5819/Saved at the Swordfish

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Saved at the Swordfish
Date of Scene: 01 April 2021
Location: Swordfish Bar (SHIELD)
Synopsis: Daniel goes to the Swordfish in his attempt to find Peggy. He finds HYDRA and a familiar face he does not expect.
Cast of Characters: Daniel Sousa, Amora

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Going it alone in 2021 was an adventure but Daniel needed to find SHIELD and he didn't want to drag Abcde into more trouble than he'd already gotten them in. By the sound of things he was a wanted man by virtue of being SHIELD and he doubted HYDRA had given up looking either. So it was better to take the trip to the Swordfish by himself, or so he thought until he ran head first into the 2st century. The first problem was money, except for a handful of coins his 1950's money wouldn't spend, he'd gotten some more by pawning his watch, a 1955 Stark Divemaster with an engraved message from Howard himself. The guy behind the counter gave him fifty bucks, which seemed like a good deal until he saw how much things cost in this time. A buck fifty for a news paper, eight bucks for a burger, drink and fries. That fifty bucks wasn't going to take him far but it did cover the scandalous $3.00 charge to ride the subway, bought with the help of a old woman named Jane, who took pity on him and provided pleasant enough chatter on the ride from Queens into the East Village. From there he asked for directions at a convenience store, bought an I <3 NY ballcap and a pair of cheap shades before making his way to the Swordfish.

He was pleased to see there was still a door where it should be, unmarked as usual, but he didn't approach, at least not yet, instead he bought one of those grossly overpriced New York Times, and grabbed a space on a bus bench to take a look around. That's when he realized that was going to be harder than he thought, people were different now, they acted different, what was normal in 1956 wasn't normal now and so it was hard to tell if someone was acting shady or if he was just too damn old to get it. Even the cars had betrayed him, looking at the shiney curved flimsy looking cars parked along the street he couldn'tell how high they were supposed to ride and tell if there was someone inside trying to lay low. The only good thing was that nobody seemed to pay attention to anybody so he figures he had that cue at least, anybody looking at him for longer than a moment was a possible threat. So he sits reading his paper and eating his disgusting burger and fries from a joint called Big Belly which tasted like they were 90% grease by volume, the coke though tasted like coke even if it had to be drank through the film of grease that had built up in his mouth from his lunch.

He'd just balled up his take out bag, most of his meal still inside, before he spotting someone paying attention to him. Then another, then another, and then another. They were spaced wide apart but coming at him from both sides.

"Glad some things haven't changed" he murmurs to himself, checking that his service pistol was still secure under his coat. For all he knew they could be cops, but he doubted anyone in this time outside of Peggy, May, Abcde and HYDRA knew his face (if only he knew) so his money was on HYDRA. Even so he didn't want to get into a gunfight on a city street without the authority of the law behind him.

He gets up moving across the street, cars honking and breaks squealing, he makes for the door of the Swordfish as the men break cover and give chase.

One man reaches him first, grabbing Daniel's right arm while, he subtly brandishes a knife. ^"Come with us and take us to the witch and you don't get hurt,"

Daniel doesn't waste his time, he twists free of the grip on his arm left hand coming up as the man slashes at him with the kife. Pain shoots through his hand, as he feel the steel of the knife tear flesh until it hit's the metal of his wedding band.

Right arm free Daniel punches the man in the throat. As the man gags for air Daniel gives him a shove with his shoulder towards the traffic speeding around them. There's a squeel of breaks and a crunch as body meets car, Daniel just turns and limps quickly towards the curb even as two more men approach.

Amora has posed:
It's been a rather lonely existence for Enoch now that the Swordfish has closed doors. No longer that little blurb of Agent gossip in the air. He perhaps wasn't expecting to miss it as much as he did. But then again, meeting up with May had brought up some old memory banks to work again, remembering some of the past. Why did it tickle him so to think on that? Memories were just imprints on the database. Nothing more. Supposedly.

The show must go on though, and so Enoch had kept with the same routine, that same programming. Waking up at 5am, getting the tables prepped, cleaning glasses. Some people had come knocking, government, as expected. But he had been deemed inconsequent. Just the bartender really. It suited him fine. It was not his purpose to interfere in the affairs of SHIELD, or anyone else really. He was here only to observe. Or so he told himself.

Security feeds have continued to run on the outside. Protective measures the place had, all very hush hush, to make sure the place wasn't compromised. It's there that he spots that familiar face in trouble. A quick sweep over the memory banks. 95% probability of being Daniel Sousa. But wasn't he supposed to be dead? Though that would explain the temporal anomaly he had detected.

And well, damn it. This doesn't seem like a fair fight. Besides, Lily wouldn't forgive him if he just let this be...

The sound of car tires screeching out from a side street is heard, a mini cooper, approaching at speed where Daniel is. A bald head is seen inside, leaning over the passenger seat.

"Come with me if you want to continue to exist."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
/That/ wasn't a face Daniel expected to see here. "E?" he asks for a moment before he sees one of the men draw a pistol. Continuing to exist it is!

Daniel dives headlong into the car and yanks the door closed behind him, still clutching his bleeding hand closed to try and slow the bleeding.

Door closed, Daniel glances back at the men, before shouting "Step on it!" as they close in on them, weapons drawn.

Amora has posed:
A shot wheezes past as the door is closed, Enoch saying in that monotone voice of his, "They are shooting at us." yet that expression is almost as if he was excited. Though Daniel doesn't have to tell him twice. He does step on it, the car starting to gain speed as they leave the premises. A few more shots are heard but they appear to be leaving the ambush, "Maybe I should had upgraded to the hunter package before this just in case they pursue. But I estimate we will lose them soon." whatever that means!

"Weren't you supposed to be dead, Agent Sousa?" He then asks, turning to look at Daniel. And yes, he isn't looking at the road now.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel watches as they leave the HYDRA men in their dust, that only left one problem and unfortunately he was driving their vehicle. "I could say the same thing, I remember you being there back when it was the SSR's favourite drinking joint, what gives? How do you look exactly the same as you did when I left?" he asks the man, his hand moving towards his gun under his jacket. He's not drawing it but he's clearly /very/ concerned.

Amora has posed:
No good deed ever goes unpunished! Such was the life of an anthropologist who was supposed to stay neutral. Inner sigh.

Enoch tilts his head to the side, certainly not appearing to expect the reaching out for the weapon. "Curious. Were you not supposed to be thankful?" he looks back to the road. "But yes, I do suppose you have questions. Always do. Remembering this face does prove you are the same, even if it does not explain how you came back to life." another turn, tires screeching and now no more pursuit is seen, Enoch starting to slow down the car to a more normal rhythm.

"I am Enoch, yes." He confirms. "I am a chronicom, a synthetic being. I'd prefer not to offer too many details, for it may be too much for you at this point. But Lily- I mean Agent May would vouch for me. We should find them."

He looks back to Sousa, "Are you aware of SHIELD having been disavowed?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel continues to keep his good hand on his weapon while giving Enoch a long searching look until he mentions May and Lily, that seems to satisfy him enough that his good hand moves away from the weapon and rests on his lap.

That's when the rest hits him, "Maybe my life is getting weird enough that it didn't register right but did you just say you're a robot?"

Amora has posed:
Again with the robot? First May calling him a tinman and now a robot! Bah! "A synthetic being." E doesn't hide the affront of being called a robot, eyes now back on the road and not looking at Daniel. "Is it stranger than someone stepping into this time through a temporal anomaly. I did warn Agent May that there are always consequences. This is not to be toyed with." a beat, "There are always two sides."

"Now, being an anthropologist I am fascinated on how you got to be here at this time Agent Sousa. What happened?" he asks.

And then as if he was just considering this for the first time. "And what should be our destination?" for he certainly doesn't know about where other Agents may be.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Sorry, synthetic being," Daniel corrects and genuinely seems sorry and a little embarrassed by the mistake. "First time meeting one," he says before looking thoughtful and a little bit dazed. "Big week for firsts, actually. And no, I guess not, so you know about the TIME HOLE and all of that?" he asks before offering answers.

"Similar situation to May some goon got the drop on me in LA and instead of getting lead in my gut I fall on the floor of some antique shop along with this girl and a guy who looked like he just walked off of a production of Romeo and Juliet. From what I understand magic is involved," he says not wanting to give too much more away just yet. "And Forrest Hills Apartments in Queens," he digs into his pocket for a note book, flipping it open to where he wrote down the address. "Here," he says, grimacing a bit to see how much blood he got on the book...and the seats. "Sorry about the car, I'll cover what it costs to clean it," he says, "I'd say SHIELD will cover it, but like you said, it's not having the best time ever right now, saw the speech from the SecDef, that guy's a real piece of work."

Amora has posed:
"I know about temporal anomalies." Enoch confirms with a brief, almost mechanical nod, another turn taken and he continuing down the street now at a very mild speed. Yet as for magic. "Magic is just science that humans do not go to the trouble of trying to explain." seems he has *opinions* on a few things. He glances at the address as it's given, a momentary pause. "Yes. I know where that is."

Full-on break, a twist of the steering wheel as they do an 180 degrees turn to go back from where they came from. It's what the GPS tells him!

"Do not worry yourself about the car. I only take it out during the weekends for groceries." for such is the routine life of Enoch! When he is not making 180 spins with his mini cooper in the middle of the street.

"The other agents were speaking of Hydra. Your presence here does .., bring a twist Agent Sousa. As I have told Agent May the universe always tries to compensate for these events. And your arrival will be no different."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel holds on tight as Enoch brings the car around in 180 turn in the middle of the street all without turning them into a mess of metal, blood and whatever's inside a synthetic person.

"Wow, you're a helluva wheel man, we were definitely wasting your talents tending bar," he says, before they're driving again. "Yeah, definitely HYDRA and looking for a friend of mine we need to go warn her, and then we'll try to find the rest of the agents, any chance they left a number you can reach them at?" he asks.

"And what sort of compensation are we talking here?" he asks, worry etched on his face.

Amora has posed:
"I do not get involved. I am just the bartender, as I have always been." Enoch tells Daniel. And that part seems important! No getting involved. Of course he had just broken that rule. But that's details. Maybe the human wouldn't find the logical fallacy there.

"I do not have contact with the others, no. They all threw their phones away, they should have new ones. Burner phones." Is he talking about phones that burn?

"I will drive you back to your friend's place, but that is as far as I can go. I will advise you to be careful. If you were being approached near the swordfish it means they will know your face now." he turns down the highway leading to Queens, motions very precise.

"Until I get more data I won't be able to tell. You did say someone else came with you? Perhaps the answer lies there. But whatever it may be, it won't be a good thing." all delivered in that efficient manner of his. No emotion on the words.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel takes in Enoch's words with a frown, opening his mouth about burner phones but doesn't opt to say anything just yet. "So, no numbers huh," he says. "Well, once we get my friend in Queens, think you could drive me out to Long Island, I've got one more spot to run down that I hope is still there and off HYDRA's radar," he says.

He nods to the thing about the other guy that came with him, "Well he's not having a good time I think, he got snatched by HYDRA almost as soon as he showed up, it was like they knew where to be. Any idea what sort of bad time we're looking at with this guy?"

Amora has posed:
"It could be something he brings. Or who he is. But it could also be something else entirely, like it was with Agent May." But then Enoch trails off, just smiles and continues on driving. The request to drive him to Long Island is met with silence for a few seconds but eventually he concedes, "Very well." a small nod. Though in truth he was enjoying all this excitement for a change. He didn't get to do this often! (Or at all)

"I am certain Agent Carter will be pleased." There. Bomb drop. But which Agent Carter? Son? Maybe granddaughter!

But then he is driving quietly, taking off the highway and getting into Queens, humming to himself. He likes humming while he is doing his groceries. Helps the time go by more pleasantly.