5952/Setting the stage for an Expo

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Setting the stage for an Expo
Date of Scene: 16 April 2021
Location: GIRL Labs
Synopsis: The team at GIRL plans for the first-ever GIRL Expo!
Cast of Characters: Janet van Dyne, Maxima, Valeria Richards, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Putting an expo together is a staggering amount of work at all levels. There are logistics hurdles, security concerns, even the problems of making sure vendors are present for food and drink.

Getting the scientists in the room is almost the easy part.

The GIRL labs are attached to living quarters, and there's a sense of comfortable commune living there. Even Janet's dressed down, in calf-length brown leggings and a thin, daffodile-colored hoodie. On her thigh is a large yellow legal pad filled with notes as he pencil scratches across it.

"Something that you need to work on is a theme," Janet advises Nadia. She reaches for a teacup and takes a sip. "Something that draws people in. A science fair free-for-all doesn't wow investors. For this expo you really want to lead with your best foot forward, show off technology that people will want to use and license for themselves."

Maxima has posed:
"Everyone's amazing inventions to change the world isn't a good theme?" Nadia tilts her head to the side before spinning in a circle and coming to a stop.

She's wearing her favorite 'Just A Girl Who Loves Hornets' shirt, over a red and black plaid pleated skirt and a pair of combat boots.

"I mean we probably shouldn't show the spacecraft designs, at least not yet. Hmmmm." She's thinking pretty hard about it, but in truth she hasn't actually developed many new innovations lately with how busy she always seems to be trying to save the world and battling Russian spies.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val has eclipsed 'dressed down' and attained the level of 'science gremlin'. Her hair's in bedhead disarray, and her usual subtle style or classic FF jumpsuit have been replaced by a voluminous fleece housecoat overtop a set of pajamas. Her feet are absolutely obscured by a pair of ridiculous, poofy slippers with imprints of H.E.R.B.I.E.'s face on the front.

She's cradling something that looks like a cross between a large stainless steel bowl and a pressure cooker, with far more rapidly blinking lights along the lid and exposed circuit boards than one should find comforting in a bowl.

She peers up from tracing circuits with eyes and fingertips, "Oh, yes... I suppose a focused theme would be a good idea. Mom'd be great to interroga... uhhh, to ask about the old FF expos. I don't think this is going to be ready for a short term release... when it works it makes amazing popcorn, and when it doesn't work... it might still make amazing popcorn?" She frowns severely, brows furrowing, "I just don't know -where- it makes it. Or when."

She sighs out and shakes her head, "I just know I don't want to steal any presentation ideas from Mr. Stark. I'd rather we focus on the science than rock music and our names in giant neon signs."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Tony's onto something, there," Janet cautions Valerie. "It's a little... um... what's the word? Theatrics?" she hazards. "See Stark Industries makes good stuff, but a big part of the reason Tony does so well is the image he cultivates. It gets him in the room with the right people, people who are impressed with him personally. It's essential if you've got a substandard product," she allows, "but if you've got real competition, sometimes a little flashy show can help make the difference."

Janet drums the eraser against her chin, thinking. "The theme doesn't have to be like, Halloween or something. It just needs a unifying sort of structure. 'Little Life Improvements' or 'The Future of Robotics'. This isn't just a 'we're doing cool stuff' Expo," she warns the two girls. "This is pitching your company-- and yourselves-- to the investment groups. That sets up a massive income wave when you do your IPO. And that means that for this Expo, at least, it needs to be practical stuff. Not things that are only interesting to people who read journals."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Oooh, I like rock music! It's all," Nadia proceeds to make sounds like a guitar solo while doing air guitar, "Why not both? I mean science is awesome, but maybe some people need help seeing that, WHAT IF we scienced the rock music, too?! Like an AI rock band!" She suggests almost as if unaware of her family history with horrible AIs, but the Visions turned out fine, right?!

She nods slowly listening to Janet once she comes down a bit from her excited high, "So... like we should cure cancer or revolutionize long distance travel or something?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val's brow furrows thoughtfully as she puffs out a soft sigh, "I understand, Ms. van Dyne, and... well, I suppose Mr. Stark's form of self-promotion is preferable to my other primary example. We don't even -have- a kingdom for us to declare ourselves the unrivalled rulers of."

She snaps her fingers and points towards Nadia with a laugh, "Oh! We could totally set up some musical acts! Maybe even get a star? I bet we could get an appointment with Dazzler to see if she'd like to do something!" She chews her lower lip, "Hmmm, and an expo of scientific advances to help in every day life could be quite popular! Especially if we include the music for mass appeal."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Val, honey," Janet coos. "Call me Ms. van Dyne again and I'm going to throw something at you. You're an adult; call me Janet," she says, and grins at Valeria. "I'm way too young and hot to be 'Ms. van Dyne'."

"But-- I do like where your head is at. Both of you," she says to Nadia as well. "I mean, with the musical guests and science stuff. Not so much von Doom. I was going to suggest that magician Zatanna if not Dazzler. If you can't get either of them, I'm sure my PR people could pull together a headline act for the show," she offers.

"Also, don't feel like you have to deliver a 100% working product. It'll take years for a cancer cure to get greenlit by the government; if you can show investors that you're making real progress, that's a great place to be."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia blinks, her eyes going wide for a moment as her head snaps in Valeria's direction, "Wait wait what?! You know Dazzler?! I love her music! It's the only CD we had in the Red Room that wasn't classical ballet... Though what if we made like a real virtual idol too? I heard about this thing from Japan called Hatsune Miku that sings based on songs people create with a program but what if she was a real virtual idol?!" This may not be the best idea, but SCIENCE!

At the mention of Dr. von Doom, Nadia still seems almost as excited as she was at the mention of Dazzler. "Dr. von Doom is so dreamy though, if we could figure out the relationship between magic and physics it would revolutionize unified field theory! That could maybe be a theme, what's a Zatanna?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val lets out a soft little laugh, "Very well... Janet. Hmm... a magician at a science expo? That's... certainly a bold choice. And oh my! Having professional PR help would be delightful."

Her head tilts back as she huffs out a thoughtful sigh, "Oh! We could certainly focus on long range transportation, it would definitely be a useful advancement to put towards future projects as well."

She nods eagerly to Nadia with a bright smile, "Oh, yeah! Like, not -know- know, but I've been to a couple concerts and stuff."

She bites her lower lip tightly at that question about the nature of a Zatanna, hugging her high tech popcorn bowl and working not to show a hint of amusement, "Oh, she's... uhh, I think she does a lot of magic. Like, stage magic and other such things!"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Zatanna's a stage performer," Janet clarifies. "But I happen to know she's been associated with the Justice League, and I've seen her at The Hellfire Club a time or two. She's the real deal," Janet nods. "Like, actual, no-fooling magic."

"Anyway-- I'll talk to my PR team tomorrow and tell them to help out here at GIRL for the next week or two. You'll need to get your own PR people eventually though. They'll pull celebrities and make sure the real red-letter invitations get to where they need to go. And of course the Avengers will be there," she says, and flashes a warm smile.

"Okay so that gives us the projects, the PR side, we've got the Expo center booked... what are we forgetting?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"There should definitely be delicious food!" If there is one thing Nadia has found a deep and abiding love for since escaping the Red Room, it is the flavors of the myriad foods that are not Soviet gruel.

"For the projects too, I think we should check in on what the other members are working on too. I mean these are all ideas but I haven't really had time to work on much in awhile that hasn't been related to things the Titans or Avengers needed and that stuff isn't really good for the general public maybe. I know Riri has been working on some extraordinary new advanced materials though! And who knows what Shuri will do, even Wakandan clothing could be revolutionary in most parts of the world."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria hums and chews her lower lip, setting her bowl aside and sitting upright, stretching her arms abvoe her head with a low groan. "Hmmj... nothing I can think of just this moment, but I'm sure we'll be hit by -some idea soon enough." She sighs and shakes her head, "I mean, if there's anything science is good at, it's surprises. Oh, and yeah, we'll totally need to compare projects with one another!"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I'll send over a list of caterers," Janet promises Nadia. "You can look through them, price it out, see what you want to spend and serve. I'd recommend an open bar in the VIP area; you don't want people walking around thirsty, but you also don't want gatecrashers getting sloppy in the main area and making a scene."

She makes one more note in her yellow legal pad and flips it shut. "I think that's everything," she concludes. The pad is set aside and she holds out her tea mug for a toast. "Here's to the first annual GIRL Expo!"