5872/April Showers to bring May's Flowers

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April Showers to bring May's Flowers
Date of Scene: 07 April 2021
Location: Roof - Renovated Theatre - The Roost
Synopsis: Cassandra comes accross Phoebe gardening on the Monarch Theater roof. They share a few moments, but realize teh City comes first.
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Cassandra Cain

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The rooftop of the old Monarch theater is a good place for brooding. It's a good place to think and for a geriatric dalmatian to get a bit of a walk around, especially since there's no snow, so Scout is stretched out and lounging on a mat while Phoebe is working.

    She's got some raised beds going, wooden platform boxes lined to face south and get as much sun as possible.

    A radio is playing some punk-rock type stuff as she works, and she hums along, bags of soil, little seedling flowers around her.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Something is on fire in the city. The red glow can be seen from a long ways away. There are a few alarms going off, and a gunshot is heard in the far distance. So all in all a very calm, quiet night. In Gotham City.

Overhead someone passes by, swinging on a line, building to building. It's almost a thing for some cities; New York and Gotham. This one seems to return though, as if curious. Curious or concerned. Concerned or silly. Often all three.

A moment later Phoebe might recognize the form of the person overhead, and the curious glances downward. Either she's being polite, or Cassandra isn't sure if she's welcome.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Normal Gotham night. Phoebe had already made her rounds (and gotten scolded for going alone again), but she gives a pause, looking up, her eyes narrowing to look for a cape or ears against the silouette -- but no.

    It was Orphan. She gives a smile, and a wave upwards to Cassandra as she swings on by.

    Swinging Superheroes are pretty slick and suave.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Someone should tell Spidey that. He seems to think that he's the world's bad luck dump.

Orphan has no such issues. She lets go of her line without hesitation as Phoebe waves, and lands in a crouch in front of the woman. Right in front of her, and stands with an arrogant little smirk on her face. She did that on purpose.

But then she's offering a hello hug to Phoebe, her eyes right on the taller woman's own.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Balm would totally tell Spidey that if she were to meet him again. Of course, her opinions are a little skewed.

    She doesnt even flinch when Orphan lands right in front of her -- she has zero to fear from the deadly little fighter, and she gives a small grin as she crosses her arms.

    "Show off." she greets Cassie in a friendly manner, and then, with a little surprise, she accepts the hug from Cass, gladly.

    "Haven't seen you in a while, staying out of trouble?"

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra lays her head on Phoebe's shoulder, glancing at Scout who is, of course, interested in the new arrival. She gives the puppers a wink, then steps back to let Phoebe be free of her embrace. She leaves her hands on the woman's arms though, looking up at her face.

Cass' eyes glance up and to the left, thinking a moment about the question. Her lips quirk, she gives a head-only shrug, then she turns her head to look around the rooftop.

Releasing one of Phoebe's hands, she really takes it all in. Her gaze lingers on the flowers, and though she's always liked the fresh veggies she seems drawn by the bright colours!

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout makes his way over to Cassandra, gives a couple of snuffs at her leg as she stands near Phoebe, and then sits on her foot, his head leaning back and his tired ol' dog eyes giving her the 'pet me' look.

    Phoebe gives a big of a smile, her fingers holding to Cassandra's arms a moment, drawing to her hands. They've both got calloused hands, from different kinds of work.

    Phoebe turns, and looks over the rooftop.

    "... I did not completely clear this with Tim. Don't tell him." she states, adn she starts rattling off "I've got some candy stripe cosmos over here, I'm starting a bush-style peapod, and I figure in this box I might grow some of those rainbow color carrots -- what do you think? Purple and yellow carrot sticks?" Phoebe asks over to Cass, and she gives Cassandra's hand just a slight squeeze.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra is bending over to pet Scout when Phoebe looks at her, her attention having wandered. She squeezes the hand back, but her primary petting hand scruffles the doggie's head, pats his side, and musses his ears a little.

She looks back to Phoebe, but she makes no response at all to the questions or the comments that the gardener made! It's as if she failed to hear them, but the reality is that she didn't understand. She wasn't looking at Phoebe, so missed the body langauge of the message.

So she stands there, not responding, and points quizzically at the cosmos?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Candy stripe cosmos." Phoebe replies, and she gives a smile.

    "They're pretty, like you." she replies, not really thinking about her wrods, and she motions "And carrots -- like for salads and soups."

    Scout enjoys the lovin' from Cass, and stays by the side of the two women as Phoebe talks about her gardening.

    "And peapods, like from my garden when you visited."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
This time Cass' eyes track where they were directed, though she blinks a moment when called pretty. She glances at Phoebe for an instant, then raises an eyebrow and looks at the carrots.

She picks up a foot and uses her toes to scritch Scout's back-fur gently, but as usual she's not the most chatty. Or at all so. She tilts her head, then looks back to Phoebe more directly. Her foot steps back to the ground, and she points to her own eyes. Then to Phoebe. I see you?

She then turns her grip on Phoebe's hand, pressing them palm to palm. There are times when a translator might help.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    There was a language barrier there. Phoebe had realized afterwards what she said, her cheeks darkening a moment as she raises her free hand ub and rubs on the back of her neck.

    "I.. I'm sorry, Cass." she whispers quietly, and closes her eyes a moment, and then opens them again. "I don't know what you're trying to tell me."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cass nods, not looking upset or frustrated. She looks quite content, slipping her fingers in between Phoebe's own, interlacing the hands. She smiles when she does so, nodding. It may not be English, but it seems somehow intimate.

Her overall body language is surprisingly patient though. As if she has no need to rush anything, an overall timelessness and warmth.

Then she grins widely, showing her teeth, and slips back a bit to let Phoebe have space.

If one had to guess, she's saying that there's no rush?

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe blinks, and she opens her mouth, and then closes it. She raises her eyebrows, and then purses her lips, and then gives a little bit of a laugh.

    "I... I get it now." she states gently, and she laces her own fingers with Cassandra.

    So she bites on the inside of her cheek a moment, and then she reaches over to the side and breaks off a stem of hyacinth.

    It is bright magenta in color. It is very, very fragrant, sweet smelling with its heady perfume, and this she holds out to Cass with a slight smile.

    Of course, Phoebe's general aura is one of warmth and healing. Her very presence heals torn muscles and stretched ligaments and just feels all around good, bout her shoulders are a little tense, unsure and worried.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The ability to pay attention is an underrated power. Heroes have strength, speed, stamina. Flight, laser eyes, all those things. Cassandra looks at people.

She takes the flower, her fingers as gentle as she chooses for them to be, and a small frown creases her brow. Then she lifts the flower into the air, slipping it into her own ear, and proceeds to reclaim her hand. She puts her fists onto her own hips, then tilts her head; her gaze is motherly and direct.

Then she motions, a twirling motion with one hand. Turn around.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe gives a smile. It's not a flower crown, but it is a nice, bright spot in Orphan's otherwise dark attire. Phoebe smiles, and she parts her lips a moment before Cass reclaims her hand, and Phoebe lifts her eyebrows.

    At the motion, her brows knit a moment, and then she gives a small smile, and she shrugs, and goes to turn around.

    Who's going to argue with the mom gaze? It's something hse uses when trying to get people to sit down and take the heals!

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Phoebe doesn't feel a knife, a headlock, or anything of that sort. Her back turned, she feels fingers. But not a massage. Cassandra is scratching Phoebe's back.

Except that she's doing it right.

If you've ever had someone scratch your back, you know that they're never on the right spot. You tell them, up, to the left, down a bit. It's still never the right spot, and they don't stay on the place long enough, or too long.

Cassandra Cain is giving a perfect backscratch. She hits the exact places, her fingernails not teasing at all. She hits behind the shoulderblades until that area is done, then moves and it's just right.

Paying attention: super power.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    ... okay, that is not getting stabbed in the bac, it is so, so much better.

    Phoebe looks surprised a moment, feeling fingers through her shirt, her eyebrows r sing a sshe tenses and gives a questioning look back -- but... it was nice. Gentle. Oddly intimate.

    And it felt good. She doesn't have to shift around, and between gardening, training, patrols and armor -- backs get itchy. It was a way of life.

    It is, indeed, the perfect backscratch.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The backscratch stops after a while. There's no rush to it, and when it ends it would hopefully feel natural. There's no Cassandra standing close behind Phoebe then though, no looming or waiting. The silent one put all of her mind into the work, but her real work is still there, still waiting.

If Phoebe turns around, she will find Cassandra standing on the edge of the roof, staring off. Downward into the darkness. Her eyes are unfocused, her mind elsewhere.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    That's the thing about Gotham heroes. There's never really enough time for... everything.

    Phoebe knows the drill.

    She smiles, looing to Cassandra, and she draws to the shorter woman's side, and she lightly puts a hand to her shoulder, and then slowly brings her arm around.

    "They need you." she states gently. "Be safe?"

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The eyes don't turn, but Cassandra reads Phoebe's meaning through touch. She feels it, and it's not refused. At least she didn't vanish, when Phoebe wasn't looking.

There is something in the darkness. Cass' nod answers, and she isn't smiling so much. She knows that she'll likely enjoy the fight, but it's different. It's interaction unworthy of her skills, or her soul.

But the feeling of healing from Phoebe eases her way, and she turns so her back is to the precipice. She smiles, she steps out of Phoebe's arm. And she leaps.

For a moment, a swan dive into nothingness. Cassandra arcs backwards into the sky and is beautiful. She traces a line up, back, and closes her eyes. Then she vanishes from view, plummeting downward. She vanishes, but in a new way.

And the sound of a line caster skitters through the night. Then she's gone, swinging toward. And away.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe watches.

    t was graceful to watch, even if her heart was in her throat and her stomach in her shoes whe n Cassandra dives.

    She turned back to the garden, with Scout fiving a bark and a wag of his tail as Cassandra makes an exit, and Orphan is on the move.

    And she knows, once the street lights flicker midway through their watch, Balm will make her rounds as well.

    Such is the life of service to Gotham.