5853/Dealing With Popups

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Dealing With Popups
Date of Scene: 04 April 2021
Location: Alias Investigations
Synopsis: Colleen is one of the Defenders who answers Jessica's call for input about Oracle, as she's concerned over an impending meeting with the mysterious figure.
Cast of Characters: Jessica Jones, Colleen Wing

Jessica Jones has posed:
After a recent encounter with a very strange behaviour on her laptop, Jessica pretty much approached all Defenders for some help, just so happens that Colleen had the earliest availability. She asked her to meet in her office, Alias, and as soon as Colleen walks inside, Jessica closes the door behind her and walks her over to her kitchen area, "anything to drink?" She asks, already pouring some whiskey for herself.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    It's not too common for Colleen to be in this part of town, let along in Jessica's home slash detective agency. The smell of whisky is enticing and she suddenly has the desire to join in. "I'll have a whisky if you're offering," she says with a small smile.

    Apart from Danny, the Defenders weren't exactly killing it in the life perspective. Colleen is paying her rent week to week just barely, so any offer of food or drink is generally a yes from her. "How have you been?," she asks sincerely. "I've accepted a part time job working at a school teaching kids self defense. It's more of what I normally do, just in a school full of... kids with super powers. Not all of them, just lots of them."

Jessica Jones has posed:
Jessica smiles as Colleen accepts the offer, and pours her a glass as well, "...usual..." Jessica down plays any concerns of how she's been, aside for the issue at hand. Instead of asking how Colleen has been doing, she just mouths, "you saw my note on that Oracle character, right? Well, she kinda sorta hacked my computer and set up a meeting with me, only I'm super concerned it might be a trap...although a trap specifically for me. Meaning, someone who is not me should be fine," Jessica explains without going into too much details, she does reach for a note she already filled out with an address, "this is the place I'm supposed to meet this 'Oracle', I was going to ask if you don't mind scouting the place or even go instead of me? I'll be on hand for support if needed, but I imagine you will not be engaged at all...I just need you to tell me if there's anyone looking purple or wearing purple around that place, that's all. You cool with that?" She asks nervously, and before Colleen even noticed Jess was drinking, her glass is empty and she's pouring herself another round.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    It's hard not to like Jessica. She's always straight to the point. Colleen takes the whisky and has a small sip. No need to rush these things. "I did see your note about Oracle. She hacked your computer?," she asks with surprise. Surprise because that might mean Jessica was on to something important. Besides some guy cheating on his wife.

    Colleen takes out her phone and begins to touch at things, opening up the Birds app that Oracle set up on her phone. If this was legit, there'd have to be some kind of note in their system about it. Recent Contacts > Jessica Jones. She raises an eyebrow and nods her head to Jessica.

    "That's not going to be a problem at all," she answers. Even if it wasn't Oracle who did it she can take care of herself. Jessica does have complex trust issues that are entirely justified. She changes app and puts in the address. "What time is this meant to happen? - you should definitely come. I expect if only I turned up this person might think you shrugged them off. What signal will we use for me to give the all clear? .. text message?"

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Are you sure...?" Jessica asks, a bit surprised by how readily Colleen seems to accept her rather vague ask. Jess knows she'd be hella suspicious if anyone had asked her on such an assignment, it's precisely why she initially thought to only turn to Matt. But she honestly needs to start trusting the other Defenders more.

Jess is clearly not a fan of going anywhere near that meeting until she has assurances, and already downs her second glass. "I don't know that I should come, but maybe grab Matt along? Maybe even Danny? I just...I'm afraid it might not be the safest for me."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen takes another slightly longer sip of the whisky and says, "Right...." she pauses and stares out the window at the building across the street. "I'm going to level with you Jessica. I know Oracle. I've met Oracle," she says because she is keenly aware of Jessica's trust issues and lying to her? when they're team mates? the Defenders doesn't need that kind of drama - life is hard enough for them as it is.

    "I can't really tell you much about her," she says revealing gender, "because she's extremely secretive. But I'd probably say she might be the best computer hacker in the world?" Colleen considers her next words carefully. "I think it's best you meet her for yourself, make up your own mind. But she's one of the good ones, hunting down the bad guys etc. Not trivial stuff, stuff that matters. I consider her.. an ally."

    She nods, there, that makes sense and is completely true. She couldn't call her a friend.. and after the weird change in who Batgirl was she's not sure really who all Oracle is. "I've done some work for her," she continues and says, "and I just checked an app on my phone to see if it was really Oracle that reached out to you - or if it was some elaborate trap. It's her, it's legit."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"What...!?" Jessica snaps, a bit annoyed perhaps, but at the same level quite intrigued. "So...you've met this Oracle? Never seen anyone in purple around her?" Jessica wonders. "Well, d'uh, she hacked me!" Because Jess is clearly the best cybersecurity expert in the world.

"Wait...she installed an app on your phone like she installed a software on my laptop? Are you working with her...? Do you know what she wants with me? She was cryptic as fuck about a meeting she wants to have, which is why I was so worried it's a trap..."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen lifts up her hands a little bit but doesn't apologise. "I agree with Matt, we can't have too many secrets between us if we're ever to be an effective team. That's why I'm telling you now instead of you finding out from someone else later. She wears purple, Oracle that is."

    There's another nod and she says, "Yes and yes. Though.. about you? or whatever it is you and she have crossed paths on? not a clue. I'm not in her inner circle, just an ally. I'm happy to help out if it means I get one up on The Hand. Sometimes our interests intersect."

    She nods her head, "You're not wrong to worry it could have been a trap. But I have no idea what she wants with you - there's no way she'd be out to get you. First of all, you're way stronger than her so she'd be stupid to think she could take you. And second of all, I checked the app and it simply said she had made contact with you. I ... think the only way you're going to get answers is to ask her yourself."

    "I'm happy to still go with you, make sure it's really her that turns up. Believe me Jessica, I'm on _your_ side here. We're the Defenders after all. I'm not going to ever throw you under the bus."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Does she..." Jessica twitches, in fact, she looks odd. Fearful. A very un-Jessica things. "Do you know her? As in 'know' know her? Suppose I go to that meeting on my own, what are the odds of me ever coming back?" Jessica asks, and by the tone of her voice, she thinks that's a high likelihood. She at least recognizes how important beating the Hand is to Colleen, and she nods slowly at that. "I see...the mutual benefits based cooperation."

The glass is pushed aside, and Jessica continues drinking directly from the bottle, before taking a break long enough to say, "thank you for coming here, Colleen, I'll need to think it over...over all, you'd rate her safe, right?"

Colleen Wing has posed:
    She finishes off her glass of whisky and looks concerned for Jessica. "There is a one hundred percent chance you're coming back," she says with seriousness and confidence. "Jessica. You're going to be fine and now i'm going with you whether you like it or not."

    "...and yes, for people like us she is safe. For evil doers and the like, not so much." How does she explain that she's not Batgirl but she dressed like Batgirl and at the time probably was Batgirl but now isn't Batgirl? ... too hard. "I'm coming with. I'll even bring my sword. If it's a trap we will deal with it together.. but Jessica, it's Oracle. You're going to be fine."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"If it's a trap...none of us is coming back, it's very important that you really can vouch for her..." Jessica remarks, "I'll let you know when I set that meeting up. I have to think it over with a clear head," which is clearly not the case now that she's working on a bottle of whiskey.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen places down the empty glass and stands up. "I'm vouching for her Jess," she says with a slightly more concerned look. "I've seen her in person. I've seen her work. Everything will be okay."

Jessica Jones has posed:
"Good, that's good to hear...I'll be in touch," Jessica notes, and then takes the bottle of whiskey with her as she heads not to her office, but towards her bedroom, apparently thinking Colleen will show herself out and not having a concern in the world about it.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen nods her head and then watches as Jessica retreats to the bedroom. "I'll.. uh... see you later Jess," she says and turns around a bit, "... see myself out." She smirks a moment. This is probably tacit acceptance of trust from Jessica. That works for her. She goes to the door and shuts it behind herself, making sure it's locked. Down the elevator and then heading for a long walk to clear her head and sweat out that alcohol.