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Still wanted
Date of Scene: 19 April 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Still wanted, somehow not arrested yet
Cast of Characters: Shannon Davis, Thomas Shepherd, Carson Deschain

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis over the last week or so the news had been all over the place, a massacre that had occurred in an abandoned building at the edge of the city. Officers found absolutely eviscerated and mangled, nearly 20 of them. Based on their last call ins, they had found the fugitive Shannon, and also reported to have seen her associating with Deathstroke before the massacre occurred.

This had turned her life to a real hell, requiring her to stay at mutant town nearly all the time, and live atop a building where she had built a makeshift shed. She spent most of her time wandering around, looking for second hand things and people kind enough to offer her some money to eat. But she had never stopped practicing and studying. At the current moment she was wearing a beat up jacket instead of her usual hoodie and had dyed her hair blonde, but the scar on her forehead was hard to mask.

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
Tommy takes a deep breath and exhales in satisfaction, "Ah, the sweet sweet smell of freedom." He then coughs violently as a diesel truck bellows exhaust over his face.

An extremely rapid wave of the hand summons enough of a gust to blow away the car farts. Frowning, he scans his surroundings. "Okay, this place is a dump. I see how it is. If it's not steel bars walling us in, its the invisible bars of gentrification."

He grumbles and runs a hand through his white hair before tapping the toe of a converse on the pavement. The system had shown him its ups and downs recently, this one another down.

"Oh well, beats a cell." He adds in a less then chipper tone.

Carson Deschain has posed:
Small recorded lifted, 'on' stud thumbed, Carson murmurs quietly, "Risking exposure, in mutant town. Gig is over but lingering allows for genetic association." brows knitting and the frown engraving itself on his lips. T-shirts, loose denim, vibram toe-shoes... None of the garb that would associate other memberships.

But they've all been forced underground by recent events.

"Possible subject - squatting in M-Town. Inconclusive." watching the hut and the rooftop, Agent Deschain considers a few falls to keep up his reserve - he'd already made himself beyond twitchy with the roof fall gags... But still. Violent people often require he have enough to keep bullets from breaking skin.

"Preparing to approach." because great idea.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis could be seen, at this day, leaving the shed at the rooftop and going down the side of the building via some climbing rope she had set up at the top, which she kept carefully hidden out of sight near some dumpsters. While within the alley she took the time to practice a bit, and seemed to be experimenting with her own powers. She can be seen picking up and trying to accelerate different objects of different sizes and weights, seemingly in various ways. That part could only be guessed by the way she stared thoughtfully at each object between every attempt. She clearly did not understand her powers to their fullest extent.

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
The clattering of cans and other debris drew Tommy's attention to the alley. He made a show of walking 'normally' toward the entrance mentally groaning about how boring normal egress could be.

Curiously, he peeks his head around to see the mutant experimenting with her powers. He hums and looks around. The situation seeming safe enough, he splits further inside the alley and leans against the wall to watch. He hadn't had many opportunities to associate with other mutants in the past, at least not in a situation where everyone was free to use their powers.

"That's a neat trick you've got there." He comments idly.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Subject kinetically manipulating inanimate objects." Carson frowns again and takes several steps along the line of the roof edge - tabbing the recorder off and tucking them into a button pocket before he is moving. Small bursts of kinetic force moving him along before he leaps with an additional burst to carry him across the street to a building with a lower roof than he had been on.

Tumbling to roll across the surface, soaking up the force and then moving from chimney stack to ventilation system until he's run and climbed to where the ramshackle shed stands. Walking to the ledge to look down into the alley and find himself now also observing Mr. Shepherd down below.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis turned her head slowly towards Thomas, her expression is hard as stone and her eyes burn slightly with a contradictory anticipation. "If you're here by chance then I suggest leaving. If you're here for me I suggest giving up before I turn your face into a crater." She says with a growling tone, every time she met someone she was struck by the incredibly unpleasant sensation of fear. Fear normally made her feel excited and eager for the danger, this was a differnet kind, one that sunk into her stomach and made her regret her choices. It was why she lived mostly in solitude, as far as she could at least. She shoves her hands into her pockets and waits for his answer.

Atop, Carson would find a fairly sturdy shed with a mattress, some basic tools and a giant pile of physics books and notebooks with things scribbled all over them.

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
Tommy blinks at the threats and rubs his jaw. "Heh, you sound like me on a bad day. Guess you've got things rough too."

There's a sharp crack of air and the sound barrier is broken. Tommy is on the other side of the alley holding one of the cans she had just recently tossed. He examines it to get an idea of how hard she can throw. "It's by chance. Just kind of curious. Been stuck in juvie for awhile... Not sure what people do to survive on the street."

He tosses the can back to her. "You sound like you've got people chasing you. I'm not one of them. If I was, you'd already be caught."

Carson Deschain has posed:
A mental note and the recorder is out again, watching Thomas and Shannon alike, "Speedster subject. Will have to check files later for ID. Possible altercation." a sigh now as he puts one foot out, "Appears I will need to intervene to help defuse potential altercation." the recorder off and tucked away again as he drops like a stone, aiming to land a good twenty or so feet from Shannon, opposite side from where Tommy now stands.

Putting her between folks - not a good place. But manageable.

Falling with no arrest and landing as if he had simply hopped off of a stair. No crunch of feet on cement, thwack of impact or even any sort of perceptible shake. But Carson does certainly look like he just downed a six-pack of energy drinks by the way he's shaking.

"Hello ma'am, sir. My name is Car - I'm of no harm to either of you; but ma'am... Can I possibly have a little tet a tet with you? Coffee or tea if it makes you more comfortable?"

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis gritted her teeth, the simple fact the man had displayed his powers seemed to have pissed her off even more. "Already be caught my ass." She hisses in reply to him, then breathing in sharply as she hears yet another person approach. He was upstairs, that meant he was DEFINITELY after her. She whips out a weight about the size of her hand connected to a rope from within her pocket, letting it hand. She squints at him. Meanwhile the speed man would find that the can was barely even dented.

"You're here for me. We talk here where I can bash your head in and no one will come bother. What do you want? Make it quick or I'll start trying right now." There was such a huge array of things that were making her miserable that she barely had time to process them all. Most acutely was the fact that she was in all of this because people kept mistaking her for the maniac that had been on the news. She starts spinning the weight but refrains from launching it at him.

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
"Tet a tet? What the hell is that?" Tommy tilts his head in confusion then crosses his arms not seeming particularly impressed about the interruption of his interruption of Shannon's practice.

Tommy cracks up like only a teenager can, because of the phrase 'caught my ass'. "Hey hey... I'm a lot of things, but I'm not some pervy dude who uses his powers for kicks. So no high speed butt grabs, but yea, if we were fighting... you'd be on your ass. Just sayin'."

Turning towards Carson, "Buddy, the girl clearly wants to be left alone. I don't think coffee or tea are on the menu."

There's another pop of air and the speedster is standing back at the entrance of the alley. "Hey girl, if you want an express trip away from that guy, just let me know. My cab fare is cheap."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Curiosity, a need to see if you're really a threat to others and potentially yourself. I'm a physicist; bachelors degree only. I couldn't help but notice the books." still smiling and shaking while giving the makeshift flail a sort of intrigued grin, "Ma'am. There's no call for any sort of violence. Please."

Still smiling and his hands left to hang at his sides with his fingers splayed and palms against his thighs, only now acknowledging Tommy, "Son, braggadocio will get you nowhere." Carson's statement is simple and his attention is back on Shannon.

"I can promise you, specifically. I will not lay a hand on you. I will let you ask the first three questions and I will answer them as fully as I am able to. If that's agreeable to you, miss."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis had just sent a second weight flying out of her pocket and accelerated with a loud THUNK, Thomas disappears from the spot he was at just in time for the makeshift weapon to fly past him. "I can handle myself." She tells him in a frustrated tone, she hated this, really, having to depend on others, she hated it very much.

She turns towards Carson and narrows her eyes on the man, scanning him up and down. "No need, just tell me what you're after here and we can get it over with." She had a feeling of what kind of questions he was going to ask, and she figured that was going up in her file. Still, this was a time where she was mostly trying to ignore the questions that she had been asking herself. She continues spinning the weight but doesn't make any other moves. "So. What did your agency buddies send you here for if it wasn't to arrest me?"

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
"For the record, I really don't like people who call me son." Tommy remarks in irritation, "And even more, I think I hate people who use words like braggadocio. I mean... seriously... Who uses that in passing conversation?"

He looks to Shannon, "I know we are all strangers here, but I wouldn't trust him. I'm here by accident, but he certainly isn't. You've got a case of stalking... physicist."

With his accelerated perception, he'd watched the weight sling in his direction.

"I guess you can help yourself... not like I'd help you after you tried to bean me with a weight. That'd hurt if it ever had a chance to hit me." He grumbles. "I wouldn't assume that guy is normal though. I mean he just did the superhero landing... but without the loud crash. Might be able to fly or something."

He shrugs, "Alright, I'm going to leave you two to it before I get my parole busted." He turns to leave.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Educated people with verbose vernacular and the wherewithal to use it. As for my entrance... normal is relative. Wouldn't you agree?" still smiling and then moreso with the first of three questions, Carson's remains , "I'm here, because I am investigating a series of deaths, to confirm on which were, or were not, perpetrated by you. Ma'am. I am in no way saying you did or did not do any. I, personally, very much want to disprove your connection. Or if there is any connection is was involuntary activation of your gifts."

The man's smile wavers, ever so slightly, "Because I would much like to prefer you're a good person who is frightened about what has happened to her, angry that people are assuming the worst and hoping for listening ear and open mind."

No question from him, as promised. Just his answer.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis tightened her fists around the rope so much it was going to leave marks on her hands, she looks absolutely furious that he was prying into that, mostly because she was trying to keep her mind as far away from the subject as she could. The weight she had been spinning is angrily swung into the side of a dumpster, leaving a light dent.

She laughs in a sarcastic, depressed way. "Involuntary activation of my powers. HAHAH." She rubs her eyes tiredly. "You have no idea how much I wish that had been the case. Born with powers so strong I can barely control them and wiping out a tactical team by accident? Boy would that make my life a lot easier."

She picks up a can and points it at the man, there's a THUNK and the can flies off fairly fast at his torso. However, should he opt not to dodge, he'd find an impact that could barely leave a mark on a normal person. "Seems weak, doesn' it? It is, and it isn't at the same time. I am responsible for the deaths of all of those cops, I'm the one who lead them to that masked maniac." She then holds up three fingers. "Three. Is the number of cops I killed myself. They obviously thought they were dealing with a symbiote, or whatever that's called, so they were trying to shoot me down from the start. Especially after that guy started butchering their buddies."

She lifts up her left sleeve, showing four bullet wounds going up to her shoulder. "You can go back and report I'm the right person now. Wanting to arrest me is correct." It was almost like a challenge, and throughout the whole story she was shaking with anger, though the way she said most of it was a tone of deep disgust. It was clearly more complicated than it might have first seemed.

Thomas Shepherd has posed:
Beyond irritated at the verbosity of Carson's vernacular, Tommy voices in displeasure with elegantly precision that only the verbal artisanship of a teenager could possibly muster, "Oh shut the fuck up... you... uh... fuckhead."

He pauses just long to hear some of Shannon's story. He frowns gravely, winces a little bit at the bullet wounds. "Hey umm.. Try to keep yourself from getting arrested. Prison... for people with powers... it's not a good experience. Trust me. A mutant never wants to be in government custody... ever."

With a woosh of air, he's gone, a few pieces of paper and other trash swirling in a whirlwind in the area he just vacated.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"Its happened more often that most think, ma'am." The impact against his chest doesn't actually have a sound. Doesn't ruffle his shirt. The inertia of the can is completely nullified. Tommy's bluster answered with a hand raised, finger pointed skyward in a 'wait your turn' gesture and then lowering when he speeds away.

To her note about his leaving and arresting her, Carson just gives the statement, "Ma'am, I owe you two more questions - unless you would like me to more fully discuss this. I like to be a man of my word." tone even and his eyes never quite leaving the young woman. "I understand a lot. I want to help, but I want to do so on your terms. Whether you choose to believe that or not."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis waves a hand dismissively. "Nevermind the questions, just skip to what you're here for and what you want to do." She says while pulling her weights back into her jacket pockets. "It doesn't matter where I am. You guys can put me on the moon in a straightjacket and I'll still become strong enough to make the idols of strength crumble. I'm tired of beating around the bush, tell me what you want straight and let's talk normally. And if you want me to come to your cozy little holding places you might as well pull on me right now." She says with a toned of mixed warning and, some kind of strange, under-handed anticipation. The tense, stressful situation was starting to get her brain in gear like it tended to do. Just like it did back then. She could still remember the feeling of the guy's face as she sent his head through the floor. It makes her pause and stare at her right hand in a sort of trance for a moment.

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I want," Carson slowly reaches for a pants pocket and with two fingers pulls out a wallet, "You to find a place to stay with hot water, four sturdy walls and a roof." still smiling, politely, "I don't want you to feel like you need to run. Because I am going to talk to some people. I'm going to tell them, truthfully, that I feel you are someone who needs help and not incarceration. But what you absolutely don't need are people coming out of the woodwork, to try and tackle you down and drag you off." several bills slowly being pulled out of the fold and double checked with a quiet concentration of one used to having to make sure he has money right.

"What I especially don't want is you to try and snap any of those objects at me. Anticipating coming to you and getting attacked, I've jumped down at least..." looking up to where he had stepped off, "Twenty eight total floors today and have the confidence right now that a .50 caliber, high velocity, round would potentially crack a rib." taking a breath, "Which is not a threat. It's an explanation as to why I approached you. I feel safe in speaking with you." still smiling, "I have four hundred and thirty three dollars on me. Can put you up in a nice hotel - I can go ATM out more if we need. But you safe, calm, well fed and rested is what I want while I explain to whom I must explain to. Okay?" no attempt to move forward, keeping things on Shannon's terms, Carson just watches her.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis raises a hand in a rejecting gesture. "Can't check in to hotels, can't use my name or social security number, police are still after me. I'm already working on getting a better place to stay at, it'll happen soon, so you don't have to worry about that." Even as she says that her tone is highly skeptical. "I don't know how much that talking you're going to have will work, honestly. It's not just you and whoever you're with after me, at this point I'm sure several agencies are after me, plus the idiotic random heroes who want to jump me. The rooftop is safer until I can move to where I intend to."

She takes a long pause, crossing her arms. "Since their primary suspect vanished into of thin air and SHIELD's been in bad terms with the government I expect all super-related matters to be handled really poorly. Even if they actually think I'm not the real one, I can bet you they'd still catch and imprison me for two reasons. One: They're afraid I'll become what that woman was. Two: They need SOMEONE to take the fall after the media blasted that nonsense all over the place. If you want to help give me your number and I'll contact you when I'm able to use a phone."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I can have the room arranged and you needn't worry about using your own id or the like. The cash was for room service or ordering out." a small chuckle. "I can give you a contact to reach me, with the cash. I and mine don't want a 'fall guy'. We want the truth, if protecting someone who didn't mean to do something from others until we can clear their name means keeping you tucked away somewhere safe - then by all means I'm for it."

Moving the money and a card produced from his wallet to one hand, held up and away from himself, Carson extends the now emptied one, "I know it sounds corny, or that you won't believe it... but I'd offer to shake on it." a moment to let that sink in before he continues, "But the fear that you might become the one shown on the media will be there. I can't promise against that. But I'd fight against anything sort of imprisonment. That doesn't help anyone." tone earnest. Hand still extended. "And if you don't feel comfortable shakin' on it. I can set the money down for you."

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis stared at him with a fairly blank expression, she steps forwards and lightly fishes the money out of his hand along with the card. She did need money to eat after all. "That kind of attitude is exactly what gets you in trouble with the government, I bet that's also why SHIELD went under." She tells him, having her suspicions about his allegiances already.

"That doesn't change anything, though. You shouldn't be helping me, you shouldn't be trying to clear my name, I'm not someone who should be protected. If you want the truth, it's there. I killed three people, and indirectly caused the death of a load more. I don't think you realize how significant the possibility is that I'll become just like her." She takes a long, grim pause. "You can probably guess she wanted to kill me, those things seem to want to take the place of their originals. But did you know that's not at all the case here? She wanted to kill me because she was afraid I'd end up becoming something even worse than she was." She turns her back and begins stepping towards her climbing rope again, she was very good at climbing even without it. "Make sure to tell your friends that. I'll give you a call once I can and then you can tell me what your people are really planning on doing."

Carson Deschain has posed:
"I only know what the News said about SHIELD, I'm afraid." the card only having a number on it and the name 'Car' above it. "I disagree that I should not be doing any of what you said. Because you sound like you don't want to be like you think that she thinks you will be. We can look at why you killed those people, why you were associated with more killings. I'm not here to arrest you. I'm here to help, because help is all I want to do, okay?" wallet tucked away just like that.

"You might become a monster that seeks only to kill and shake the world. Declare how powerful you are and demand obedience. The world has plenty of Eric Lensherrs that I know that bit. But perhaps you can be helped to see who you really want to be, help you answer the question for yourself." lips pressing momentarily in a line, Carson watches her,

"Don't answer now either, but remember that question is. Who is Shannon Davis, really? Who does she want to be?" bowing his head and leaving her to her climbing rope. "I hope to be in touch, Ms. Davis, call me. But I may come find you sometime soon - to talk just like we did today." turning then and walking at a calm pace for the street and sidewalk.

Shannon Davis has posed:
Shannon Davis was about halfway through the length of the building in just a few moments of vigorous climbing, she was training her body too. As the man speaks she lets his words reach her without replying anything. She only says something right at the end just before he leaves, it is the last bit of information he needed, brief and concise. "I know who I want to be. But there's one thing that's more important than that. I liked it. Fighting for my life and killing to survive." It had been the greatest high her adrenaline-addled brain had ever experienced. It had all been snowballing down to this her entire life, just like her doppelganger said in the recording she had kept secret from everyone. Once she reaches the edge of the roof she disappears back into her shed.