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More kidnap
Date of Scene: 01 April 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Irina-As17, Negasonic, Shuri, Natasha Irons

Irina-As17 has posed:
It's late at night and the people behind the attack on the Titans tower and some other happenings through the city are only getting more agitated with their efforts coming close to fruition. The callsign of trouble is the sound of a door getting smashed open and some startled screaming that goes quiet immediately. People call the police, but that hardly ever works. There's a bit of ruckus as a significant number of people start running out of the apartment to the roof, all dressed in heavy kevlar armor and carrying heavy weaponry. The few people that were left on the street all scatter in a panic, people from nearby buildings take a few pictures and start posting to social media with comments like. "It's happening again." And. "I hope that insane guy with a minigun doesn't come again."

Negasonic has posed:
Sneaking out of Xavier's school for gifted persons is not as easy a task as one might imagine. First one thing, it's located in Up State New York about as far from civilization as one can reasonably get while still offering basic modern comforts. For a second thing, it's full to the brim with psychics.

This is no joke.

There's like twelve of them.

Ellie, however, is pretty good at it. Sneaking out, that is. She's done so again, on a school night, to make her way down to mutant town to engage in her favorite social activity: Sit alone on a roof with her phone.

Wearing a black hood, black clothes, black pants, and black boots, she's all up in twitters feed when the pictures of another attack start trending. With all of the OPs coming from locations just around the corner from where she's at.

Brow furrowed, she glances in that direction with a growing frown. Exasperated, she pushes up from her seat and starts down the stairs with her hands in her pocket. There is a distinct possibility everything will be handled before she even gets there with how little effort she's putting into getting there.

Shuri has posed:
Shuri isnt a mutant. But she's here in Mutant Town for one very good reason. They say you can learn a lot about a society from how they treat their most oppressed people.

Hearing the alarm from people makes her a little concerned, but the thing about heroes is they move /towards/ the danger instead of away from it. So she starts towards it, looking up towards the roofs when she hears people's comments.

She reaches up to one of the spherical earrings she wears...actually one of her kimoyo beads...and touches it, as a hardlight visor comes out over her eyes, which she uses to zoom in and check things out.

Natasha Irons has posed:
The thing about Natasha's armor is it is meant to mimic a Kryptonian in many ways. Sure, the technology can't keep up with everything but one thing that was rather easy (comparitively) was the senses. So, when she's up flying above the tri-state area, the computer is often filtering a great many sounds and sights as she flies it about. The sounds of violence, screaming and such all come through. The sounds of people worrying about heavy weaponry combined with social media tweets involving 'it's happening again' and the like catch her attention.

There's barely a sound as she alters course and takes off like a shot, a brief popping sound of the sound barrier being broken can be heard as she takes off in the direction of Mutant Town. Within moments she is flying above the place, flipping to a stop above the burrow and peering down at the place, eyes searching for what might be causing the ruckus.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Since their last run in with Frank, the soldiers are now carrying weapons a normal person would not be able to use properly, as well as specialized heavy weapons. Natasha can see twelve such armed figures on a rooftop, all waiting for something. On the floor is one unconscious man. Also pointed directly at her is a tracking anti-armor missile (originally meant to be used to turn Frank and his van into a shower of scrap metal. Her systems would probably indicate the lock-on, as the one carrying it was one of the soldiers with sharpest senses, and had picked up on her coming.

There's a brief flash before the missile is shot at her, zooming at top speeds. Multiple other soldiers are carrying .50 caliber automatic weapons and begin to unload into the sky, tracer rounds and the missile helping them aim somwhat.

Negasonic has posed:
.50 Caliber automatic weapons give off a resounding BOOM that can be heard for several blocks. Rattling windows and alerting teenagers that Military grade weapons are at play. Add to that the wisssssss crack of a missile launch?

Ellie sighs.. "Fucking humans, man."

Between the Friends of Humanity and whatever nut job bullshit these guys are up to, Negasonic is up to her ears in disdain for normie crap. She doesn't pick up the pace, at least not until she's outside on the sidewalk. Glancing up at the trail of tracer rounds slashing through the darkness into the sky like a homing beacon.

Another sigh and she closes her eyes, building up energy around her. To the point that fire kiss off her leather jacket like solar flares across the surface of the sun... Once she's practically glowing like a radiated mushroom, she launches off the sidewalk towards the roof of the building and lands with a KRAK of splintering concrete on the roof of the building.

"Alright dick holes-" There's a lot more of them than she expected. This was not well thought out. Fuck't, fear is for the weak. "- cut it the fuck out. People are trying to sleep and shit." So humdrum about it.

Shuri has posed:
    Shuri watches Natasha and Ellie head for the roof. "Looks like that's going to be where all the action is." She taps the necklace she's wearing, and her own version of the panther habit comes out, the nanotech covering her body. She sprouts her hardlight wings, and takes off, heading up to the roof on her own, landing as soon as she crests it.

She pulls out her vibranium truncheons, and looks over to the criminals. "This would be a very good time to give up." she says.

Natasha Irons has posed:
"Well, crap." As the system goes crazy about an incoming missile. She could try to tank it but then the people around might suffer some blow back. She instead turns and races upwards with the missile in hot pursuit. She looks back briefly as she flies only to then look up and slow down, allowing the missile to get in range before she'll briefly flip, grabbing her hammer as she does and throwing it upward. She glides past the missile, it barely missing her as she lets it chase the hammer upward only to call the hammer back to her hand and through the path of the missile. Then she turns and starts flying back down.

"Well, this just went from harmless to mostly harmless." She shakes her head, "Time to bust some heads." And Natasha is flying right for the rooftop with her hammer following her.

Irina-As17 has posed:
The two .50 guns keep firing straight at Natasha without letting up, while Shuri gets three heads turned to her. One of them is holding a belt-fed automatic shotgun loaded with armor-piercing slugs, which he starts firing at her. The other two fire at her her with grenade launchers. A hand-held grenade is popped and thrown down from way behind, conjuring up a huge cloud of smoke.

Natasha can then probably see the guy getting tied to some sort of harness on one of the soldier's back. They crouch down on all fours and then suddenly accelerate massively, speeding over buildings in a massive bound that gets them landing somewhere on the street several blocks away. It seems they are running away with the prize. She'd also be able to pick up a hybrid plane coming at her over the sea at top speed, but it was still quite far and outside weapons range, though closing it fairly fast.

Negasonic has posed:
"Interesting." Negasonic watches all the guns turn towards Shuri or Natasha, ignoring her completely. All the fucks she'd summoned up are draining rapidly, watching with a raised brow as smoke provides a screen for dudes to strape other dudes to their back and take off for parts unknown like the birth of the Undertaker.

With a tight expression, lips pressed firmly together, she slips her hands in her pockets. The right one coming out with her cellphone to snap a picture at the armored guys as she turns and walks towards the edge to step off. Fire licking her shoulders to create a forceshield around her that absorbs the impact with the sidewalk several stories below.

"I'll just send this to someone who gives a fuck."

Shuri has posed:
Shuri was expecting some degree of hostility. But /grenade launchers/ were a little more than she was planning for. She crosses her arms in front of her, as the automatic weapons fire hits the suit, which begins to soak up the kinetic energy. But the grenades...well, physics is still a thing. The vibranium holds, but the force of the explosion blows the princess quite literally off the roof, as she arcs out towards the street.

Natasha Irons has posed:
Landing on the rooftop, Natasha blinks briefly at the sight of some girl leaping off the roof but she can't just stop taking .50 cal fire in order to go check on that. Then there's the guy being taken and run off with even as she is still getting hit. She skids backwards a bit as the concentrated fire hits her arms and torso. Luckily her armor is designed to handle serious punishement but even so, she can feel light punches ot her chest and gut.

"How the hell valuable is that guy?" She glares and whips up her right arm and an opening fires off a quick blast toward the gut of one of the guys firing at her with enough force to make Mike Tyson jealous. She then pushes forward and attempts to grab the next gun out of another guy's hands and then crush it.

"Hey, not sure who you are over there but I can handle these guys. We need to get the one who got away!"

Irina-As17 has posed:
Some of the soldiers in the back vaguely saw some fiery thing walk itself off the edge, leaving them incredibly confused, but the firing seems to be left for the ones in the front. The force hits one of the soldiers and a bizarre croaking sound can be heard, it's very soft and contained, so it seems more like it was just annoyed by the amount of force put into the attack. However, in return something slimy goes flying through the smoke cloud and hits Natasha in the face, largely due to the fact she spoke out. It's a very thick, sticky grime, and she's quite lucky it didn't actually make contact with her skin.

With the guns being so large it's difficult to move around with them or wield them in general, this was the tradeoff of using them. Had they been put in closer quarters or tight spaces perhaps only one soldier would have been firing at a time and the whole squad would be bogged down by them. That means it is quite easy to break the gun. In exchange one of the soldiers comes flying out of the smoke cloud, seeming to be the one she shot, because more croaking can be heard. He comes out flying like a bullet with both legs outstretched to slam into her. This one was a roughly three ton strength, but the jump amplified it due to frog abilities, doubling it to the equivalent of a person with six ton physical capacity.

One of the many reasons Frank's assault was successful was that he did not engage in physical combat and used the correct weapons to take them down. One of the soldiers goes near the edge to check on whatever the hell the flaming thing was and the princess, mostly if, how, and when she was going to get back on the roof. Natasha can hear an intense buzzing, which clears up the smoke and see one of the soldiers fly off in the same direction the other one went.

Shuri has posed:
THUD. Shuri's trajectory arcs her out over the street, where she slams down into the asphalt. Her hardlight wings flicker and fade out, and she lies there a moment, getting used to it. OW. She broadcasts on open frequencies, trying to get Natasha's attention. "Hammer-girl. How fast are you in that thing?" One of them is going to have to chase, and she's not sure how fast Natasha's armor is.

Natasha Irons has posed:
A blink as she sees the incoming goo and then is hit with goo. She lets out an annoyed sound as she has to stumble back and then declares, "Drop mask." And the face like mask is jettisoned from her and she flies up and backwards as she tosses teh hammer to the side only to have herself get tackled. She goes flying backwards with an oof and immediately turns on her flight, going up rather than just back and down, "The name is Steel!" And she then calls out, "Chrome up!" And with that a liquid steel flows back over her face. She attempts to knock the guy off with an axe handle strike to his back before she glares in the direction of the fleeing man and then back to Shuri, "Be careful!" And then she unleashes a quick flurry of blasts from her gauntlets across the roof where the guys are and then turns and takes off.

"Computer, tracking, now." She is then rocketing after the escaping kidnapper. At least, seeming kidnapper.

Irina-As17 has posed:
There are two further attempts to intercept Natasha once she bonks the guy hanging on to her off. He falls back to the roof but doesn't seem to be out. While she's firing her beams she finds one particularly strong among them is hurling another, smaller, and supposedly durable one at her. With a 10 ton strength, the slow but powerful man hurls the smaller one at her to try and get him to latch on. The one in question is a particular type of lizard with an incredibly tough spiky leathery skin which would stick to her should he hit. The second attempt comes a few moments after, the one who had insect wings turning around and zooming at her at full speed, aiming to crash against her. Finally, that incoming plane was just about to get there, but was still too far for weapons range.

The rest of the soldiers are knocked over and pushed around, some stay on the ground groaning, while two get up almost immediately. The one at the edge of the roof almost falls, but catches herself by punching a hand into the bricks, then climbs back up. She points her automatic shotgun down at Shuri and begins firing her slugs. With their physical capabilities being that high, it did hint that they were trying to keep the fight at range and extract without more incidents rather than take on whoever came directly, even if they were more often than not, more effective than the guns themselves.

Shuri has posed:
That means the roof crowd is hers now. Shuri stands, and the wings flicker back in. She leaps, with a powerful thrust of the wings, and shoots upwards. The instant her facemask clears the edge, she flicks her eye to one of her optic controls, as the suit starts to calculate trajectories to hit the assailants on the roof. Her arc continues up, and at her apogee, she fires lines from the omni-directional gear at her hips, firing lines to latch onto the soldiers.

Then it's time for the landing. She drops from the arc onto the rooftop, and slams down into a three-point landing, as she lets the stored kinetic energy in the suit burst out in a flat, radial burst, trying to knock the soldiers back (and hopefully, off the roof), where the lines will stop their fall after a bit of a drop and leave them dangling.

Natasha Irons has posed:
A frown comes to Natasha's face as she can't quite find where the guys who escaped went. She'd need more time to focus and search and the people on the roof aren't giving her that. Instead of trying to get fancy with this one, she instead calls her hammer to her hand, whips around and plays croquet with the incoming bad guy, attempting to knock him right back toward his partner. It's a heck of a hit, easily enough force to stop a semi and then some. She then whips back around and flies up. She looks in the direction of the incoming plane and considers.

"Gotta find out where that plane is going and maybe we'll find our kidnappee." She then races up into the air, giving a wary eye back toward the criminals and hoping Shuri can handle it.

Irina-As17 has posed:
The largest guy there seems to see this as an opportunity, because he jumps up and lets the impact hit him head on, which sends him flying off through a nearby building and then some. Using this as a headstart to escape, even if he was hurting severely now. The rest of the soldiers look to the same point as the woman drops into the roof and sends them all flying off, or rather, they have the same idea after seeing the one that just got smashed off the roof. While they might not have the strength to break the latching mechanism itself, if it's made of vibranium, they *can* rip or remove the armor it's attached to with some effort. They land in multiple different points and start scattering through the city, all of them running way faster than a normal person would, some of them incredibly fast, others leaping around, a few lagging a bit.

The plane makes a sharp U-turn and fires off scrambling flares, before accelerating in the opposite direction at top speed. Seems they were opting to go out on foot and limit how many of them would get caught. The frog guy seems to be have given up on the roof, still not recovered enough to make a run for it.

Natasha Irons has posed:
A grumble comes to Natasha as she watches the plane whip around and start scrambling flares. She then turns her gaze back toward the roof and shakes her head, "Well, crap." She sighs, "My kingdom for some super speed." She then turns and flies back down to the roof and eyes the frog guy, "Well, seems I'll just have to settle for the consolation prize." She then calls the cops ot make sure they know where to go.