5966/A Bunch of Jerks Being Jerks

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A Bunch of Jerks Being Jerks
Date of Scene: 17 April 2021
Location: Suicide Slum - New Troy
Synopsis: Kaida and Frank stop some bad guys from beating up a homeless man, but Frank takes it further than Kaida would like.
Cast of Characters: Kaida Connolly, Frank Castle

Kaida Connolly has posed:
It was late. Not super late, mind you, but late enough. Very few people were out and about in Suicide slum at this time of day but people were out all the same. Sadly, some of those people were out looking for trouble.

"Come on man, all ya gotta do is kill a piece of trash and you're in." The man on the right of the teen says and pats him on the shoulder, "Everyone does it. Ya gotta get your hands dirty if you wanna join the gang. It's that simple and we're not even makin' it hard on you. We're findin' you someone no one will miss." He laughs and then looks toward an alley as a can crashes over, "Speakin' of."

The man in the alleyway scrambles as he hears the men coming. He knocks over the can on accident as he starts to sumble away. His right leg isn't as good as it used to be. It's what got him here. An industrial accident, an uncaring government and soon Morgan was living on the street. He stumbles along the alley, leaning on the wall as he moves. He breathes heavily even as he hears the laughter from the end of the alleyway.

"There ya go." A man hands over a baseball bat to the kid, "Go get him!" And then they all three start running down the alleyway, hooting and hollaring as they laugh in gleeful terrible joy, focusing to scare the poor man.

Frank Castle has posed:
It was supposed to be a simple drive through Metropolis to another destination.

Instead, Frank Castle is watching a bunch of people intimidate someone who's down on his luck. The thing is... one wrong move in Afganistan? And that could have been him. Frank has certainly seen enough action in war to have had the chance to be crippled.

Only one thing for it. Then.

Stepping out of the Battle Van as he pulls up to the mouth of the alleyway, he pulls out twin Barettas from gear web holsters, and visibly screws in silencers as he begins to walk. The trenchcoat. The skull vest, the black short and jeans... the gear web... the Punisher is not in the least hiding who he is as he moves along.

The first thug to look his way? He gets a set of bullets in the right leg, exactly where the man's injury is. Nowhere else but there.

All with icy eyes, and a flat, expressionless face.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Morgan, the poor man with the crippled leg rounds a corner. He is breathing heavily. He's not supposed to run. THat's what the doctors told him. He's supposed to be in a chair, really. Still, he can't afford that. He can't afford anything really. Still, he winces as he moves, groaning as he tries to move toward something that might offer safety.

"Run old man! Come on! Hobble along!" Two of the thugs laugh a little more as they round the corner after him. The new guy and the one egging him on are focused on their prey. The third guy who was taking up the rear looks back and is about to say something about seeing some guy when he is shot in the right leg, winces out a yell that the other two mistake for excitement, hits his head on a wall and slides down out cold. He's certainly not in the fight.

"Y-You..." MOrgan calls out, scared as he turns to slide along a wall, wincing and breathing heavy as he watches the approaching thugs, "Y-you're gonna regret this." The man grunts out finally as he points at them, "We...we're protected." He nods as he leans on a dumpster and a wall, staring at them and clenching a fist.

Above him, up on a fire escape, a figure stands, glaring, mouth held in a firm line, cloak billowing in the wind. A hood hides the figure's features as eyes squint tightly, a sword slowly sliding out of a ring sheath.

"Protected? Ha! I heard about ya little myth, old man. A figure that no one sees? What? Ya think ya got a Batman 'ere or somethin'? This ain't Gotham!" He then nudges the teen who seems a bit nervous, "Go on, give it a swing. It's tough the first time but it'll be fun and easier as ya do."

The teen nods a little, raises up the bat and then a blur flies past his hand and the wall nearby cracks as a small figure lands there, little feet gripping the wall with tiny claws as a sword with the barest hint of blood on it flies out to the side. A slice opens up on the back of the teen's hand who screams out and drops the bat. A moment later the blur vanishes behind the dumpster.

"What the hell?!" The older thug whips out a gun and aims where the thing was and then whips the gun toward the dumpster. "What...wait! Where's Chad?!"

Frank Castle has posed:
The older thug barely asks the question before the Punisher unloads two bullets into his right leg as he is spotted. "Wishing he wasn't street trash, right about now." The Punisher deadpans. Then, a bullet fires at the hand where he's holding the gun.

Right through it.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
The man with the gun gasps and barely has time to drop the gun before he is screaming out and trying to decide between holding his leg and holding his hand. He is on the ground fast, screaming out profanities and just noises even as Morgan stares at him and then looks to Frank.

"Whoa...hey, I'm not with them." He states and slumps down a little, breathing heavily as he looks at the screaming man with several bullet wounds.

"Hey...hey!" The teen states and puts up both hands, backing up a step and looking at his 'leader' and then at his hand and kinda feeling lucky all he got is a scratch so far, "I...don't..." He shakes hsi head, "Don't kill me man!" He calls out, "I just...I was just...I mean, they..." He points at the guy on the ground. Behind him though, a small figure moves.

Frank might see it before anyone else. A small figure is on the dumpster and then a moment later there's a blur of movement and the teen lets out an oof of noise and is knocked to the ground, face first with a small figure on his back, riding him down. The cloaked figure can't be more than six inches tall and the teen gasps out before starting to scramble and then a small sharp object presses into teh back of his skull and he stills.

"Don't." The little figure states in a voice that is somewhat higher pitched mainly due to size, it seems.

Frank Castle has posed:
Someone new, and with good reflexes. The Beretta's remained aimed, but the Punisher doesn't move... or fire. Yet.

"What's your business and name." Frank almost whispers, in a deadly calm voice. Icy eyes keep focused on HER.

Yes... Frank Castle is not an amateur. He's pegged the newcomer for the threat she is.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink up at Frank and she stares at him before she tilts her head, "That's a weird response." She nods her head, "I honestly don't get that response all that often." She states and shifts her head a little to allow the hood of the cloak to fall back, "And it's really rude to ask someone their name but not give yours in return." She then looks down at the teen and then up at Frank, "You really want to kill this kid cause you aren't gonna hit me."

"As for my business?" She pokes a little with the sword, "Pretty sure that's obvious..." She looks down at the teen, "I mean, I am pointing the sword at him, not at you, big guy."

Frank Castle has posed:
"Tough shit." Frank points the gun back down the way Chad was and fires a couple rounds at his skull, just for good measure. The shot barely gets a glance, before he starts walking over to Morgan, guns idling at his sides now as he walks. "Need help home?" Frank offers. "I took care of the trash, but they may have friends. Best you're not in the area if they come."

A glance to Kaida lasts a moment while he waits for the man to answer.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
There's really nothing Kaida can do as she watches the bullets fly. She moves away with incredible speed to the top of the dumpster and stares down at Morgan before looking to Frank, "You...You killed him!" SHe points her sword at him and then glares at him, "You don't kill people! That's bad!" She nods her head and glares at him, "You have to pay for what you did!" She nods her head, "He may have been a bad guy but you aren't the judge or executioner!" She shakes her head before glancing at his skull on his chest and blinking, "Wait, I know you!" She glares, "You are that Punisher guy."

Meanwhile, Morgan looks up at Punisher and then further up at the mouse above him before he shakes his head and turns to crawl up to his feet, "I..." He looks at Frank and then the mouse before shaking his head, "I can leave on my own..." He shakes his head, hobbling away, "I...I can leave..."

Frank Castle has posed:
"I'm the Punisher." Frank offers in sort-of explanation to Kaida. "I deal with the trash so actual innocents aren't hurt." He gestures with his right hand pistol to Chad, "people like him just keep stinking up the city with their bullshit until you put them down. You didn't tell me anything about your motives here, and I'm not being subtle." He snorts, then, and starts walking down the alleyway towards the Battle Van.

"Who knows, you might be the one who manages to take me back to jail. Give it your best shot, if you want." Frank casually informs Kaida.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A frown as she glares at Frank and then she flips her blade once. Seems she has something of a fencer's style when she uses it but then she slides the sword away, "I am the protector here." She states, "And I protect everyone." She nods her head, "Even jerks. I might send them running but I don't kill them." She takes a breath and then she suddenly is rushing at Frank. It's a straight forward attack, aimed right for the back of his knee. She's fast. Hit or miss, she'll come to a skidding stop further up the alleyway and turn on her feet, glaring, "I'm not lettin' you get away with killin' people in my area."

Frank Castle has posed:
He's fast. Very fast. He's not superhuman, but he's definitely in peak physical shape... and he's expecting a potential attack.

When he hears the outraged voice, the pistols are dropped to the ground, and two grenades are pulled out of bandoliers. One a smoke grenade, the other a flash grenade. Both are set for contact detonation, and closing his eyes and mouth, he throws both to the ground just as Kaida is running at him. A moment later, and Frank tosses himself to the left with a combat roll.

Yep, he's not finding those pistols again.

For now, Frank hunkers down to one side, grabbing a Ka-bar with one hand and a grapnel gun with the other, preparing to fire it up towards the rooftops.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Kaida is an amateur at best and her greatest weakness isn't really her size. Honestly, it's something few would even think about unless they knew her and even she doesn't think about it as often as she should. Her weakness is her bursts of speed. Sure, they can cause her to hit a target with the force that would make Mike Tyson jealous but she moves in a straight line when she does it and so she doesn't have a great capacity to dodge when doing that. So, when those grenades go off, she's getting hit by the concussion, the sound, and the light. She lands in a sprawl, flipping a few times, rolling and coughing as those greatly enhanced senses all scream at her about what just happened.

"Ahh! CHeater!" She screams out as she scrambles up to her feet, pulling out her weapon and brandishing it at the air behind her, turning to face where she thinks he might be.

Frank Castle has posed:
The grapnel gun is fired, practically blindly... but anywhere is better than here... and up he goes!

Say what you will, but Batman did have some good ideas for his arsenal... and Frank is nothing if not pragmatic. And Deaf. So he didn't hear that quip about cheating.

Probably just as well, because his retort would probably piss off Kaida even more.

By the time the smoke clears and senses return, Frank is already across the rooftops after scrambling up to it blindly, waiting for his eyesight to return. Into his commlink he grates out through gritted teeth, "Autodrive one block ahead, turn corner left, driver standby."

The Battle Van's AI gets to work, and is gone as well.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
The girl's senses slowly return and she doesn't have a clue where Punisher went. She scrambles up to the rooftop with incredible speed for someone her size but once she is up there she looks around and grumbles, "What?" She asks of no one in particular and then she puts her sword away and huffs. SHe then yells out, "And don't come back!" She points in the direction of no one but she hopes it is where Frank went. Then she whips her cloak back up over her head and huffs, sorta kinda brooding as she looks back over the alleyway as police begin to arrive. Way too late, as usual.