5821/SHIELD's got some issues

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SHIELD's got some issues
Date of Scene: 01 April 2021
Location: Stark Tower: Penthouse
Synopsis: Clint consults with Tony about SHIELD's current problems.
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Clint Barton

Tony Stark has posed:
"Tacos in the kitchen," Tony's voice floats, disembodied at first, as Clint arrives at the penthouse floor from the elevator. He is not quite as disembodied as the other AI voice of the tower that calmly welcomed Barton and instructed him to attend at the Penthouse, instead of the lower offices.

Tony's located, once entering the apartment, to the right - he's easily spotted once out of the doorway, seated on one of the long, stylish white couches, surrounded by some displays of obvious tech innerworkings. He's lounging comfortably, one leg up, a mostly emptied plate that previously contained tacos nearby. His attire reflects what he was doing: some sort of hardware work, the scent of working in his lab clings, as do some dark smudges to cheek and neck near the slightly battered dark tanktop.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint's dressed casual today, boots, jeans, grey hoodie under a brown leather jacket. The sort of thing for pretty much blending in as you travel in a place you're technically illegal to be right now, even if the SHIELD members in the Avengers have been left alone so far.

"Thanks Tony, how's things?" he asks as he detours into the kitchen to collect on the taco offer. A minute later he comes out with a plate of tacos and joins Tony on the couch. "So I'm guessing you've heard about the SHIELD debacle?"

Tony Stark has posed:
"Yeah, being indefinitely delayed on the upgrades I'd been commissioned for on helicarrier tech really cemented that SHIELD is having a meltdown," Tony jokes, but his tone doesn't stay in quite as heavy of mirth.

"I don't have the inner-spy details, though. Frankly not really good timing to be snooping; I'd mostly just stayed well away from it. I'd appreciate your take on everything, though. Unofficially, if necessary." Tony's multitasking like always, but does slide some of the screens away and they go dark, to give clear attention to his friend and fellow Avenger.

Clint Barton has posed:
He nods, taking a bite of a taco, then saying after swallowing, "Basically, we've been getting some big hits on HYDRA, and they hit back. They're higher in the government than we had imagined. President was supposed to announce our catching a Senator and an Saudi warlord conspiring to sell arms and stolen tech, instead they turned around every plot we've stopped in the past year to be our fault and claimed we're trying to overthrow the US government."

Clint shakes his head, "It's a huge load of crap, of course. We lost good people on those missions, and this is a huge insult to them. We're going to work on fixing it, and that's why I wanted to talk to you."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Yes, this was a downside of me not running for president," Tony says in a thoughtful deadpan, relaxing one shoulder back more into the couch, drawing the other arm to drape it on the back of cushions. It's a thoughtful and attentive pose for Tony, though.

"If all the evidence is pointing right at you and those that fabricated it are all highly ranked... that's a lot to fight, particularly if your resources are all being pulled," Tony observes. "I'm a bit less locked down by SHIELD problems, of course. What'd you have in mind, here?" Tony's quick, but not aggressive: there's more a curiosity about where Clint wants to steer fixing the problem.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint shakes his head, "Nothing too overt. Just hoping to maybe get a hand blacking out some satellites over areas we do missions in so nobody can see us, and then there's these..." He pulls out his SHIELD communicator and tosses it on the table.

"They're riddled with HYDRA tech, which kind of makes them worse than useless. I was wondering if maybe a crate or two of pure StarkTech encrypted communicators could fall off a truck to give us a way to talk without being overheard. Other than that.. you're too high profile to be actually going on missions, you know? So just looking for a little covert logistics."

Tony Stark has posed:
"SHIELD was using a lot of /my/ satellites anyway. It would make sense to block the use, here and there," Tony 'observes' mildly. "After all, who can tell which of these factions are being problematic right now." Which is Tony's slippery way to suggest he'd enjoy mucking up communications in general for the group as a whole, and there's good excuse to stop working with certain government areas in data sharing! "In other words - sure."

Tony's gaze falls on the communicator, and he smirks and lifts a brow at the suggestion of something falling off a truck. "I have a counter suggestion - just replace the OS on your communicators with something that is neither yours nor tracked to me. You'll need to give me a day or so on that, though, but could then upload it across all your given devices."

Clint Barton has posed:
"However you think would work best, long as nobody but us can hear it. I'll leave that to you.. and I'll leave _that_" pointing at the communicator "to you as well to work with." He starts in on another taco, "It's a mess, but we'll get to the bottom of it. We just need some time and the ability to work unobserved, so this will be a huge help to us."

He shakes his head ruefully, "Sometimes this whole spy thing just gets old, you know? Being an Avenger is usually so much easier... see massive threat, shoot massive threat, problem solved. If it wasn't for all the people I call friends in SHIELD - but what can you do? Can't abandon friends just cause things get ugly."

Tony Stark has posed:
"Still, JARVIS can put some power into gathering evidence to counter some of the points being used against you, or examining data for tampering," Tony says, considering. He pulls one of his consoles more towards him, and one-handed keys in a set of strokes - notes, potentially, and direction for the AI that is currently housed at the mansion. "But I'll be keeping him off your communication relay -- so if you want him to dig into something specific to prove innocence, do that at the Avengers mansion."

Tony chuckles at the remarks about Avengers. "Just a different type of danger aimed at the Avengers. Not less. ...Well, some of it's less." Tony tips a salute loosely in regard to the communicator. "Wouldn't suggest you abandon your friends. Just be prudent about not getting dragged under yourself if you can do more as an Avenger to eventually dig them out."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint chuckles and nods, "Maybe not less, but at least we can usually see it coming. Nicer to see the problem and have to work it out then to get blindsided like this. But yeah, I'll try to keep my head above water. Wanda's insisting on helping, which is one of the reasons we need to be able to black things out, so people don't see her at work. On the plus side, I imagine if everything goes south on a mission, I will suddenly find myself safely back in the mansion.

He shrugs a little, finishing the taco, "I do appreciate this Tony, thanks. I didn't want to have to drag too many people into SHIELD's problems, but you're really about the only one who can both do this and I trust enough to ask right now."