60/Mike Hannigan required to get bodyguard for upcoming gig. Stupid contract.

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Mike Hannigan required to get bodyguard for upcoming gig. Stupid contract.
Date of Scene: 21 February 2020
Location: Centennial Park - New Troy
Synopsis: Mike meets the old Greek guy and antics ensue. Bodyguard business is rough.
Cast of Characters: Achilles, Michael Hannigan

Achilles has posed:
    It was a normal business meeting. Achilles, who goes by Ash Tampambulos these days, finds himself on the set of a series that has just started filming. The director received some weirdo threats or stalking things. Who knows exactly? But either way, Myrmidon Personal Security services is a reputed company for such dealings. Also, it helps that studios can pay top dollar. To that end, the Owner / Operator of the company shows up for the meeting, a meeting that is to be basically an ambush. The details were worked out with the agent....
    So it is that two young men, one young woman, and the owner are in the room that Mike Hannigan gets called into by his agent, saying... "I need to discuss something important with you."
    Once in the room, the bomb is dropped, "Mister Hannigan. Per the contract, we are required to provide security should it become required. Trust me, it is required." says the director who gestures to Achilles.
    The man stands up and offers a hand as he steps forward, "First things first." he says with the hint of an English accent, "Let me apologize for the manner in which you have been ambushed today. I am Ash Tampambulos, and these are three of my absolute best personal security operatives. The plan is for you to choose one to be your full time shadow, while the other two maintain a perimeter."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike, who uses the stage name of Nick Drago in the music and acting industry, was not at all expecting to be called in so soon. He had just gotten back from a fitting for his costume and they weren't slated to actually START the filming process for another few days.

"Seriously?" Mike asks, his tone a bit disbelieving of the situation, "It's not another Star Wars. It's freaking Sea Wolf. Who causes problems for that?" He stands for a few moments before blinking to the offered hand. "Oh right."

He takes the hand to give a firm shake. "Well, On set and when promoting I go by my stage name. I tend not to advertise the real name."

He looks to the three. "How, visibly obvious are they going to be?"

Achilles has posed:
    "Of course sir." offers Achilles. "We will use discretion and address you however you prefer to be addressed. It is our job to be bland scenery, not something anyone cares to stare at. My people are good at their jobs, believe me. We brought three so that you would not be stuck with a single option. This is not my first rodeo." he offers with a polite half-smile.
    Gesturing to the personnel, he says, "These are Phoebe Harrison, Gabriel Templeton, and Robert Fielding." All three stand up and nod, offering hands in greetings. "I won't bore you with their resumes, but I will vouch for each one of them. But... perhaps you and I could go have a cup of coffee and get to know one another first?" he asks.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike reaches over, shaking the hands in turn, kicking back into professional mode. "Um. sure. Coffee's good. Saw a park on the way over. How about there?"

He turns his head to glare at the agent who gives a hiss of distaste at the suggestion of an open air location. "Oh come on, I'm rolling with this," He gestures to Achilles, "Security guy. I don't look like I normally do soooo- give me a break."

Not giving the agent anymore time to interject, he looks to Achilles, "Lets go."

Achilles has posed:
    "Relax." Achilles says to the agent as he offers a smile, "I will keep your client perfectly safe." And then he looks to the new client and nods his head, "The park sounds quite fine. Shall we?" he asks before he heads out the door first. It's a bodyguard's habit. You don't let the charge go through a door first. You check it out yourself first and then let the charge follow if it is safe.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike shoves his hands into his pockets, pausing long enough to pull out a knit cap to cover up his hair. If he's going to have people hanging around him, that's probably going to advertise his appearance. Might as well keep something a surprise.

His lips tighten into a flat line as he's stopping himself to allow for Achilles to take lead. Oh yes. This is going to take some getting used to.

He doesn't say much as he ends up following Achilles... through doors. When doors aren't involved he walks alongside. Because he's not a child dammit. Now where's that coffee?

Achilles has posed:
    It's a small bistro to one side of the park really. That's the place that Achilles aims for, "Allow me to apologize again for the ambush." he says in a resonant voice. "I will tell you that I was against that approach. But... from what I understand, the need is legitimate. I think that the studio is the one being targeted. You just happen to be the prime target during this filming."
    He smirks as he angles down a sidewalk towards the bistro, "But, that is not what we are here to discuss. Do you have any questions about myself or my company?"

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike sighs, shaking his head "Well, I guess the primary question is, Is this going to be for the whole duration of the filming process or just when I'm in the same city as the production? I have a lot of bookings and I'm not about to be canceling them."

Achilles has posed:
    "Honestly." begins Achilles, "That depends upon you. We are being contracted to provide security on set. Your personal life is your personal life and I will not allow my people to infringe upon that unless you -want- them there."
    He steps up to the bistro and opens the door for you. "After you Nick." he offers with a smirk.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Nick, gives a slight smile at the information and at the personal rule being broken by the security specialist. "Then maybe just on the set or when I'm publicly out as the stage persona. I'll do my best to keep a low profile when off the clock."

Achilles has posed:
    "See? I knew we would find a happy medium. Now... what can I getcha?" he asks as he steps towards the counter, pulling out his wallet on the way. He is -trying- to be easygoing, helpful and all that. Who knows what might happen in the future though?

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The performer's hand pauses halfway through the process of sliding out of the pocket. Oh so he's getting the drinks too. "Eh, just coffee. Black." Nick replies, "Not really into the over complicated ones."

Achilles has posed:
    In a Metropolis post-Superman's death, criminals have begun growing bolster. The bistro provides black coffee for two, and then the two men head out into the park once more.
    Of course, the armored car that is crashing through traffic, driven by criminals that stole it and are being pursued by local police. The problem is that the police go to run the armored car off the road and it ends up crashing through the fence surrounding the park... roaring as it crashes over grassy hills and ramming through a pavilion towards the bistro... people are starting to scramble out of its way.....

Michael Hannigan has posed:
With such a loud commotion and the view of people running even a perpetually tired Hannigan is bound to take notice. While not what he's accoustomed to dodging, the performer's feet shuffles quickly to move out of the path. "Oh f-"

As he turns, his face shifts slightly, mirroring that of his normal form. It is in situations like this that it is a good thing that Mike favors solid colored clothing as it obscures the effect. The coffee, while sloshing about, impressively does not spill one drop.

Achilles has posed:
    Sure. Achilles is not super strong.. not really super anything. He's as strong as a human can be. As fast as one too. But not superhuman. Either way, he is acting the moment his senses pick up the disturbance. "Please get inside the bistro." he says your way as he steps forward. He doesn't have any of his gear... just what he carries normally.
    Now mind you, as the leader of a company like his, he has a very nice handgun. With armor piercing rounds too. What? It's not supertech. IT's an FN-FiveSeven. He draws the weapon calmly and lifts it into a two-handed shooting stance... aiming carefully before he prepares to fire. Not shooting -yet-... waiting for the right moment.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Ok. And here is the crisis. Technically Achilles is charged with keeping an eye on Nick Drago and technically it's not Drago's home turf. But there's also a vehicle barreling down the way and-

He looks like he's doing what's asked, moving out of Achilles's line of sight as he moves towards the bistro, but... darn it all if it wasn't for that one park goer with the noise canceling headphones coming in to sight, unawares of the impending doom.

The coffee cup lands on the ground as Mike sprints over to the unsuspecting park goer.

Achilles has posed:
    Careful aim is the name of the game. Some people would just shoot as often as rapidly as they could. But not Achilles. He knows that the right shot is more important than the number of shots.
    So, when the armored truck roars up over a hillock, the underside briefly exposed... Achilles has already anticipated this.
    He fires, and the bullet pierces the undercarriage beside the gas pedal, and enters the driver's chest on an angle. It punches right through the man and enters the seat behind him. He immediately goes limp and the truck veers off to one side, striking a tree where it stops.
    One report, one shot.. and then Achilles notices Mike up ahead. He smirks and shrugs, "Some people make really poor charges." he states as he strides your way. Of course, there are more armed goons in the back of the truck. But that truck is going nowhere now.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Reaching the headphones wearing park goer, Mike waves a hand in front of the guy, getting his attention before pointing to the now disabled vehicle with the gun men starting to climb out and then towards the interior of the bistro.

As the wide eyed man processes what's going on, Nick puts a hand to the man's back and shoves him towards the Bistro. Yes. GO listen to the music inside the building. Go. GO.

Achilles has posed:
    Sighing, Achilles shakes his head as he steps forward and helps urge music-man towards the bistro, "You should seek cover too." he says simply. Not in a panicked or even an urgent tone of voice.
    "Police should be on hand to handle all of this soon." he adds. "I will have enough paperwork to fill out for discharging my firearm as it is."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"I'm not as bad off as you think I am." The mirror image responds, looking up to Achilles, and then to the van. Oh hey. They have guns. Great. "But fine. I defer." He heads towards the Bistro as well. Primarily to make sure headphone guy finishes his trip. But Archilles doesn't need to know that.