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A Little Jazz
Date of Scene: 03 April 2021
Location: Lily Anne's Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Allegra and Sebastian enjoy some jazz and catch up. Allegra is well aware of where she stands in the Hellfire Club.
Cast of Characters: Alexis Carr, Sebastian Shaw

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Lily Anne's was probably Allegra's favorite of the restaurants; the outfits weren't too outlandish, and it served her own demure sense of style. She came here when Purgatory was too busy, and enjoyed the more... classic music from bygone years.

    At the moment, there was a songbird on the stage, crooning along to some 1920's jazz -- the Kentucky Blues.

    Allegra was wearing a black mesh-over cream evening gress, her long hair tucked into a roll at the nape of her neck as she sat, perusing a few binders in front of her.

    She notably did not have alcohol in front of her, but seven up with grennadine, garnished with an orange and a cherry. She was being good -- tonight, at least.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
It is not uncommon for Shaw to end up at one of the clubs or restaurants of the larger Hellfire tower. The man tonight has decided to grace Lily Anne's, walking into the place in a black pinstripe suit, wide cut, like it's the '70s of course, with a cravat, because of course he is wearing that.

The man walks over to the bar, orders himself a drink, and leans there for a moment as he listens to the sound of the music. 1920's Jazz isn't usually his thing, but tonight he seems more than happy to enjoy it. As he leans, he peers around the room, looking for a familiar face -- or at least one he wants to spend some time talking with -- and eventually settles on Allegra. The owner of the club straightens up, and walks in her direction.

"Miss Caradenza, you've missed your last couple of lessons with me. I do hope I haven't put you off to the beautiful game of Chess, have I?' He asks, smiling amiably at the young woman. Clearly he is not offended about her missing his chess lessons, such as they were. "Would you mind terribly if I joined you?" he asks.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra looks up, and she gives a smile.

    "Of course not, Mr. Shaw. Please," she motions to the seat across from her, and she gives a small smile.

    "I apologize about missing our weekly lesson. I have been tending to some business -- both club related, and personal." she states with a small smile, motioning to the binders.

    Two of them have houses, and one has 'Purgatory Midsummer' on it, with ideas for an event for the 'young people's' club.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Well, I do like club business, so I shall allow it. This time." Shaw says with a wink. His drink appears to be a gin and tonic. A tall one. Apparently he plans to be here for a little while. He takes a sip, and then motions towards the Purgatory Midsummer folder, "What do you have in mind?" he asks.

As he settles in, he lets his eyes glide over the evening dress she is wearing, and he adds, "I do hope everything is well, personally? This time of year...seems to really make life unaccountably difficult for people. I don't know what it is about early spring, but, people seem to get pulled every which way. Maybe it's because they can finally get outside for awhile."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "Winter is not an issue for me, Mr. Shaw. I do not get cold very easily." Allegra replies, and she gives a small wrinkle of her nose, as if she were recalling something vaguely unpleasant that did bother her -- a fly in the ointment.

    "I was considering throwing a Post Apocalyptic Solstice party for the Midsummer event. Give the younger members of the club, and legacies, a chance to break out something that isn't finery and an excuse for some outsiders to join in the fun with a half price cover charge." she states. "Consider running promotions on radio stations for advertisements in order to get the word out and see if we can make it a full house. I've already begun research on live electronica and EDM DJ's to perform to keep the energy up." she states, drawing her dark eyes up to Sebastian Shaw.

    "I was hoping to have a full proposal together to submit for your approval, of course. I would hate to start something within the walls of the kingdom, as it were, without your permission."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Oh, I did not mean to impugn your hardiness Miss Caradenza. But, you are exceptional. Unlike most people who see winter as an obstacle to overcome." Shaw replies, before he listens to her mini-presentation. "I like it. I think we fail to utilize the Purgatory space as well as we could. Please coordinate with Ms. Fiore, as I want her to work on a few more events for us before I decide if I want to hire her full time."

The man then settles his gaze on Allegra and asks, "I have been thinking about your position inside this club. I think, perhaps, another evening we should speak more about your ambitions here. This is a good step in the direction I believe you want to go, but we should make sure we are clear on what this means."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "You realize as I worked for Emma, I'm quite clear on my tenuous position within the club. I am neither part of the upper echelon--" she states, closing a book with a house in the Westchester, NY zipcode, "... nor am I simply here because of my name like say, Oliver Queen or the Waynes. I am somewhat of a wraith."

    She steeples her fingers a m oment. Kentucky Blues ends, and a lively instrumental kicks up. The singer picks up a muted trumpet and plays with the band.

    "... because the Club offers me protection from my father, which puts me largely in the Hellfire Club's debt."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Have you ever read the work of Jonathan Edwards?" Shaw asks, leaning back in his chair. "His 'Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God' is one of the most important works of the Great Awakening, as it subverted the Enlightenment by using its own logic to build a case for the existence of the divine. Whether you believe it or not is something else entirely, but he has a very memorable turn of phrase...and I know I am mangling it here, but he says something along the lines of: man is as if a spider suspended by the thinnest of threads that God may cut at any moment, and send them into the fires of Hell."

At this Shaw sits up, leaning forward, and the room itself seems to take on a sinister air, "I am extremely well aware of who you worked for, and your personal situation. Do be sure that you do not find yourself suspended by a thin thread over the fire." He then takes a long sip of his drink, before he leans back in his chair again, adding, "Fortunately for you, you happen to have talents that extend beyond your pretty face, or your inheritance. I am convinced you will one day be a shining star of our organization."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "I assure you, Mr. Shaw, I am no spider." the girl states quietly. Her lips set, and she looks at one of her hands as she turns it over, then she draws both her hands down to her lap. She turns her gaze back to Shaw, as demure as ever, the perfect and unsuspected young woman, an ingenue.

    "I /am/ The Fire."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A slow sip of his gin and tonic, and then stands up, "That is what I like to hear. I will be seeing you, Miss Caradenza. I, unfortunately must attend to some business," and he is about to walk away when he stops and turns back to her, "It has been, a pure delight catching up with you. I expect to see you for a lesson this week," and then, he's off to speak with a member who has been staring intently at him for the past five minutes from another table.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra gives a sweet smile, and then re-opens the second binder, and turns a page.

    It contains a lay out of a building in nearby Manhattan, with its fire alarm system codes highlighted and marked on where to disable the alarms and sprinkler system.

    Personal business indeed.