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American Mutant Gothic
Date of Scene: 01 April 2021
Location: Lost Pond Mall
Synopsis: After Negasonic doesn't come home at night, James, Illyana, Kitty and Julio go searching for her, with Nori also showing up at the mall where they find her. The birthday of Ellie's dead father makes for emotional moments.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Kitty Pryde, Illyana Rasputina, Julio Richter, James Proudstar, Noriko Ashida

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic no-showed all of her classes today, nor was she at the school at any point since midnight. There's some pretty clear footage of her sneaking out just after eleven and nothing of her returning! The majority of her soljourn was spent walking through Mutant Town. Wearing a black leather jacket, grey hoodie, torn black jeans and boots... she is not dressed appropriately for the weather which isn't quite cold enough for all that she has on.

At some point she got a Julius. Orange. Delicious. And paid for it with Scott Summer's credit card, which is how everyone found out she was at the shopping mall. Not that she's buying any clothes, since all of the stores here suck asshole. Except Hot Topic, which sucks the butt cheek around the asshole.

Sitting in the foodcourt with her half a julius and her cellphone. She has a wire running up beneath her hood to pipe in the music. Which is important for any escape action picture.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
After it hit a point of concern, Kitty began tracking Negasonic down. Phones and unusual credit card purchases (Scott's much more of a Jamba Juice sort of guy) eventually track her down to the mall.

Kitty borrowed one of the school cars to drive over with anyone else willing to help look for her. "Probably ok, just... being Ellie," Kitty comments to those with her. "But, best to make sure. Not the first time our students and staff have been targeted after all."

Arriving at the mall, Kitty hops out of the car to head inside. "Credit card was used at Orange Julius. Good place to start. Even if she's not there, I could use a drink," she says with a grin.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Does Illyana take classes? Not according to Xavier's, she doesn't, though she occasionally teaches those combat, survival, and No-I'm-Not-Teaching-You-Magic courses. Whatever else she does with her time is a mystery for the most part. It probably involves demons, croissants, and space lawyers. Though when it comes to surefire ways to find mutant trouble, who you gonna call?

Jimmy, he can track. Kitty, because she can walk through walls. The Demon Queen of Limbo? OK, that's just downright cruel but effective if someone can engage destructively explosive mutants, if it comes right down to it. And that awesome charge can be directed thatta way, out of civilians' way. But that's not really why she is here at a mall, the bastion of dying middle class capitalism, oh no.

"How can you be out of dragon's eggs?" the Russian asks, holding a bag against her hip. No, she is not taking a car; to heck with that. Advance scouting, that's her, in touch with Kitty and the others via phone, comm link, purple demon riding Lockheed. Whatever. They probably pick up on it. "Da, of /course/. Do you see any other sex bomb around here?"

Julio Richter has posed:
Kitty must have been serious about rounding up whomever was handy -- either that, or Julio's here as some sort of peer mediator. 'Don't end up like me, fellow kids. Demolishing my hometown and being branded a terrorist and fleeing the country turned out to be a BAD LOOK.' Malls are not a major Julio hangout, given his general lack of funds, so he peers up at the Orange Julius sign with a blank look. "This fruit stand is named after me," he comments flatly in his accented voice.

He sketches a casual salute toward Illyana, although he's not going to distract her from her dressing down of whatever hapless cashier is currently in her sights. Mostly he's just keeping an eye out for any active threats that might require extreme sanction. Like //mall cops//. His eyes narrow as he scans the food court.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar had nothing better to do on blustery weekday afternoon and after all there is a debt owed after a fashion as Nega was the sole student to seek him out when he went AWOL. missed detention and everything. He moves easily, extricating himself from the vehicle, slipping into expert tracker mode, which resembles every day Jimmy so much as to be indistinguishable, though his ears do perk up at the mention of Julius. He smiles, "Sounds good, thanks for the recommendatio by the way, I got into Columbia's Social Work program."

    As they enter the mall James senses are alert, no screams, no cordite or gunpwder, nothing to trigger worry, though the cinnabons are particularly cinnamoney today.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie isn't exactly a set of car keys.

There's a type that still frequent Malls and she most certainly does not fit the mold. With her general belief that black is the only color available to her and her wearing a hood inside, she sticks out. Not like a flashing red light in a dark room, but close enough.

Leaning back in her seat with her legs stretched out beneath it, ankles crossed, she has her cellphone up rather than paying the least bit of attention to anything going on around her. Observation is not her strong suit if it doesn't involve crushing peoples hopes and dreams on twitter.

The contengency of Xavier's alumni are all but ignored. Not out of disrespect, though there's just as likely to be some of that too, as she simply isn't looking around. Mall Cops aren't real cops. Paul Blart can take its unfunny 2009 sense of humor and suck it.

Absently reaching out for her drink, she works the straw beneath her hood for a slurpy SRRRRRRRRRRRRR of slushy orange flavored juice smoothieness. And goes right back to her phone after depositing it on the table.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty walks with the others into the food court. She grins over to James Proudstar. "That's excellent news. Great school. I was considering maybe doing graduate school there after I got back," she tells him. Kitty spots Ellie, and pulls out her phone and taps a message back to the school so they can stop worrying.

She swings her gaze to the Orange Julius stand. "I didn't know people called you 'orange'," she jokes with Julio. "Never had one? It's like... ah, orange drink with a ton of sugar. So tasty." She pulls out her card and offers it Julio. "Want to grab us drinks and I'll go over and take a seat with her? I'll take a medium if so," she says.

Kitty spots Illyana over at the store she's at, giving her an up nod when they meet eyes. Then a little motion with her head in the direction of Ellie to make sure Illyana saw her. After that, Kitty moves over to Ellie's table. "Afternoon," she says, taking a seat and relaxing in it.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The blonde Russian occupies the pizza-wedge sliver that is Lush, procurer of bath bombs and dubiously named, deliciously scented products for the eau de bain and everything else a girl (or guy) could want. She has no doubt caused the poor girl in an apron to reconsider her life choices about not stocking dragon's eggs until the tired assistant manager points to a recyclable cardboard box full of six of them. To heck with /Easter eggs/ from a mere rabbit. Everyone needs explosive fizzy bath products that hatch.

With her illicit gains for the good of none and fun of all, Illyana completes her transaction. Nothing like a bicarbonate to induce mayhem. The ideas already roll around as she glides out, stalking gait suited for the savannah or steppe, spear and all. Gliding quick and smart to mingle with the middle aged folks shopping or the parents dragging small children on their second circuit around, she doesn't seem the type at all to be here. Not normally.

But what's normal? Beelining through the food court mirrors Kitty and Jimmy, the latter incapable of escaping notice in general unless one comes from a land of seven-foot-tall men and women. There's definitely nothing to be worried about. Not at all. Ellie's radar being what it is, maybe she's more interested in her phone or Orange Julius than the voluptuous smells of lemon and citrus fizz.

Julio Richter has posed:
Satisfied that the immediate area is clear of uniforms and Segways, Julio settles into a comfortable slouch next to Kitty. "They only call me orange out of jealousy. This tan is as not-fake as it gets," he intones, leaning into the joke with mock seriousness. He eyes the card skeptically as she hands it to him, casually increasing his fiscal resources by a factor best expressed in scientific notation, but then gives a small shrug as she departs. He'll do his best. With great power comes a three digit security number printed on the back.

He approaches the cashier and announces, "I want two medium Julio's Oranges. One will be Kitty's Julio's Orange." He probably understands this better than he's letting on. Probably.

Once his order is fulfilled, he holds a cup in each hand and paces toward the wayward -- Goth? Punk? Particularly abrasive scene kid? The lines are so blurred these days.

For his part, he's classic punk rock: tattered skinny jeans, vest with metal-studded shoulders, checkerboard Chuck Taylors. "People at the school are losing their shit," he tells her from behind James and Kitty, when the little group assembles at her table. It's not delivered like a judgment or a warning; more of a resigned weather advisory. "More than usual, I mean."

James Proudstar has posed:
Yes, hes tracked small children through the wilderness, demons across limbo, coyotes on the wilderness adjoining Xavier's but hoods, yes that was his natural weakness.

     He opens his mouth and head tilts at the idea of never having had an orange Julius but doesnt say anything. He follows Kitty but swings wide as they approach moving to the opposite side as Yana, the same sort of tactic hed used confronting a trapped or injured wild animal. He leans on a table his gaze shifting to Illyana as Kitty makes contact. He spies the Julius she carries and makes a 'wheres mine' sort of gesture with his hand but the smile in his eyes puts the joke to it.

     Wait, two? Mediums? This plan has gone horribly awry.

Negasonic has posed:
Blue eyes peek over the top of her cellphone when Kitty takes a seat, looking from face to face as more of Xavier's hounds join the Guidance Councilor. Particularly of note are Julio and, is that Illyana back there? She sniffs at the air and looks back at the screen, lifting the phone to block Kitty out of her view.

"You guys should learn to respect boundries." Because that's definitely the important take away here. Running away from school, stealing credit cards, hanging out in the MALL in 2021? Third tier nonsense at best...

"Also, leaving the Native American out of your consumerism by not buying him an orange julius is lowkey racist." This is said to Julio, for he is the bringer of Julius. "I expect better from a retro grade neo british punk poser."

Shift, adjust, settle. Slouching down in her chair. Like this is a living room and she's sitting on a couch. Sniffing at the air as Yana comes closer with her Dragon Eggs, "Smells like capitalism in here."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde isn't seem too perturbed about having had to track Ellie down. Actually she doesn't seem perturbed at all. "Yeah, but we also need to make sure no one has gone missing," Kitty replies to Ellie, "Where it wasn't their desire to do so. Like we had to deal with not all that long ago with Hank and others," Kitty says, choosing to avoid certain words like 'kidnapping' and 'evil clones' while they are in the public space.

A glance is given as Julio arrives with the drinks. "Ah, could have grabbed one for James," she says, but Julio gets a smile. "Want mine?" she asks him. "Or, grab yourself one if medium isn't big enough. I can't imagine a large is big enough," she says, giving the Apache a warm grin. Because he's big, you see.

Illyana is given a wave as she approaches. "Hey Yana, get anything interesting?" she asks.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The mall isn't Noriko's domain.  It could have been if life went a little differently.  This is Jubes' kingdom.  Still, Noriko is looking through some cheap sunglasses at one of the little kiosks closest to the food court.  She's wearing the type of clothing she wears all year round.  Generally bright electric colors, her shirt now a faded key lime green.

The speedster is wearing her new sneakers that Hank cooked up for her for her birthday.  Feeling the predatory hovering of the kiosk worker, Noriko cuts him off, "Don't even bother."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Sounds like insecure girl with low self-esteem projects her internal worries through thinly-veiled sarcasm and abrasive commentary to deflect others from noticing her vulnerabilities or getting too close where they might possibly hurt her," the Russian replies, sotto voce, with all the ease of a Janissary sliding a stiletto between the ribs of a passing European. "Terrible self-therapy but da? You do you. The long-term consequences look prettier than criminal records. The priorities in this country, you know? Where I come from, suffering is performance art and denial a national pastime."

Black soil and blacker humour, the hallmarks of the Rodina. They give to her a mordant humour darkened even deeper than the byproducts of long winters and gulags. A smirk to Ellie darkens her lips, the barest curl.

A wiggle of her fingers as she falls into a plastic seat, not quite reclining. "Do not worry. You do you, we do the whole song and dance. Familiar steps to most of us. When it's over, then the real business begins."

Julio Richter has posed:
Illyana and Julio are more like sorcerers than mediums, but it's nice of James to take an interest, all the same. Once the Latino has taken a sip of his frosty beverage, he peers at the Apache and his expectant gesture warily. This thing //is// good, and Julio is not relinquishing his to someone who looks like he eats approximately Julio's weight in lean proteins every couple of hours. 'A sip' could turn into 'it's empty' with worrying ease. Trust between teammates is one thing; snacks are something entirely different.

He cocks his head to the side and quirks an eyebrow as he takes in Ellie's commentary. "Of course it smells like capitalism, compañera. You led us to the //mall//. You know they spray pizza smell in this part of it to make you hungry, right?" He turns to James and continues solemnly, "Hey, Jimmy, sorry about being a Loki racist, but you still can't have my Orange. It has my name on it and everything." He points to the word 'Julius,' in case the crux of this joke he keeps making isn't clear.

When Illyana delivers her own roasting takedown of Ellie's surly act, his head rocks back on his shoulders in surprise. That's a sharp departure from the casual approach the others have been taking, for sure. He stares at her in silence for a handful of seconds, then raises his disposable cup in a sort of toast and grins, saying, "Ooh! Do me next." If there's to be a roast, why be the one left out?

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar gets that look, and searches around confuzzled, casually. He nods to Kitty and shakes his head at Julio, "I would never ask someone to share a Julius." He gives a low whistle at the Russian's riposte and stands, no longer needed. Jim heads back rowards the OJ stand by a circituitous route. He arrives at the Sunglass stand and steps up next to Noriko, "Those dont fit the shape of your face try these." James offers Nori a pair of sunglasses. His sheer presence enough to send any would be creeper scurrying, "You an accomplice or a coincidence?" James smiles, more curiosity than accusation in his voice.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie puts her phone down, but she puts it down with the clear indication that it is down only temporarily, and stares at Kitty for a very long time. "Yana should be the Guidance councilor. You're shit at it and she at least sounds like she's got real world experience." Glancing from one to the next, ending on Yana.

Super plastic smile on her pasty white face, "Oh, golly, that ol' tale? One as old as time... Russian who uses her own clandestine upbringing to belittle the experiences of other people because she doesn't understand the concept of perspective feelings..." Clutching her fingers together, wiggling them in celebration to Illyana, "You're so unique. You're so relevant... Gosh, how did I put my pants on this morning without you dressing me down." Sad frown, she has to use her fingers stuck in both corners of her mouth to pull them even further. Her natural abilities do not do the expression justice without it. "Me so sad."

And the temporary reprieve from her phone has ended. "That's right, I came to the mall. I used a stolen credit card I knew you'd be tracking to buy a sugary drink that tastes like diabetes must feel. Clearly this was a conspiracy to get us all out of the sheltered halls of the mansion into the public spectacle where we might mingle with lesser beings." Shifting her shoulders to slouch further, she lifts her phone and resumes texting. "BUT, as you can see, I wasn't kidnapped.. So let's not play the hahaha caught ya card just yet, knowing I literally led you to me with financial bread crumbs.."

Pause, glance at James over by Noriko. "What about her? Are we sending out a search party to find her too? Can I be the bad cop who tells her how juvenile she is without finding out why she's not in class?" Blinking at everyone over her phone, "Perty please? With Borscht on top?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The first sign Kitty has gone from relaxed to not-relaxed is the flat look that Negasonic is given. Kitty sits up in her chair as she reaches over and pulls the phone out of Negasonic's hands and tossing it on the other side of the table.

"You got a beef with the world, you want to think condescending things about others, that's your deal. But ripping into people that you made have to come make sure you were ok? Nuh uh. We're not doing that, Ellie. Quit trying to make everyone around you into the bad guy so you can pin whatever is upsetting you on everyone else," Kitty says.

She takes a sip of her drink, eyes not leaving Ellie while she does. "So go ahead. Why did you take off and stay away overnight?" Kitty says, her expression remaining stony, even when she's sipping the drink.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
James and Julio mock-fighting over a sacred Julius libation acquired by the Julian druid is not overlooked, but Illyana tends to have laser-focus when certain matters come up. Oh, she knows their banter flows back and forth, especially when it comes to the fair distribution of snacks. No one in their cohort gets away from the dangers of keeping one another fuelled; a hangry mutant is an extra-dangerous mutant. Even the sweetest, gentlest hearts turn monstrous when in a sugar crash. Thus she marks Jimmy's inevitable departure to seek something along the lines of nourishment, halting at a sunglasses hut-esque place where Noriko ghosts through the mall.

The bag of dragon eggs ends up on a seat beside her, but where the Sex Bomb bath bombs ended up is a sleight of hand on a celestial scale. Literally because planar axes probably briefly converged for a thrilled pair of hands to emerge and steal the magical explosives full of ylang ylang oil and other good chemical stuff. Perfect to wage war on Jotunheim or something with! Yay, destructive bath salts and luscious scents, maybe they'll upset some succubi or goo-demons. Covalent bonds fracturing, buttery smooth skin afterwards, it's a win!

Limbo gets really exciting these days.

"Try harder," she casually bats back at Ellie. "A little less meme and regurgitated textbook next time. Again, you are turning it back on me instead of addressing your own issues." Her smirk doesn't shift an inch. "You go calling people racist while judging people on appearances and nationality. Would you like an object lesson in hypocrisy? I have a mirror you can borrow." Kitty's much nicer than her approach, but Illyana fits the Scott Summers Model of Medicine: you know it works because it tastes so bad. Sweetening? What the heck is that?

She rests her elbow on the table and nods to the brunette guidance counselor, then eases a sidelong look to Julio. "Keep projecting all you want. Kitty's patience will outstrip it, or you can walk away. No one makes you stay at the school.So what's the point of your rebellion if not for attention? I do not see what you want to achieve. You could quit, go somewhere else, at any time. You haven't. Your track record is, mm, ambiguous? That is the right word, Julio?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko doesn't miss a beat when James arrives, but she also doesn't turn to address him immediately...  "Oh how could I have ever found these without you," Noriko gestures the offered sunglasses out to the side with a smile.  "You did just see how I told someone I /didn't/ need help right?"

The question gets a roll of Nori's eyes as she looks at yet another pair of sunglasses whose frame does not fit her face shape.  "Does it matter?"  Cavalierly curious, her tone softens to something...that is more neutral at least.  An eyebrow arched as she looks sidelong to Jimmy.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Of course it's the right word, Illyana. You know, like, every single word," Julio answers with a quiet snort after finishing off some more orange slush. He waggles one hand. "Me, I rebel by living in a big mansion rent free. That's the way to stick it to the man, I think. You get a big soft bed and hot food and some billionaire pays for it. Also I blow up prisons, sometimes, but I guess that's kind of a conformist's idea of rebelling."

He turns his attention back to the focus of the moment, giving Ellie a look that's almost nostalgic. "Aww. She's like a knockoff of the late night dog puppet," he says fondly. He's still lurking behind the others, nowhere near close enough to ruffle Ellie's close-cropped hair, but his tone of voice definitely contains a note that hints strongly at hair-ruffling. It might even be the kind of voice that pinches her cherubic cheeks. He is probably not taking this as seriously as he should. What a terrible peer advocate!

He turns to Kitty for a quick sidebar. "I thought the stealing was more the issue than the leaving -- was I not reading the situation right?" He shrugs, puzzled. "'Why skip class' is not a great mystery. Class sucks. But I guess we can ask, since she wants us to."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar raises his eyebrows at the snark, the smile is small, "I'm not sure but here I am to help." He nods, "Im sorry to intrude on your window shopping. And, yeah, it does actually, you're an adult and a senior." He pauses, "If you want to ditch to the mall no one is stopping you, if you're encouraging others that's a little different."
    He frowns and shakes his head like hes trying to get water out of his ears, hes been around the pale faces too long to be surprised but it never sits quite right. He takes a deep breath, "You're safe, great. Now if you want to be left alone, thats fine but Im getting a Julius. And Im willing to treat? Whats your pleasure?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Hey! That's not yours!" Ellie swats at the phone suddenly phased out of her hand and passes it through the electronic and Kitty's arm, "..." Arms cross, hands tight against her side, deep frown (without the use of her fingers even). "Whatever, I'm not making anyone the badguy to take shit out on you.." She looks away with her nose wrinkled.

"..." She rolls her eyes and stares down at her lap, tugging absently at the sleeve of her jacket with lips pursing and unpursing, or worrying between her teeth as she sits in absolute silence for a few minutes. Finally glancing off at passers by, ".. It's April 1st. It's my da-..." Her eyes narrow, teeth clinched until the muscles stand out against the curve of her jaw. Blue eyes cutting away from whatever she was staring at to laser focus on Illyana, sharply, "First of all... I was being cheeky calling Julio a racist for not bringing James a drink, which is hardly the same as calling him a racist for being a racist... and you brought your nationality into it, I just used it as ammunition for my retort. So if you're going to play coloring book social worker, at least stay in the lines."

She looks back to Kitty, then over at Illyana, then back to Kitty. "Fine. I quit." The credit card is pulled out of the inside pocket of her jacket and tossed onto the table. Along with some crumpled up dollar bills she tosses atop them. A little more than the price she charged on the card, "I don't want your attention and I don't care about your bullshit school."

The chair screaches across the tile, a bit of steam rising off her leather jacket as she starts to walk away, leaving her phone behind. "Fuck all of you." Brow furrowing until a actual crease appears between her eyes when Julio compares her to Triumph. The air around her growing hotter by the second as she inadvertantly starts channelling energy in her growing rage.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
At the comment from Julio, Kitty looks over to him. "That's part of it, but I don't think she stole to steal. Scott and she can talk about that." Kitty looks back to Negasonic, listening and watching her as she replies to people.

A crease furrows Kitty's brow at one part early on, though her expression doesn't seem angry. As Ellie gets up and starts to walk off, Kitty picks the girl's phone back up, glancing at it as she's rising to her feet.

"Let me talk to her," Kitty says to the others before turning and walking after Ellie. She takes a couple of short jogging steps to catch up and then falls into step beside her.

Kitty doesn't say anything for a few more steps, but she offers the phone back over. "It's a rough day," she says quietly. "For me it was last November. I went down to the creek out back of the school and cried my eyes out so no one but Lockheed would see it," she says.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Girl, get your shit together," Julio says, features finally dropping into an expression of annoyance as Ellie starts ramping up her powers. He hasn't taken any of her snark seriously, but threatening an explosion in the middle of a shopping mall is just making the whole situation awkward. "It's a funny dog puppet. I can joke that you're a Loki racist instead, if that'll make you feel better."

Muted, shuddering tongues of green fire snake up his arms as he taps subtly into his powers. The thoroughly unmagical mall offers him no ley lines to teleport the group away from spectators, so if he's forced to contain her, there will be noticeable fireworks and they will not be away from any unpleasant reactions.

Still, he lets Kitty take the lead, watching the pair warily from where he stands. Once they're a little distance away, he turns to James and Noriko and shakes his head slowly. "White people," he mouths at them, rolling his eyes. //Reverse// racist, maybe a bit. He'll cop to that.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"You think she'd let me give her a ride?"  Noriko laughs loud enough to draw some nearby attention.  "I've gotten this talk before.  You don't have to go through the whole song and dance."

"So I'm an adult but I'm still stalked down?  I never skipped school.  I have plenty of time."  But then Noriko checks her watch without even trying to hide it, pulling the old mechanical wrist watch from her pocket.

"Yeah I could grab one," because Noriko cannot say no to calories.  Ever.  She deposits the sunglasses back where they do not belong and then says, "But I have to jet in like 7 minutes or I'll be late."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar rolls his eyes and grins, "Me too, I think we all have, maybe not the winderkind. You didnt get stalked down. You got the 'Hhheeeyy!' fellow mutant. I mean you got the Orange Julius and a cinnabon. Thet smell really good today. Janes leads the way towards the OJ and cinnbon kiosks. We may have to hurry. They order two of the literal bucket sized drinks and a tray of the ooey gooeys with nuts.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie doesn't look back, all but over the barrage of barbs that have been playfully, and less so where Yana's involved, direct at her. She has her hands shoved in the pockets of her coat, pushing it down so the hood is tight against the side of her face as she stalks away with Kitty jogging to catch up to her.

At first she doesn't stop or slow down or even acknowledge her... but she does finally reach out and take her phone, glance at the screen, and put it in her pocket without actually looking at Kitty. "It's the first year he's gone."

The revelation makes her feel gross and she fidgets visibly. Slamming her shoulders against the wall beside the toilets, she sinks down to sit with raised knees. Never taking her hands out of her pockets. "I couldn't do the whole happy friendly mansion bullshit today, okay? I just needed to sort through my shit alone. I stole Scott's card so you all knew I was fine, I didn't expect you to send out a rescue party."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Oh.  I just figured," Noriko's shrug ends her sentence for her.  She shoots James a slightly strained grin.  She doesn't say much, going with the standard choices as they get their goodies.  Once her and James settle into a spot to chow down, Noriko devours precisely half of the tray.  "So do they bring you out on all of these find the ditchers?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Noriko spots Negasonic and the peeling off Kitty.  "Or is it just for the ones that can go nuclear?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty follows along, not trying to draw Ellie into conversation beyond what she said that let the other girl know she understood now what this was for Ellie. She just walks with her until Ellie is ready to talk.

At first Kitty stands leaning against the wall as she listens. "Yeah, I can definitely relate," she says. "Didn't realize that's what today was for you or I'd have tried to help make sure you had some space. With the surge in... emotions after that assassination in DC, we get worried if we lose touch with someone for that long," she says.

Kitty glances back towards where the others are. "You want some time alone to process, it's fine. Or if you want to come back now, we can do that too. I've got some Turkish roast, coffee I picked up during a thing over that way. Brew some and go up on the roof. Or whatever," she offers.

James Proudstar has posed:
This smile is different, bigger more genuine, he shakes his head, "I get it, adulting is weird, especially the way it sneaks up on you." James nods respect as Nori goes in on the buns and devours the other half with equal gusto. The OJ is the next to fall and James sighs satisfied. "Yeah, thats the stuff." He follows Nori's gaze and nods, "Logan and I switch off for most but yeah, if its a nuclear situation, Whenever they can, Im the toolbox. Strong, fast, tough, senses. Its helpful. I won't keep you."

    James drops his voice, "Just a heads up, your roommate situation came up at the staff meeting. The teachers want to help and some of the solutions are actually good ideas. but just know you two are on the radar."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio settles down at the table the others have vacated, letting his powers ease back to a neutral footing as he waits for them to return. "We trading dead dad stories?" he asks casually as they wander back. "I've got a hell of a dead dad story." There's a connection there, at least, but he has GOT to work on communicating empathy. He really would make a lousy peer counselor.

Negasonic has posed:
Slowly, Ellie pulls her legs together into a crossed position on the floor and rests her arms on her knees. With her hood down on her lap where her hands are sitting together, "I'm cool." She says in a distant voice, shrugging indifferently. "I'll head back with you all, sure, whatever." The heat rising off her shoulders has subside. No more steam coiling from the leather and spikes she wears.

"But I'm not apologizing to the Russian. She picked that fight. I don't feel guilty for swatting a dogs nose if that dog shits the bed." With a sigh, mostly nasal, she pushes up off the floor and shoves her hands back into her pockets to walk with Kitty back to the gathering of X persons. "Don't tell anyone. I don't fucking want their pity."

They wander back, right into Julio absolutely NOT giving her any pity. Which is precisely the kind of cavalier shit that appeals to Negasonic. She does not grin, but she does not, "Was it from disappointment knowing his son is wearing a hundred and fifty dollar pair of converse allstars?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"It is.  It's a lot easier lugging kids though," easier clearly meaning less annoying by Nori's look that cuts through her drink bliss.  Sluuuurp.  The liquid finally gurgles down at the end of the straw.  "I helped her clear out," kids presumably, "after she gave Arms a greeting."  Smirk.  Noriko shoots her cup into the garbage.  "Someone who didn't check in at the door," she says cavalierly.

At James' shift in topic though, Noriko's head tilts and she says simply, "I have no idea what you're talking about.  Ideas?  Like what?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's guidance counselor style is pretty much being herself. Making herself available but letting people talk when they are ready to. In this case she just nods when Ellie indicates she's ok to head back. "She's a very good person at heart. But spend as many years living in a literal hell as she did? Has a different way of dealing with the world than some."

Kitty looks down. "And that's my fault, that she went through that." She'll never really forgive herself for failing to keep hold of Illyana's hand that day. "What I'm saying though, is I bet you two would get along well most of the time. When there's not something stressful there at least. Maybe you can both let bygones be bygones." Kitty pauses. "That saying never really made much sense to me, worded as it is. Must be /really/ old."

As they arrive back at the table, Kitty picks up her Orange Julius that she'd left behind to go catch up with Negasonic. She takes a sip and says, "Are they up to $150 now? Damn. Well, we ready to head back? Or Julio have you never tried Mrs. Fields cookies either?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sudden stiffness, the tension in his shoulders is evident. He tries to fight it but the big Indigenous man has always had anger issues. He focuses on Nori and forces a nod and a smile. "Yeah, Arms? Well we've all had to escort the random ne'er do well from the grounds."

    His grip tightens, there's a loud crack and a crack splits the table in two. Its Kitty's words that bring him back, at least enough, he nods to Nori, "Yeah, Ororo wants to put in an adult dorm. More options for older students. I'm sorry, I've got to go." He nods to everyone and heads for the doors.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Oh, I stole these," Julio answers, nonchalantly, about the shoes. It's hard to tell whether he's serious or not. But he really does have a good dead dad story: "Nah, he was in the next cell over. This guy came in, I figured it was a cop. I always knew Papa was going to get busted, so I think I'm about to get a front-row seat as he gets interrogated. Instead, the guy just asks, 'you Louis Richter?' and dad says, 'Si,' and he pulls out a pinche gun and shoots him!"

Julio sits back and shakes his head. He's playing this very lightly, but there are definitely some unresolved issues just below the surface. "He was using a silencer, and I tunnel visioned. Like, my dad just got murdered right in front of me, and all I can think about is: that sounded NOTHING like it does in the movies. Until he turns to shoot ME and I freaked out." He waggles his hands. Insert mutant event here. "Goodbye, Guadalajara. Or at least part of it."

And speaking of goodbyes, he sees James crunch a table in half and then stalk off toward the Spencer Gifts. He glances at Kitty with raised eyebrows, says, "You seem to have this under control. Why don't I...?" Then he's getting up from the table and heading after the other X-man, making sure he's alright (and isn't going to cause any further property damage).

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic listens to Julio, both when explaining the shoes origins come from a place of larceny, and the retelling of a dead dad story. "Hey, Julio..." Reaching out, she stops just short of touching him because Ellie doesn't do touching. "Your story is good, probably great, but you need to work on your delivery. Unless you were going for a Coen Brothers vibe... then you're killing it."

She purses her lips, lets him walk off, then looks to Kitty with a cant to her head. "Everyone at that school is really fucking weird, just so you're absolutely aware of this. None of you are normal."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's eyebrows shoot up at James' hairpin reaction.  "Yeah."  Her eyes snap down to the table that splits, not flinching.  She's used to lightning shooting out of her body.  "Oh."  She nods to the news of an adult dorm.  "Kind of feels silly to move.  Can't we just have ours be the first one?"  Silly?  It's just a word that hides more intense teenage feelings on the subject.

"Seeya...Thanks for the heads up," Noriko shoots to James' back.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty eyes the table, one of the mall staff coming over to stand looking at it, scratching the back of his head. "Termites are terrible," Kitty says to him, shaking her head sadly and only leaving him more perplexed since it isn't even a wood table.

She nods towards Julio as he heads off to make sure things are ok with James. Kitty instead falls into step beside Ellie motioning towards the exit to the mall and starting to walk that way.

"'Us,' Ellie. None of 'us' are normal."