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Hellfire Club Spring Festival
Date of Scene: 24 April 2021
Location: The Rathskeller - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Hellfire Club has a cherry blossom festival to benefit charities. Expensive items are auctioned off to help an NYC foodbank.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Oliver Queen, Jovian Anderson, Greer Grant, Knox Kennedy, Elektra Natchios, Erik Lensherr, Natasha Cranston, Kaida Connolly, Nicole Adams, Felicity Smoak

Viola Fiore has posed:
Each year the New York Botanical Society has a cherry blossom celebration on their grounds while the cherry trees are in bloom and the petals have begun to rain down to carpet the land beneath. This year the Hellfire Club has joined in the festivities, with a public party and auction to benefit the Greater New York Foodbank which works to feed the homeless within the larger metro area.

The entrance to the Hellfire Club has been lined with blossoming cherry trees which have been brought in and cunning made as if to appear as part of the normal landscape. Staff escort people around the side of the building to a large courtyard which been set up for the event.

Cherry trees ring the courtyard, with the ground blanketed by petals everywhere except for a dance floor in the middle. There are multiple bars along the edges of the courtyard, while the dance floor is mainly ringed by tables where people can sit and eat or drink. Waiters are ready to bring all manner of dishes appropriate for the event and time of year that one can imagine.

One wall of the courtyard displays numerous items being auctioned off in a silent auction, where people enter sealed bids that are not opened until the end of the auction.

A band has a small stage in one corner, providing dance music of various genres that keeps an active number of people on the dance floor throughout the party.

As most things with the Hellfire Club, everything is of top quality. There are celebrities, politicians and CEOs in abundance tonight.

Oliver Queen has posed:
One of the items up for auction is dinner at the prestigious Biltmore restaurant in Starling City (Along with transportation to and from) with the famous playboy billionaire, Oliver Queen, goatee and all. In addition, the winner gets a brand new top of the line computer from Queen Consolidated, with processing power not even available to the public yet. Ollie is currently doing what he can -not- to peek over and see if anyone is dropping bits into the enevelope. So, instead the man is leaning up at one of the bars, sipping a martini. A sleek black suit with a dark green tie goes splendidly with his matching green eyes. His goatee is carefully trimmed, giving him a rakish look. The man sips his drink as he watches the crowd.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson is dressed in a nicer suit than normal, a custom fit and expensive one. It's not the top notch clothing of most of the member, since while he theoretically believes the Nazca Brotherhood, he is still...cautious. It doesnt seem believable, but he did better than the rented tuxedo he wore last time. As it is, he first and foremost enjoys the asthetic. In the past, the last time he was here it was so awkward that he more just tried to survive whereas now he actually enjoys himself and the work that has gone into the event. So he has a drink, cherry vodka and soda and simply, watches and appreciates for now.

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant could show up in human form, but, honestly, she barely ever bothers with that anymore. She's perfectly comfortable as her humanoid tiger self. She's wearing a 'little black dress', the classic evening wear appropriate for any occasion, although she has had it customized even further to allow her tail to roam freely without compromising her modesty. Given that she normally fights evil in a bikini, that's really not a problem anyway.

She snags a cocktail with a clawed hand, barefoot as she pads around and sees who all the famous people who showed up are. She's an Avenger, yes, and easily recognizable, but she's not really that big a deal. She's not Iron Man, even if she knows him.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox Kennedy cuts an impressive figure for being a complete 'nobody'. In truth, he's purchased his entry into the illustrious event via a series of anonymous donations which were in fact outright thefts from some of NYC and Gotham's less savory characters. It's even quite possible some of them are present and not too thrilled to see a precious item from their collections in the silent auction. Yet, a lack of initial legal ownership has left them with little recourse beyond repurchase.

His 'tuxedo' has a unique quality to it. The clothing has a little extra luster that may make one curious of the fabric. For those of magical inclination, they will notice the arcane radiating from it and maybe even deduce it is knitted from solid darkness, or umbra. Paired with his solid black hair, purple gaze, and peak human physique, its difficult to portray himself as normal. Fortunately for him, others like Greer Grant steal the limelight more readily.

Presently, he sips a cocktail off to the side of the critical mass of the party, his gaze holding a few of those present in contempt. He snatches a bacon wrapped fig from a nearby platter and chews. The proceeds tonight go to a good cause, so he's behaving for now.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra's duties in the club extend further than simply being one of the VIPs, being part of the body of directors that run it, and then includes being present when these events happen. And more than being present it also means helping both run but also keeping to the role of one of the hostesses of the place. So the more distant side of her has been put aside for an evening, leaving the ambassador instead. She is sporting a long dress that flows down her form nearly to the ground, the back of it open, some jewelry here and there without being too much and high heels to finish the ensemble. All proper as it should be for an event of this kind.

She smiles to a pair that arrives. "Congressman. Good to see you." a glance to the company he is keeping. Not his wife. Well, that will be fun later on. "Do enjoy yourself, we have all our commodities available tonight of course." and then she moving on, eyes over the crowd.

A few nods are given here and there, she catching sight first of Greer (Because it's hard to not notice the Avenger). "Glad you could be with us tonight, Ms. Grant." She tells the other woman. "I do hope you will find it to be a good evening. Came on your own?" she asks.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik is _not_ wearing the infamous suit, not even the newer one in less garish colors. Instead, he's in a well tailored dark grey three piece suit, cufflinks, pocket watch, the whole nine yards. The material seems to have a very subtle shimmer to it, as if metal is woven into the very fabric. Adorning his lapel as the one spot of color on his outfit is a cherry blossom boutonniere. His snowy hair is gathered back into a neat ponytail and his white beard is neatly groomed.

His grandfatherly image is somewhat thrown off, however, by the parcel that follows him in on it's own, floating through the air. He gestures and it floats to the auction table, the metallic cloth covering it unwrapping on it's own to reveal Lucas Cranach's Madonna with Child, missing since World War 2. Once it is settled into a central position on the auction table, he heads over to the bar. Given the hour, he orders a simple sparkling water before turning to lean against the bar, eyes scanning over the crowd.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha pulls up to the gala entrance in a sleek black sports car that screams 'stupidly expensive' and 'mid-life crisis'. She patiently waits for the valet to stop gawking before handing them one of the keys, then turns on her - probably only slightly less expensive - heel to head down to the VIP area and hands the other key over to the auctioneer. "You'll find all the paperwork in the glove compartment."

    She turns to Elektra with a smile. "Miss Natchios. Good evening; this little party looks wonderful already. I'm looking forward to the rest of the evening..."

    With that, she turns and heads back into the main area to mingle, deftly snagging a glass of champagne from a passing waiter before the poor man had even seen her coming...

Kaida Connolly has posed:
What a wonderful opportunity. It's going to be hard to get away with anything particularly big but getting away with a bit of rather expensive food and such is rather easy. Besides, they're giving the food away, probably. Sure, she isn't technically a guest here but it's for anyone that is here and she'll be here so, ya know. Either way, Kaida slips into the gathering rather easily. No one ever looks for a mouse that is smarter than most people.

"Now, to see what is good." She says quietly as she slips in and starts sniffing at the air, sniffing around for various food smells and of course other smells that migth be floating around. Having a mouse's noses and ears has some serious advantages when few would ever know you are there sniffing and listening.

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant flashes fangs at Elektra, a playful grin, "Thank you. And yes, I'm afraid I'm a solitary feline tonight. I've been keeping too much to myself and haven't been out on the hunt in a long time. What can I say, sometimes even I can be a homebody?" she says.

She takes a sip of her martini, nostrils flaring as she takes in the various scents around, watching with a raised eyebrow as Natasha speeds by, one of the valets giving Tigra a 'which way did she go?'

"Don't look at me, honey, I'm not your bloodhound."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson watches for now, still blended. As it is, he is still a bit pithed at the whole idea he might 'inherit' membership here. Probably for the best that the vast majority of the 'inheritance' is watched over by weirdos in flowing robes with weird lines on them. It was less weird to him at this point than this lifestyle. He finished one drink and had another examining the items on the table.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox's eye is drawn toward Erik's arrival and the floating donation. His eyebrow raises for a moment, a slight chuckle escaping his lips. It's a matter of serendipity, for he too had provided a work that has been missing since the second World War: Jordaens Young Bacchus.

He approaches the table and leans forward to inspect it, offering a low whistle of appreciation. "Glad to see this back in circulation versus in some fascist's basement or descendent there of." Erik is given a nod of appreciation then skims his surroundings. "Let's hope it finds a good home."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Hellfire Club staff who wait on the guests are everywhere, providing drinks and bringing food. The band is playing a lively tune that has couples dancing about at a good pace. The late afternoon sky overhead is blue, the weather having turned out perfect for the party.

Viola Fiore is over at one side of the event where she has a good view of everything. A discreet boom microphone extends down a few inches towards her lips from her ear, allowing her to contact an number of members of the staff. "Yes, the car was a surprise. Park it over where it's in view, and print out a photo of it and add it to the items for auction, quickly," she says quietly into the microphone. She turns to a woman with a tablet waiting at her side, "Janelle, I don't know that he has status as a sovereign anymore, but please make sure that Mr. Lensherr is greeted with the promptness appropriate if he were still a monarch." Janelle gets on her own radio and quickly sends over one of the club's better hostesses to greet Magneto.

Viola's eyes sweep the party. The turn out not unexpected, though she thought it might take longer to have so many arrive. "Kitchens, another wave of the dishes for the banquet table, and expect a crush of orders from the menu coming." She pulls out a bottle of water and takes a sip, then goes back to running the event.

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Perhaps more understated than some, Nicole's arrival at the Hellfire club was without fanfare or fancified means of conveyance. Even her dress was simple and elegant, made of black silk, strapless with a sweetheart neckline, ankle-length, and slit up to about mid-thigh on the right side. Sprinkled along the neckline and hem was a scattering of jet beads that sparkled like hints of stars in a stygian sky with every step she took. Simple, strappy little heeled sandals completed the ensemble. Her hair was left mostly long and loose, save for a silver comb topped with a cloisonne cherry blossom, drawing her hair up on the left side.

     Smiling, she looks around the room, but spies nobody she knows at the present moment. That was perfectly fine. A glass of champagne was snagged from a passing waiter, who she smiled at by way of thanks, slipping into the crowd, to enjoy the ambience.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik appears to be scanning the crowd with almost a specific goal in mind, looking from one face to another. His eyes linger for a moment on Nicole, and then again on Viola, while skimming past most of the other guests. Knox's statement garners a slight smile, "Indeed, there are still too many missing. And it is a good cause, certainly." He takes a sip of his water, giving Knox a slightly curious look.

He glances over as a hostess comes over and speaks quetly to him, then nods and indicates his drink, but does allow her to call over a waiter with hors d'oeuvres on his tray, deftly collecting one or two before letting the man go. He smiles and thanks her, then returns to his people watching.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra lets out a chuckle at Greer's response. "Well, the dance floor is open. I am sure you can find someone to keep you company if you so wish. Being an Avenger does turn heads." a glance about at the various people looking their way. "As can be noticed.." she then gesturing with one hand, "Do enjoy. And now if you will excuse me." she turns to go before catching sight of Natasha. "Ms. Cranston. This is turning into a tradition, mmm? Meeting in these parties.", a gesture towards Greer, "Have you met Ms. Grant? One of the Avengers." she says. "But now if you will both excuse me."

For it is time to take the stage for a few moments.

The woman weaves past, a brow quirking at Magneto's presence but she inclines her head politely on his direction, then towards Oliver Queen. Old money. Though quickly enough she is close to the stage. She walks up to it. "Welcome everyone, and thank you for joining us tonight in the Hellfire club for a gala to help various organizations in the city that provides food for the homeless, the Greater New York Food Bank and the Botanical Society."

A gesture is made towards a table where various items are at, "To give it a little boost we decided to put up a few silent auctions, provided by some of our generous participants." she says.

"You will be able to put in your auction, ranging from a Ming Dynasty Vase, to Lucas Cranach's painting, lost since the Second World War, Madonna with Child." then a chuckle. "Or for those enjoying high speeds or business opportunities we have a Palmer Technologies limited edition sports car or a business dinner with Mr. Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Consolidated."

(OOC: Full list will be provided by Viola)

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha chuckles. "Not /too/ much tradition, one hopes - it always makes me feel old," she replies, then nods at Greer, her gaze not even flickering as she takes in the woman's feline appearance. "Ah, yes... Tigra, wasn't it? Or do you prefer Miss Grant?"

    She extends a hand to shake. "Natasha Cranston, Cranston Multinational. A pleasure to meet you..."

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant nods to Elektra as the woman departs, tilting her head at Natasha curiously. The woman's scent had some interesting elements to it, marking her as more than an ordinary socialite, in a variety of ways. Greer allowed herself to be intrigued, in part because it was far superior than being bored.

"Tigra or Greer, Miss Grant makes it sound like I'm someone's secretary," she says with a sly smile. "And yes, I'm not much for tradition either, if I"m honest. Traditionally, you and I would probably not even be allowed in here without husbands to hold us by the arm and make sure we behaved ourselves."

Viola Fiore has posed:
As Elektra finishes going over the items in the auction, it generates some interest. People going over and looking at the items. Sometimes picking up bid cards and filling them out, then sealing them in envelopes and turning them in to the woman who is waiting by the items, collecting the bids.

Viola looks about and tells Janelle, "Ok, keep an eye things, I'm going to go walk the floor," she says, smiling to the capable woman. Viola then moves off into the crowd, making her way slowly through, measuring the feeling in the outdoor event, checking to make sure staff are taking care of things.

Viola sees Jovian across the room and tries to catch his eye, giving him a warm smile as she waves his way. Though nearer to her is Oliver Queen. "Mr. Queen. I'm Viola Fiore, the event coordinator. I just wanted to say thank you for your generous donation. I have heard of the restaurant, it will be a real treat for whoever wins it."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson smiles back and is obvious in understanding of Viola doing her job. He isnt going to be 'winning' any of the items in the auction and frankly wouldnt know what to do with them if he did, but does, in fact, take advantage of the general donation information on the flier to make a direct cash donation. He is more relaxed than normal which is to say only slightly odd or looming.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
There's a table filled with food! She can see some faces she has seen before either in person or in the news but that is all forgotten for the whole reason she came here. She zips up to the top of the table and hten is a sudden blur of speed as she rushes across the table and skewers several items in passing. She is leaping off the end of hte table with incredible alacrity and speed, rolling carefully to keep the sword held aloft as she lands and then scrambling under a chair. She giggles a little to herself as she looks over the various meats she has procured and proceeds to pluck a piece off that is easily the size of her face.

Within moments her cheeks are puffed out with said food and then it is simply gone.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Seeing that Viola is busy at the moment, Erik polishes off the small bit of food he collected, then picks up his glass and begins to circulate through the crowd. He appears to know quite a few of the people here tonight, sharing a quick word here, a smile and nod there, even a few handshakes and cheek kisses, looking every inch the elder statesman as he makes his way through the rich and famous. Then again, there are those who see him coming and make it a point to get well out of his path before he gets near them, so take that as you will.

His rather meandering path nonetheless seems to have a goal, and so it is that he ends up several feet behind Nicole. With a gentle clearing of his throat, he speaks quietly but distinctly, "Good day, Miss Adams. I do hope you are enjoying the party." He glances around, "As usual, they appear to have spared no expense to create the appropriate décor."

Nicole Adams has posed:
     As Erik appears to materialize behind her as if from the morning mist out of nowhere, Nicole is just raising her champagne flute to her lips. She pauses mid-motion, honey-gold brows flicking upwards for the briefest of moments. She turns, allowing herself a light smile, dipping her head by way of greeting to the master of magnetism. "Mr. Lensherr, I presume? A pleasure to put a face to the name," she replies, raising her glass slightly in salute. "Indeed. The Mardi Gras event here was just as wonderful."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Greer's comment draws a laugh out of Natasha. "Oh, I haven't behaved since my grandfather gave up trying to babysit me, and I'm not planning on picking the habit back up."

    She takes another sip of her glass as she walks with Tigra to the refreshments table, then turns around to look at the auction item list. "Hmm, interesting... But I'm not sure that Ming will go with my decor. Still... What do you think?"

Greer Grant has posed:
"I was never very good at it either, even before my feline nature became more than metaphor," she says. Tigra trails a sharpened clawtip down the listings, lazily cupping her martini glass with her other hand as she looks over the various auction offerings alongside Natasha.

"Hard to resist a diamond necklace - I do like my sparkles. The Bacchus painting is interesting, too. Mr. Queen is rather, ah, self-involved to offer up his own company, but he's not the first billionaire with an ego. And he IS cute, I suppose."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore continues to wander through the crowd. She greets a number of the Hellfire Club members and other VIPs. "Hello Congressman. Congratulations on the new crime bill," she says to a Representative from New Jersey, and "Mr. Jones, nice to see you at another event. I hope you enjoy it as much as you did Mardi Gras," she says to Hugh Jones, the owner and CEO of Roxxon Corporation.

Meanwhile, Kaida makes her dash across the banquet table, leaving a confounded young woman in her wake, dressed in the HFC staff attire.

Viola is just about to start across the room again when one of the other staff speaks in her ear. "Miss Fiore? I have a situation. There... there's a mouse, ma'am."

Viola glances about, taking a moment to identify the voice. "Marsha? Well, take care of it, but discretely."

Marsha's voice comes back to Viola. "Well, see, there's a problem. The mouse is... wearing clothing. And... I think it had a sword."

Viola stops in almost midstep. A description of the direction the mouse ran off is given, and Viola uses her power to sharpen her eyesight to help her pick out details. She finally spots Kaida happily munching away beneath the chair. Viola wanders over that way, taking a seat at the table nearby, but not in the chair that Kaida is beneath. At some point Kaida might look up and see the Italian-American young woman looking her way. "So," she says, glancing around her as she talks, though eyes going back to Kaida now and then as it to confirm she's talking to the mouse with the cloak on. "I don't recognize you from the member list. So one of the visiting public I'm guessing?" Viola asks, eyes going back to Kaida, likely not expecting a verbal answer.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson reads the body language well enough and while he has grown to expect the unexpected, Kaida's actions have him curious and slightly concerned so he glides/looms over in that direction and waves to both, not saying anything. More curious than anything else.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
Better late than never Felicity arrives; or rather, she's wrangled a 'date', or more like a brother of a friend who owed her a really BIG favor back in school. Who wants to be a lackey delivering something to a shin-dig like this?

Dressed for the occasion, then, in a fancy mid-length number that possibly shows a little more skin than even she is used to and borrowed jewelry from same said friend, Ms Felicity Smoak enters the fray, er.. party. Her 'date' is tall, medium build with a suit that looks like it hadn't come off the hanger in a little while, complete with lint-brush lines.


Still, Felicity looks like she at least knows what to do in a pinch, and upon arrival, those glasses that are carried upon trays is seized upon as the boxed computer is set to the side of the table.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "One can rarely go wrong with a diamond necklace," Natasha concurs, musing and taking another sip. "I'm told Greece is lovely, but I'd have to sort out a plus-one..."

    She purses her lips for a moment as she studies the two paintings. "I suppose my PR director /has/ been badgering me about contacting a curator for some new art in our lobby..."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik chuckles, "Ah, my reputation precedes me, I see. Hopefully not in the 'I have to run now' way, though." He takes a sip from his glass. "I didn't make that one, I'm afraid. I have been around for a few other events though, the Club is quite good at what it does." He smiles in a friendly manner at her, then adds, "I wanted to thank you for your volunteer work in mutant town. Not all of our people are willing to put themselves in harm's way to help out."

He considers her for a moment, then adds, "I trust the last incident you were involved in did not dampen you wish to help out when you can. I personally am doing my best to make sure such incidents are kept to a minimum wherever possible, it's simply not acceptable behavior."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
It's really not a long process. Despite her size, she easily puts away several pieces of meat and cheese within moments and then pats her belly happily though she shows no sign at all of having eaten anything in that regard. She hops up rather easily upon being spotted and eyes Viola, peering at her carefully as she pats the hilt of her sword and points a small finger right up at Viola.

"How do you know I'm not the list?" She asks and tilts her head, leaning forward, "I could be a member with a unique skill that allows them to turn into a mouse." She nods her head before nodding, "I'm sure you aren't without people with powers." She nods her head, "So there you go." She nods again, "Could be from the public, could be a member," She ilts her head and winks, "In disguise. Testing your hospitality!" She nods again. She then stands up straight and nods.

"So far, the food at least is good and you haven't had me attacked so I am impressed." She nods her head.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore glances up as Jovian approaches, flashing a warm smile to the familiar man. Perhaps not minding having him nearby as she engages in conversation with the well-armed mouse.

"Well," Viola answers to Kaida, "I can't be certain of course. But the Club here is quite careful about membership, and something like a member who shows up in such a way, would be the kind of thing they'd be sure to make me aware of. As you say, so we didn't misunderstand and our hospitality was lacking."

Viola's eyes sweep across the party, landing finally on a small pedestal along one wall. Part of the courtyard's normal accoutrements, Viola had it left there figuring it might serve as a place for people to rest their drinks while conversing. "To avoid any misunderstandings, might I offer you a place over here to sit and enjoy the party?" Viola asks motioning towards the pedestal. "And I can have one of our staff stay close by to make sure you have what you need." And likely, help avoid anyone reacting and think she is a normal mouse.

Nicole Adams has posed:
     "No thanks needed, Mr. Lensherr. In the end, we have to look out for each other," Nicole replies, her smile warm, and a touch of color staining her cheeks. "We were lucky that time, though, in that matters did not turn out any worse than they had." She twirls the stem of the champagne flute between her fingers, rolling it slowly back and forth and watching the play of the pale golden, bubbly liquid within the delicate, narrow vessel. "I'm not certain how to help in preventing further such incidents. Perhaps one day we might speak more of such things."

     Peridot eyes glitter as she finally looks up at Erik again, taking a sip of her champagne. "By the by, a mutual acquaintance wanted me to send his regards, if I happened to meet you. I'm certain you remember James Proudstar?"

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant takes note of Felicity's arrival, making momentary eye contact and nodding to the girl, her green eyes radiant in her furred face. "I'm sure it would be very prestigious for things like that, but I don't really know much of anything about business. Unless you need to know how to file taxes for a private investigator business and I haven't even done -that- in years," she sighs.

"Sometimes I miss it. Being an Avenger is great and I know we do important things, but just helping peope with simple problems - cheating husbands, lost sisters, blackmailers - I felt like I still got a lot of good done."

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson seems to approve both Kaida's audacity and Vi's decorum in handling the complixity of the situation. He remains silent but smiles more naturally than normal and his eyes twinkle. The loom factor is in the lesser digits of 1-10.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
That drink? Emptied like a pro. Nothing like a little liquid courage, because when all is said and done, this is a strata that people like Felicity works //for//, not //with//.

Even with her education and experience.

A tentative smile is given back to Greer.. is that.. oooo.. a rather recognizable Avenger, to say the least. It's hesitant only in that self-conscious way rather than a .. weird way, because why would it be weird for her to be here? Her boss... partner.. is here, after all. Right?

That empty glass of courage is set back on another passing tray before hijacking yet another, and .. into the fray!

Felicity catches the end of Greer's opinion on the matter of 'good feeling', and she wanders a little closer, the smile a little more friendly and less 'oh god, why did I think this was a good idea?'.

"Ms. Grant," so far, not a stumble, "It's a pleasure to meet you," and those around.. and holding out a hand, she continues, "I really admire your work. Particularly that part about blackmailers and stuff."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik nods, "Exactly my thought, who will take care of mutants if we don't help each other." He regards the blonde woman for a moment, then continues, "I would be very interested in having a further conversation on such matter with you very soon, to be sure." He chuckles a little, "Honestly, it is one of the reasons I made my way over here once I saw you. Anyone who is willing to put themselves out there is someone I want to get to know more about."

When she brings up James, he nods, "Ah yes, a most impressive young man. I believe I first met him at the school. He could be quite helpful in assisting our brothers and sisters. Do give him my greetings when next you see him. His brother was a hero as well, a pity he was taken from us so soon."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A look over at the pedestal in question and then back to Viola. Kaida hmms softly. She glances briefly at Jovian before looking then to Viola and nodding, "I can't say that I have ever been placed on an actual pedestal before but I think that will work well." She nods her head, "I accept your generous offer." She then takes a few steps out from under the chair she is in and offers a small fist for a bump, "I am Kaida." She nods her head, "Hero to the weak and downtrodden."

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox had been lost in thought for a considerable moment in time as he inspected Erik's donation to the event more thoroughly. He imagined the journey the painting must have been on through out the years, an ill-gotten good, a spoil of a very evil war. The brief reflection of history reminds him of the dangers of powerful people and causes him to cast his purple gaze on the rich and influential that surround him.

He frowns as he ponders the age old question of rather power corrupts or just brings out the best and worst of people who obtain it. He remains undecided as he scans the room, noticing Viola for the first time. He hums and reaches into a pocket to retrieve his wallet, looking a business card from the same woman. He shrugs and deposits his wallet back before approaching her and Jovian.

"Evening. So should I take this is a bit more your speed then a deli?" He gestures at the ambiance, "Or is this the 'job' and you prefer to have your hair down when off the clock?"

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson smiles, "Jovian Anderson, Bounty Hunter and occasional body guard" and apparently more than that but he isnt taking that seriously at the moment. "Nice to meet you." He looks at Knox and nods polite, though not immediately understanding what the job in question is; assuming it has something to do with Vi's desires.

Nicole Adams has posed:
     Nicole smiled warmly and nodded. "They were people who needed help. It wasn't possible to say no." Somehow, in a dress as slinky and high-slit as the one she is now wearing, she had managed to secret a small pocket on the left side--not large enough to hold much but a bit of change, maybe a key--and what looked to be a calling card or two. It is one of these she slips free of her pocket, and offers up to Erik. "My number, should you wish to contact me. I'll be certain to pass along your greetings to James when we meet again." There is a decided darkening of her cheeks, and a more winsome quality to her smile as she speaks his name. Are those stars in her eyes, or a trick of the light?

     Her smile fades slightly, her voice taking on a more somber timbre as she continues. "He's spoken some of his brother, and I can only imagine how much he is missed." The next words are a bit clipped, short, and the light in her eyes is perhaps a bit harder. "Mercifully, I'm spared the ties of kin."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore reaches down to return the fist tap with Kaida. "Well, the service here is quite above usual places," she tells Kaida with a smile. She looks up and motions to Marsha to join them. The woman who was manning the banquet table begins to head over. Viola tells Kaida, "I'm Viola Fiore. Planner of parties and provider of libations." She smiles to the mouse and then tells Marsha, "Would you give our guest a place or honor over on the pedestal there? And stay with her and make sure there aren't any misunderstandings from the other guests." Viola looks back to Kaida, "If you'd like more to eat, or some juice or water or soda to drink, Marsha will be happy to see you set up with that as well," she assures.

Viola then straightens back up again, smiling as she sees Knox approach. "Hello Knox," she says. This is Jovian. And this is Kaida. A hero," she says. Yes talking about the mouse with the cloak and sword. "This is the job. Or the one I'm trying to get. This is my second audition event to show what I can do," she says. "So please, have fun!" Viola adds with a quiet, warm chuckle.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha nods at Tigra, reaching out to snag a fresh glass of champagne from a passing waiter like an expert sneak thief. "A fair point, and those are certainly worthy causes... But on the other hand, if the planet were to be successfully invaded, there wouldn't be anyone to help them either. I don't think I envy anyone who has to weigh those kinds of priorities..."

    She favours Felicity with a friendly smile as the woman walks up. "A pleasure to meet you as well, miss--?" she asks, prompting the other woman for her name.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
There it is, that realization that she'd forgotten something. Duh.. and Felicity turns to Natasha, her smile still gamely in place in the face of her self-consciousness. Her hand is stilll extended, "Felicity. Felicity Smoaks. I work for Oli- Mr. Queen over there, in IT." Which sounds really, really.. boring.


There's a laugh as Felicity regains her footing, however, and she continues, "I know that sounds really boring, but it isn't.."


Felicity looks around again, the gesture to incorporate the entire gathering as she opines, "This is really a lovely party. The auction pieces are just.." Wow? No, she can't say 'wow'. "... exceptional." And way out of her budget.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
The girl smiles and nods her head to Jovian and then to Knox briefly before looking back to Viola and giving a slight bow, "Thank you for the hospitality and help." She then starts away at a simple walk over toward the pedestal with her hands behind her back as she does, "Excellent, I shall go take my seat. Marsha, retrieve me one very small glass of your finest cola as well as," She glances briefly over at the table and peers, "A plate of meats and cheeses from the table." She hops up on on to the pedestal with the ease that someone might use to take a step up a stair.

"Not small. Regular sized. Full plate." She grins and then plops idly down on the pedestal, throwing back her hood so her ears can go full satelite dish and she looks casually around, eyes stopping briefly on Erik before turning on to others.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox gives Jovian a nod of greeting then looks to Kaida with a little bit of disbelief on his expression. He'd seen a variety of mutants before, but Kaida was something of an abnormality. He offers a smile, "A hero? Well, I guess the world can always use another one of those."

Nodding to Viola, "Second audition, huh? Guess we better not mess it up for you by talking your ear off too much. Not that I am the expert, but great job so far. It's one hell of an event."

Grabbing a wine glass as it comes by on a platter, he toasts Viola and takes a quick sip. "It's quite the guest list, but I guess that's what is expected at this prestigious venue." He coughs slightly, covering his mouth the leans forward to murmur, "If you get a complaint about the 'Young Bacchus' ignore them. Sore loser."

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant smile at Felicity, "I suppose it depends on the kind of work you do, doesn't it? I've had jobs that were boring as hell and jobs that kept me on my tippy-toes with excitement," she says, actually getting on the tip-toes of her bare tiger-pad feet as she does so.

"Greer Grant, or Tigra, whatever you prefer, I don't care a fig," she says, flicking her tail ab it, "As for galactic invasions, I'm probably better at fighting burglars and the like, but the Avengers brought me on board and I'm not about to complain about it. Honestly, the digs are pretty sweet. So, what's Oliver Queen like, Felicity? Is he an inveterate lech like Tony Stark or is he boring?"

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik takes the card with a nod, "I will most certainly be in touch quite soon. There are many things we can talk about that I would not want to take your time at a lovely party such as this to discuss." At her mention of family ties, he nods, "Yes, it's unfortunate, but many of our people have these problems with their flesh and blood families. When even relations don't make the effort to understand, what hope do we have with the population in general?"

He shakes his head, "Still, we must do what we can to improve our people's lot. And a lack of connection to family can be remedied by the connection to your mutant brothers and sisters. I feel we are all one family, despite different parents. We are all linked at a deeper level."

Felicity Smoak has posed:
"I guess it's also what you make of it. I mean, my programs are really all my babies. My systems are tailored to do what they need to, when they need to. None of this extraneous, memory-sucking behemoths that are just too large to get out of their own way." Felicity is nothing if not passionate about her work, apparently.

She nods her head in rapt agreement with Greer, the glass of bubbly doing its thing in terms of loosening her up a touch. Maybe she can fit in here? Maybe?


Felicity takes another swallow of the light colored drink, and as she brings it down, she has a rather considering look on her face. Glancing towards Oliver, blue eyes linger one beat, two before she returns her attention to the ladies. "Well," she begins slowly, "I've never met Mr. Stark. Kind of worshipped him from afar, but he never hired me for Stark Industries. At least, I never got a call back. Smart." She'd heard about 'inveterate lechery' too; who hadn't? It's in all the papers, or had been anyway.

"Mr Queen is a little more understated, I think." The glass is brought to her lips again, and the last bits are swallowed, the glass finished. "He's not too bad to work for. I do get weekends off, and holidays."

Nicole Adams has posed:
     "I'd like to think there's hope, but reality can sometimes be quite different." Nicole nods, and smiles as her card is accepted. "Difficulties with one's own flesh and blood is unfortunate, but we seem to agree that should not stop us from doing what we can, however small those efforts might be." As she picks up the delicate champagne flute once more, she simply lets the edge of its base rest upon her finger, holding it in precarious balance for several long moments, then twirling it slowly. "It's a matter of finding one's place, I suspect."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    "Then please, call me Natasha," Natasha replies to Felicity. "This is entirely too nice an evening to spoil with stuffy formalities."

    She takes a sip from her champagne glass. "And don't sell yourself short in any regard -- this modern world couldn't exist without information technology at the state it's currently in, and sometimes I worry that entirely too few people understand just how important it is to keep things running..."

    She smiles at Felicity's defense of her employer. "I haven't met Mr. Queen personally, but his public persona always struck me as quite outgoing, although not quite on the level as Mr. Stark's excesses..."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore motions to Jovian and Knox, moving the conversation over nearer to the pedestal so Kaida can remain in it easily enough, while Marsha goes off to gather the plate of food. "Ah, I had seen the name on that, and the other items, but wasn't sure if it was you," Viola comments to Knox as he quietly mentions one of the items he donated to the auction. She looks a little curious at his comment, but doesn't ask more, at least not at the moment.

The young woman glances around and says, "At the last party, the person in charge of the Club pretty much ordered me to stop working and go drink and enjoy myself." Viola chuckles. "He isn't here tonight, but I half wonder if he's testing me to see if I do or not tonight. And not really sure which way is the right answer if it was," she says.

Though she did dress to blend in, wearing a lovely dress that shows her figure well, and some might even recognize it being a designer label at that.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson follows, and chuckles,"Vi, do you KNOW the original history of the club? There's a reason Mr Shaw has asked you to do that," he chuckles, "The comment Knox made about Bacchus is apropos." He sips his drink and relaxes.

Greer Grant has posed:
Greer Grant shakes her head, "Do not worship Tony Stark. Don't get me wrong, he's brilliant and charming and handsome and witty. He'll flirt with you in five languages, buy you a car and then whisk you off to breakfast in Paris. But, and I cannot emphasize this enough, he is also a man-child who needs serious mothering and you do not want to sign up for that job. Poor Pepper Potts is a saint among women and I do not envy her one bit."

Greer eyes Oliver Queen from a distance a little more, "Huh. Maybe I'll try to give him the benefit of the doubt, then. I came up from nothing so I tend to get suspicious of the trust fund types. Although, of course, Magneto is standing over there and he's marginally more terrifying."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik nods, "Precisely, Miss Adams, that is exactly what I wish to discuss with you when next we speak. But for now, please, enjoy your evening." He waves at the party in general, "You are young, and should not spend the whole party talking with an old man who can't always separate business from enjoyment. I will stop monopolizing your time, I am certain there are any number of young gentlemen who would be glad to catch your attention for even a short while." He raises his glass slightly in a toast to her before preparing to move off into the crowd again.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
"Natasha," Felicity repeats. "This really is a lovely evening. One of those nights where no matter what time it ends, it's too soon." There's the auction, the food table up there, and is there a band? The blonde cranes her neck, blue eyes behind rectangular glasses peering for a source of music.

"Oh, no.. I know I'm needed. The country, the world is run on our backs, and it's just.. a different sort of person that actually understands where they contribute. And, well, it seems that we also have to be the ones to police ourselves, because no one who doesn't know systems wouldn't know."

Felicity chuckles, her smile a touch lopsided, and those blue eyes have a glint. "I don't know. I mean, I know he's an Avenger and all, and you do know him. But the work he's done in applied physics is phenominal. That's not to mention all his software integrations into real time, and the ground he's covered in artificial awareness?" The blonde shakes her head, and her words come a little softer, "Very sexy." Catching herself, Felicity continues, "And we both went to the same school. I mean, he was before me by a few years, but we're practically schoolchums."

Felicity pauses before mouthing the word 'chums' in momentary confusion and a touch of self-consciousness raises its head once again.

"I'd go to Paris.. but no, Mr Queen isn't like that. He can be really charming, though. And.. uh.. he's got the handsome thing down."

Nicole Adams has posed:
     "They would fail, though," comes Nicole's reply, the corners of her ilps tugging upwards in that winsome smile as she holds her glass more properly once more. "Our mutal acquaintance already has that pleasure. But indeed, you are right, there is no reason to not enjoy the rest of the evening. Until another time, then." With that, she too raises her glass, and turns to look over some of the silent auction items, simply admiring the unique beauty of each one.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
"Some things belong in museums or at least in public collections versus collecting dust at the whim of another's pride." Knox comments in regards to Viola's look then leaves it at that. He nods and hums, "Does sound like it might be some kind of trick. Well, you are coming off very professional and gorgeous in that dress. So I'm sure whoever is cutting your paycheck has to be happy with the outcome. Not to mention the homeless tonight."

Glancing toward Jovian, he offers a grin, wink and raise of his glass. The painting did seem appropriate for the Hellfire Club.

The mouse girl receiving the royal service catches his eye again. He scratches at the stubble on his cheek and just shrugs to himself. Though he can't help if having a some 'cat-person' like Tigra and the small hero might end up in something akin to superhero Tom and Jerry.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola looks around the party and back to those she's talking to. "Hopefully. I'd really enjoy continuing to get to work here. I'm used to some fairly lavish budgets, but the scale they work with here is just... just phenomenal," Viola tells them.

She turns back to Jovian to say, "I've heard the origins overseas, though not quite sure the chapter's history, or what kind of connection it has, if more than just name," she tells him, nodding.

Janelle comes over, bringing a glass with her. "I figured you needed this," she says, passing the wine to Viola. Viola take sit and chuckles. "Ok, maybe that's a hint," she says. "Just let me know if anything needs handling," she tells Janelle, who nods to her.

Viola turns back to the others, taking a sip. "It isn't like the whole staff here isn't skilled as can be," she says. And speaking of, Marsha returns with a plate generously brimming with food for Kaida, and the requested beverage. "How does that strike you, Miss Kaida?" Viola asks.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson says, "Let us merely say that 'Bachanal' is a good word to describe its original historical reputation but..." he taps his chin thought and looks up a momment, "You know more local research might be a good idea." If he is going to be a member of a thing, or even otherwise, knowing its history is an excellent idea. He sips his drink again, finishing and ordering a third but pacing himself. He needs to tell SOMEONE about the weird men in weird robes muttering and peeping and implying by proxy that they were some kind of puppet masters inclucing world events, but...the occasion hasnt arisen. He's still, ADJUSTING and only now coming to terms that he doesnt deal well with change despite change coming and knocking on his door with a battering ram and lottery tickets.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Listening to the conversation, the mouse girl simply adds in, "Charity is all good and well as long as the motives behind it are good and well." She tilts her head, "Most often those who do charity with other people's money use that as an opportunity to write off a considerable amount of tax expense without ever having to spend a dime of their own money." SHe shrugs and then smiles at the arriving food.

"Oh, that looks delicious!" She declares and nods her head even as she starts gathering some of the food together and stacks it into makeshift sandwiches with the deft skill of someone who is used to being this size. She then looks over at Jovian and then Knox before shaking her head, "I never really understood art. I mean, I get the point of it to a degree but the value of it is kinda silly if you ask me. Trying to own something made by someone else is, in my opinion like trying to own someone's life. Sure, you can claim to be in control but you'll always just be an outsider." She then proceeds to devour her makeshift sandwich with incredible alacrity and a complete lack of manners.

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha chuckles at Felicity's comment. "Don't worry. We won't tell," she promises with a conspirational wink, then leans back to snatch up another glass of champagne and takes a sip. "That said, I'm going to leave you two dears to your conversation and do some mingling. If you'll excuse me..."

    And with that, she wanders off, looking for others to socialize with.

Knox Kennedy has posed:
Knox gazes down toward Kaida for a moment in absolute glee and appreciation. He kneels down and whispers to the mouse girl, "I completely agree with you. I think for many its just one big act of pride and vanity. People with too much money who don't know what to do with it. However, if I can use that flaw to the advantage of a few hungry people, why not? Even if its one big tax write off in the end. Its still sandwiches in empty bellies."

Gazing one last time around the party, he finally notices someone in the crowd. A wealthy Caucasian man with the expected haughty demeanor and oozing pride. A grin curls at the corner of his mouth, and he turns to leave. "Excuse me... but I have a date I need to keep. Nice meeting you both."

He exits the party dusting cherry blossom petals off his shoulder. One he's left all the glitz and light and returned to the shadows of the street. His tuxedo reforms into a costume designed for night work. It was time for another theft while his mark was busy hob knobbing.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson chuckles and, as former law enforcement he suspects he knows what Knox is about to do, but...since he is FORMER law enforcment he doesnt chase. He does nod to Kaida, "Your point is a good one. But here is this, being a decent person is good, and I like to do it, but working with as many VIP's as I have, " there those borrowed memories were again....he inwardly cringed and forced himself to remember NOT SECRET SERVICE but continued, "I've seen that the trappings of state and ceremony are a way for people in the middle of the moral spectrum to go with the flow without as much effort, and for the good of society while good motives are preferred, good behavior will do. Still, I wont argue a single thing that you said." Since when was he an economics professor? But the topic hit close to home for a lot of reasons. Greater good my ass.

Felicity Smoak has posed:
Conversations are enjoyed, the drink, the whispered 'girl secrets' shared.. though not much of a secret. Oliver is handsome, and there is no way Felicity would say 'no' to a trip to Paris with Tony Stark. But, other than Oliver, her circles aren't anywhere near a lofty.

And it is to that less than great height that she should really return to. She has work to do, programs to run and there should be a proper analysis of the pharmaceutical company finishing up right about now.. ish.

So, with proper acknowledgments and words of thanks, Felicity relocates her 'date' and heads back to Starling. Via train.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Erik makes his way through the crowd, finally moving over to take a closer look at the charity auction table. He does not, however, bid on anything. As it is getting later, when another waiter passes him, he trades his empty water glass for champagne, which he takes small sips from as he circulates. He can't help but throw an inquisitive glance over at the mouse girl on her pedestal, and thus also Jovian as he talks to her.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Sitting on her spot, Kaida shrugs and hmms, "I have gotten on the internet a few times. I have read things." She smiles, "I guess the good is done but I just wish more people did the right thing for the right reasons." She then looks over at Erik when he looks their direction and she watches him back. She sucks in a breath even as she considers him before she looks to Knox, "Bye!" She waves to him, "Have a good date."

Natasha Cranston has posed:
    Natasha lingers just a bit longer, placing a silent bid or two on a few items, and then quietly slips away, hailing a cab that seems to all but materialize right when she reaches the curb.

Jovian Anderson has posed:
Jovian Anderson notices the gaze of one of the cornerstones of history and...is surprised at his lack of reaction. There is no fear or hatred or lothing or inspiration, he sees that despite the man's tremendous reputation and power, he is, at the end of the day, still a man and that is humanizing. He nods to Kaida, "That is a good wish. And maybe someday people will be better; as it is, I'll take form over substance if that is all we can do." He lightly sips his third drink and looks around as the party seems to slowly wind down.