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Repairs at the Museum
Date of Scene: 18 April 2021
Location: American Museum of Natural History
Synopsis: Damage Control and a few concerned heroes arrive to tend to the damage inflicted by the Heroes and Villains exhibit
Cast of Characters: Joan Wright, Hyperion, Susan Richards, Pepper Potts, Reed Richards, Hank Pym

Joan Wright has posed:
The inside of the museum is mostly empty of people now. With the destruction brought about by Mojo bringing some of the exhibits t life, most people who are not combat oriented have been removed from the structure. While there are some curious onlookers lingering outside, the barriers set up to cordon off the area are helping to keep them at a safe distance. Well, with exceptions of course. The 'It can't happen to me' mindset is still srong with some.

The inside of the museum is a mess. Ten broken display cases. Four broken walls, broken exhibit pieces, shattered glassware. Oh and did we mention the floor and ceiling damage from a lightning strike?

Just how in the-

As the Damage Control employees start filtering in. One figure glances around. Notepad in one hand and pen in the other, Joan is already in safety gear. When she gets an emergency call this late in the day she just knows to go ahead and throw all that on. It's never a simple consultation this late. She'll have to give her apologies to Ted for the cancelled lesson plans tonight. Glancing around to the scene, making note of the damage, the pen holding hand clenches in reaction. "Not again."

Hyperion has posed:
    Some hero types were present for the shenanigans of course. Hyperion was not among their number. Why you ask? Well, it is simple. He was engaged halfway around the world with another threat to live and limb, and was not able to wrap that up in time to make an appearance.
    But he does do his best to help wherever he can, and upon returning to New York he discovered the incident had happened. So after a quick shower to wash off the slime of the extradimensional ectoplasmic construct he'd been fighting... he did a hyperspeed wash of his uniform before heading back out to go help out.
    Thus, the black and gold clad Hyperion descends from above and lands gently at the base of the museum's front steps. He does his best to seem non-threatening and looks for someone in a position of authority to speak with about how he might best be utilized in the recovery efforts.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Where one Richards was, the other was not usually very far behind. The moment a message reached Susan, she was on her way to the museum, to join Reed in his efforts to help contain and clean up the damage. She has her hair pinned up to keep it out of the way, and is in her usual blue jumpsuit, ready to go. "What the hell happened here, Reed?" she asks. "It didn't sound like you had much time to even get that message out to begein with."

Pepper Potts has posed:
As a person who has a vested interest in the museum and in its success, Pepper did have the opportunity to go home. In fact, Happy was insisting upon it in no uncertain terms. Tony was fine, she was fine, however, and their 'head of security' was just over-reacting. Right?


Pepper is in her now ruined deep emerald evening gown, but her heels are intact. Her strawberry blonde hair has escaped most of it's fetters, tendrils falling no longer artistically around her face. But, most importantly, her clutch purse has been found. She's got scratches from the shatters of glass, her hands are scraped up from the board she'd wielded, but otherwise, she's managed to emerged mostly unscathed.

No one dare throw her out, even the cleanup crew. They're polite, moving around her, offering suggestions that she may wish to leave, to let them take care of things in the most polite of manners, but in the end? Pepper's there, and looking through the carnage that the Avenger's section too.

"This..." is a mess.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards has been through the rubble. He is taking readings and making sure these items are all discharged and safe for public display. "Sorry to get you up so early on a Sunday. Dear. it apoears Mojo needed ratings and decided to endanger public safety in the name of recreation. The costumes came to life, the weappns were real. Even Victor's contribution was convincingly egomaniacal." Reed grins, and his eyes follow the line of rubble to the FF display. "Luckily the coronation armor is largely ceremonial." It seems clear that Reed main concern is making sure that armor is safe and accounted for.

Hank Pym has posed:
How odd. A Brick gets shoved aside. Then another is pushed away with some force. Then another. Almost like an invisible man is walking along kicking stuff. Then, a pile of debris begins to rise, rubble falling from it. Out of the pile a red armored figure appears locks of fiery plasma running along his gauntlets and arms as he throws more debris aside and regards the assorted heroes. In one hand he clutches a pair of green sling back heels. "Hah! Found them!"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan takes a deep breath and continues through the scene. Making note of where the damage occurred and where the parts most likely landed. Behind her she has a few persons also in uniform. "Okay, first objective is to check for any damage that may cause further structural damage. Call me over if you spot anything of that nature. We'll get that mended to make sure we got breathing room. Got it?"

There's a few little muted hrms of agreement before The cluster breaks off, teams splitting up to inspect the different corners of the affected area. Joan continues through her trek, in particular making notes of the walls, floors and-

Her steps slow near the pockets of floor damage as she slowly tilts her head up to look to the hole in the ceiling. "What is it with museums and lightning damage?"

Hearing the clatter of masonry shifting, Joan turns her head curiously. Seeing nothing but the gaping hole in the wall that shows the outside, she steps over. Oooh. That's not good. She grabs for her radio. Exterior walls are almost always load bearing. "Guys I'm going to need to get a perimiter around the north w-AGH!!!"

She emits a shout of surprise as the red ant shoots up out of rubble. "OH GOD SOME WARNING NEXT TIME!"

Pepper Potts has posed:
Tony's VR system is all but smashed to bits; it doesn't take a tech genius to know that. Pepper has her phone out now, taking stock, both for inventory 'control' and for insurance purposes. The equipment set up for a virtual experience of being Iron Man is neither inexpensive nor simplistic. That's why there was such a long line to wait for the chance, and having Tony there to boot to welcome everyone, and show off?

Couple that with the fact that all the proceeds were going to a good cause, a noble cause? Pepper wouldn't have missed it for the world.

There are others walking through; some she vaguely recognizes, some not so much. One, two get polite but tired smiles, coupled with the slightly self-conscious push of hair wisps to tuck behind an ear. Please let there be no repor-

The scream gains Pepper's attention immediately, and like before, she freezes, green eyes searching the environs, looking for hint of what the trouble might be now. Have they return--

The next words brings a sigh of relief to the PA, and her shoulders drop, and normal breathing can actually resume.

Hyperion has posed:
    Senses opened to the max, Hyperion cannot help but overhear the comments of checking for structural damage. Rather than approach to just -ask- how he can help... he scans the area with his 'atomic vision', surveying for the worst damaged parts when his eyes pick out something.
    This eyes go wide, and he blurs into hyper-speed motion. In a few seconds, a pile of debris has been deconstructed and Hyperion stands with an older man who has obviously been badly injured, yet still clinging to life as the hero carries said man over towards the EMT station. That done, he turns and lets out a breath before his ears hone in on Joan's shout of surprise. It is half a second before the caped man skids to a stop as he comes out of hyper-speed next to her, "Are you okay?" he asks, thinking she may be wounded.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Hearing the scream, Susan's first instinct is to whirl towards the source, a forcefield shimmering and snapping into existance between the screamer, and the source of her fright. "Ma'am, are you alr..." Her eyebrows loft as she sees just what caused the scream. The corners of her mouth twitch just the tiniest bit, as she fights the urge to smile. "That could have been worse."

     Famous last words.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym dusts himself off and retracts the respirator covering his lower face. "For Heaven's sake, Joan, I showed you drawing of this when you were working on my cabin... or was that Bruce?" The scientist hops over some more detritus to run up to Susan and give her a bug hug. "Susan! I'm sorrybeenbusykeepwantingtododinnerwithyou guys. <breath> You look great! Oh... these aren't mine. They belong to a friend." He holds the shoes up to one boot to demonstrate. "Damn... how does she do all those stunts with such tiny feet?"

Joan Wright has posed:
It all happens rather quick. The sudden presence of a portal plus the expression of concern from the fast moving Hyperion are, while refreshing in retrospect, are aso equally startling for someone coming down from an adrenaline boost. "Yes I'm fine." She assures Hyperion as she catches her breath, looking over to Hank. "I think that was Bruce that you showed it to. It does look nice though. Just, wasn't expecting the unintentional jump scare."

Several members of Damage Control make their way down, looking over to Joan. The architect nods towards the Hulk sized hole in the wall. "Speaking of Bruce... His work?"

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards smiles and offers his wife a hot cup of coffee, "it certainly could have. Thank you for coming in from the project area, luckily things seem to be calming down. He kisses his wife on the cheek. "Each of them is amazing in their own way. Good to see you Hank." He looks towards Joan everything is safe. Just let me know when you planto work on the Doom Exhibit. Thank you."

Hyperion has posed:
    "I was surveying the scene for structural damage. I believe that there are two positions that could use reinforcement. But then you screamed and.." offers Hyperion with a shrug of his shoulders. He turns his gaze towards Hank and lifts a brow. "This gives new meaning to the term... coming out of the wood work I suppose." he adds.
    And then he hears Reed's and Sue's voices. Or rather, he has time to process the recognition of their voices and he smiles a bit, turning to toss a mock-salute their way before he simply strides over and places his back and hands upon one section of wall. "How about I hold this here while you direct the other efforts?" he asks towards Joan.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper's first response is always to freeze; this is why she's not a super hero! Her second is when the fight or flight kicks in, and seeing as there is no good piece of wood to be wielded again, the flight was a probable option two.

Thankfully, no necessary. The voice is a familiar one and in recognizing this, Pepper's feeling a little better about it all.

So, it's back to the tech, as she begins to sort through things to get a better idea of what is what. Pepper isn't used to coms, and so there are little gestures that are 'tells' for when she uses them. A touch to her ear, and then,

"JARVIS, I need to know where Whiplash is.."

Her hand raises to touch an edge of the Iron Man exhibit; thin burned lines are etched into the spikes of wood, and she follows it with a finger.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym points to one hole. "That was his. And he entered and exited through it. I am very proud of Hulk. Oh I will leave you lovebirds alone." That directed at Reed. He goes over to the coat kiosk and grabs up a familiar and fairly clean overcoat. His. He holds it out to Pepper with a little smile.

Susan Richards has posed:
     Susan releases her forcefield when she sees Joan is safe, a light smile upon her face, and letting out a small sigh of relief. It looked as if Hyperion had matters well in hand. She turns to Reed, and finds a cup of coffee in her hands, which she raises in gratitude. "Calming down, maybe. Let's hope it stays that way. The project area's well in hand, but it sounded like you could use the help here."

     Indeed, it looked as if the help was needed. No time for coffee. With a reluctant sigh, Sue sets down her cup and just smiles, looking to Hyperion. "Need a hand with that?"

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan looks over to Reed. We'll let each of you know when we get to the exhibits. But our first concern is building integrity." She points to the cluster of Damage Control employees sweeping what debris nearby that they can as close to the hole as possible. "Exterior walls are the first thing. Then interior. Also floor and ceiling. Once the structure's safe we can focus on the others."

She pauses, watching as Hyperion walks over to the wall. "Well, we've identified the hole here as a structural problem so once we get that section of wall clear we can get that reassembled. But- You mentioned another possible area of concern. Maybe you could show that spot to Walter?"

At the mention of his name, one of the employees near the hole turns, looking to Joan first and then to the indicated Hyperion. "The sooner we know of the points, the better."

Pepper Potts has posed:
A frown creases the PA's face, the streaks of dirt and bits of blood showing in slightly exaggerated form with the expression; a response obviously from a transmitted message. Pepper presses her lips together before digging out her Starkphone from her clutch.

There is another large hole, out by the Avenger's area. It's the hole where Tony'd gone through in his Iron Man suit with Doc Oc and Whiplash. The fight in the museum, regardless of the exhibition room certainly caused a great deal of damage.

In mid-text, Pepper turns around to see Dr Pym approaching, a jacket in hand and in gesture. A warm but tired smile creases her face, and she shakes her head. "I'm glad you're okay, Dr. Pym," she begins, "I'm good.. really. I should be getting home. I'm.." and she waves the phone in gesture, "..getting picked up by a very unhappy head of security."

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards scratches his ear, sipping his coffee as he holds his wife's. His equipment stowed in the tech vest he wears. Reed looks about a bit sheepishly. Civil it seems was the one engineering he hadnt gotten a PhD in.

Hyperion has posed:
    Gesturing off to one side, Hyperion indicates the other section of damaged wall. "I will support here as it is the most likely to collapse sooner. Don't mind me. Just think of me as a forklift on two feet. Or something like that. I will keep scanning and assisting that way, but I really should not move from this spot barring an emergency."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan tilts her head to look over watch the Damage Control employees start to head back. One of them looking to Joan. "Clear on the other side. I'd say about 10 feet."

Joan nods, looking to the others. "I'm going to need about 15 feet of working space. No one step in that area please. She pauses, looking to Sue, giving a smile. "Unless you have a field of your own."

She walks over to Hyperion. "Mr. Hyperion. I appreciate your help. We're ready to fix this wall now but it will require you to step to where the others are moving to." She smiles. "I got this."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym nods and retreats, folding his coat over his arm. "Your husband is a lucky man Ms. Potts. You look more radiant disheveled than most women look done up. Susan being another obvious exception. Take care."

He goes back over to the Richardses and watches the proceedings. "Oh, Joan... there's a bad leak in the basement too. The insects jut let me know. I'd help but I'm not a licensed contractor. My lawyer advises me not to do that and her annoyed responses run from 'pouty face' to hitting me with a wrecking ball."

Susan Richards has posed:
     Sue just smiles at Joan, cracking her knuckles. "My family can attest to the fact that yes, I do have a field of my own. Much to their dismay at times." Glancing over to where Hyperion is standing, she adds, "I can hold that section up with one, if needed. On your mark."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan tilts her head back to hear Hank, pausing to make a note on her note pad. Before sliding the items into her pockets. Despite the warnings of wall nearer the point of collapse she's calmly waiting for people to move away and out of the hole they need to build in.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks around, at Joan, then Susan and Reed, back to Joan.

"Sorry, we don't usually get involved in this phase. I'm going to get out the way and let you fine citizens work. Where're those shoes. Ah!" He bonks heads gently with Joan in passing. "Go get 'em."

Susan Richards has posed:
     With the wall near Joan nearing collapse, Susan gets to work. A forcefield shimmers into place, with the silent thunder of displaced air marking the creation of the energy barrier. It's not a massive area, certainly not the largest forcefield that she's ever put up. But it does seem to get the job done, offering added support for the wall, while those who need to work on rebuilding, do their jobs. "I've got this. Just keep people clear and let your people do what they need to do."

Joan Wright has posed:
Joan's arm relaxes to her side. Three fingers curl inwards leaving the pointer finger and the thumb to make a gun gesture. Once Hyperion makes his leave and Sue takes over on the wall, Joan takes a breath, glancing to the debris. "Ready." The wrist starts rolling in a circular motion. As she does, the pieces on the ground start to lift sightly in anticipation of the move.

The hand slings forward, pointing towards the hole, causing for the pieces to fly forwards. The ones that come towards her back seemingly juts upwards and over, orbiting around the architect before reaching where it needs to go.

It's not as impressive as the hotel frame build, the area is a bit more concentrated. But, there's something about watching a wall just start reassembling itself...

Susan Richards has posed:
     It takes next to nothing for Susan to hold the forcefield in place, while Joan works her own brand of magic in reconstructing the wall. Her lips quirk upwards in a smile as she watches the wall seemingly reassemble itself, piece by piece, restoring itself to its former strength and glory. "Now that is impressive," she remarks. "Remind me to call on you the next time one of Reed's experiments goes pear-shaped on him."

     Not that they ever -would-, mind....

Joan Wright has posed:
Wall repaired, Joan looks over to Sue, smile in place as she slides a hand into one of her other pockets, pulling out a Damage Control business card. "I'm sure you have a box of these already but just in case. I tend to be assigned to the more damage-prone accounts." She offers the card over while glancing around. "Thank you for your help. After we make sure the building's intact we'll head over to the Fantastic Four exhibit first."

It's going to be a busy evening...