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Which Sandwich
Date of Scene: 18 March 2020
Location: Katz's Deli
Synopsis: People converge over sandwiches and talk superheroes and those maybe not so heroic.
Cast of Characters: Heidi Ingerdottir, Robert Marksman, Johnathan Marksman, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Karen Starr

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Katz's Deli is usually packed for lunch, and today is no different. The line, however, is a bit slower than usual. The usuals, who know the routine, weave their way around the pale-haired Asgardian who is busy trying to figure out what to actually eat. She's not /trying/ to cause a hold up, but there are so many options. /So many/. At some point, Heidi scoots out of the way to allow some of the annoyed patrons behind her to go ahead.

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman is at a table with Johnathan. Robert has a original Salami sandwich in front of him. He looks up, and looks over at the girl in line. "Hey I think I met her last night, before I got called into work." He will tell Johnathan. Robert will munch on a fry and adds. "She is new in town from some country I never heard of think somewhere in Africa.

Johnathan Marksman has posed:
Johnathan Marksman nods at his brother as he tries to figure out how to start on his 6 inch thick corned beef sandwitch. He munches on a couple fries and then digs in. "Wasn't that Wakanda place was it? I heard a lot about it with the Genosha aid deal. That little country pulled out all the stops, put us to shame." he says as be dips some of his sandwitch into some mustard before biting out a mouth-sized chunk out of it which hardly seems to make a dent.

Clint Barton has posed:
Two of those regulars push through the door of the Deli, and grab tickets, the man, a tall blonde, in a motorcycle jacket and knit cap, leads the way, turning back often to chat with his auburn haired companion.

(ooc: visual minus the quivver: https://i.imgur.com/uuaqkvl.png)

"So have a chance to speak to Petey now that he's back?" he asks her, "Did you tell him about you know, us?" which is about as far as he gets before he bumps into the blonde woman and stops.

"Sorry," he greets. "Are you alright?" he asks meaning more about being stopped in line than the impact, she felt... solid.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff comes into the deli with Clint, wearing a purple v-neck top and a light jacket. Her hair hangs loose about her shoulders today as they step inside and are greeted by the bustle and noise of the popular, even famous, eatery.

"I have not," Wanda says with a shake of her head. "Had a chance to talk with him that is. Which also makes the latter a no. But you probably could guess the latter part. He hasn't suddenly poked you in the ribs a thousand times already. Or worse," she says, lips curling up in the hint of a playful smile at Clint. As if she's kidding. She isn't, but she makes it look that way.

Wanda is too slow to stop Clint from bumping into the woman, but she is able to add on to his apology. "Heidi?" Wanda asks as if confirming that's who it is. "Hello! I was hoping to see you again, but wasn't expecting to so literally bump into you," Wanda says to the blond-haired woman.

Karen Starr has posed:
    If only the people inside the deli could look up.

    Flying between buildings at a speed faster than most automobiles could dream, Power Girl leaves a pink streak upon the sky as the white of her suit mixes with the red of her cape. She's not usually in this particular city- but after meeting Tony, she's decided to familiarize herself better... And sample some of the cuisine.

    This is why, after hearing the rave reviews of Katz's Deli from all over the city- literally- Karen can't help herself. She floats to a land soft and easy and, as casual as can be, pushes into the sandwich shop behind Clint and Wanda, getting in line as if that was just a thing that you did when you were Power Girl.

    Considering that she's doing it, it probably is- but that point may be lost on those within the Deli.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Oof. Heidi feels the impact, turning to see who or what ran into her. "Oh! Many apologies, friend. I am unsure of what to purchase and I believe I am a bit in the way." She scoots a step to her right, pauses, and then scoots one more step to make sure she's /definitely/ not in the way this time. "Please, proceed."

Which, of course, allows her a better view of Wanda. "Hail, Wanda. It is nice to see you again!" She double checks that she's out of the way. "Do not let me stop you in your attempts to obtain lunch, however."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman shakes his head a bit and says "Na, was some place, Bea, or I had never heard of. Bea is the one who thought it was somewhere in Africa. " He looks over and starts to say something else, and stops "Well dang, got one of the decent name heroes from out of town, that's Power girl over there I am pretty sure." He will watch both the situation and the new arrival a moment, taking a bite of his sandwich a bit messier than his brother. He will look around for a napkin to wipe his face and not be to much of a slob.

Johnathan Marksman has posed:
Johnathan Marksman is careful about how he eats, not a crumb getting on his clothing or even clinging to his well trimmed beard. He looks up and nods, "Yeah she's a cape allright, and yeah I think it's Power Girl." he tries not to stare too much though he cant help himself to look at least a little bit. "Shame this place is so crowded or we'd get her autograph." he says smirking to his brother.

Johnathan gestures, "See the guy with the jacket near her? He looks familiar too. Isn't he.... yeah he's one of the hanger's on in the Avengers group. Um, bow and arrow guy..."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint is about to step around Heidi when it seems that she and Wanda have met, he pulls up short, looking between the two, brows raising at the 'Hail'.

"So, um guessing you two have met?" he asks stepping out of the way so... oh wow is that Power Girl? "Hey," he greets to the hero out of Metropolis before he realizes he's just in civvies. "Hawkeye, from the Avengers," he greets. Secret IDs? What are those?

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda moves to the side as well so the next person behind them can get past. It takes Clint saying something though for Wanda to realize the woman is in costume, and familiar at least by sight. Wanda's head kind of does a back and forth as she's not sure who to give her attention to, Heidi or the sudden appearance of Power Girl.

She settles for a quick, "Hello," in a friendly tone for Power Girl, then looks back to Heidi to say, "Nice to see you again as well. This is Clint," she says, motioning to the out of uniform Hawkeye. "Clint this is Heidi. An Asgardian I had the pleasure of meeting recently." She looks back to Heidi to add, "I mentioned you to Thor Odinson. He's looking for to meeting you as well," Wanda says.

Karen Starr has posed:
    The first person that really greets her is Clint, and she nods to the man. She'd seen him before, but she's from... Well, a different universe, in the literal sense. She's used to seperation of mask and life, even if Tony mentioned that's not how the Avengers operate. She was being polite not to call him on it.

    "Oh- Good to meet you, Hawkeye. I'm Power Girl. From being Power Girl." Probably a little sassier than it needed to be, but her tone has levity to it. All in good fun. "I was actually at the Mansion the other day. Spoke to Iron Man. The world doesn't have-" there's a sigh, "If -he's- gone, then the world could use someone like me branching out. So I did. He said he'd have to talk to Cap. Waiting on the call to see how that went down, if it has."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
Heidi, too, is momentarily distracted by the costume. Mostly because she's never seen anyone in a costume doing anything other than costumed heroics. You dress for the occasion, and isn't that battle gear? She looks back to Wanda and Clint. "It is an honor, Clint. You have good choice in friends." She doesn't know Wanda well, but she must have given off a good impression. "O-Oh! You spoke to Prince Thor... about /me/?" She looks a little perplexed at the concept of Thor looking forward to meeting her. "Well, it will be my honor to meet him when I do!"

She doesn't know Power Girl, but a friendly wave is offered in her direction as well. "Hail!" It is, after all, good to meet new friends and she's certainly good at doing that. But then her brain circles back around abruptly and she peers at Clint. "... the one with the bow?"

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman shakes his head a bit and says "Hawkeye, I met the girl version of him the other day in the park. She was stopping a purse snatcher, and ended up meeting her and a odd girl who claimed to be a mini galaxy." He will tell his brother." He sighs a bit and lowers his voice slightly not to carry past the table. "You know, I think there maybe a benefit in public ids, but not sure."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint grins at Power Girl's joke, "And yeah? Just talked to Tony?" he nods about having to branch out. "Yeah, we really miss him," he says of Superman, convincingly enough, after all he was a spy. "Well Cap will definitely call, he's a guy who keeps his comittments."

Then it's time for introductions all around. "Hi, good to meet you," he says to Heidi, and then nodding. "Yes, and you too since we've seemed to pick the same one," he says putting an arm around Wanda's waist. "And Heidi, Wanda, this is Power Girl from being Power Girl," he says carrying on the joke. "Heidi is from from Asgard and Wanda's in the Avengers as well."

Johnathan Marksman has posed:
Johnathan Marksman knows who all the Avengers are, but he isn't letting in on that he's practically a rabid fan boy who spent an extra sixteen million just to put his father's company HQ right next to the Avenger's tower. Nah... not a fanboy at all. So there is no way he'd know who each and every one of them are on sight.

Johnathan takes a deep breath, "Purse snatcher? I swear if this cat stuck in a tree stuff doesnt end and we don't get something serious soon, little brother, I am going to go bonkers." he comments. Listening to his brother a moment he takes a careful bite out of some fries and then his sandwitch. Then he makes the mistake of trying to count how many people are in the room, with the ever shifting crowd keeping an accurate count is impossible but he is too OCD not to try. He looses track at 78 and starts over again. He tries to break the cycle though by answering his brother's statement, "Yeah but then you open yourself up to lawsuits over property damage. Personal injuries. Then there's the whole legal issues thing."

Karen Starr has posed:
    To be fair to Heidi, Power Girl isn't altogether well known unless you're keeping tabs on that sort of thing. Even then, she might be less comforting and more alarming- because it was only some months ago that a fully grown woman with the powers of the Big Blue Boy Scout just sort of... -Appeared.-

    Double that down with the fact that she seems to have a hotter head than he is and a solid degree less restraint... Well, in the end, everyone probably needs a PR person. She's just lucky nobody's opinions have turned sour, aside from the people at that Pro-Humana rally. Either way, she's not the -most- famous of the Metropolis people... But her name's out there now. Heidi can't be blamed for not knowing it.

    She gives Heidi a quick two-fingered salute, bringing one gloved hand to her temple and popping her hand forward.

    "Heidi. Wanda. Good to meet you." She shoots a smile that could probably down a plane. Kryptonians aren't fair. This one, in some ways, probably the least so.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Over amongst the seating, there is a table with a sign on it. As the couple who are eating there get up and leave, two other couples both rush over to try to take it. There's an awkward moment where each couple has one of the two chairs, before finally the woman in one couple shakes her head and says, "It's ok, let them have it." The man looks back to her, "Are you sure, you love that movie!"

Wanda glances over at the little event and gets a soft smile. "At least I understand the context now," she says, glancing toward Clint and smiling before looking back to everyone else. Those from other planets and universes probably also won't get the When Harry Met Sally connection to the table in question.

"Ah, yes, I hope that things went well with that," Wanda tells Power Girl of the meeting. She also just gives a small nod, but doesn't say anything about Superman being missing. She isn't a spy, nor the best of liars, truthfully.

A soft laugh and nod is given to Heidi then. "Yes, I'd call and invite him here but I believe he's back in Asgard at the moment. Should be returning soon, we hope."

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
There's a lot from Midgard Heidi doesn't really begin to grasp. She's trying, though, and mostly looks delighted to be doing so. "Power Girl, hail," she greets politely. Her knowledge of 'superheroes' tends to be limited to the ones she personally meets. But there's the pressing matter of Wanda mentioning Thor. "... oh, I am glad of that. I do not mean I do not wish to meet him, I would just like to be sufficiently prepared. I met Prince Loki entirely by chance and I felt I was quite underwhelming. I would prefer to make a good impression."

Robert Marksman has posed:
Robert Marksman looks over and says "Did they just say she is from Asgard, not what she said yesterday but I guess the whole secret ID still. He will munch a bit of his sandwich seeming to be in thought a bit. He watches them, a bit longer and says "We could try to do some type of corporate team, but might look sorta bad if we tried one right next to the tower.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint settles back more than happy to let the ladies chat while they hold up the line, giving a look to the two men at once of the tables who seem to be looking their way, he smiles and gives an upnod. Fans right?

As for the table with the sign, he smiles back to Wanda. "Yeah, told you it was popular," he says with a wink, before a certain name passes from Heidi's lips. "Wait, you ran into Loki? Where?" he asks attention suddenly fixed on the Asgardian woman."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen nods to Heidi in particular. "Yes. Hail. It's good to meet you. Welcome to New York. New here myself, I'm sure it's been really confusing." she offers, trying her best to be sympathetic. To be fair, she's good at it. She's... Been the stranger in a strange land. More than once.

    To Wanda, she smiles. "Yeah. Things probably went pretty good. Won't know until I get called in. We'll see." Then, Heidi mentions Loki. "Isn't he pretty high up on the uh... List?" she asks, directing that question primarily at Hawkeye.

Johnathan Marksman has posed:
Johnathan Marksman nods and gets caught up in counting the ceiling tiles now and makes a face familiar to his brother over his frustration of not being able to stop himself. Fortunately or unfortunately his sandwitch is a good lure for distraction as he pauses mid-count to take another bite before he resumes again... but finds himself uncertain if he lost count and has to start over yet again.

Johnathan's brow furrows and he comments as he counts, "Well that has its drawbacks too. I suppose we could get a visit from Shield or something cause god knows they have to know about us by now."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff glances over towards the table where the brothers sit, not seeming to have heard their conversation, just looking around the room. If she meets the eye of either she gives a polite smile and nod before turning back to reply to Heidi, "Oh, yes, of course. I can understand how you feel. I sometimes sort of forget. He can be... informal around us," she says, visions of Thor in board jams and sandals racing through her mind.

Some things you can't unsee.

As the L word is brought up, Wanda falls a little more quiet. She reaches her arm around Clint, matching the way his is around her waist, and giving him a gentle, reassuring pat as she knows the grudge he bears from the assault on New York. Not that her own is much smaller there.

Heidi Ingerdottir has posed:
The attention fixed on her when she mentions Loki gets a skeptical look from Heidi. "Aye, I did see him. It was perhaps some time ago. Lady Sif and I were eating..." She struggles to remember what the name of the food was. Perhaps for far too long. "... lamb gyros. He walked in, greeted Lady Sif and I, got some food, and left." You know, the usual visit from Loki. "But I do not think he thought much of me. I would perhaps like to make a better impression on Prince Thor. First impressions are important."

She does pause after a moment. "If there is a message you wish to send to him, I am reasonably certain I can get it to him."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint frowns at the description of the encounter with Loki, nothing solid to pin a location on. As for a message, he considers it, some version of 'we should meet' before Wanda puts her arm around him and he takes a breath.

"Just tell him..." he shakes his head. "Never mind. If I see him I'll tell him myself."

Johnathan Marksman has posed:
Johnathan starts counting the pictures on the wall now. Unable to stop himself. Its going to be one of those days. His brother seeing this knows it is time to perhaps change locations. Robert briefly excuses himself from the table and returns with a couple containers a few moments later. "Hey I figured we can finish these at the office. Thomas wants a word, right?"

Johnathan nods breaking the spell, "Oh, yeah right. The stock purchase thing." he says as he gathers up everything he's still got left to eat and carefully sorts it all into the container. Leaving not a crumb or bit of mustard on his gloves as he does so. Robert just dumps his sandwitch right into the container and pours his fries out into it haphazardly snapping the thing shut in a quarter the time Johnathan is taking.

Before long both are getting up from their table and start to make their way out past the group waiting in line. "Ladies, Gentleman." he says as he passes giving them all a courteus nod. Robert gives a polite wave to the one in the group he's met before briefly and hurries out after his brother.