading north in blue van.// he put out on the channel even as he drove east in a red Trans-Am.

Eventually, he ditches the car and flies the last ten blocks, swiping a raincoat from a clothesline and landing with the hood puled up to slink down into the abandoned subway station they would use as an exit rendesvous.

Sharon Carter has posed:
Going dark was possibly a bad idea. She needed to tell Aaron to set up the medical bay, because what she was going to do next was a doozy! She takes the winding road off the beaten path, the back end of the jeep swaying as the bald wheels attempt to keep traction. This was all that she needed, that sway into a direction that would allow her to crank her wheel to the opposite direction to cause a spin out.

All the while, her gun was smacked into her leg holster, safety turned on to prevent any further damage she was going to cause herself. For at that turn, she jerks her wheel again, causing the jeep itself to flip a multitude of times farther into the field and off the path.

The first and front-most SUV's driver was stunned; as he immediately slammed on the breaks to stay out of the path of the tumbling metal.

The loud sounds of clicking were heard from the overturned Jeep, which soon grows rapid in response...


All up in flames, the explosion lighting up the night sky on the side of the road.

Aaron Stack has posed:
Aaron Stack hears the explosion and the sudden chatter on the various channels of panicked agents and confused cops trying to figure out precisely what was going on. Mayhem. Confusion. Destruction. International diplomacy at work. "SHIELD's doing it again," he mutters to himself, starting to get out the fake passports and the spare currency and credit cards from their hideyhole. Time to report in. Let's hope the agency didn't do something dumb like get itself burn noticed by the entire world while they were away. But, really, what are the odds of THAT?