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LeDate Night
Date of Scene: 09 April 2021
Location: Salem Center
Synopsis: Rogue and Remy stroll the streets of Salem Center after seeing a pirate movie.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy takes a long pull from the over sized cup full of soda, though after the hours have passed since they bought it, it's more or less empty, so it's making that awful slurping bubbling sound as he tries to get every last drop of syrupy goodness out. He finishes with a smack of his lips and a grin over towards his date. "Oh, did you want some?" He asks, looking like the cat that ate the canary towards Rogue. He holds the door open out of the cinemaplex for his date and shrugs his shoulders, "So, Ah didn't think they were makin' pirate movies any more, but dat, dat wasn't so bad. The music was good'n'nuff, and what's'er face was looking pretty good in dat giant poofy dress... Got me t'inkin' Ah should get you one. non?" The cajun teases as he drops the empty cup in a garbage can and catches up to Rogue. "If'n you'd wear it mon ami."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is sorting out some stuff in one of those littl eleather backpacks she has hooked over her arm. It's a purse, but it's also NOT A PURSE. She smirks at the Cajun's offer of the non existent soda and shakes her head. "Thanks, but I'm good." She tells him.

With the door open she steps out in to the nice refreshing clean air that doesn't smell of popcorn and old movie theater carpets. She steps around some people outside who she smiles at before she looks back to the one and oly Mr. LeBeau.

"This is what ya get for skippin' out on us all the time." She tells him now, walking backwards slowly cause there weren't anyone there when they came out. "We did a Pirate night in the Danger Room. Jean and I were all dressed up fancy like, her in a Nobility gown and me in a sexy pirate girl thing. We were fightin' skeltons and monsters, and Kitty who was dressed up like a Nutcracker soldier. It was great."

She pauses near the edge of the sidewalk and hooks the leather backpack over both of her shoulders now, smiling big.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah ain' skippin out on ya all the--- Okay. Maybe Ah do... it's not easy bein' this loved, an' 'ated Marie." Remy notes with a sorrowful look flashing across his face briefly before he catches up to Rogue, and stands nearly shoulder to shoulder with her. If only they were the same height.

    His face grows a bit regretful and then another flash of an entirely different emotion crosses his face. "You make everythin' you wear a 'sexy blank girl thing'. Remy notes casually, as if he was taking a breath of air or sipping water. The flirting comes so naturally to him. "Eit'er way, we needs to redo dat exorcise, or Ah'll jus' haveta watch the recordings." Remy winks with a hand moving effortlessly to rest on the small of Rogue's back, a gesture of his affections as they walk.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stands there now with her thumbs hooked under the leather strap sof the bag. She's got gloves on, but she's wearing a long sleeved baseball t-shirt with red sleeves and a white torso. Blue jeans and a dark blue hoodie is tied around her waistline. Her hair is loose around her shoulders and the two-toned nature of the style always draws attention when she's in public, looks and sometimes even pictures. She enjoys the attention though, as Remy well knows.

She grins at his attention to though and turns to walk with him after he joins her. They parked down a few blocks near the burger place that Jubilee worked at.

"I'm sure there are recordin's, just make sure ya lock the door before you 'review them'." She tells him with a sideways grin at him. When she looks forward she draws in a deep breath. "I don't feel like goin' back yet. The sun ain't even down yet." It'll be down in like fifteen minutes, but still!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's clothes are the brown peacoat he's picked up since having his old duster shredded by that bitch Frost's experiments, and it's New York in the winter, of course he needed something to keep warm. A dark purple t-shirt on underneath today, and even no fingerless gloves this time. He doesn't look like some wanna be computer hacker dweeb.

    "Ya posin' again, Ah swear, you an that superguy... always posin'." Remy teases with a pinch of Rogue's waist, making sure he grabs shirt between the two of them. He's not stupid. Just acts that way. His jaw goes slack and he looks almost offended, a first, the man doesn't seem to have an ounce of conscience in him most days, so this is completely alien to me. "You t'ink I'm some sorta preevert... a common... master baiter?! Marie De La Troix. You offend me and my honor." His hand clutches at the pearl necklace he doesn't wear, like some old 1800's grandmotherly figure. "Ah am beside myself."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just laughs at his comments about how she'd labeled him as such. She shakes her head side to side, her white bangs brushing against the sides of her face. "I most certainly did not. I was merely makin' humorous commentary, ya see?" She says. "What you do in your own time is a mystery t'me." She never misses a chance to dig at him like that!

She did pose for a picture though, two tonight so far as some of the kids who stopped them coming out of the burger joint earlier recognized her as Mighty Woman. "And hey, the more I do in the super hero world, the more this kinda thing is gonna happen. Ya should see my online followin'. It's gettin' so big I can't even do live chats without havin' t'slow the chat down. Plus, hey... the donations are nice too." She grins at him then as she hooks her thumbs under the waistline of her jeans now.

They walk onward and pause at one of the intersections of downtown Salem Center. A blue sedan is waiting for the light, so the cross walk comes on and Rogue starts across the street, waving to the two people inside the car in a friendly fashion.

She's in agood mood and as Remy knows, when she's happy, she tries to spread the love to everyone around her.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Her love and kindness can be an infectious thing, as he's grown well aware of in his time in her shadow. One that's grown much MUCH more large lately. He looks at her, and at times is lost in the wonders that is simply /her/. Her body, her mind, her soul. She's amazing. The cajun feels that his greed and narcissism don't play well with her kindly nature, but, he also is enough of a stubborn ass to ignore his own thoughts and just punch into a class out of his leage.

    Plus the shadows are the darkest nearest to the ones the spot light shines upon.

    Remy shakes his head. "Are you talkin' about dat twitch stuff? Ah can' ever figure it out, Ah mean, all dis stuff you can do, ya blow my mind Marie." He says, stepping up and lowering his head, "Ah t'ink dat might be why I'm always runnin' from ya an' everyone..." He follows beside her on the cross walk, lifting his hand to wave as well to those in the car, but he doesn't make a big show of it like Rogue does. Just polite.

    "Ah worry Ah'm not good enough. Y'know?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches the other side of the street and hops up on to the curb before she huffs out a heavy exhale and looks back to Remy. "Youtube. Not Twitch. I hate video games." She tells him with a grin. "Well, I don't hate them, I just... think theyr'e a waste'a time." He knwos this about her, he's for surely heard her say this before.

She prefers being outside, or doing something personal, or with friends face to face. She's a classical girl at least like that. "Youtube lets you do live streams and get donos from people who wanna chat directly at your face." She grins at him. "So I've been uploadin' videos here and there of me just out doing stuff t'build up an audience. Why am I even goin' t'college when I could do this instead?"

She's kidding, don't smite her Jean!

Rogue bumps shoulders with him as they walk past a motorcycle repair shop. "YOu could learn t'do anything like that. You're smart as a whip. I mean look what ya do with those cards? Ya got the magic hands, Remy LeBeau." She can flirt too and the smile at him proves it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks down at his shoulder, and looks up to the motorcycle repair shop, with a smile growing across his face, his melancholy momentarily past, as he takes a deep breath and tugs at the lapels of his coat, making sure it's straight. "Ah could. Ah already know how t'wrench a thing or two, but Ah ain't exactly an expert like Scott. That guy." Remy says with a click of his tongue before looking at Rogue and lifts his eyebrows at her.

    "You ever take your audience flying?" The man asks, curious and with an almost hopeful look on his face. "Dat would be somethin' Ah'd tune in for." The cajun showing a hint of jealousy as he walks past the repair shop and keeps up with the long legs on Rogue.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at him and shakes her head as he pops his collar walking pas thte motorcycle shop. shew ants to ask him if he's 'visited the place after hours' but she doesn't make that joke as it's too over the line, right?

"I have friends down in Jersey who are Paramotor pilots. I found them up in the sky one day and like t'fly with'em. They have Youtube channels, and I'm in a few of their videos. I might make some'a my own with'em sometime. I should get one'a those Go Pro things." She grins at the Cajun as she pulls out the car keys from her pocket.

She fiddles with them and uses her phone to get the car started and warmed up before they even get to it. Its not cold, but it is getting chilly with the sun going down.