5875/Do you think that's air you're quaking right now

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Do you think that's air you're quaking right now
Date of Scene: 07 April 2021
Location: The Bowl Room - Playground
Synopsis: Daisy makes contact with Master Fu in the world between, where he begins to teach her the way of the unstoppable echo.
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Bobbi Morse

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With all the new duties Daisy has it means she doesn't have a lot of time to explore the mysteries of her past. Not that this isn't pertaining to what she has been doing about the Inhumans but ..., how would she justify it? Talking to the past? Or the voices in my head? Or even worse, talking to the voices in the bowl? Immediate send-out to be examined by a psychologist.

So she has kept this mostly under wraps. It *is* a personal thing afterall. And one she has to explore on her own. So while Jemma is out taking care of setting up the lab so does Daisy sets up on their room to have some alone time with her bowl. She is dressed in a pair of yoga pants, a top, feet bare because only barbarians use shoes while inside their room and she is ready...

"Alright, here we go ..." She takes in a breath, bowl in the center of the room and she sitting cross-legged from it. She closes her eyes briefly, attuning herself to it, feeling and adjusting herself to the vibrations she feels underneath the normal appearance of the old bowl until she finally reaches out..

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Like a ghost coming to life, the siren song of the bowl begins to sing again when Daisy quakes her energy in to it. It's designed to ring in a certain way, to connect her from the now to the distant past. Like an apariton, partly see through like the bowl isn't attuned properly, is Fu, the previous quake from many hundreds of years ago. He has his back to the bowl but turns around when he hears it start to sing.

    "Good," he says in that strange language that feels so familiar. The song of the universe. "You're learning to attune yourself. Push deeper, allow the world between us to become crisp and full," he says. The world between feels a lot like a large dojo with old wood and gentle mats underfoot. It is a certainty that Fu's abilities have shaped this place and it feels as real as the room Daisy was just sitting in.

    "Welcome.. to the world between," Fu says now in focus and solid and wholly there with Daisy. He offers his hand to the sitting newbie.. and he feels alive, warm, a pulse, his smiling eyes moving and his chest rising and falling as if he were breathing oxygen.

    "It may take you some time to adjust to this place. It has been passed down from generation to generation. When you are done learning from me it will become yours to teach the next after you," he says with a kind welcoming smile.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With Daisy focusing further she starts to get entwined with both the words and the song, the connection real in ways she couldn't imagine before. She pushes in, seeking, looking to define the abstract into something solid. She looks around once there is that .., something. That feeling of solid wood beneath her feet. Brows furrow in some surprise but then she is looking up at Fu..

Reaching out she takes the man's hand, blinking once at how real it feels. "This is amazing. How can this be..?" she asks. And just as she gets up she feels woozy. This isn't exactly right...

"Woah there... feels like I am in a twilight zone and my stomach is already starting to turn.." she nearly topples but remains standing.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "How this can be and what this is.. are a deep subject I am happy to teach you - but there are things you should learn first," he says and his free hand strokes down his long wispy grey beard. "Do you have the hypercube with you?," from his long sleeves he presents the solidly black cube of his own and tosses it from hand to hand. "It is your training aid," he adds.

    "I wish to know what you have learned about your gifts so far, what Jiangshi taught you," he says having pieced it together that Daisy is her daughter, "And of course, please.. tell me who you are. Who you really are. I am Master Fu, the Unstoppable Echo. You can call me Fu."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I .., do." And indeed, Daisy had it with her, in fact it was next to the bowl though she wasn't actually holding it just now. There was still something there that left her .., suspicious? "That .., you call it hypercube, which okay it's probably a great name for when you were around. But you have no idea how overused it is during my time. I could tell you of a few movies and ...." though before she trails off into a tirade about movies she shakes her head, stopping herself. "Anyway.., I have it. Though it feels .., alien? Jia had told me about how we came to be. The alien influence. Is this true?"

The mention of Jiangshi has Daisy look around, almost as if looking for something. "Is she .., around?" she then asks, biting on her lower lip, then back to Fu. Clearly she does have some mother issues. But that's what being a supposed orphan does to you. And then you find out that your mother is a vampire of sorts.

"I have learned to attune to the world around, to listen to the song. But I am on the earlier stages. I mostly learned by myself before I found Jiangshi." she explains. "And I am Daisy Johnson, or Quake. But just Daisy is good. And never Ms. Daisy. Or Tremors." he did ask for her to tell him who she really was!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The older man tucks his arms behind his back and ponders thoughtfully before he simply replies, "Quake. It's short, but it'll do." His eyebrows dance, "Not as exciting as the Unstoppable Echo, but it'll do." It seems her wound be mentor has a sense of humour.

    He brings the cube of his own back around in front of him and twirls it in his hand. "In a word - yes. The visitors came and saw potential in us then burned their will in to our blood to make us more than mere humans. You've felt this burn, we all have, when we go through terrigenesis."

    He walks closer and sits down smoothly cross legged before her and places his cube down between them. "Does this worry you? they're gone. The visitors who came were doing so against the will of their own people and they were forced to leave. They have forgotten about us a long long time ago. But we were more than they could have ever hoped for. Our flames burn bright, far brighter than theirs."

    He motions to his black cube shaped thing and says, "Put yours in mine so that they can be one once more and I will show you how it works." He smiles kindly and says, "Jiangshi is not here. She cannot be here - in this place. This place is only for us who know the song."

    In a somewhat grand gesture he throws out an arm and like a mirror reflecting a mirror the dojo space folds outwards and a hundred different people of different ethnicity, age, gender, hair styles, facial expressions.. look back upon Fu and Daisy. Just as quickly, it folds away and Daisy's one short glimpse of all those that came before them is gone. "This is legacy," he says simply.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Look, lets not start to brag about our codenames, mmm? But .., ok, I admit unstoppable echo is rather cool." Damn it, Daisy should had pressed for cooler names when she started this whole superhero thing. But that's how you get names like Tremors to go around. And you never want to go full Tremors. Grrr..

Yet as the topic shifts to that of the cube, the extraterrestrial influence and what they were doing before Daisy sobers up. "See, that's the problem. They were doing this against their people's will, and now we *are* more than they expected." a beat, "What if they eventually do come back to .., erase the mistake?" she frowns, shaking her head. But it was true she was seeing a lot more Inhuman activity as of late. "Jia told me about our powers, this evolution, finding a way. That our powers appear as they are needed.. And we have been finding more and more Inhumans now.." almost as if it was heralding something.

When Fu asks for her to bring her hypercube close she reaches out almost unconsciously. She is trying to do that in the real, but instead the item appears on her hand. Solid and feeling real.

It's when those images appear and she .., pauses. "This has been going on for how long..?" she asks.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    He smiles a cheeky little smile as she admits his name is rather cool. "I do not know if they did it against our will or not when it first began. But you can no sooner choose your facial features than whether or not you are Inhuman now. It is a part of humanity, for good or for bad."

    He lets out a small 'aaah' sound as Daisy mentions purpose. "I see. Yes, it seems as though there is always a need for us. In my time I have found many Inhumans by listening to disturbances in the song. The tell tale signs of terrigenesis, or a new Inhuman testing their abilities for the first time," he says.

    "But the visitors are inscrutable to us.. may be in your time you understand them, but here and now.. I do not begin to assume I understand their motives or what they were trying to achieve."

    There's a smile when she seems drawn in by the legacy she just witnessed, "Who knows hm? as long as humans have walked the Earth perhaps. A very long time ago.. long before we knew how to read and write, or had thousands of languages. When the visitors were forced to leave - we used our gifts to help our human cousins. The world was hard and confusing.. I suppose it still is in my time. Humanity might not have survived its early days without us."

    He picks up the black cube. There is only one now. If anyone were watching in Daisy's room right now they'd see the cube hovering through the air as if Daisy were making it do that.. but it is Fu through the bowl's connection.

    "The cube will absorb all attempts to probe it, except those that fit the lesson. The first lesson is air. I expect you are quite familiar with this." He tosses it in to the air and then holds out his hands and Daisy can feel the wubwubwub of the air quaking, making the cube dance before he lefts it fall to the ground with a thunk. "Your turn."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
With the focus now being the training Daisy puts the other matters aside. The worries. The questions about their visitors. Sure, she still has many doubts about all this. But it can wait too. So instead she watches the cube, now whole, eyes drawn to it and that way in which it just seems to ward off any attempts to breach it. Curious. But it only makes her want her to try harder to break in. Because that's just how she is.

Air though? That's her jam.

"I am." She says with a faint cheeky grin. "Besides having experience breathing it every day all day." see? Humor! ".. But our powers are naturally inclined to the vibrations in the air. And how to manipulate them."

She watches the focus, the quaking of the cube. Seems fairly easy... She takes in a 'breath', focusing, hands extending and she begins to try and manipulate the cube with her air waves, to make it wubwub to her own will.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    He smiles and says, "Good. Now feel inside it with the air. You will find a pocket inside, just air." He says and holds out his hand. His focus becomes refined and the wubwubwub through the air entirely disappears until Daisy can feel him just tiny pushing the air inside it, knocking it about in the air by tickling the pocket inside of the structure. It's clear there are other things inside it that aren't air too. The secrets of the cube. He lets it drop to the ground.

    "Now you try. The key is to know that there is air everywhere and where you begin your echo is up to you. It does not come from you, it is the air that moves to your will," he says sagely and strokes his long beard again.

    "Why would you think they might come back.. and why would you think they'd consider us a mistake hm? may be they would visit us again one day and celebrate our wondrous success. May be they've been watching from afar, cataloguing our steps toward whatever future they imagined for us."

    He smiles, "Of course, if they do think we are a mistake and try to destroy us.." He turns away from daisy and lifts up his arms. The most complex array of pulses emit ahead of him, ripping the very nature of this world between apart, like tears in reality shattering, like a Destroyer of Worlds.

    He stops after his demonstration and the world knits back together keenly. "You will learn this. Hopefully you will never need this," he says with an apologetic look to Daisy. The cacophony he created in the song seems to echo off in to the distance away from them.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You said they were acting against their people's will and were forced to leave. And if we are so much better than they imagined ..., well.., it wouldn't take a big step to reach a conclusion that some of their .., factions.., wouldn't be happy." A sigh, Daisy then smiling a bit grimly to the old master. "Sorry, it's just that the world is messed up now, with all the persecution against mutants, and others like us. It's not easy to think there'd be others wanting us harm too, even interstellar threats."

The explanation about the cube doesn't go unperceived though, she taking note mentally before her mind focus. She reaches in, towards the cube, to find that pocket, playing and juggling it about, or at least trying to. But if anything she has learned this lesson, or something similar with all her quaking. And her time at Afterlife meant she also learned from Jiaying. How to listen and manipulate the song to her wants.

The cube clatters back to the ground when Fu does that demonstration. Her eyes widen just so, perhaps with a touch of fear?

"What did you just do?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Ahh.. carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders already. So young," he says as if he knows exactly what she's talking about. He watches as she struggles to make the cube dance quite so easily now that it's become refined and delicate. But her attention is entirely taken by his demonstration of .. "discord."

    He strokes his beard a little and he says, "It seemed like you needed reassurance that there was... more." He smiles a touch mysteriously and says, "And that isn't even our greatest ability. When you learn to sing the song in your heart properly you will understand what I mean. But for now, the bowl is what helps you learn. It sings only one song - the song of the world between."

    "I promise you, if you master the cube, you will understand discord. You will understand how to do ... this," he says and does a new demonstration. Daisy can pick up how he's making the air rub against itself until suddenly it ignites in to flame and he draws his arms apart, quaking the flames in to a wild twirling shape.

    And just as suddenly, the flames are put out when the fire alarm in Daisy and Jemma's room goes off. The sprinkler system dousing the bowl and deadening its ring. Jemma will likely appreciate the liberal application of water in to the room. The flames were real. But for now, the connection to the world between is simply.. gone.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy's focus is all on that last demonstration. It's something she fears. How far one can go with their powers if unchecked. She had felt glimpses of it when she was at Afterlife, during the attack. At the time Matt calmed her down .., but what would happen if he wasn't there?

Still, the sudden clapping of air and the fire, along with the disappearance of Fu and his room and now she being in the middle of a little fire hazzard makes her quickly come back to reality. "Oh great..." she groans, getting up to her feet and moving to get the fire alarm under control. No need to douse everything!

"I can almost hear Jemma now ...., so you talking with your magic bowl did this? Of course it did, Daisy..." and then the judging look. Yea, she knew she'd get it!

Bobbi Morse has posed:

    "Wait for it," Davis says watching the security footage from Daisy and Jemma's room. Piper is getting impatient. Daisy is just sitting there cross legged in yoga pants after all and top. It's hardly exciting illicit footage. "This is private, we shouldn't be watching it. She's just sitting there," Piper says.

    Davis points to the screen, "Just wait for it.. look, there it is." The cube lifts up off the ground and starts to fly about Daisy and falls to the ground, then lifts up again.. and again.. and again. Then suddenly flames leap in a wild arc around Daisy and the fire alarm goes off.

    Piper is speechless and says, "Wow, how did she do that?" Davis nods his head, "I know right." Piper looks at him with wide serious eyes, "So awesome." Davis nods his head again, "I know right." Piper takes from her pocket a $10 note and hands it to Davis. He snaps the note between his fingers and says, "Thaaaank you. Now we leave before somebody realises we're not supposed to be in here."