5963/Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That

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Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That
Date of Scene: 17 April 2021
Location: Harry's Hideaway (Bar)
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Bobby Drake

Rogue has posed:
It's around 8:30pm on a Friday night in Harry's. IT's busy, but not as busy as it normally is on the weekends, so it's technically a bit of a slow night.

Rogue has been in the pool room where there are 3 pool tables setup in a diamond formation. She's been at the top table where she's been drinking with friends and just playing pool, having a good time as any brand new 21 year old woman should.

Her leather bomber jacket is slung over the back of her chair and she's got a glass of frothy brew in her hand. She's just now beside the bar speaking to Harry, who's a bit like a father figure to her at this point, being that he's in his 50s and his own daughter doesn't speak to him anymore. They don't get alont for all the usual reasons you might run across. Rogue, on the other hand, gets along swimmingly with the man, even if she challenges his patience sometimes, as any 'daughter figure' might.

She just got a fresh beer from him though and she's ask him about his week, all smiles.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Harry's was like a second home to Bobby at one point- when a young man feels disconnected from his home and sometimes has some issues he can't bring to bear to his friends, he's going to look for an ear somewhere. Not from a complete stranger, mind you, but someone close enough to know him, but distant enough to provide some perspective. Harry has been a father figure to many people.

Tonight, though, Bobby isn't quite in search of fatherly advise as much as he is looking for the comfort of familiar things, and the brief refuge away from the /very/ familiar environs of the school. Away from the presence of Julio who was, distressingly, close enough to know, but also distant, and adamant to remain so.

He steps in and takes a brief glance around, clad in blues and greys- shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket. For a few moments he seems to contemplate a corner table to be by himself... but then he spots Rogue, and a slow smile spreads across his face, as he spots her wth Harry.

"Hey there!" he approaches Rogue, hands in his jacket pockets, "Is this guy bothering you? Do I need to teach him a lesson?" he asks, deadpanning a tough guy look that neither Rogue nor Harry is going to buy for a second. Harry saw Bobby cry quietly over a Sundae once, for crying out loud. He grins, then, "Mind if I join in?"

Rogue has posed:
Harry sees Bobby even before he approaches, the owner of the bar is always aware of who is walking in to his establishment after all. So with Bobby's approach, Harry is already looking up to him for the 2nd time, smirking at his comment.

Rogue twists to her right to see Bobby and she smiles big at him. "Bobby!" She announces, her hands gloved in black that goes up to her elbows, her tshirt is a forest green with a black picture of a porg from The Last Jedi on it.

She reaches her black gloved hand out to touch Bobby's left arm. "You're the first person from the school whose come in t'night." She says, midlly intoxicated, obviously, but not overly so. She's tough to get fully drunk cause of her mutation and stolen endurances.

"Harry! We need another drink!" She announces to the bartender who grumbles and she grins. "I'm botherin' him, ya see." She says back to Bobby with a smile. "You look good t'night, got a date?" She asks then, playfully grinning to him.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby wilts slightly at Rogue's question, his smile turns sheepish. "Sure, I'll have a drink- my usual." For Bobby, his usual isn't something too strong, mostly because he likes to pace himself for the night. He doesn't have Rogue's purloined power banks to rely on!

"Ah... no dates. No. Truth be told I'm not really... it's been a weird couple of months," he says, draping his jacket over the back of his chair. "I actually came here to kind of get a... breather."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is only half seated on one of the stools beside the bar with one foot up on the brass rail near the floor and the otehr foot planted beside her stool. She's leaning on one elebow against the bar, now watching Bobby.

Harry sends him his usual and steps down the bar to deal with some other customers, including a large man with a mustache and a funny voice who is asking a lot of drunken slurred questions that some might consider offensive in civilized settings.

Rogue's eyes are on Bobby, her drink raised up for a sip before she lowers it and nods once to him. "I can understand that. I've been... here a lot in the past couple motnhs." She says with a grin, since she turned 21 and tthusly became the target audience for this place. "Well, take a load off and your jacket. Got pool back there goin' on, some good people back there also here t'just unwind."

She leans toward him then and speaks quietly. "Ya missed a hell've a mission a couple nights ago."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"One of those whoppers?" Bobby leans in, keeping his voice quiet. "Feel like giving me the broad of it? I haven't had a chance to catch up on my paperwork yet."

Grabbing his beer, the blue-eyed mutant takes a cautious sip and looks around at the atmosphere. The man with the moustache gets a brief glance that says 'what?', then lingers on the pool table, and returns back to Rogue.

"Back when I was struggling with coming out, I came here a lot. Mostly for the burgers." Even when he wasn't technically the target audience, Harry's advice was the main draw.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over to Harry after Bobby speaks and she smiles before looking back to bobby. "The burgers are great, yeah." She says with a slight grin still showing as she sits up more fully on the edge of her barstool.

Her gloved hands cup the base of her glass of beer. "We saved the jet that got hijacked, or at least its passengers. We smashed up a buncha the shit heads that were tryin' t'kidnap the VIPs that were aboard it." Rogue raises her drink up for a sip.

"Rahne got shot." She says, lowering the glass. "She's okay though. Tough gal, that wolf." She tips her chin up then. "Bruce Banner showed up too, guess the Avengers caught wind'a it and sent in a guy who was close by. We already ahd it cleaned up by the time he drove on up though." She pauses. "Mostly.

She nods at him once then. "We gotta see you in action some time soon. Ya know how much I love what you do, Bob'o." Even if he's not in to girls, he gave her a ice rose when she showed up to the school at age 18, all afraid and such. He was the first person at the school that made her feel welcome because of it!

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Sounds like I missed a doozy alright! I'm sad I had to miss it but- you know. Responsibilities." Bobby's absence for a few days had been forewarned this time. His father was going in for another round of checkups after the heart scare over Christmas. Even if his relationship with the patriarch of the family was strained at the best of times, he was still his father and despite his multiple layers of disapproval, he hadn't outright disowned Bobby. That counted for something. Right?

"You should've seen me a few weeks ago, heh. We fought this demon, blazing balrog-like inferno in a building. It actually vaporized me!"

It was very hard to harm Bobby in his ice form. He was virtually indestructible. "I managed to come back a lot faster than the first time, too... but Julio kind of frekaed out..."

He trails off for a second. He had started to get into the telling of the anecdote, but all steam seems to run out when that name comes out.

He throws some coal into the furnace to try to get those wheels moving again. "But we definitely need to get on a mission together. We make for a good team, and we're easily the best dressed."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just sitting there on the edge of her stool whilst listening to him speak on that previous mission that /she/ wasn't on. "I hadn't heard about any'a that." She said. He knows she's not the best at keeping up with the paper work side of the X-Men either.

The part about Julio is understood though, and she nods her head softly a couple times to it. There's plenty of questions there, but she lets it go... at least for a second or two as she chuckles at the best dressed part. "Damn right we all." She leans forward to him and whispers. "Where the hell does Jean get her suits anyway? I mean, seriously." She chides the redhead who isn't even here to defend herself.

With a grin, Rogue leans back again, takes her timing in to account and then asks. "You know, Julio graduates in a month... Have you asked him what his palns are after that?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"She's got a slush fund," Bobby quips, taking a sip from his beer, "She's got a whole closet full of suits. Some say they're all Van Dynes. She gets the money by extorting Chuck with video of That One Faculty Party where they got him drunk enough to do his Captain Picard impression."

This is something they used to do quite frequently in the early days, make up ridiculous stories about people at the school. Bobby Drake might have been the actual origin of the rumor that Logan's back hair could cut diamonds- he has never admitted to it.

One more sip as she asks the question, "I... don't think it'd be very welcomed, Ro. It's very clear that he wants to put distance between us, even if circumstances conspire to put us together- like Illy's ward. When I showed up, you would have thought that I had gotten sprayed by a skunk by his expression." He smirks and sets his beer down. "Nah. I'm thinking the whole dating thing isn't really for me, you know."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly at the first bit about Jean's extensive wardrobe. "I could see her being a Van Dyne body stocking kinda gal." She replies with a grin, and her left hand coming up to rest against the side of her head. She takes another sip of her drink, holding it in her right gloved hand.

But when she sets it down she nods her head two small times to his response to her question. "I understnad." She says softly. "Well, who knows what'll happen next then. We got plenty'a other things t'occupy ourselves with, right? From endless training, to a whole big huge wide world that needs our help, Bobby drake."

Rogue smiles again at him. "Somethin' somethin', chocolates, somethin' somethin', never know what you're gonna get." After saying that she drops her hand down to the bar to grab a pretzel then from the bowl in front of her.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I always thought the best take on that quote was that life is like a box of chocolates- there's usually too many of them that have nuts in them and you've got to bite through too many of them to find the one filled with cherry liqueur."

Bobby smiles back, and he tilts his beer bottle slightly in a manner of toast, "To being too busy saving the world to have time to for any interpersonal drama- is that the toast we're going for? It doesn't roll easily off the tongue, but I think it'll do."

He glances at her, and smirks, "You know, if this were a sitcom, we'd make a pact- if we both end up single in our forties, we'd end up marrying each other out of convenience... but I've always hated Will & Grace. For one, you're way more likable than Grace." He grins.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at that first bit and nods her head. "Yes, life is definitely fully'a nuts, and not enough cherries too." She says with a few peanuts popped in to her mouth and soon chased by another drink of her beer.

She stops though to do the toast, which breaks the point of the toast, but hey, this is an informal night at a bar! There's barely any rules at all!

The bit about Will and Grace has her laughing. "My aunt used t'love that show. She had it on in the livin' room of her house bak home." Good ol' Mississippi stories. "But yeah, lets maybe make it our 50s? 40s still have a lotta life life in'em... I think? I dunno."

She gets up off of her chair then and takes her drink wit her, motioning him to follow. "Come on, lets play some pool. I'll introduce ya t'my friends from Salem Center."

She'll lead him toward the pool tables to do just that then!