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X-men: Hijack This - Surface Assault
Date of Scene: 14 April 2021
Location: Abandoned salt mine in Nevada
Synopsis: Anti-mutant terrorist hijack a plan with two dozen Trask engineers and researchers. The X-men assault an abandoned salt mine to save them and the other passengers taken hostage. The surface battle.
Cast of Characters: Eddie Brock, Ororo Munroe, Rogue, James Proudstar, Rahne Sinclair, Bruce Banner

Eddie Brock has posed:
Professor Xavier summons the X-men to the Mission Center. Once everyone is seated, he motions to Kitty who pulls up a briefing on the computer.

"X-men," the Professor says. "A plane was hijacked this morning leaving California as you might have seen on the news. You might have also heard the authorities have lost track of the plane. Apparently the hijackers somehow fooled radar into thinking a drone was the plane." Up on the screen is the flight path of the airplane, which left California and was heading east to New York.

"This is a matter of especial concern to us, as a large contingent of Trask employees, including engineers, researchers, and programmers, were in San Francisco for a work conference. They make up twenty-eight of the forty-two passengers," Professor Xavier says. "It is quite possible they were the reason for the hijacking. Possibly to harm them or take revenge. Or maybe to obtain them for their knowledge, which we don't want to fall into the wrong hands."

The Professor motions to Kitty who brings up another display. Showing Nevada. A spot is marked on it, and then other displays show aerial or satellite photos of a facility. Professor Xavier says, "I have used Cerebro and managed to track one of the people on the plane to this location. It is an abandoned salt mine. The salt flats nearby are flat enough to land a plane on. I believe the passengers have been moved underground into the salt mine, which explains the difficulty I had in locating them or reading their thoughts."

Kitty brings up another view. "These two entrances lead down into the salt mine. This one can be driven down. This one is an elevator," the Professor says. "Going down from the surface is going to be difficult without the hijackers having time to hurt the hostages. So we are going to have a two-pronged assault."

He motions to the screen. "One team will assault the surface. I have confirmed there are armed forces there, but not been able to discern their exact numbers or nature. Something was interfering with Cerebro there as well. While that team provides the distraction, Kitty will phase another group down into this tunnel, which is closest to the surface. The second team will infiltrate the salt mine and free the hostages. Once the first team has secured things topside, they can be brought up and the authorities brought in to pick them up."

He gives people time to ask questions and then says, "Be careful, my X-men. And bring everyone back safe, including yourselves."

Eddie Brock has posed:
After a flight in the Blackbird, the two teams are dropped off and split up to each go to their objective.

In the distance, the above ground structures can be seen. There are three buildings. There is a large, thick metal door, big enough for trucks to drive through, so about half the size of an aircraft hangar door, which leads underground.

There are also metal support beams which support the elevator down. It's a closed elevator car, not an open air one like in the movies.

There are various piles of waste materials around, giving plenty of cover until the team gets close. A small smoke stack rises above one of the three buildings. Another building is large, warehouse sized. There are a few old pieces of equipment around, a dump truck and a crane and a bulldozer.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The Professor is well aware that Ororo isn't one for going into mines, caves, small rooms... so the information provided tells her she is part of the surface assault team. Looking to those present she offers a nod, then looks over the information that is provided in silence, working out in her head possible angles to approach. At that moment, it never occurred to her she was the senior most X-Man present, she was busy in her head.

"Until we have a better idea the number of people we are dealing with outside of the mine, we will need to approach from a distance and move in on foot quietly. I do not seek to make our presence known until we are ready for them to know we are there," she states slowly as she looks to the others. It is then she realizes she is Senior present and sighs. "The area is prone to warm, arid desert weather, but that can be changed if needed."

In the Blackbird she is again quiet, unless specifically asked questions, and seeks a location to land that will allow them an approach on foot in relative cover, using the setting sun's shadows to conceal them.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is aboard the Blackbird wita standard X-Men uniform on, a black bodysuit with piping down the arms and up her shoulders, otherwise unremarkable save for a metal silvery X-shaped bucklet on the black leather belt around her waist.

Her two toned hair is loose around her shoulders but she's in the process of tying it back as the orders are figured out and she's ready to be unleashed. "I can take out that smoke stack, if needs be." She'd offered. "It'd make a heck of a distraction for them if the big thing just toppled over." She says with a sly grin.

Either way, the Belle stands ready to go on foot, or fly based on what she's asked to do.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar head tiltls when the Professor calls out the team knowing he'd be a match for either and will probably wind up on whichever team is short handed. But he doesn't complain, he does his job. " should be able to pick that out before we're in the thick of it. " He's quiet on the plane round, earbuds in listening to mashed-up Tagalog hip hop set to a liquid dance beat mixed up for fun. He bobs his head, aware but not involved until there within sight of the objective. The buds go away and he is all business.

    The Blackbird comes in over the salt flats and we can see the Plane under a tarp. Tracks in the salt still fairly fresh show where large trucks drove from the plane to the salt mine.

     James crouches in the dirt, picking up a handful and letting the wind take it. The night sky is clear and the temperature is dropping, he smiles, so close to home, his people know these lands. The salt flats were to be avoided, to open a small group of warriors could be caught out and overrun by a larger force. He's hunted place like this and he smell a coyote a couple miles off beginning it's nightly hunt. He turns to Rogue and Storm, "They're in there, not that many, lots of machine smells, engines and oils, low tech."

Eddie Brock has posed:
As the group approach from downwind, they come upon a hill of old mine tailings. It requires moving carefully to avoid dislodging the loose rocks - or flying above them for those so gifted - but the trio are able to make their way to the top and get a closer view of the facility.

A few lights are on outside of it on the corners of the buildings. A pickup truck is parked beside one building. Two people are walking their own slow patrol, each armed with an assault rifle. Another two are standing outside a building with a garage-sized door on it, one with a rifle on his shoulder, the other with something in a holster on his belt.

Up on the smoke stack there is a little walkway ringing it, with a ladder going up to it. As they watch long enough there is a glint up there as a rifle scope catches a bit of the moon and flashes. Not aimed at them, but there's a definitely a sniper up there. No other signs of people, though lights can be seen in the windows of one building, though very faint, like they've hung things up over the windows to black them out.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm stands in her favorite uniform of black, golds, and bronzes with cape attached at the wrists and shoulders bare. Her black head dress is in place to hold her hair back from her face.


"The mines were filled with machines for accessing the salt," Ororo comments quietly, looking out across the flats toward the mine location. The earth here wasn't as dead as many would think it to be, live thrived in every corner of the world and it was no different here. She could see the flow of life's energy.

At reaching the hill, flight becomes the best option for herself, though she would offer James a ride up if he wanted one, then begin the initial survey. "Sniper," is offered quietly with an indication to the smoke stack. Even in the dark, through the structures, she can see the life energies flowing and know where each person is.

Rogue has posed:
On missions like ethis, Rogue generally walks for a bit but when they get closer to their goal she lifts up off of the ground and hovers, she likes to be ready and keep her 'Danger Sense' primed. She's floating like that when Ororo mentions the sniper and her eyes go to the smoke stack to peer at it as the glint of that lense is sort've noticed. She doesn't have super visions after all! Just a bunch of other supe rthings...

Pursing her lips in to a fine line, Rogue looks back over to sTorm, then James. "Want me t'go high, come down from above and take the sniper outta there?" She asks. "I can bring him back t'the Bird, zip-tie'em and leave him here till we're done in there."

In her mind, the last theing they need is a well placed sniping enemy taking out some of their team or the hostages at this creepy place...

Ororo Munroe has posed:
With the area surveyed, and the general numbers known Ororo nods to Rogue, even as her eyes seem to go a solid pale blue color, "Give me a moment to make you both some cover. I will be able to see you no matter what, use comms to keep me informed of movements, but Rogue, take out that sniper. James, be prepared to move in."

Enough words and the wind begins to pick up slowly, starting as little gusts here and there. As the moments tick by, the smaller bursts grow larger, picking up dust from across the salt flats and carrying it along. In the end, after only a repetitively short time, a nice little dust storm has risen in the desert, which drops visibility a considerable amount. It is not blinding as of yet, but even the sound of the wind will aid in covering movements.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar gives Ororo a mirthful grin, as he picks his way through the loose rock like someone born to it he barely crests the rfdge taking a position and looking down at the camp. James nods, "Yeah, that's a big gun they might be expecting more than a conventional force ... Anyway, I count five ... " James frowns and goes still at the music, "You hear music? These guys aren't what they appear at first glance. I smell propane maybe a cooking fire?" He nods to Rogue, "Yeah, we can be on them before the know either way. Let the patrol get around back of the building, I'll go for The rifle and whatever is in that holster, while Rogue takes out the sniper?" Storm you back us up, if we can take them out without warning... wait, we're the diversion right?"

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Fur brushes against James' hand in the fog. If a wolf is here, and being the way that she's being, then Wolfsbane has come along, with or without permission. If James can cross that distance fast, a wolf can do it even faster. And won't be seen as anything odd.

Well, not as an attacking force anyway. But the steadiness of the wolf under his hand says that she's willing to try. Pretty good, given that her usual forte in the Danger Room is to hide behind something until it runs out of ammunition.

The fur moves away from his hand, and snuffles stealthily through the fog, forward. Just a dog. Nothing to see here.

A dog that can shapeshift into a werewolf.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands there and watches the wonderfully wonderful Storm summon up a dust cover. She reaches in to hear leather jacket pocket and pulls out a pair of black rimmed goggles that she puts on over her eyes with their glasses limbs going back in to her hair beneath the white bangs.

When the dust cover is provided, Rogue just shoots up in to the sky like a bullet out of a gun!

Up up high, the Belle's arms spread wide as she brings them up over her head and in to a long spiraling arch she turns end over end and comes back down toward the enemy facility. She's direclty above the smoke tower... having spent years now working on her flying skills.

Rogue comes down at a 90 degree angle in to the dust and looking for the man on the walkway. She comes down with her gloved hands out and meaning to wrap one around his body from behind while the other goes to cover his mouth and keep him from talking.

"Hows about you'n me go for a date t'gether." Rogue says in to his ear as she goes back up in to the sky with the man.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and moves into the storm at a light jog, he's been trained by the ghost warriors, and this is where he shines moving in a round about fashion, circiing in the storm, hiding his foot falls, crossing the distance. He's on the pick up before anyone knows he there, swinging it like a club, which is what alerts the sentries.

The rifle never makes it around but the guy with the holster is faster and pulls out a ray-gun. Of course his first thought is to fire at the projectile and not the wielder, meaning momentum is not on his side. The ray gun goes firing a beam of focused sonic energy that nearly knocks the pick-up from Jim's grasp, which is only problematic in how much control it takes to knock out a person with a vehicle and not crush them. The rifleman goes down but the ray gun guy is pinned and screaming, diversion acheived. Jim's deadpan over the comms, "They've got advanced weaponry."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Wolfsbane walks through the dust, watching nothing in particular and going the wrong direction entirely. Her sense of smell is muted by the weather Ororo has whipped up, and she mostly guides herself by that. Keeping her eyes half-lidded, the wolf focuses on doing what she needs to get done. Somehow.

The dust cover offers her the ability to move forward. It also makes her a silhouette instead of an obvious target.

Coming in low, Wolfsbane sniffs for her targets, not scenting much at all. She shifts, turning to the hybrid form, and stays low but tries to use the humanoid eyes, as she shifts from cover to cover. She's been trying to get better, after all.

When she gets in behind a building, the dust letting her see, she finds herself a bit surprised as she walks, literally walks, into the front of a wandering guard. The sound of his shouted surprise is a far cry from Rogue's silent takedown.

A moment later another guard comes to his assistance, bringing the two of the wanderers together, and find themselves up against what appears to be a bag of knives that snarls and bites.

A gunshot goes off, but only one. Then a moment later Rahne says over the comm, "Two down."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
The most obvious targets down, and Storm not asking any questions about their state of health, the winds begin to pick up.

"Stay away from anything electrical," she warns over the comms, then starts pulling static electricity into the storm that causes a feed back into the generators and starts shutting things down. "They should have to use the ramp up now, the elevator will not be a factor."

Eddie Brock has posed:
The sound of the desert wind, brought up by Storm, swirls dust through the air and blocks the sounds and sights of the X-men's assault. At first. But then the man with the powerful hand weapon gets off that sonic blast, and the crack of an assault rifle shot echoes across the desert as Rahne attacks the men on patrol.

The small facility starts to come to life. James can hear men's voices shouting in two of the buildings. The one with the covered windows, and the larger building with the garage door.

The door to the former building opens and men start to spill out. Some with rifles other with rifle-like guns that seem more like the sonic handgun that was fired at the pickup James was using as a weapon.

As Storm arcs electricity through the mine's wiring, it shorts out the garage door which was just starting to open. The sounds of consternation from inside can be heard. "Get it open damn it!" "No, the... is there a manual thing!?" "I don't care, get out of the way! MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!"

An engine guns and something like a small, home made armored personal carrier races forward and smashes through the garage door. It turns one way, and a second one pulls out right after it, pulling the other. Each has a heavy machine gun on the top with a man sticking out of the roof to man it. They start looking for opponents to fire at, while the men who run out also began picking targets and firing as they try to fan out so they aren't bunched up.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is up in the air with the man in her arms, one hand ove rhis mouth and his eyes wide behind his sniper glasses. She sees him moving to adjust his gun so her hand leaves his mouth long enough to just squeeze the center of the gun's form, crushing it under her gloved hand in to two pieces.

"Come on now. I ain't even askin' ya to'pay the bill." She adds on to her dating joke as she flies the man back in a similar path from which she came.

Storm might note the two of them zipping over her head back toward the Blackbird...

Its there that Rogue drops the man off on his stomach and pushes him down with one booted foot on to his chest. "Stay." She tells him as she crouches down and pulls the ties out of her jacket to start to hog tie the Sniper...

So for the moment, Rogue isnt' there when the fighting stars, thoguht she can hear it and is working quickly to get back...

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is going to finish the man with the holster when they start pouring out. He sees the man's arm is shattered his gun destroyed and he nods, "Medic! Medic! Man down! There flanking us! Get to the right, get to the right. " He calls out in the harsh cadence of military men, he knows quite well, they're unorganized, and he is going to make them pay for that.

    He of course is coming from the left and he moves into the fray like a torrent, three down, five, seven, he is still in the sandstorm and now the fear is spreading the yipping Apache war cry isn't helping.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Wolfsbane is late.

The men pour out of the door and begin to look for ways to engage the enemy, but what with the storm and the quality-over-quantity approach of the X-men attack, there just isn't a lot of targets available for the horde to fight. And still, Wolfsbane is late.

One of the things which really messes folks up though is the need to look up. If they had they'd possibly hear the cat on the roof going insane. Or see the shadow that comes down, over their heads, and gets into the building that they're exiting.

And then they do notice. Because the werewolf who drops down behind them, blocking their retreat, is not a silent being. Slashing claws take out one, and then things are chaos.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Focusing her energies, Storm begins using the friction of the dust in the wind to form balls of lightning as weapons. Instead of aiming them at people however, she aims them at the vehicles, one after the other.

Armored against bullets, perhaps even ray weapons, designed with natural EMP blockers, the cars are likely all prepared for modern war... however the metal structure of the cars turn into conductors for the electricity to pour through. Shocking those inside, the men on the guns on the back of the cars, and anyone who to close to them, the balls of lightning just keep coming. Death is not her goal, the death of those vehicles is. As the balls strike over and over, the men starting bailing out, twitching violently on the ground from the shocks.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The voice talking about magic confuses some of the men and women who charge out into the sandstorm. "What is this, magic!?" one asks. "Or did they send Sentinels?" another asks.

Voices start to cry out in pain as Warpath and Wolfsbane move in among them. "Crap, not Sentinel's, it's a freakin' werewolf!" one shouts. "Probably damn muties, get them!" another yells.

The sandstorm is lit up by the muzzle flashes of gunfire. One woman cries out, hit by her own ally. There's a sudden loud blast as a sonic rifle fires, blowing the sand in front of it away before it the sandstorm replaces it.

A man spots the huge bulk of James moving in the dim light and turns to point his sonic rifle towards him, intend on blowing him backwards!

Storm's ball lightning slams into the two armored cars. Those unlucky enough to be touching metal start convulsing, while others try to jump out without touching anything that will shock them.

One of the gunners has his hand on the gun when the lightning zaps him. His hand clenches closed on the trigger, and .50 tracers whip across the compound in the darkening evening, leaving holes in buildings and the line of gunfire heading towards where Rahne is fighting people!

Rogue swoops down in between balls of lightning. The non-firing APC is the nearest to her, and she slams into it, rolling it over again and again, the people remaining inside bounced around.

James Proudstar has posed:
James moves from attacking into tank mode, those long hours with Piotr paying off as he charges the man with the sonic rifle, taking the blast shoved back, but then coming on so fast, the second he rolls right when the gun fires and is able to come to his feet and close. James grabs a random piece of mining equipment and hurls it at the 50 cal that is auto firing, even as he moves through the fray intent on his path. He gets back to back with Rahne, covering her as she lashes out, taking the hits, and giving when he can. James draws the fire letting the troops focus on him, letting them cluster. He even grabs a dumptruck dumper slamming it down as cover and letting the others take out the militiamen.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm keeps her eyes on the life energies that mean something to her. Rogue, James and Rahne, the others are not missed, but it is important to her to know where they others are. Most wouldn't be able to ascertain the difference, but she knows their energies as well as she knows her own face in a mirror.

"Vehicles are out of commission," she says over the comm, sending one more smaller ball of lighting at the large man with the sonic rifle. Aiming at a friend, tsk, tsk, learn from your mistakes.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
While James fights and Ororo lights everything up, and Rogue does all the things at once (she's awesome like that), Rahne gets into a few issues. Ororo's senses would alert her; Rahne was wounded -before- she engaged, apparently that gunshot we all heard was not as innocent as hoped.

The up side is that she's in her perfect fighting environment. Up close, too close to really use weapons, and where her claws can be used to prime facility. The down sides are related to blood loss and how slow her arms are starting to feel. How heavy.

"Ngh!" she says, as the butt of a rifle slams into her shoulder. She goes low and slashes with her feet, taking out the man's legs who got in on her. There are men laying to the left and right, and she's tried, so hard, not to actually kill any of them. She isn't certain about it, but that's combat. And lives are at stake, below.

She leaps for another and lands heavily, bearing him to the ground, but her eyes are tired. She doesn't see it all, and though she's taken out a lot, she doesn't see the one to her left.

She doesn't see the man who kicks her in the head. She doesn't see much at all a moment later.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
With the speed of lightning, Storm is in the air and pulling electricity out of the air to strike anyone or anything that tries to go near Rahne.

"Rahne is down!" she announces over the comm, already headed through the air towards where she saw the energies go to the ground, changing, revealing the wound that she has as a chance in color.

Landing beside Rahne, the man that kicked her in the head finds himself struck hard at the base of his neck by one of her hands, and even as he is going down she brings her knee up to meet his face. Insult to injury really. Now she stands guard over Rahne, nothing will get to her.

James Proudstar has posed:
Rahne goes down and the knives come out, he's tried so hard been so good, but it's a ballet as those shining metal blades appear in his hands and the men fall. And then it's quiet.

Rogue has posed:
After knockign the APC on to its hood, Rogue lifts up in to the sky and hits the winds. She's up high provide overwatch over the whole facility, her arms at her sides as she moves her goggled covered eyes around to observe.

<"They didn't know what hit'em."> The Belle says with a big smile on her lips as her white bangs whip around in the wind, the rest of her dark hair in a ponytail fluttering behind her shoulders in the wind.

Bruce Banner has posed:
And then Banner arrives in a beat up Jeep from a prior decade. It putters and pops as it slows to a stop inside of the mines. There's no fighting? Bruce opens the driver's side door and steps out, "Hello? Hey.." His tone is a bit mousey, definitely calm, almost like he's trying constantly to be meek.

"Guys? Xavier sent me.. not that he doesn't trust you to get the job done.. just.. you know. I was in the area.." He keeps walking, hoping that someone can hear him..

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm has her arms extended out slightly from her body, lightning crackling in the palms of her hand and around her body. Any of the soldiers stupid enough to come close to Rahne will get introduced to the rare ball lightning that is much easier to make and use in a dust storm.

The wind continues to blow the dust up into a frenzy, causing her white hair to fly behind her and catching her cape. To ensure that bullets cannot get through either, the air immediately around herself and Rahne begins to whip into a full on cyclone of dust and spent shells.

"Watch out for the lightning Dr. Banner," Storm calls out, turning her bright glowing blue eyes toward him. "It can be very shocking."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
The scent of Ms Munroe (Rahne would never call her Ororo, not even in her head!) makes Rahne shift. She peels her eyes open, she reaches out with her left arm. She whines, wondering why it hurts so much. In this form she's quite large, fairly heavy. A bit awkward to handle.

"Ms Storm ma'am?" she says, her voice a bit slurred from being kicked in the skull moments before. The whipping wind almost steals her words. If it were anyone but the Mistress of the Skies, it may have been inaudbile.

There is blood on the concrete, and not all of it is the enemy's.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar cleans his blades and slips them away, he catches Bruce's arrival on the wind, "Geek incoming." It's said good naturedly and James makes his way around the compound double checking that the soldiers are down and ready to stay down, not permanently... unless they are permanently but that's not something he can change. James approaches, Rahne and Storm with a small med kit, taken from somewhere, "Dr Banner? Like a medical Doctor?" He waits for Storm to allow him access so he can take a look at Rahne.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was on the other side of the dust storm from where Banner's vehicle was coming so she didn't see it until it was up close... and this means she felt an alert and shot toward him at high speeds.

She bursts out of the dust and comes to a running landing on the ground, jogging toward Dr. Banner at high speed... before she stops and lifts her goggles up.

Her white bangs flow around her face and she recognizes the man. She grins at him. "Well heya, Sugah. Welcome t'the party."

Rogue looks over to Storm. "We doin' good still?" She asks the Team Leader.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Banner's thoughts are answered in a literal storm! The brief quiet was just that.. brief. It isn't lightning that greets Bruce Banner, it's the wind, which knocks him from his feet and into the dirt, "My jeans can't catch a break can they?" He almost laughs.

"At least this time they didn't rip.." He looks around at the battle's aftermath, "I guess you're good, which means I'm good, the mine is good? Right?" He sighs.. clearly in relief. When Rogue stops next to him he just smiles, "I think the party's a bit.. over?" At James he shakes his head, "Biology, engineering, physics. Not so much medicine. But.. I don't mind taking a look."

Banner starts to approach Rahne, "It's the least I can do since I didn't get to break a sweat." Probably a good thing, so he thinks.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm allows the storm to slowly die down, beginning to let the energies that formed them dissipate back to their natural order.

First the cyclone dies out, allowing James access, then slowly the dust storm dies out and the night becomes clear again.

"No reports from the other team as of yet," she offers to Rogue. "And I cannot see through this level of earth.

Turning now, she kneels down by Rahne, "Yes Rahne, I am here, rest yourself, do not try to speak."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar tilts his head and nods, "Yeah, I can hear the engines. Team infiltration is on the way up."
    James kneels next to Rahne and motions for Bruce to join him as the they look her over. The big man's hands are gentle as he looks for wounds. He has two med kits, a larger one taken from the soldiers and a small pack of shaman's herbs and poutices. James works to stop the bleeding. "You'll be fine little wolf, relax."

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Storm chuckles quietly, eyes turning toward the permanently opened garage doors to wait for the others to appear. She does move back from Rahne to allow the other access, she is no medic though she knows the basics.

"Not so little right now," she comments softly.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne is generally ignoring Ororo's orders, and trying to get up. Her left arm has a hole in it, bleeding freely. She doesn't know how to relax, so it gets a little dicey for a moment. "Ah be fine," she murmurs. "Hostages, nae me. Slap a patch on et."

She's probably wrong. She's definitely hurt. She's right. This isn't about her, and she knows that there isn't time to focus on one wounded comrade.

Heck, neither of the Russians are even here!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue shows a grin to Bruce Banner, having not ever seen him in person before... he looks like what she's seen on tv though!

With her hands on her hips, the Belle's eyes go back to STorm and she nods once at her. But it's Rahne's injury that draws Rogue's attention. She winces and drops her hands from her hips to her sides.

"Let me go grab the med pack from the jet." She states then and doesn't even hesitate or wait for a response since they have team comms. So once there, now gone, the Southern gal just launches in to the air and twirls her body around to fly back to the jet.

Landing on the dusty ground, Rogue walks past the Sniper that she left hog tied there on the deck. She jogs up the ramp of the jet to the interior to retrieve the medical supplies...

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner kneels down beside Rahne, noting the hole in her arm, "Looks nasty." When Rogue leaves for the med pack, he feels even more relieved, "Honestly the only thing I know to do in a situation like this is to apply pressure and bandage it. I think we'll have that covered in a minute."

He glances at James and then Rahn again, "How fast can she heal?" He knows it varies.

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Glancing to Rahne and the two men, she studies the wound for a moment. "Is it a through and through?" She asks plainly. "If it is not, then the bullet will need to be removed. I would suggest getting the bleeding stopped using yarrow powder from your kit James, then wrap it. The others will be here soon and we can get her back to the mansion medical staff."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is not a healer, but he can learn and he's been around wounds since boyhood. He does his best to tend to Rahne, using a yarrow root poultice and some pressure dressings to staunch the bleedings, "The bleeding is good, until we can get it covered. Henry will be here and he can take a look. I don't want to knock her out incase he needs her conscious." He even lights some sage like a proper shaman.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne puts up with it. She argues, she whines, but she puts up with the fuss being made over her. She realizes that it's a gift, to let others care for you. It lets them relax, and after a big fight taking care of the wounded is a wonderful feeling. You know, afterward, when the blood is gone.

But she just wants to scream, panic, and throw up. She keeps it inside, she doesn't run. She lets herself be bundled up and taken, if she is taken. When she knows, she KNOWS, that the hostages are the goal.

That she failed to keep them on task. That she screwed up, again, and they all had to deal with her instead of the job. So she stops fighting, and she lets things go. Until she's put in the plane, and sat down, all wrapped up and bandaged and smelling of James' burning roots.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue drops out of the sky again, and starts to jog toward the group. She's got the med kit with her and is setting it on the hood of Banner's jeep. "Come here, Rahne." Rogue tells the Wolfy one.

She starts to set out supplies then as she glances up at Banner, she knows he has a Doctor in his name, so she asks. "You able to do this?"

But either way, she's doing what she knows from her stolen military training to get it started when Rahne steps over to the vehicle, using the supplies inside the kit to make it as easy as possible... of course, Rogue has to wear her black leather gloves, so... could be easier!

Ororo Munroe has posed:
Turning back to the group, Storm looks to those around her. "Get Rahne to the Blackbird, they should be clear of the garage soon. Dr. Banner," she looks right to Bruce, offering a charming smile. "Would you like a ride back to the mansion, or would you prefer to take the jeep?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner smiles at Rogue's question, "I just.. I'm just really.. really glad that this is how I'm helping you guys. Really.. really glad." It's true.. it's VERY true.

Banner looks down at Rahne, already bandaged, "But I think that's already been covered."

He turns to Storm, "I'll be fine in my Jeep." He smiles, he's always smiling, always breathing in a calming rythmn, it's first nature to him now, "I can give anyone else a ride though." He says meekly.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Over at the large, vehicle-sized door that leads into the mine, Shadowcat's head sticks out. She looks around. "Everything safe?" she asks. Seeing the destruction of the vehicles and the bound people. "Looks like it," she says with a smile. She disappears back through the door and then a few moments later it starts to open up. A bus pulls forward, Nocturne behind the wheel, full of the plane's passengers.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
In the background, a cat walks by. It looks at the group of humans and harumphs. Then it looks at the people who feed it, at the results of all their human toys and gadgets and Words. It walks up to a fallen soldier, then proceeds to sit down, lift its leg, and groom itself in the most undignified fashion it can.

So there.