5918/Harley and Aimee's Cross-Country Cavalcade: Part 2 - Grand Theft Auto

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Harley and Aimee's Cross-Country Cavalcade: Part 2 - Grand Theft Auto
Date of Scene: 12 April 2021
Location: Chicago, baby!
Synopsis: Harls and Aims do a favour for a mob boss who makes a mean pizza.
Cast of Characters: Aimee Alexander, Harley Quinn

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The hotel that Aimee and Harley had stayed at was a fairly basic affair, really just a room for the night close to Niagara Falls. A simple and rather underwhelming complimentary breakfast was included, and then the pair left early once again on the next leg of their drive.

Once again Aimee had taken to getting some more sleep in the passenger seat as they made their way towards Chicago for lunch. Though, having felt a little guilty about sleeping through the entire drive last time the teen had insisted Harley at least leave the radio on this time. There was no reason to risk the clownette going any crazier.

Eventually though, the teen awakens; this time while the car is still on the highway. With a soft groan, and a pull of the lever that reclines her seat to allow it to straighten back up, she blinks blearily and tries to get an idea of where they might be.

The back of her hand covers a large yawn before she turns her head to her girlfriend. "How long was I asleep?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
It might have been an underwhelming breakfast but damn right that Harley had let out a nice little burp. Some say it's the greatest form of food praise! And then it was time to get back on their venture! A big wide smile was on Harley's face this morning, shining like the sun while she took on to do the drivin' while Aimee slept. And indeed the radio was ON! Though with Aimee sleeping it off (again!) it meant there was no big radio fight on what station they'd be listening to.

When Aimee is waking up there's a loud music on the speakers, one which Harley is singing along with, "I am a bitch, I am a boss.." she is wiggling her shoulders from side to side with her seat LEANED back! Hands are off the wheel! But she has a foot on it. Things are a-ok! ".. And I shine like gloss.." she continuing on with the music..

Truth be told, it's a damn highway that goes straight ahead so ..., the danger seems minimal!

The Chicago skyscrapers are visible, they clearly close to their destination already as Chicago looms ahead. "Well, depends. A couple of hours, or as I like to count it, 458 snores.." a wink given to Aimee.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee half-heartedly glares at the clownette. "Well now I *know* you're bullshitting me, there's no way you counted how many times I snored." Despite the conviction in her words, the teen chews her lip with uncertainty. It *is* Harley after all.

It actually takes her a few seconds to mentally process the position Harley is driving in, and she visibly inhales about to comment on it. Then, after a short pause, deflates and shakes her head. There's no arguing with Harley, especially with the clownette has probably been driving this way for a while now without issue. Glancing at her girlfriend out the corner of her eye, the teen merely settles for a resigned "Please don't crash. Seems like we've reached Chicago but we've still got over half the country to cross..."

Her piece said, Aimee takes out her make-up kit; a light dusting of foundation brushed over her face before she takes the risk of applying some subtle eyeliner, hoping Harley's driving won't have her poking herself in the eye.

"So... pizza for lunch, yeah?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"When there's a will there's a way." Harley replies with a rather sagely tone and a nod while continuing to drive with her FOOT. Or rather, just keeping it straight really. Yay for american highways!

The music eventually comes to an end and Harley lets out a dramatic sigh. "I love that music..." she does! One of her karaoke favorites. Then a voice heard on the radio, "Good morning, Chicagoans! On this beautiful 12th of April this is Clark Shumin with the news....." and then continuing on. Harley quirks a brow up. "Oh hey, it's the 12th?!" she beams up and then lets out a chuckle. "It's my birthday." she announces in a rather casual manner. Clearly she doesn't seem the type to celebrate them much. But at least she acknowledges them!

"And yeesss, pizza for lunch." She taps on her belly with BOTH hands. "I know juuuuust the place." a devious little grin on her expression.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Wait, it's your birthday? Today? Why the hell are you wasting it driving me to LA?" Aimee's second eye is only partly lined, but this revelation seems to have taken precedence.

A frown creases her forehead, brows pulling down as she mutters a frustrated 'Damn it!' to herself, before mustering the most earnest look she can manage for the clownette "I didn't know, or I woulda got you something at least. God, I am the *worst* girlfriend... I..."

She pauses as she realises something, before moaning miserably "I don't even know how old you're turning..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ohhh, pleaassseee.." Harley replies with a big roll of her eyes, "It's not as if I had told ya befoouh. Besides, I am already enjoyin' my birthday and already had my gift, mmm?" clownette head turning to Aimee and she winking. Deviously! What would she be talking about?!

"And hey, you shoulda know betta than to ask a lady her age!" She admonishes Aimee with a berating finger. Eyes are off the road too right now. And is the car veering to the side? Maybe! But so far they haven't crashed.

"And I am ..." She has to give it a bit of a thought, ".. I am 27." uff, time flies doesn't it?

She looks to the road right in time to do a little turn to dodge a car that had stopped on the side. "Ooooh, close!", then leaning forward to take the wheel with her hands as they drive further into Chicago and towards their streets. "We are gonna go meet my friend Giordano." she announces. "Used ta live in Gotham but uh .., he had to move due to reasons."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I know, but it just feels like I should have..." Aimee trails off as she notices the car starting to veer, eyes widening in slight panic as she talks over the top of the clownette. "Harley, look at the road. Harley. The road. Harley!!"

Fortunately Harley *does* manage to look back at the road, and Aimee is only a smidge paler than normal in the aftermath. "Jesus, please don't scare me like that!"

She takes long and slow breaths to try calm her racing heart while her brain tries to distract itself by going back over the things Harley was saying. A wince signals the moment she realizes how much older than her the clownette is.

"So... 27. Wow, that's... I mean I guess you've got like a Doctorate or something so I shouldn't be so surprised but... that's..." She trails off, unsure of exactly where she's going with this conversation. Probably why it's a good idea not to ask a lady her age. "I just mean you seem so much younger. That's... that's like a compliment right?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
With them now fully in Chicago it's visible how active the city is, people on the streets, those buildings frenetic with activity, cars in the streets. A veritable cosmopolitan city! Harley drives a bit more carefully now at least, and always with at least one hand on the wheel! Progress! But she starts veering off the main roads to get to secondary ones so at least they aren't going through the city bustle near noon.

"Yes, I dooo.." This about the doctorate, but then she frowns a little. "They took it away when I was deemed crazy though.. So I can't even be a real psychologist anymore.." her tone a touch sour and her nose wrinkling up. "And ya sayin' I appear ta be youngah or that I appear ta be immature?" another glance to Aimee, "Theah's a difference!"

She takes a turn into a quieter neighborhood, the house fronts with various shops that have Italian names on the front.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee forces a slightly nervous looking grin, and tries to joke her way out of the hole she's dug for herself. "Uhm, a little from Column A and a little from Column B?"

Deciding to try and change the conversation as quickly as she can, the teen looks out at the neighbourhood as it passes by "So, this friend of yours? Giordino? What's his deal? The way you kinda avoided saying much about him makes him sound a bit shady, y'know?"

Checking the mirror while she waits for a response, she's reminded that she's not finished applying her eye-liner. Naturally she immediately sets about fixing that; she's gotta try look her best, even if this 'friend' does turn out to be a crime boss.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley looks affronted about Aimee's response, lifting her chin up, huffing and being quiet for a bit. "I suppose ya the adult heah then!" she comments. Hmph! Double-hmph even! But as soon as Aimee goes and changes the subject she seems to forget about it all too. Talk about low attention span!

"First of..." A pause as she looks at Aimee a touch more seriously. ".. It's GiorDANO. Not Giordino." it matters apparently! "I wouldn't really advise ya callin' him Giordino if ya value yoh kneecaps.." then she grinning. "Just jokin'. He normally doesn't go foh the kneecaps.." oh god...

"And oh, he used ta be a woik partner back in the day. But stuff got heated up. Took an arrow ta the knee ..., literally! and well, long story short, retired up heah." a chuckle. "Or should I say .., 'retired'." fingers reaching up to do a chef's kiss. "But his pizzas..., mmmhmmmm. To die for.."

"Ya gonna love 'em."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
The teen heaves a heavy sigh of relief when Harley drops the awkward conversation topic for the new one, though a little voice at the back of her mind wonders if someone as smart as the clownette is only just pretending to forget all these minor foibles and in reality is just storing them all up for a rainy day.

She doesn't get long to ponder that concern though; given Harley's description of the man they're meating she has entirely new and far more pressing concerns.

"Maybe... maybe it'd be best if I just leave the talking to you. I like my kneecaps. And my fingers. And toes. In fact, y'know, I kinda like all my bones being unbroken and my skin unblemished." There's a growing hint of panic in the teen's voice as she continues speaking, her mind clearly conjuring up worst case scenarios.

"And uhh, like, maybe we can get the pizza without anybody dying?" Because, when it comes to Harley, Aimee can't just assume that kind of phrase is just a figure of speech.

"I can just call him Sir, no danger of getting his name wrong then!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's true enough that Harley is a lot smarter than they give her credit. Scarily so. Not that she often shows it besides an interjection here and there, or when she gets reaaaaal serious. But it's her birthday, the day is beautiful and she is in good company. What more could she ask for?! So driving she does, all the way and towards a pizza shop on a nearly empty street. Curious that!

But hey, if there ain't much clientele maybe they won't stay hours waiting to be served. It's a good thing, right?!

She parks the car near the front and hops out of the Jaguar, stretching her limbs up and letting out a purr. "Gosh, I feel all kinds of needin' some oil on my joints, ya know...?"

The pizza shop looks rather quaint, the symbol a touch faded but the name GIORDANO shows at least. Maybe it's a warning for people to not mispell his name!

"And don't call him Sir. He hates formality!" But can't have his name pronounced wrong. Go figure! She starts walking to the entrance.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee doesn't look any more suspicious when she notices the empty street. To be honest, she's already feeling plenty suspicious. Still, now she knows it's Harley's birthday it hardly seems right to make a big fuss about things. And maybe this time she won't even be shot at or stabbed!

The teen takes the opportunity to get out of the car the moment it pulls up, not even waiting for the engine to be turned off. Sitting in a car for a long period, even in a relatively comfortable sundress (today's color a pale pink), is definitely not good for the joints.

She takes care to stretch out her muscles, literally doing some of the less awkward athletic and ballet stretches, and nods vehemently at the clownette's remark. "Maybe we shoulda taken a train over, at least then we'd be able to walk around and not be all cramped up for hours on end.

"So, okay, no calling him Sir then. What about Mr. G? You can't say that's formal."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well. the Jag is a convertible. So no idea why ya don't just stand up from time ta time!" Harley admonishes with a little tsk. That's convertibles best feature! "I mean, I was doin' it all the time while you weah sleepin'.." oh god..

But then she is making her way over to the entrance, sniffing the air as if a hound seeking for food (Or is it a hyena?). "Mmmmm, I can smell it already..." a beat, ".. Paradise.."

Though then those doors are being burst open by yours truly, "Gigiiiii..." she calls out. And really, after all that talk about calling him by the right name she goes and does that? Do what I say not what I do kind of Harley!

Inside it's all mostly empty besides a table on the back with a few men sitting, some with traditional berets on who look at the entrance a touch surprised. Are they reaching under their shirts? Maybe! Looking for weapons? MAYBE!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee's naive, but she isn't stupid. Or maybe she's just overly suspicious? Because it deeefinitely looks to her like the men are reaching for weapons.

There isn't much she can do about it either, except try to frantically run damage control and hope that these guys will recognize Harley's name if not her appearance (and that their recognition will be a good thing).

"Harley Quinn! After the lecture you just gave me on being polite to Mister Giord-dano, you do not get to rudely announce yourself like that!" Very clear emphesis is placed on Harley's name, and Aimee is certainly good at sounding like she's giving exasperated lectures (having had plenty of practice).

A forced smile is offered to the men and a sheepish, if also slightly terrified, looking Aimee closes her eyes and offers a quick bow of her head "Sorry about the noise, gentlemen."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The name appears to be recognized. Or at least enough to give the men pause. So the hands don't go further in under their shirts in that precious moment in which a large head pops out from a door. Followed by what is an immense, tall body. Easily 6'5" tall, a tower of a man, and large as well. "HARLEY QUINN!" it exclaims in a voice that makes the joint almost shake.. Maybe it's the God of Thunder in disguise. At least the voice seems to be of one!

"Well, shit, ya got big, G.." But even Harley is careful not to add the 'big to the sides' part.

The man approaches deviously fast and picks Harley up from the ground into a bear hug which the clownette appears to not have much to fight back with, so she just endures it. "And all in one piece too!" he says. Were those ribs cracking? Nah!

He puts Harley down and then looks at Aimee appraisingly, rubbing at his chin. "And whom might this young woman be, eh? Seems a lot more polite than you, Quinn!" he lets out a laugh.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Despite the man's intimidating size, Aimee can't help but heave a sigh of relief when it turns out that Harley's friend seems to be an *actual* friend. She's even in the middle of stifling a giggle at Giordano's manhandling of the clownette when his attention turns to her.

Feeling suddenly nervous again, the teen lifts a hand and gives a shy little wave. "H-Hi! It... it's a pleasure to meet you Mister Giordano. Harley's not told me much about you, but I promise it's all been good. Worryingly vague in that casual way she is about literally everything, but good!"

Her smile feels a little stiff, her muscles twitching a little at the effort of maintaining it, and it's a few moments before she remembers to introduce herself. "Oh! Uhh, sorry, I'm Aimee. Aimee Alexander. Harley's dirty little secret."

She can't help but find herself thankful that Alexander isn't a particularly noteworthy surname, nor is the Alexander Biotech Corp a well known cultural touchstone in the same way a Wayne Enterprises or a Stark Industries is.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The man's intense gaze seems to scrutinize Aimee, letting out a grunt when she starts speaking. He doesn't hide some amusement. "Bah, don't lie. There ain't no good things to talk about me!" he exclaims with another laugh. He approaches, placing one hand atop Aimee's head. "But well met, Harley's dirty little secret.." more amusement. He doesn't seem to recognize the name, or at least perhaps not associating it directly with THOSE Alexanders. Instead he wraps his large arms around Aimee for a hug.

"Well, a friend of Harley's is a friend of Giordano's too." he says. Again, crushing ribs. But it only lasts a second before he lets go.

Harley is grinning, hands on her hips. "Well, we came for pizza! And talk!" she says. "So after you awhe done manhandlin' my girl we gonna want a seat, the best pizza in the house and then a talk. How about that, eh?!" she makes way to a table to settle down. "Man, it's been years... and now ya awhe all the way out heah in Chicago. Damn. Been a while since we weah out stealin' cars and shit.."

The man smiles impishly. "Well, I am still on the biz if you got to ask." Harley's brow then arching, "Well, no shit.."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee desperately tries not to wilt under the scrutiny, falling back on old habits and giving herself a little artificial confidence boost. And, perhaps more importantly, squashing down the panic when she's bear-hugged so she doesn't tense up too much.

She's quickly set back down and can ease back considerably on her power usage now she's fairly confident she's not going to die. Despite his intimidating presence, the teen is able to conjure up enough genuine courage to try joke a little. "No good things huh? Well she's been telling me your pizza is to die for. If that's not true I gotta admit I'm gonna be more than a bit disappointed. And a little heartbroken that my sweet heart would lie to me like that. No pressure though!"

A cheesey, if still slightly nervous grin follows her words before Aimee follows Harley to the table to sit down. She's a bit awkwardly quiet while the con and the ex-con she's dating discuss less than legal 'business', mostly just trying to do her best to not seem like a snitch despite having no idea what might make her look like one.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Once they are all sitting at the table Harley leans forward as they speak a little about old times, a comment here and there about boosting cars, which eventually leads Giordano to open up about his car collection. "See, I started this collection when I got here. Marvellous cars really." a look to Aimee, "And not all boosted..." hey, he's not just a crook! "But yea, unfortunately shit hit the fan..." the man dropping his shoulders.

Harley quirks a brow, looking genuinely worried. "How so?!" a glance to Aimee that seems to tell 'we got to help!', then back to Giordano.

The man goes on about his feud with a rival family here in Chicago. One that stole one of his precious cars! "I am tellin' ya, it was the original. Al Capone's car!" he gestures with his arms. "And then no good Vito stole it from me.." a frown. "I swear, I would go and shoot them all up, but it would mean war.. And can't have that. So maybe you...."

Harley interjects. "Say no moouh! We will help, right Aimee?" right?!

Gigi looks hopeful but then remembers he should go get some pizza done. "I will leave you to talk a bit, and return in a bit." while hoping they will say yes.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
There's no immediate response from Aimee, just a strained smile that probably gave Giordano the hint that maybe the pair might need to speak in private about this.

Once the pair have some relative privacy, the teen sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. "Harls..." She trails off, not sure what to say. Harley tends to just do what she wants regardless, and on top of that has seemingly boundless confidence in Aimee's ability to do, well, anything useful.

When she eventually speaks, it's a slightly bitter sounding mutter. "I'm not Power Girl." Then, at a more normal volume she declares "I'm not any of your ex's. I'm not a superhero. Or a supervillain. I don't have a gang of thugs that answer to me. I'm just... just a stupid rich girl who..."

Having trailed off again, the empath stares down at the tabletop with a frown before shrugging in defeat, having given up without Harley even really needing to argue "Just... promise me. Neither of us get hurt and I don't have to do anything illegal. Please?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Some whistling, along with what passes by a song badly sung in italian is heard coming from the kitchens while said pizza is being prepared by Giordano. And indeed they get their privacy then, Harley immediately leaaaaning over the table, elbow on it, "Yes, that's my name!" she looks eager, smile wide. "What a great surprise this was, mmm? And on my birthday!" she looks all giddy, "Been a bit since I boosted a car too, and we'd be doin' my ol' friend a favor!" a mafioso.

She continues to ramble on for a bit about the virtues of car boosting, almost as if she hadn't heard anything of what Aimee was saying until it finally dawns on her.. She furrows her brows. "Hol' up.." baby blue eyes levelling with Aimee's! "Why ya tryin' ta compare yourself ta her?" a shake of her head.

Call it reverse psychology maybe, because when Aimee decides to give up without an argument is when Harley gets to it! She reaches over to hold Aimee's chin up. "Ya really think I'd be datin' some stupid rich girl? Stop bein' so humble and unsure of yourself, Aims. You have a lot moouh powah than ya think."

And perhaps to confirm just that she leans in to place a kiss on the girl's lips.

Yes, she skips on promising that noone will get hurt. Or that they won't do anything illegal.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee nods along with Harley's excited gushing, a forced smile on her own face while she feels like everything she's said was ignored. Except for once not everything was. Though Harley did manage to latch on to perhaps the least important thing that the empath had said.

Whatever she *might* have said gets pre-empted by that kiss, the touch reminding her in a very real way that Harley does genuinely care about her. The kiss itself is nothing to dismiss either, and after lips part Aimee's smile is a touch less forced; a faint red colouring her cheeks from the public display of affection.

Still, the teen has a point she wants to make while the clownette seems to actually be listening. "I'm not bulletproof, y'know? And when we're talking about stealing cars from angry gang members who might try kill us for it that's a *pretty* important distinction. Like, that's all I'm sayin."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I ain't bulletproof eitha..!" Debatable. Or maybe the clownette just has plot armor! Maybe that's it, considering on how much danger she gets in on a daily basis. But that's the wild life of Harley Quinn for you! "Look, yea, it's true there *may* be some danger involved in this...." she then looking around as if making sure no one else is listening. She leans in to Aimee's ear, ".. but truth be told I need some info on those guys that shot us. They shot at *you*." and that seems to be an unforgivable sin for Harley.

"And Gigi can help. Besides, we awhe talkin' about wash-up Chicago mobsters. I mean, they weah dangerous in the 20s. Been 100 years since then!" who is she trying to convince with that?

"But moouh importantly..." And she rests her hand on the girl's neck, forehead to forehead. "I won't let anyone hurt ya." and if they do try it seems she has some revenge prepared for it.

"Bottom line is, we can't live in feah that we'll just be shot at again when we go to another restaurant, or out in public. We need ta take care o' this."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I wish you weren't making some good points. You're making it harder for me to be certain what a terrible idea this is..." An almost pained expression tugs at the empath's features, but after she heaves a sigh she seems to relax a little bit.

"Alright. okay. I mean I already agreed but... yeah, I'm on board. Let's... god damn it. Let's steal a car. Or... or at least, you steal it, and I stand on the sidelines with pompoms and cheer maybe?" Aims seems like she may not be entirely joking with that last remark. Perhaps just wishful thinking. Nevertheless, she seems more on board than she *had* been, and certainly less likely to be resentful after the fact.

"But!" She adds, lifting a finger and raising an eyebrow to make it clear the following words are going to be important. "Power Girl still has waaaay bigger boobs than I do." She lets that statement sit for a moment, before adding "I'm just saying."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That's just silly!" Pompons and cheering?! "You'll just make yohself a target foh the goons!" it's as if she's going in a circle in the conversation! Yet Aimee already agreed, so she gets a bit of a ruffling on her nice long hair, followed by a kiss on the forehead, "Lets get this show on the road and---"

She stops, blinking. Eyes drop down to Aimee's chest, then back up, then down to her own, "Yes, she does." it's a fact. "And so do I. Though I mean, size ain't everythin' mmmm?" a brow arching somewhat teasingly.

But then it's her turn to lift a finger, "If ya start talkin' about enlargin' your breasts I *will* shoot you." that seems to be a promise too.

"Now lets kick back and enjoy." Her eyes going over in the direction of the kitchen and she letting out a laugh. "Is that pizza comin'? How good it is will decide whetha we will help you or not!" how evil of her.r

Eventually the pizza does arrive, and indeed it's damn delicious as they should be, which makes Harley just attack it voraciously. She was hungry! Giordano does get to explain more about what they will be doing, and more specifically where their target will be!

"So.., they are keeping it in a warehouse. A warehouse! And my baby needs to be out where it can be seen.." the man looks very, very sad, ".. so I want it back, I just can't send my guys though, or it'd mean war. And Chicago doesn't need another war sooo,.." and he smiles hopefully.

"Fine, fine." Harley replies, "We will just get it back. AFTER we are done with this pizza."

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee's eyes narrow when Harley makes a show of examining her bust and confirming that yes, Power Girl does (of course) have a larger one. The narrowed eyes become a sulky scowl when it's further rubbed in that yes, even Harley's fairly modest chest is larger.

The suggestion that she might get them enlarged is what eventually sets the empath off though. "Excuse me? Look, okay, *first* of all! Just because I'm from L.A. doesn't mean I want to be a plastic barbie bimbo. Second of all? My boobs are fine!"

She crosses her arms defensively over them, a pose she doesn't drop until the pizza arrives and she starts eating. She's more than content to let Harley handle the business talking while she herself focuses on eating the delicious cheesey meaty pizza.

Despite her intentions, she almost immediately lifts a 'just a moment' finger while finishing a large mouthful of food so she can pose a question about the job. "So, I feel like Al Capone's car is going to be fairly conspicuous. Are we just going to drive it through the city? Or, like, how are we going to move it?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I mean, you weah the one callin' attention to 'em. I was just followin' your line o' conversation." Yes, everything is totally Aimee's fault! Not Harley's of course. "Good that we awhe o' agreement though!" she then grinning widely. "About your boobs being fine.." sagely nod offered right after. Look, Aimee is just fueling Harley more!

She sets off laughing her little socks off until the pizza is finally here and they turn on the attack. And indeed when they are done there is noooothing left of that pizza.

"I will set up a truck not too far away you can bring it to. But you'll still have to drive it a ways. I can't be too close you see because..." And Harley interjects, ".. Yes, yes. Because ya can't be known ta be involved with it and all that!" a nod from Giordano. "Then I will just go with the story that I bought it off from who stole it. Easy!" a grin from the man and he pats on his belly. "Good pizza, yes?"

Harley slides out of her chair and stretches up. "I feel like I could really go for a nap now but ...! It's time ta get this show on the road. We awhe on a schedule ya see! Ta visit Aimee's parents." sure, tell a mafioso about your personal life. "And today is the only day we got in Chicago!"

Harley gestures for Aimee to get up. "Ready ta go have some fuuuun?"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Unwilling to make a fuss in front of a mafia boss, Aimee ignores Harley's question; standing and offering a nod to the criminal. "Compliments to the chef, and I thank you for your hospitality Mr. Giordano. Harley and I will do our best to get your car back to you." Because there is no way she's going to be rude to a real mafiosa.

Eager to get the job over and done with, or at least get out of the mafia-run pizzaria, the teen grabs Harley's hand and does her best to drag her outside to the car. Of course, Aimee being Aimee and Harley being Harley this relies on the clownette *allowing* herself to be pulled along.

However fast or slow the journey back to Harley's Jag might be, the empath takes the opportunity once she has it to sink heavily into the passenger seat. Her eyes close and she sits still for a few moments in obvious thought.

Eventually though she peeks one eye open and directs her gaze toward her girlfriend. "Don't suppose you keep a mask around or something? I don't really wanna be identified, y'know?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley doesn't seem to mind being dragged along with Aimee, fingerwiggling back at Gigi, "See you later, Gigi~" she singsongs. "With yoh car... And don't forget, you will be owin' me." with receives a nod out of the man. Mafioso had their honor!

But then she is being pulled away and towards the Jaguar. Aimee can be so bossy sometimes! And Harley of course says it, "Ya can be so bossy sometimes!"

She settles on the driver's seat when they are in the car, grinning. "A good ol' robbery. Ah, that sends me back.." she takes in a deep breath. "What a way ta spend the birthday, mmm? Which speakin' of. What's gonna be my gift?" a brow quirking at Aimee.

Though the question about masks makes her focus on the trouble at hand. "Well..., I can always get a pair o' stockin's if ya want and ..." she leans over to the backseat starting to look under the seats and.. "Wheah did I put it ..." eventually her hand coming up with a mask. Of Lucha Libre. "... Theah's this too..." she says, quirking a brow.

But then she lifts a finger, as if she had just remembered something. "Wait!" she hops out of the car, going to the trunk. Opening it she starts looking in... "Ahah!" she comes out with what appears to be one of those domino masks. "Knocked it off one o' the Bats once!" she says proudly.

She jumps back into the car and starts driving, tossing the mask over to Aimee's lap. "So, what do ya think we should do? From what Gigi says it's a warehouse neah the docks, should be outta the way enough foh us ta get theah easily. Expectin' some kinda armed defense though!"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Well sometimes I gotta be bossy, or you don't listen." Aimee huffs, though it seems more play-annoyance than any real irritation. "And you said I... that you'd already gotten your gift!" Her cheeks flush a bit and she narrows her eyes. "You know I didn't know about it beforehand. But, if you want me to buy you somethin I will. I'm not trying to be a cheapskate or anything."

She examines the masks offered to her, ending up eyeing the domino mask rather suspiciously. "How's this meant to disguise anything? It covers hardly anything!" Though it obviously works for multiple superheroes and villians alike, the teen seems distrusting.

"Think I'll go with the wrestling mask. I mean, who would ever imagine a spoiled rich girl wearing something like *that* y'know?" It's a bit of work to get the mask on properly, most of the difficulty coming from threading her long hair through a small hole at the back of the mask making an impromptu ponytail. It gives her time to think though, mostly about the upcoming heist and how to avoid getting shot at.

"I feeeeel like we need to be tricksy. Like Ninjas. Maybe if we can figure out a way to get the guards to go deal with a distraction or something then we can sneak in and drive the car out without them even knowing anyone was there until we're already gone?" She's finally got the mask on properly now, and looks pretty ridiculous. It's fairly effective though, she certainly doesn't look like Aimee Alexander.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I know what I said!" This about the gift, Harley huffing back at Aimee, "Doesn't mean I have ta remember it ..." wait...

And nope, Harley doesn't talk more on that, instead letting Aimee go over the various masks. She laughs out loud and wildly when Aimee goes with the luchador mask. "O, this will be somethin'..." watching with excitement while Aimee gets it fit in her head. "Perfect!" she says of it, "We look like the .., craziest duo evah... But very well, if ya go with that one then..." and she puts on the domino mask. Vigilante Harley on duty!

And indeed it's almost as if those domino masks have magical properties. Who would recognize her?! Of course the hair could be a dead giveaway. But like Aimee she shifts it to be on a ponytail too. The ponytail gang.

Or is it the ninja ponytail gang?

"A distraction..." Harley nods, reaching to fiddle inside her trusty bag (again on the back seat). "I do have some explosives if we need.." she shows a few gadgets and things over to Aimee. They all suspiciously resembles grenades of some sort. "Some don't explode.., they can have gas, not deadly one mind ya! Or just flashbangs, the works." she explains. "Or do we want another kind o' distraction?"

Regardless, Harley gets the show on the road, driving out to their destination.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Another kind of distraction? Harls, you're the ex-con here! I don't know anything about how to do this kinda stuff. I'm just throwing ideas out there." Aimee chews her lip, frowning in thought as Harley drives, and idly hoping they don't reach their destination too terribly quickly.

"I don't think we should use the gas ones. At least, not in the warehouse. We'd only end up gassing ourselves afterwards..." And she definitely sounds disappointed about not being able to take the easy non-lethal way of just filling the warehouse full of gas. Assuming there's even enough of em to fill a whole warehouse.

"What if you blow a hole in the back of the warehouse, right? Gotta have an explosion to get their attention. And then keep them busy when they all run out the back to defend the place. Then I sneak in the front, get in the car, and... drive... it?" Her confidence in her plan abruptly nosedives with those last few words, and she can only be thankful that her luchadore mask hides her grimace.

"I... I mean... like, how hard could it be?" To drive a 1928 stick-shift? Probably harder than she's thinking, but perhaps still doable...

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Wow, really rubbin' it in!" Harley says about being called ex-con. She even puts in a sulky little pout but ..., wait.. Is she mimic'ing Aimee's usual pouts?! Maybe! Because she grins right after and winks.

But then she is listening to the plan, turning the Jag here and there on the road while they make their way closer to the 'docks'. Not that it's like the traditional type of docks, skyscrapers seen not too far away. Some movement as well. Yet the more they drive the less it becomes evident. Clearly it's being kept in a very out-of-the-way place.

"I like the way you think but ..." She goes to lift a finger but Aimee seems to get there faster. "Yea, ya did say ya didn't drive and ...." she turns her gaze to look at Aimee. "Can ya hotwiwah a car?" she looks a bit doubtful about it but ... "Yet they most likely keep the key inside the car. So .., ya'd just need ta find it."


"I like this plan." She grinning widely. "Lets do this." she parks the Jag, still somewhat far from where the warehouse is and steps out. Clearly the trip wasn't nearly as slow as Aimee wished it to be!

"I feel like Batgal with this mask on." she admits with a grin.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Fuck, I forgot I'd need a key! Wait, what if they locked the doors, I won't even be able to get *in* the car." Aimee buries her mask-clad face in her hands and groans. "This is a *terrible* plan! Why do you like it??"

Shaking her head, heaving a sigh, and hoping that a pair of girls wearing masks walking down the street isn't drawing too much attention, the empath takes a moment to think of other things to try and calm herself down.

Other things in this case being Batgirl.

"You'd make a cute batgirl I think. I like the ponytail too. It says 'I'm doin work and need to keep my hair out of my face, but I'm not going to put in an effort to try make it pretty'. Kinda... utilitarian, y'know? But like, that kinda makes it hot?" She shrugs, side-eying her girlfriend who admittedly does look fairly different even with just a domino mask and a change in hairstyle.

"But, ugh, okay. Backup plans? What if I can't get into the car? What do we do? And what if the car's unlocked but the keys aren't in it and I can't find them? And what do we do if I can't figure out how to drive it? And... and shit, how are you going to get away from all the goons once you don't need to keep them occupied anymore?" There are a lot of ways things could go terribly, and Aimee seems to be panicking about *all* of them.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Wouldn't I?" Praise does seem get this Harley going, showing her face in profile to Aimee and even sticking in a hero pose, hands on her hips. Such a hero! The clownette of heroics... "I still think you'd look great on one of these too. But that's just too perfect foh ya!" the luchadora mask. Maybe that's Aimee's alter-ego!

"Ya givin' it a lot of a thought though..." A brow quirking when Aimee goes on about how she looks utilitarian, and not making the effort to be pretty and hot and .... "I like it." a grin. "Does t mean I am startin' ta get ya ta like these heroics?"

Because boosting cars is heroic. Everyone knows that.

"Oh, don't worry so much. Plans have a tendency ta come togetha when I'm around.." Like magic! Or is it like chaos? "If the car is locked that only means ya break the window.." she reaches inside her bag while they walk, bringing out a crowbar. "With this.." she hands it off to Aimee. "Then just find the key and then drive. It's a shift drive, how hard can it be? On hindsight I could had given ya a few pointers while we weah drivin' heah.." she shrugs. Not going back now!

"Don't worry, goons can't hold this Batgal down.." She smirks. "It will go fine.." she squeezes Aimee's shoulder.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"Heroics? Harls, we're planning a theft. All it means is that maybe I think you'd look sexy in a superhero costume?" Aimee snorts, shaking her head at the ridiculous mess the day is turning in to. Doesn't stop her grabbing the crowbar and holding it in a white-knuckled grip though.

"So... I guess if I drive slowly, I won't even need to change gears right? And if I break the transmission or something then we can just tell Giordano that the badguys did it, right?" The squeeze of the teen's noticably tense shoulder does get her to relax a little, at least for the moment, but she's still a little wound up.

"Shit, do we even know where I'm driving it to? I mean, I kinda figure that idealy I'd get it out of sight of the warehouse and then you could meet up and take over the driving, but maybe the'd give them too much time to realize that the car was stolen and start searching?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Maybe we should turn into banditry instead." Harley's grin turning positively wicked. "Me, you. Ivy." She opens her arms wide, "Just imagine the potential.." and oh yes, she is imagining it now. "I will totally need to have you guys meet. And then we can go on building our gang of crime..!" a moment of pause as she regards Aimee before she gives her a gentle bump with her elbow. "Just jokin', but still gonna have ta get ya ta meet her."

Yet as Aimee starts going on and on about all the problems that can happen she lets out a sigh. "Aimee." And she turns to place her hands on the girl's shoulders. "You reallllly need to trust on yourself moouh." she tells her. "Just drive away. I will find you. If anythin' drive towards the Jag. I will attempt ta intercept ya on the way if I can. And I will know when to go when I hear the car movin'. I will disengage then."

Really! Perfect plan!

They finally start getting closer to the actual warehouse. And of course it has a few blokes walking around the perimeter. A couple on the doorway. They most likely aren't *just* keeping that car in here. Most likely a mafia warehouse for that particular family.

"Alright, this is wheah we separate. Try ta circle ovah to the entrance. You'll know when ta go when ya hear the explosions..!"

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee's never really sure when Harley is joking or not. To be fair, she's not even sure if *Harley* knows when Harley is joking or not. Still, despite being a little worried about the clownette's train of thought she teen can only be thankful that the mask hides the faint blush rising in her cheeks. Potential indeed!

"I trust myself, I just... I don't wanna mess this up... I like to have things planned out, y'know? I'm not good at playing things by ear." Laying eyes on the actual warehouse itself causes her heart-rate to start climbing, and reluctantly the empath quashes down her emotions; the better to get the job done.

"Wait, Harls, before you go..." She darts forward and presses a quick peck to the clownette's lips, though with her emotions supressed it doesn't really do much for her, and probably is a bit disappointing for Harley too. Still, it's the thought that counts. "Stay safe."

Parting words said, the girl begins her journey skirting around to the front entrance while doing her best to stay out of sight. The logical part of her brain also finds itself regretting wearing a short sundress for all this. Comfy for long drives, maybe less-so for espionage.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The kiss is returned with a wink and a brush of fingertips on Aimee's cheek before Harley scampers off to do Harley things on the back of that warehouse. Oh, it will most likely get noisy. But for now.., silence.

The walk around to the front is pretty much uneventful, the warehouse being mostly out of the main thoroughfares, and even a bit apart of the other warehouses in the area. Almost as if whoever owned it valued discretion. A lot!

A couple of men are hanging near the front, one yawning. It doesn't seem like they see a lot of action most of the time. Really, who would be dumb enough to hit a mafia warehouse after all? Wait, don't answer that..

Yet a little while later there's the sound of shouting. One of the men in front points to the back, the other arching his neck as if to see. They look a bit confused. There's the sound of someone loud talking. Harley maybe. But the words don't carry far enough to be understood. What's understood is the explosion that rocks the back of the warehouse, making the ground shake a bit. Too many explosives?! Most likely..

The two men near the door start running to the back, leaving it open for Aims.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Before moving, Aimee waits for the men to be completely out of sight. Once they are though? The girl is sprinting as fast she can manage towards the door to the building. The people-sized door at least.

A quick peek inside determines that the few people who've yet to leave the building aren't looking anywhere close to her direction. Lingering for a moment to take a longer, harder look now she's confirmed her relative safety, she also easily spots the old-timey car that surely must be what she's come for.

Gunfire can be heard outside, despite causing the empath to wince it serves the purpose of encouraging the few lingering guards to go help out. Quietly jogging to the large garage-style door, she becomes even more thankful for the outside noise somewhat covering the mechanical sounds of the door opening after she hits the appropriate button.

And then the only thing left is the actual stealing. Fortunately the car doors aren't locked, but once inside Aimee sees no keys. "Fuck."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Now where would those keys be? The inside of the car is impeccable. There's the glove compartment, the sun visor. The inside appears to have been somewhat modernized even if staying mostly true to it's origins.

As Aimee does her search there is a sound nearby, of a guy exiting a small door on the side, pants still in hand. Apparently he was caught on the bathroom while this was all happening. Hopefully he wiped! The man looks a bit confused.. "What the fuck is going on here..." Seems like Aimee will have to move fast if she wants to remain undetected!

Outside the sounds of another explosion are heard, followed by a loud cackle. Clearly Harley is having her fun...

Was there ever any doubt?

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee's eyes widen, spotting the guard before he spots her in the car. Fortunately, being in the car, all she has to do is slide down off the seat and into the footwell. It's a bit awkward, but it beats being seen, and she can still reach the glovebox to search for the keys there while she waits for the man to (hopefully) follow all his buddies and help defend the warehouse.

Fortunately, there's not much in the glovebox. A large folded map (which, even if it's not from the 1930s, seems a bit old and useless in a world of smartphones), an expensive looking sunglasses case, some driving gloves, a chamois cloth... all tidily placed away and easy to look through. And underneath the cloth, a single key.

Key in hand, the empath first tries to see if she can feel any emotions within her 20 foot limit. Once confident she can't, she peeks her head up, looking through the car's windows in the direction she had spotted the man previously, and cringing a little as yet another explosion goes off.

Harley Quinn has posed:
There's another nice hole visible on the back of the warehouse, the sillouette of a flying clownette seen hitting a larger bloke and sending the man flying before she again disappears from sight. Shots are heard ringing, echoing against the explosions felt. At least they only seem to be pistols, no automatic machine guns!

The man that was in the bathroom is seen starting to run there when Aimee peeks up, some toilet paper still in his shoe while he is trying to get his pants up and zipped. "Damn vigilantes!" he is shouting. "Stay in Gotham for fucks sake..!" Chicago. Not known for their Vigilante scene.

With keys found and locked into the car it's only a matter of turning it. Once, twice... Sweating already? But it starts purring on the third try!

Car is ready to roll! Now better know how to drive stick. Harley makes it look easy!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
A deep sigh of relief escapes Aimee when the car finally starts. To be honest, that was the part she was most worried about. Looking down at the stick, and squinting at the little numbered diagram, she struggles to maneuver the stick's position from N to 1.

There's a bit of grinding, but ultimately she's successful. Next, the parking brake is released. Followed almost immediately by eyes widening and a surge of panic struggling to be felt in spite of her flattened emotions. Having never driven before, it never occured to Aimee that cars move forward (albeit slowly) even when just idling.

Chewing her lip and looking down at her feet, she presses the larger pedal. And immediately jerks forward as the movement abruptly stops. Swearing under her breath she takes her foot off that pedal and presses down on the other one. Perhaps she just has a led foot, because the suddenly acceleration is anything but smooth and almost has the empath squealing in surprise.

Still, the car is moving. The plan is so far successful. With Harley taking all the attention there's no need to go too quickly and thus no need to worry about changing gears while the car is moving.

White-knuckled grip on the steering wheel, Aimee turns turns the car onto the street and drives (slowly, and hopefully subtlely) away.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The problem with driving without shifting gears is that you get those rotations up on the engine. And it usually means loud sounds! Still, explosions appear to be covering most of it for now ...., and were there more heard in a sequence now? Almost as if someone had heard the car perhaps and is covering the escape. And is it .., fireworks? What the heck does Harley keep on that damn bag?! And how deep is it?

Yet with the usual problems of someone trying to drive for the first time, along with the sudden stops from time to time (hopefully Aimee is wearing a seatbelt), she does start to get away..., like a snail. Because that's pretty much the pace she can get while on 1st gear!

But hey, results is what matters, not how you get there!

All clear skies, open road ahead. She did it! Aimee is out---

A slam is heard hitting the side of the door. The face of a masked clownette there, a bit roughed up, sweating and hitting on the window for Aimee to open the door. She slips inside quickly. "Step on it, Schumacher!" she shouts as if calling for urgency!

Yes, she is breathing hard, her bag looks nearly empty, a couple of bruises about and even a little bleeding on one arm. Was she shot?!

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee looks like she might jump out of her skin when she hears that slam. The fact she sees Harley's cute mask has her visibly relieved and quickly opening the door for the clownette.

The order to step on it though? That once again has the empath looking anxious. Clearly her focus on keeping her emotions in check is starting to falter. And then she notices the blood. Her eyes widen, tears prickling at them. "H-Harls, you're..."

A tink of a bullet ricocheting off the armored chasis puts things in perspective. Act now, worry later. But she still can't drive. So, for lack of any other plan, she drags the clownette over onto her lap and frantically pleads "You drive!" She does her best to get her legs out of the way of Harley's and just hugs her girlfriend around the waist tightly, as if the woman was a lifeline.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yes, yes. I am fantastic. But don't call me Harls! I am a..., uh..., Boomgal? Pompons of death..? Nah, too long a name, mmm.." she screws up her face as if this was the perfect moment to start thinking up a hero name. Good thing that Aimee is focused enough to get Harley to slide over and sit. On her lap of all things! She wiggles her hips a bit to get more comfy and back against Aimee, taking a look over her shoulder and comments in a rather .., is it flirty manner? "But I always drive..." whatever did she mean with that?!

She doesn't wait for an answer. Shots are ringing on the car. Good thing Capone was rich enough to get a nice bulletproof car built. Handy! "Maybe we should steal this foh ourselves.." She comments, hips twisting here and there as she reaches the pedals...

The wheels screech in complaint at the sudden acceleration but then they are rolling, or more like 'flying'! The damn car does seem to have had a very powerful engine installed.

"Woooo!" she exclaims. As for Aimee, she gets to have a rather sweaty Harley on her lap.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
Aimee might have a sweaty and wriggly Harley on her lap, but it's an *alive* Harley. That thought in mind she closes her eyes before tears can finish forming and just clutches the clownette close.

"You're hurt..." Her voice is meek, full of guilt as if somehow it was her fault. Still clinging, the empath just tries to project soothing feelings into Harley regardless of the clownette's lack of concern. Mostly it's a task Aimee can distract herself with so she can keep it together until they're more definitely safe."I'm sorry..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The soothing feelings do seem to work as Harley appears to relax on Aimee's lap. The problem is .., no more wiggling. Aimee's fault! But at least they aren't getting shot anymore after those first times. Yay!

Harley's body swings from one side to the other as she takes some tight turns while driving out of the docks. There are some people visible here already who give the car curious looks yet they appear to be done with any pursuers!

"Ahah!" Harley says, looking over her shoulder to the back window to confirm just that. "We are free.." which is when she notes Aimee's expression. "What's wrong?" a look to her arm, "Oh, shit. I am bleedin'! That bullet came close, don't think it went in, just rasped on skin a little.." she saying it rather casually.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"You coulda been hurt. I mean, you *were* hurt! And you coulda died!" Aimee's arms squeeze around Harley as tightly as they can, not really enough to hurt the clownette but definitely conveying the teen's distress. "All because you were doing all the dangerous stuff while I only had to drive a car. And I don't even know how to drive! You should have been the one stealing it, and then... then you wouldn't have been shot!"

Aimee stews in her feelings for a few moments, before snarling almost bitterly "You got hurt because I was a coward." The girl seems to be willfully ignoring the fact she doesn't know how to fight and probably would have ended up dead had she tried to take Harley's role in the plan.

"No more... no more dangerous stunts this trip okay? Please? I just... I... you..." She trails off, looking equal parts scared and miserable, and utterly unsure how to properly express herself.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Coulda, woulda... But I didn't!" Is what Harley replies with a big smile down to Aimee, breathing still hard after all the action, listening to her rambling on about it and her brow arching. "It takes balls ta go in theah and steal this car, specially when ya don't know how ta drive. So don't undermine your part o' the plan." she reaches up with one hand to boop Aimee's nose with a couple of fingertips..

The call for no more dangerous stunts has Harley grinning again. And she doesn't answer! Instead she turns a bit more, which makes her not really to be looking at the road. But she has slowed down now.

"It was excitin', or ya tellin' me it didn't feel good to get this car from undah those thugs' nose."

The sound of sirens is heard approaching. Chicago police seems to act fast here! Harley momentarily looks to the road with a 'oops', turning the car to an alley to get out of the way so they can hide for a bit.

Attention returning to Aimee she grins, placing a soft kiss on her lips. "My hero." she tells the other girl.

Aimee Alexander has posed:
"I kinda had all my emotions turned off so I wouldn't have a panic attack. So, like, maybe it was exciting? But I'll never know, y'know?" Aimee's sulking is interrupted by the sound of the police sirens, the teen noticably tensing against Harley and allowing a little whimper to escape her.

The alleyway at least feels a bit safer than the open street, but if anything gets the empath to chill out a little it's the kiss. Despite being a little less intimate than it might have been with the luchador mask covering most of Aimee's face, it still manages to calm her, and even cause the faintest little smile to twitch at the corners of her lips.

"You can't just kiss me every time I'm upset and make it all better..." Except... that's kinda exactly how it's been working so far, so why change what works? With a huff, she finally lets go of Harley's waist and reaches up to pull the mask off. Her face beneath is flushed and just a touch sweaty, as is the hair that had been trapped underneath.

"Ugh, okay, if I ever wear a mask again it's gotta be a breathable fabric." She shakes her head, muttering the words to herself, before her eyes return to the blood on the clownette's arm. "Do... do we need to get you to a... like, a doctor?" She's at least aware enough not to suggest hospital.