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Good Smells Good Eats
Date of Scene: 21 April 2021
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: Warm spring weather brings a cookout at Xavier's School
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rahne Sinclair, James Proudstar, Warren Worthington, Henry McCoy, Jubilation Lee, Maxwell Wave, Jean Grey, Negasonic, Talia Wagner

Kitty Pryde has posed:
There is a distinctive scent to barbeque. Whether charcoal or even just gas, that sizzling meat sends such a delicious aroma (at least if you're not a vegan) that it's hard to mistake.

Right now those aromas are in abundance as Kitty has the bbq pit fired up. A couple of hamburgers go onto it, and there's also a boiling pot from which the scent of beer is coming. Anyone who peers in closely enough will notice a number of bratwurst that are boiling away in there and turning white.

On the table nearby there's a spread of different fixings to go on the food. Also a tray of cheese and vegetables and some rolled up shaved meat of various types. Sorry, no bacon from the Jewish girl. Kitty grabs a cucumber to munch on as she cooks, preparing some vegetables she seems intent on roasting. Lockheed lounges nearby. Kitty's wearing shorts but a heavier top, the weather nice but still a little cool, not yet summer. A pair of sunglasses are fitting for the nice, sunny day.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:

The upside-down face of Rahne, in human form, dangles from a branch that overhangs the barbecue area. Not right over the grill - that would be dangerous! - but close enough, and kind of curious. Her face looks odd upside-down, but she looks young enough to get away with this kind of thing.

Wearing a kind of loose lady's tee and shorts, she's hanging by her knees and swinging a little bit, back and forth. There is a bit of shirt riding up going on, her tummy exposed, and on occasion a bit more than she's actually aware is being shown to all and sundry, but the way she's there looks so damn innocent. It can't be on purpose.

Besides, she's not blushing. She'd def be blushing if she knew.

"What are ye doin?" she asks, her accent fully recognizeable even upside down. The slight headtilt happens. She's curious.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes up the path from the lake, he's dressed in his usual work a day clothes, jeans and rugged work shirt. He pulls off the work gloves. He is trailed by his ever faithful fluffy white wolf dog Flurry. Flurry has stuck more or less to the woods, she only comes around the mansion at mealtimes and when James is around. Though she did make fast friends with Rahne one night by the lake. She has on a big doggy grin as she follows Jim and is eagerly inspecting the group to see who has food, and why it smells so good.

    You know Jim smelled this amount of meat from the car down the street but he still manages to mildly surprised, "Kass making brisket again? " He offers as he get the nearest part of the path where he isn't actually yelling to be heard.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren makes his way from the mansion carrying the ice chest, setting it down onto the ground close enough to the pit to not be inconvenient, but far enough so the heat doesn't mess with the ice or whatever else is inside.

"How are the burgers coming, hon?" He asks Kitty as he casts a glance over towards the grill, "I don't see any acrid smoke or little black bricks of charcoal on the grill yet, so I will take that as a good sign."$E$EThe billionaire winks in good humor as he opens the chest and pulls out a bottle of beer, popping it open via the built in opener on the side of the chest. He wears summer attire, not being as effected by the colder weather as others. A tank-top and pair of shorts capped off with a pair of flip-flops like he was spending the day on the beaches of Hawaii or some other tropical paradise instead of a backyard in New York.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde lets out a laugh at Warren's question. "First ones are just coming up," she tells him, checking them but leaving them on the grill for just a bit longer as she looks over to the upside-down Rahne. "Hey Rahne," Kitty offers with a grin towards the Scottish lass. "Just making some lunch for people," she says. "Had the day off from JVD."

The first quartet of burgers are moved to a plate and then brought over to table. Then a return trip to the grill. "If you want a cheeseburger, let me know as the next batch is about ready for cheese." She scoops a few onions off the grill and puts them on a plate, bringing them over as well.

As Kitty spots James and the wolf approaching, she gives him a wave. "Nope, just me cooking some burgers and brats. I realized Warren's never had my beer-broiled brats. I don't think he's allowed in Chicago until he's had them," she says with a loving grin towards the white-winged mutant.

Kitty breaks one of the burgers in half. One half is tossed towards Flurry, the other half towards Lockheed. The dragon catches his in the air and starts chomping on it.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne looks over to Warren as he appears. She looks at him quietly, her upside-down face a study of studiousness, a curious level of confusion as she looks at him. She looks back at Kitty as she speaks, and suddenly comprehension appears on her face, and a little 'ah' comes out of her mouth.

She reaches up to the branch she's dangling from and grasps it with both hands, then pulls her legs free. She lowers them and hangs a moment before dropping to the ground in a gentle crouch. Right in front of the fluffers as it walks in on four paws.

She looks Flurry nose to nose for a moment, sniffing each other sorta, then stands up and looks around the area. James is acknowledged as well, but with less sniffing. She finds that people don't like it as much.

"Ye two be together?" Oh wait, that's to Kitty and Warren.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Walking out of the manor, with a spring in his step, is Henry. He's got on a loud Aloha shirt, along with some comfy looking cargo shorts. It's Spring, after all! The scent of food and the sound of people drew him out to the backyard. Taking a deep breath to scent the air, Hank offers a wave to all. "Afternoon! How are my favorite people?" He grins.

James Proudstar has posed:
The wolf's eyes go wide as the meat hits the air and there is an excited and happy yelping bark as she snaps the meat up before it hits the ground, mmmms, yes, Kitty is good people. The puppers dances from from foot to foot looking between Kitty and James, moar! The puppers wants the moar!

    James raises his eyebrows, and leans to pat the puppers releasing her to explore and play with Rahne.

He nods to the petite red head and honestly doesn't mind the sniffing among friends. James smirks, and raises his eyebrows at Rahne.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren glances at Rahne, and smiles with a slight nod. "I suppose you could say that, yes. We have been for a few months now. Not sure what I did to get so lucky, but until I mess it up somehow I'm all hers," he chuckles.

Warren moves over to help Kitty with the preparations of the burgers, setting out the buns and other condiments such as onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles and the other normal burger fixings, plus some less normal ones like jalapeno and truffles. Not mushrooms. Truffles.

Raising a hand to wave to James as he turns to talk to Kitty, "That much of a staple of the Windy City, hrm? Your mom wouldn't accept me as suitable until I eat one of those things? So be it."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Help yourself, James," Kitty says. "The brats will be another 5 or 10 minutes though. Once they finish boiling, will brown them on the grill," she explains. The scent of beer is quite noticeable, as boiling it really wafts it into the air.

"Hank!" Kitty says happily. "Lovely to see you. Come get something to eat," she says. Kitty moves over to reach down to Flurry, letting him smell her before scratching his head briefly. She moves back to the grill, washing her hands quickly and then getting back to moving burgers, with cheese on them, over to plates and passing them to Warren. Then the brats come out of the pot and onto the grill, the resulting empty pot of hot beer set aside where wolves can't get at it.

Kitty moves back to the table, nodding towards Rahne. "Yep," she says, slipping an arm about Warren's waist. "We got together New Year's Eve. And I think the whole Angelic thing, in heart as well as appearance, has a lot to do with it," Kitty says of Warren's 'luck'. She grins and leans up to brush a quick peck to his cheek, but keeps it just a tiny PDA.

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
For all the happiness and sunshine going around, Rahne is, has always been, a bit reserved. Quiet, background. Smol. She looks as folks explain almost as if she's forgotten the meaning of the words. But she raises her left hand to pull through her stubble of hair thoughtfully, nodding.

She looks over at Hank as he arrives, then gives Flurry a pat. And without hesitation walks to Dr McCoy's side, offering him a hand to hold. Not a lot, but her heart is true. She looks up with silent eyes, her own welcome of sorts.

Take the hand. It is safe.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast is all smiles. A nod to Kitty, his stomach rumbling a bit. "I'd love some - is there enough to go around, or should I run into the kitchen to grab more supplies." As Rahne wanders over, he smiles to her, taking the offered hand. "How are you, Rahne? Things going well." His eyes go to Flurry, regarding him.

"A new friend?" He wonders, looking over the wolf and grinning over to James. "How goes James? Warren?" There's a pause. "You've not had a bratwurst, before?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar waves to Warren, and nods to Kitty moving to pick up a burger or four, but he is caught by Warren's words, the sheer everyday domesticity of it. He watches the two-some with a small bemused smile. He makes two double cheeseburgers pilled with toppings of all sorts, they look like sliders on a teaplate in his hands. He only looks up at Hank's words, "Oh, hey Hank. That's Flurry she's mine. I'm hers?" He shrugs, "We met out west in the foothills of Colorado, I lost the bike on an icy stretch and went into a ditch, she found me and kept me warm until my powers healed me... May have saved my life. I think she lost a litter, it was rough weather, so now, I'm her pup. Til she thinks I'm raised I guess."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins towards Hank. "Oh there's plenty. If we need more though we can definitely grab it," she agrees, waving him towards the table. She brings over another plate of burgers and then goes back to turn the brats over.

The Jewish girl tells Warren, "Oh I'm mostly teasing about Mom caring. Though commenting how you loved the beer boiled brats I made you won't hurt matters either." She gives a warm grin and then looks towards Rahne. "Want to grab some food, Rahne?" she asks.

Kitty goes back to the grill, and the brats are finally ready. She loads up one container with them, and then another plate gets a number of roasted vegetables moved to it, just a bit of char on them. She brings everything over to the table and finally starts on a plate for herself. She makes one burger with most of the fixings, and then one brat with cheese and mustard and ketchup and onions.

Her plate is set aside and she heads over for a cooler. "James feel free to get Flurry whatever you want there from the food. I didn't want to overfeed," she says after having supplied the half a burger. She does pick up a brat and put it on a plate that is set before Lockheed. The little purple dragon digs in on it.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Hey Hank, how have you been?" Warren greets his old friend with a smile, reaching into the ice chest in front of him and tossing the doctor a beverage in a dark brown bottle. "What can I get started for you? Cheeseburger, Bratwurst, Steak, although I haven't pulled those out of the chest yet." He grins, shaking his head, "Of course I have had bratwurst before, but I apparently have not had /this/ bratwurst before."

Warren glances over at the wolf(ves) and James, "Come on folks, dig in. There is plenty of food here, and we haven't even gotten to the steaks in the chest yet. There is beer and other drinks in the chest, so help yourselves...and I won't even look at what you might grab."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Rahne squeezes Hank's much larger hand, then lets him go so he can do the things that he wants to do. she looks at her hand, a small dusting of blue on it, and smiles to herself.

She looks up suddenly, saying, "Wha?" having apparently missed most of the words or gestures put to her, and she looks around seeming a bit out of things, a little distracted.

Unable to magically make her memory yield the information on what she wasn't paying enough attention to, she stands stock-still a moment, then sniffs the air. It leads her toward food, where she nabs a bratwurst. She makes little 'hot' noises, shifting it from hand to hand, and then flops onto her bottom to one side to let it cool. And to protect it from Flurry, though whoever taught her to eat hot barbecue with her bare hands needs a lesson in parenting.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Those who know Hank can tell his mood is absolutely fantastic. "A good friend then, James. Hopefully we're not weirding her out with so many people about." He squats after Rahne releases his hand, offering it over towards Flurry for the wolf to scent. "She's beautiful."

A nod to Warren. "It is Spring. The world is amazing. I got to see Little Shop of Horrors with Ororo, and enjoyed a fine sushi dinner with her." He beams. "Everything is wonderful in the world." A wink to Kitty as well. "A burger would be great. I'll have a brat after, if there are more left." Big stomach!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar takes a bite and chews and stops, and then chews some more and stops, saying with a mouth fuil of food, "This is REALLY good." The level of incredulity could not be faked.

    He nods to Hank, but shrugs, "She picked today to come be among people, I think it was Kitty's cooking. Not even brisket drew her out of the woods like the brats." James watches as Flurry approaches Hank and sniffs his hand, then licks them and then walks in a circle and pays down rolling onto her back caging for a belly rub, "She's pretty independent even feeds herself mostly though she was very welling to help the survival class with leftovers and stragglers when they were doing snares.

     James smiles and tilts his headtilts listening happy for his teacher as he describes what certainly sounds like a date. Spring is in the air.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Oh good!" Kitty says of hearing about Henry getting to see one of his favorite shows. "Was it Storm's first time seeing it? If so I'm going to have to ask her what she thought," Kitty says, cackling softly.

Kitty scoops up a cheeseburger for Beast, hot off the grill, and puts it on the bun for him. "There's just about every topping you could hope for. Warren even brought truffles," she says.

A beverage is obtained from the cooler. Kitty sticks to soda even if she'd have gotten a beer at home. Or in college. Or anywhere else. It's the school though, and she's under twenty-one. She takes her seat again, telling James, "Well she's free to have as many as is healthy." She grins and then takes a bite of her own brat. "Mmm," she murmurs happily. "This makes me feel like I'm in Deerfield."

Rahne Sinclair has posed:
Discussion of brats makes Rahne's head swivel around, almost as if she's expecting Noriko or Jubilee to appear on cue. She doesn't see them yet though, but with the way her nose is a-going she might smell something on the breeze.

She takes a bite out of the bratwurst then, her eyes looking left, looking right, no words coming out of her mouth. Her mouth. Her mouth twists as she chews, and she looks down at the sausage with her brows furrowing. Then she sniffs at it, uncertain.

Still no Brats though. But the day is young.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"You? And Ro?" Warren says with his brow arched, a sly smile forming over his lips as he looks to Hank. "Well now you know you have to give me details, Hank. How long has this been a thing? When are you and I going to take the ladies out together on the town?"

Warren lifts the brat to his lips and takes a bite, chewing as he raises a brow in contemplation at the flavors before turning to Kitty and giving her a grin, "Hey...what do you know, this actually is pretty good! And not a take out box to be seen! Unless you bribed Lockheed to keep his mouth shut this time!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Oh, the blush. He'd be purple, were his fur not so thick. "I mean, I'm not rushing into... I ... it was a good night. We've been talking, she's been helping with the feral side of me, helping me understand what is happening to my mind." Henry is most certainly tongue-tied. "She'd never seen a musical, so I offered to be a tourgide of sorts for the good shows."

He nods, adding fixings to his burger - to include Jalepenos. "I suggested we make a night of it, dinner then the show." His foot scuffs a bit. "We talked, dined, and had a wonderful time at the theater. I don't know if we're... I mean, we've not..." More sentence fragments. "Oh, heavens. I like her. I think she likes me. We'll see where we go from there, yes?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty tells Rahne, "Go ahead, you'll like it. It's Polish bratwurst, and we boil it in beer first and then finish it on the grill to give it that nice appealing color," she tells her. "Good with onions and mustard. Though I admittedly have always liked ketchup and cheese with mine too."

She swings her gaze over towards Warren then, at first grinning as he talks about the food today. And then as he remarks about a lack of to go containers, Kitty's attempt to look completely innocent probably signals that Warren has the truth of whatever this tail is. It does make Kitty turn a speculative eye towards Lockheed. But he's just busy eating his own food.

Kitty gets a sip of soda as she listens to Hank and eats her burger and her brat. "That sounds great, I hope things work out. You are both the most amazing people," Kitty tells Henry encouragingly. "I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Both."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar sits down and eats devouring food at a steady rate. He tosses a brat to Flurry and a selection of the grilled veggies, he listens and nods "That's great Hank, I'm very glad for both of you. Ororo is good people. Musical was a great choice." James gives a small smile and nods.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington says, "Good for you, Hank. Maybe she will be to distracted now to keep giving me the stink-eye when she sees me," Warren chuckles. "I won't lie, that woman intimidates me. She can stare you down like any apex predator, even if she isn't meaning too. I will have to take you both out with me and Kate sometime. Since you both like musicals I'll get us boxes for Hamilton, or something more to your liking if that isn't your thing. You name it."

Warren sips at his beer, casting a glance over at Kitty as she turns to gaze at him, and he offers her a playful wink. "It's was the thought that counts, and I love you for it.""

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry nods, taking a bite from his burger. After chewing and swallowing, he chuckles. "I'm not trying to rush - the evening was not meant to be a date-DATE.... but I think it turned into one." A sheepish grin. "Much to my pleasant surprise, that is." A nod to those he's sharing a meal with. "Hamilton would be amazing, Warren. I've seen it, but I think she'd love it." He agrees.

A grin to James and Kitty. "Thank you all, it's... an interesting turn in my life. Quite unexpected, but very much appreciated." He chuckles. "How have things been going for you all? No new crazy threats cropping up, I hope?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar coughs, he nearly inhales a burger and then chokes as it lodges halfway down. Gasping for breath, the idea of dying chocking on a cheeseburger and having to live... unlive? subsist? with his Brother's mocking smile in the happy hunting ground haunts him. He manages to bring the rest of the burger up and on to the ground and free his windpipe taking a deep breath, cough, "Yeah, heard good things about Hamilton. You folks will have a blast." Cough, cough, nothing to see. Flurry goes to town on the left over burger.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington glances over at James, brow arched slightly in amusement which turns a bit to concern as the large man starts to choke and sputter. He is in the process of getting up to help when James clears his own airway, "You ok there, James?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Also looking over to James with a bit of concern. "Easy there, James. No need to inhale your food." Henry jokes. "Would you like some water?" The man offers, moving to grab a bottle and hand it over to the other man.

A look to Warren. "Why do you feel she gives you the glare, Warren?" He wonders, going back to the Angel's previous statement.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods and gives a thumbs up to warren taking the bottle of water from Hank, croaking, "Yes, please." He takes small sips. Collecting himself.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington continues on his way over to James to check on him regardless of the thumbs up, "What was that all about? Trying to eat to fast? There is plenty, man. No need to rush."

He casts a glance back over to Hank and shrugs, "Well...I think it has to do with the slight difference in ages between Kate and myself, and that Ro is like a second mother to her."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry gives an ah of understanding, nodding a bit. "Well, protective she is. And especially of Kitty." The man admits, keeping an eye on James. True, he's likely to survive, but it's still a concern when a friend starts choking on food.

"She's very protective of all of us, myself included." He chuckles. "She doesn't want trouble to come to her friends and family. Truth be told, I'm the same way - but I have faith in you, Warren."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar coughs and looks over at Warren, and smiles shaking his head, "No, it's... there's a lot going on." James looks around it's getting later and the shadows are deepening, his gaze lingers on those shadows, but he turns back with the other men, his lips pursed as if he's made a decision, "Hamilwithn is Illyana's favorite musical." He nods, "I got us tickets. And Ororo is a she-lion who will gut you where you stand if you hurt Kitty." He nods with Hank.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"What, did you want tickets to Hamilton too, James? Just ask, man. I can easily get another pair. Perks of being one of the 1 percent," Warren smirks.

Warren looks between Hank and James and sighs, "Yeah, yeah. I know. If I hurt her there will be a line down the block for those that will want to pluck my feathers. I get it." Warren picks up his bottle and takes a sip, "Don't you think I know that? I mean, things with Kate weren't exactly planned. It just kind of...happened, and I have zero complaints about that at all mind you, but it wasn't like I had any nefarious plans in my head or anything. I know I have a track record as a bit of a playboy, but...just...nevermind." Warren shrugs, making his way over to grab a steak and toss it onto the grill, watching the flames flare up for a brief minute.

Henry McCoy has posed:
A slight chuckle from Henry, shaking his head. "Don't misunderstand me, Warren - I wish you two nothing but the best. I've no fear that you have the best intentions, and love her as much as you profess." A nod, the man completely serious. "I don't have any concerns about you, or her in this. Just happiness for my two friends who have found each other. If I came off as anything else, I apologize." He says in earnest.

A glance then to James, grinning. "Illyana and yourself? Is this another budding ... couple?" He grins. "It is spring, after all..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar stands and follows Warren to the grill, letting him have some distance, "I've got the tickets, it was kind of a big deal for me." He chuckles, "I get it Hot Wings, I mean you find yourself picking out chocolate bunnies for the queen of hell and it's a moment you never saw coming." Pauses hoping for a chuckles, "But we don't live normal lives Warren, she really cares about you, and you really care about her. I mean I can't say a lot about your previous relationships nut honestly, they don't matter man. Do the best you can here." He nods with Hank, "Yeah, it was a warning man, not a condemnation... In fact, I give you my word as an Apache, they won't pluck your feathers for this." James offers Warren his hand.

    Jim gives Hank a sheepish glance, and then nods, "Yeah, something like that."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington glances between Hank and James again, shrugging his shoulder. "Fair enough. I just hate the looks I get, you know? There was a reason Kate and I kept it on the down low for as long as we did. We knew the age difference was going to be scrutinized, but if she were just a couple years older nobody would even glance at the difference. It is just because she is what age she is that I get the 'look' from people. And nobody is giving her a look and warning her about breaking my heart, not that she would mind you, but the double standard is really revealing."

Warren glances over at the giant hand, and reaches over to take it. "Congrats. I'd offer to upgrade your seats but I don't want your effort to get the tickets to be diminished. Next time, though, let me know and I can at least make sure you can buy the better seats."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry nods to Warren, offering a pat to his shoulder. "I understand, and apologize if I were giving any side-eye. I didn't think I was, as I said I am happy for you both." There's a grin from the Beast. A grin to James, nodding in approval as well. "I think the double standard is more a human thing - thinking that the male side of the partnership is some how immune to heartbreak." A shrug.

"Hamilton... we could make a night of it." He laughs.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smirks and shakes his head, "No, I went to school with her, dance class, extracurriculars and you have a fire cracker my friend. There was never any doubt in any of our minds she could handle whomever she choose to be paired with. Yeah, that is definitely true. They assume we're above heartbreak. We assume we're above heartbreak, it's not true. " James looks over at Hank and shakes his head, "Sorry Hank, Yana and I are still figuring things out. I wouldn't want to put that much pressure on it."
Jim nods to warren, "Thank you for understanding,"

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren Worthington shakes his head to Hank, "Wasn't you specifically, Henry. I'm just talking in generals. Far as I am aware you really haven't. I get it though, I have a reputation. I'm not exactly a shining star, and I know I have had a tendency to flirt with any pretty girl that wandered across my path, so I understand where it comes from. I just don't like it." Warren smirks, shrugging his shoulder. "But it is what it is. People will get over it."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty returns from getting a few more burgers and buns in the house. She also brings out a few hotdogs now that the beer-boiled brats are starting to run low.

There's a spread on the table near the grill. Burgers and Polish brats and vegetables that were roasted on the grill. Plus various vegetables, chees, and rolled up deli meats. There's a cooler of beverages courtesy of Warren. Kitty sets the new food on the grill to start cooking and drops back into her seat. "What'd you think Lockheed? Totally killed that whole, 'Kitty can't cook' meme didn't I? Or at least added a Kitty can grill addendum."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Finishing up his burger, Henry looks over to Kitty. "It was wonderful, Kitty. And you can cook. It's always just a matter of practice, right?" He beams. A nod as James and Warren had departed. "It was a good talk. Male bonding. Talking about our respective women in our lives." He winks to the Shadowcat.

"Spring has sprung, I reckon. And it's glorious as it is frightening."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Glorious. Frightening. Glorious. Frightening. Glorious. Frightening."

    Jubilee stands just a few feet away, having been drawn equally by smells and rumors. She juts her head to each side like a pendulum. Glorious. Frightening. Glorious. Frightening. "I guess only time will tell!" She grins before pushing off with one foot and engaging the wheels in her Heely sneakers, sending the young mutant rolling to a halt next to the table.

    "I heard you were cooking, Kitty..." Jubilee explains. "But I said... That's impossible. Everyone knows Kitty can't cook... But..." She takes a deep breath and shrugs her shoulders. "Guess I lost the bet." Jubes hops her behind up onto the table and lets her legs dangle off the side.

    "So. Whatcha talking about?" she asks with a smile. Before either has a chance to answer, Jubilee tilts her head down so her eyes could be seen from behind her sunglasses. "I'm eighteen now, by the way, so that makes me an adult. So... None of this 'we'll tell you when you're older' business."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty looks up as Jubilee joins them. "Hey Jubi," she says warmly. "Come get some food. And I don't know if I could call this cooking. Slicing up veggies and rolling lunch meat, and then just heating up meat on a grill... the result is nice, but it's not like baking or something," she says.

Kitty grabs one of the beer brats and puts it over on Lockheed's plate as she sees he's done with the previous one. After, she looks over towards Beast. "Oh really? Yes, and the things Warren said, should I be smiling, blushing, or making a note to elbow his ribs?" she asks Hank with a devilish smile. Though it's also a smile that probably suggests she's guessing the former. "Jubes I'd offer you a beer... but I'm nineteen, and still soda, so... US laws suck."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry gives a good laugh at Jubilee's entrance and subsequent commentary. "Talking about spring, romance and the path that stretches out before us Jubilee." The Beast grins. "And eating. Kitty did a fine job with the brats and burgers - help yourself to some?" The man suggests, finding a comfortable seat nearby. He's wearing a loud Aloha shirt and cargo shorts.

"An adult, then. Congratulations, you hit hard mode." He teases the young woman. "And to answer your question, Kitty. Blush and smile."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah, but..." Jubilee hops off the table and begins to circle the table, staring down at each plate of food. "Kitty, weren't you the one who set off the smoke alarms pouring a bowl of cereal?" She stops walking and peers over at the other woman to make sure her smile could be seen -- a good-natured ribbing.

    "I don't know... Adulthood doesn't seem so hard. I still don't have any responsibilities... And I'm still hot, so..." Jubilee shrugs her shoulders. "Plus, now I can become a notary... Earn money just by stamping!" To illustrate the point, Jubilee slams her fist into her open palm a couple times. STAMP. STAMP.

    Just as she's about to reach out to take a brat, Jubilee's hand freezes in the air. She slooooowly turns her head to watch Hank and Kitty. A word caught her attention. Romance. "Woah, woah, woah, woah..." Each word gets slower and slower.



    "You two?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's eyes watch Jubilee circle around the table. "Ouch. Et tu, Brutae?" Kitty asks, showing her time in the Professor's literature classes - plus a degree from Oxford in it - didn't go completely to waste. "I'll remind you that only happened -once-," Kitty responds in a good-natured tone.

She motions towards the grill. "I can heat things up well. It's just the 'cook' part that's a problem," she says. She reaches over to gives Lockheed's head a scruffle where his horns meet it. Hank's answer to her does make Kitty smile a little bashfully. It's definitely the look of someone in love. Though Jubilee's question gets a laugh that banishes the expression.

"Not us -together- no. Warren and I are still happily together. We're actually planning a vacation to the Mediterranean," she says, getting a soft smile. "After having seen Ibiza during the mission last month, I mentioned I'd like to spend some more time in that area. Though I think we're aiming for Greece."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The blue man looks pleased at the reaction from Kitty, clearly happy for her. A low chuckle at the ongoing Xavier's legend of Kitty's cooking. It won't go away, but it's in good natured teasing now. "She's getting better every day, Jubilee." He smirks. "Practice makes perfect, and cooking is an art. Baking is more science." He admits.

A cough and a chuckle, Henry blushing a bit. "No no, Kitty is with Warren." He clarifies, just after Kitty does. "Greece? That would be lovely." He beams. "It sounds like a wonderful vacation away from the trouble we often find ourselves in the midst of."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max shows up looking like someone who has just completed some work.. He's wearing a pair of coveralls, welder goggles on top of his messy brown hair, and a few grease stains on his cheek He immediately greets the most important person present.... Lockheed with a scruffle between the horns in a way similar to Kitty.

Taking a deep breath and simultaneously a big whiff of the cooked burgers and brats, he offers an eyebrow waggle to Kitty. "I am here to steal your food, Only because I know I cannot successfully steal your dragon."

His eyes casting their usual glow, he offers a respectful nod to Hank. "Doctor McCoy."

Jubilee gets a friendly wave before Max begins the critical duty of assembling his burger.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation stares at Kitty for a moment, then Beast, then Kitty. Briefly, the image of them watching a small blue boy being bar mitzfa'd rolls through her mind. After a moment, the blue hair is replaced with wings.

    "Oh..." she replies, traces of disappointment in her tone. "Well..." She reaches out to pat Hank gently on an enormous forearm. "Don't worry -- there's someone out there for everyone!" She tilts her head towards the tiny dragon. "Right, Lockheed?" Jubes cheerily looks down at the food again before swiping a roll. She jams it onto a waiting brat, using the bun itself as tweezers. With her other hand, Jubilee pulls her black spandex shorts off of her skin, an instinctual move to increase some comfort. SNAP. And, then...without further ado... Jubilation stuffs the brat into her mouth so she can take a big bite.

    With her cheeks bulging with food, Jubilee turns to see the approaching Maxwell. Blink. "Ndfdfice godgfgdgles," she says with a mouthful of bratwurst. ('Nice goggles')

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's smile can't be banished fully as she's thinking about the upcoming vacation. "Yes, he's going to rent a yacht and we'll just... go where the wind blows. Well, it's not a sail boat one, but they are going to have a smaller sailboat on hand," she says, chuckling. "I tell you, it's a whole different sort of life, what it's like for him. Not all fun either. But different."

The Jewish girl pops up as Maxwell comes out, moving over to give him a quick hug of greeting before returning to her seat. "The food you can have," she agrees. After Max's comment to Lockheed, Kitty glances over, a little bit of a curious expression on her face for a moment. Lockheed's head turns her way, but he looks away from her after just a moment, which only seems to heighten Kitty's curiosity. She doesn't say anything about it though, just turns back to Max to say, "So how are you doing? Have you been out seeking work anywhere, or focusing on studying with Hank here?"

Watching Jubilee enjoy the brat brings a smile to Kitty's face. She doesn't often get that people appreciating food she made good feeling.

Jean Grey has posed:
As often as Jean is found in the kitchen herself, Kitty tagging in for a backyard cookout is an exciting opportunity, and not one she's gonna miss out on. As usual though, there's some pile of papers on her desk that she just can't help but finish up before she comes down. So she arrives a little late, through the back doors of the mansion. "Oh, this smells delicious!" she declares, once she's at a range for her nose to pick up on what the Cat is Cooking.

As she gets closer, she can't help but pick up on the relationship chit-chat and accompanying range of feeeeeelings, some of which would probably be obvious even without fancy mind powers. "Probably a couple someones, at least, if we want to get statistical about it. Whole lot of people on this space rock of ours." 'Lots of Fish in the Sea' apparently isn't grand enough an idiom for Jean Elaine Grey! "But that really does sound divine, Kitty. We're all pretty jealous, I'm sure. If only for the boat and not the man!"

Reaching the grill and tables, she lets Maxwell go about getting his food before she grabs her own place and starts assembling herself a plate. Mmmm brats.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Moving over to fix himself another burger, Henry gives a smile to Max. "Evening. How are you doing today?" He wonders, adding all the condiments to his sandwich. Jalepenos as well! A smile to Jubilee at her comforting words. "I am sure there is. It is just a matter of having my eyes open enough to see them." He winks. "Sometimes, I am horribly unaware."

A look to Kitty. "Wealth has its own problems - it's easy to discount them when you're not in that position, I am sure." A wry grin. "First world problems, and all - but with real issues." As Jean arrives, he offers her a smile. "Evening, Jean. How are you tonight?"

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max gives his fellow google appreciator a thumbs up, applies just a dab of ketchup to a bun, and finishes his double patty masterpiece of a burger. He sits down nearby, presses the buns close together to avoid any drips and takes a big bite. Chewing, he glances at the exchange between Kitty and Lockheed for a moment, offering a 'What?' expression.

Swallowing, he replies, "After the Hellfire Club renovation, I've mostly been working here. Probably not the best for my bank account, but Its rewarding. I still pop into Bushwick for the occasional clean-up job."

Glancing curiously toward Jean, he side-eyes Kitty for a moment. "Oh you've got some stories to spill, and I definitely want an invite to this boat." He chuckles and takes another bite of his burger.

"I'm doing well, Doctor McCoy. I think I could use a good project to further my education though. I've found myself staying static with physics and mechanical engineering. Think it would be good to diversify just a little bit." He demonstrates by showing how much between his index and thumb.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    There's a long period of uncharacteristic silence from Jubilation as she chews and chews and chews that monster of a bite she stuffed into her mouth. Chew chew chew. Eventually, all good things come to an end and so does this silence.

    "Oh!" she suddenly exclaims, her eyes widening with excitement. Jubilation moves to stand next to Hank and looks up at him from behind her Ray Bans. "I know!"

    Another bite.

    "I'lfffl fffmix yoummff uffp wfgith sofdggmeone!" ('I'll fix you up with someone!')

    Maxwell's attempts to get assigned an extra-curricular homework assignment earns a look of disgust from Jubilee. "Gross," she murmurs with a mouthful of bratwurst.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives Hank a quick, brief smile about something, and then sees Jean arrive. "Hey Jean," Kitty says warmly, giving her a wave to come join them. "Food's still warm. And if we need anything else let me know," she says.

She rises to go over and flip the burgers that are currently cooking, and then adds cheese to half of them. Kitty pulls a few ears of corn off the grill, and some grilled peppers as well with a nice char on them. Intentionally, not because she burned them. And brings them over to the table as well, getting one of the cobs of corn for herself, adding a little butter and salt.

"Jubes, I don't know," Kitty says after the Asian girl's comment, "That he needs help there right now. Though I imagine the thought is appreciated," she says.

Kitty looks back to Max. "I heard about a mutant helping with the museum repairs, wondered if maybe you were involved in that somehow."

Jean Grey has posed:
To answer Hank, Jean breathes out a somewhat defeated sounding huff of air. "Only about half dead, give or take." She's exagerating a little, probably. It was only paperwork. "But I think this will pep me right back up again." The amazing power of food!

"I haven't seen the boat either," she admits, and then turns her attention toward Kitty as well, as several sets of eyes seem to fall on her in some collective attack. Hers also comes with a suspiciously sweet smile. "I'm SURE that after their lovely and much deserved time away together, he'll want to invite his DEAR, GOOD FRIENDS out to enjoy it too. Especially with the weather getting warmer. Coney Island and the Jersey shore are fine, sure..." ...but not as good as a YACHT!

Kitty's return with the veggies is well-timed, and she grabs one of the freshly-done corn cob while piling some of the peppers over her bratwurst. Good combo. All the while, she continues to extend looks of implied doom wrapped happy smiles! They are probably more for Warren by proxy, though.

"There's nothing wrong with socializing, but it's probably best not to try and force things," she goes on to agree with her younger friend, before glancing over at Max. "Sounds like you're collecting subjects. So what's next?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry thinks on that, tapping at his chin with a finger as he holds the burger in his other hand. "Well, do you have a field of study that interests you as something to look into, Maxewll? I've a few thoughts on projects, but it really depends on where your interest lays. I don't wish to suggest something that you'd find tedious." A bite of his burger after.

His eyes go a bit wide at the suggestion from Jubilee, the man finishing his bite before responding. "I appreciate the offer, Jubilee - perhaps in a few months? Let's see where I'm at in life, all right?" The man suggests to the helpful woman. A nod of thanks to Kitty as well.

To Jean, he grins. "Let's get you fully alive, then. Eat, relax - be among friends. And feel free to tap your faculty if you need any assistance, all right?"

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max gives Jubilee a look, swallows, and replies, "What? I'm a science geek, and I'm living on a campus with one of the greatest minds of our time. You want me NOT to ask him for advice?"

He takes another chomp out of his burger taking a moment to thoroughly chew his food. He shakes his head in reply to Kitty, "Not me this time. I was about to take the call, but it seemed like it was being handled pretty well."

Max chuckles a bit at Jean's very "subtle" implication that Kitty better bring enough Yacht for the entire class.

He hums for a moment at Henry's question, pursing his lips. "Well, I definitely have interests in material sciences and aerospace engineering. Advanced applications of electromagnetism... anything involving the mystery that is gravity. Long as I'm not stuck in a lab over a circuit board, I'm usually happy. Electronics and I just don't aren't the best of friends." He then thumbs over toward Kitty, "Plus, its impossible to keep up with the prodigy."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation gives Max a stare as she finishes chewing her bratwurst. "I know..." she replies simply to his explanation that he's a science geek. She shakes her head and shrugs. "I just can't understand /asking/ for more homework... You don't even /go/ to school and you're begging for it. I gotta teach you how to live one of these days...." She takes a deep breath and sighs loudly for Max's benefit.

    Jubilee shakes her head rapidly, suddenly, at both Kitty and Hank and begins talking louder to try and drown out their protests. "No, no! Say no more!" she declares. "Jubilee is on the case! Hank! You are going to be elbow deep in some..." Blink. Squint. "...You are going to...make the..." She struggles for the proper, adult words. "...acquaintance... of a nice...lady." Pause. "Lady?" "Gentleman?" She shrugs and waves her hands in the air as she pushes off to skate away on her wheeled Heely sneakers. "...I'll find you one of each. Cover all bases!"

    "Don't you worry! I'm on it!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
As Kitty gets her first bite of the ear of corn, she gives a soft, "Mmmm," sound. "Hell on the teeth, but so good," she says. There will be a need for a good flossing after, definitely.

The Jewish girl gives a soft chuckle, "You know, I don't actually know if he has a yacht of his own. We're planning to rent one, in the Mediterranean. Maybe go see some Greek ruins and just take some time off. But if he doesn't have one nearby, I'm sure he'd probably not think twice about renting one for a group thing sometime," Kitty tells Jean.

She leans towards Max to stage whisper, "I mean, it would be worth it just to get Jean out there in a bikini. Girl is like a lingerie model or something," she says with a mock sigh of exasperation before casting her grin over to Jean.

Kitty glances at Jubilee thoughtfully. "Have you ever wind-surfed?" she asks. "Seeing how you liked being towed by James on our ride, I can imagine that might be your kind of thing." Though as she carries forward with her pursuit of playing matchmaker for Henry McCoy, Kitty laughs and shakes her head. "Sorry Hank, she's a force of nature, our Jubilee."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, I'm really just being a little melodramatic, Hank, nothing to worry about," Jean reassures her fuzzy friend as he turns a little more mother hen on her. "Although I appreciate the offer. I can see if there's anything especially tedious where I might benefit from a helping hand or two. Hmmm, I guess there's those school account backlogs and-"

Jubilee gets a LOOK, mid sentence. You can guess which one!

"I'm not sure this is entirely a course of discussion a student should be exploring with one of her teachers, hmm?" she interjects, briefling using a bit more of the purposefully authoritarian Grown Up Teacher Lady voice. But she doesn't do too much more than raise the point, and leaves it there. Hank can very much handle his own social calendar, presumably!

The stunning fact that Warren did not in fact just go and buy a yacht makes Jean pout a little, when they get back to the prior, less scandal-invoking part of the conversation. "That does sound really nice," she admits of the proposed itinerary, a touch more wistfully and less full of cheerful threats of doom, laughing at the end. "I'm only kidding, it's not like he has to do it, or that we couldn't put something together if we want to do some kind of summer trip, like we did for the ski outing. I was just going to be mad if he was keeping a yacht to himself!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's no way to stop the hurricane Jubilee, once she's on a course of action. "I'm not one to look to males for such a relationship." Henry calls out to the fast-wheeling Jubilee, a wry grin on his face. "It's really not necessary, Jubilee." Hey, he tried! A grin to Jean and Kitty and a shrug. What's he going to do? Grin and bear it, it would seem.

"Well, Maxwell, most of those sciences do require a bit of electric components in this day and age. Perhaps we can sit down and work on a plan to better facilitate our Blackbird and her flight aptitude? I am sure any number of us can help with the actual electronics, ifyou have theories to improve propulsion."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
"Max raises an eyebrow and pushes the last of his burger between his lips, chews vigorously, then swallows. "Hey, I know how to live! Uh... Ask Kitty, I'm totally cooler then I.... look?"

Real smooth Max. Head tilting as he listens to Kitty, his gaze naturally turns toward Jean. It's pretty much impossible not to imagine. He coughs and adverts his eyes. His eyes then widen further before he talks through gritted teeth as he elbows Kitty "Why did you have to point that out about a telepath when the... um... telepath is around."

He looks back toward Jubilee. "Okay, fine. I'll take your 'live life' lessons, because I think I just died of embarrassment and need a new one."

Max is glad the subject returns to science, clearing his mind of other distractions. "I could use my gifts to observe the Blackbird in flight and see if I notice any opportunities to reduce drag and improve airflow to the engine... At least as a starting point." He ponders, "I don't mind basic electronics long as its a controller for something a bit more my speed. Thanks Doc. I'll start brainstorming."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives a quiet cackle, as if causing a little embarrassment to her dear friends was an entertaining thing for her.

Well. Of course it is.

Kitty continues working on her ear of corn, though spies the burgers on the grill that are ready to come off. She hops up and goes over to move them to a plate and bring them over to the table. "Just renting so far, sort of like that one TV show. What's it called? Below Decks? Above Decks? Something like that. But I'm just looking forward to being out on the water there. It's just so gorgeous," she says. "I never really got down that way when I was living in England."

The conversation between Max and Beast about improving the Blackbird gets an approving look from Kitty. "Knew you would be great to have here," she tells Max warmly.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie has been up on the roof during most of the cookout. Sitting where anyone who glances up can see her, mostly fiddling around on her phone, periodically smoking off a vape, and now coming downstairs for food.

She's left her leather jacket inside, but is still wearing the gray hoodie with the hood up over her shaved head and her fists balled up into the pockets to pull it tight around her cheeks. Wearing torn knee black pants and boots, she does not fit the barbeque image in the slightest, but her eyes are red enough that anyone whose ever been a teenager can guess with very little risk for being wrong what's bringing her down here.

Sans phone.

At least for now.

And dodging any interactions on her intercept course with the veggie burgers.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia has not been on the roof.

Despite not being on the roof though she does catch sight of Ellie heading out back as she passes into the house from the front.

TJ is still image induced, the device on her wrist projecting a very vanilla blond girl next door wholesome sort of vibe she uses when out and about amongst the muggles.

As most definitely not a student she hasn't entirely explained what she does out and about either. No one's business really but her own.

Still after a quick detour to the kitchen she has ended up heading out back, following Ellie... or perhaps more accurately following rumors of BBQ.

"Excellent.. food.." she finally flicks off the image inducer, suddenly there is a blue elf chick in dedcidedly more armor-esque leathers. "How is everyone.. and I hope food is for any takers. I could eat a whole pack of girl scouts."


"They do roam in feral packs in this dimension right?"

Jean Grey has posed:
As for anything that Kitty is encouraging anyone to imagine about Jean: "I never modeled any- well OK but that was only- it was a long time ago!"

However, the fact that Max looks so flustered by the whole thing provokes a somewhat sympathetic reassurance on her part: "Don't worrry. I've had these powers for more of my life than I haven't. So... well, if you can imagine, I'm pretty used to it." There is a whole world of potential horrors to imagine there, a teenage girl hearing everything anyone ever thought about her, without the filter of polite conversation. "But I'm usually pretty lenient about holding anyone accountable to their unconscious thoughts." USUALLY.

"Besides, I've got plenty of competition around here. We get Warren to treat us after he's done treating Kitty, and -everyone's- going to be putting on quite a show." She can't help herself but point out: "I rather think Hank looks pretty smashing in his swimwear."

The whole conversation may leave the new arrivals to wonder about what horror they've wandered in on, on top of the much more appealing burgers and bratwursts. "Hey, for sure, come grab a bite," she offers, generally, grinning at Talia... until the last part. "Uh. Only when its fundraising season, and then they just force you to buy delicious but overpriced cookies."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A nod to Maxwell and a thumbs up as he digs in to his own burger. Ellie and Talia receive waves, and greetings once he's finished his bite. "Evening, ladies. Please, dig in as Jean says. Plenty to go around, and it'd be a pity for i to go to waste." There is a plethora of food laid out for those who would be interested! Even veggie burgers!

A glance over to Jean, along with a shake of his head. "I do lament being able to get a tan." He teases. "But if Warren does get a Yacht or such for a school vacation, I will endeavor to find my best swimwear. I may have to work with some board shorts, though."

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max murmurs toward Kitty, "You are terrible." then shakes his head with a chuckle.

"Thanks Kitty. I'll never forget that interview you arranged for me with the Doc here. I think that was a real changing point in life." He points to the pile of burgers, "Which oddly also began with a burger."

Jean's reassurances seem to have mollified Max's worries. He offers her a smile, "Well, I can only imagine with you running a school, that its a necessity. Still, thank you for understanding."

Max rises and puts his plate up, recognizing Negasonic with a slight nod. Talia is new to him, however. He offers a wave, his eye sockets brightening a little bit in their persistent glow. He had his own 'obviously a mutant' situation going on, though his could be hidden with aggressive eyewear. "Hey there, I'm Max. Sorry to bolt... but if you are from a different dimension where they eat girl scouts.. That's a story I need to hear sometime."

At the thumbs up from Hank, its obvious where Max is heading. HIs googles are pulled down, and he speed walks his way back into the mansion, no doubt going to a certain secret elevator to go research a certain super advanced aircraft.

Negasonic has posed:
Sudden Talia in all her blue armored glory barely warrents a raised eyebrow from Ellie. School full of weirdos with weirdo powers, appearances, and backstories.. She glances over, up nods, and squints at the mention of dimensional relevant packs of girl scouts. "I prefer Brownies."

No smile.

Reaching out for a burger and a ton of veggies to go on it with black painted nails scooping chips onto her paper plate. Muscling through with only cursory glances up at everyone on her way to sit by her damn self next to the stairs leading up to the patio.

With her phone now sitting on one fonded knee.

Waving her burger at Max as he departs before taking a bite. Eyes now glued on the screen sitting face upon her knee.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ glances at the depatures and cocks one eyebrow up before looking back to the remaining folk. Still the all clear was given for the pillaging of food so that is what counts right and there seems to be a plethora of it out there too.

"Well Brownies are pretty good if a little stringy.... honestly Peppermint Patties much more my speed." is that a flavor of Girl Scout in another dimension or is she just riffing on the whole thing at this point.

The delivery is pretty deadpan with no real smile though.

Right back atcha Negasonic.

TJ grabs a plate and gets a couple of brats for it before glancing at Jean. "It was a joke, for the record. I've almost never had to eat anyone."

Pause a beat.

"Anyhow the only time I ever saw a dimension with feral packs of girlscouts was the Zombie dimension... and .. yeah not thanks."

Jean Grey has posed:
"No super speedo?" Again, a very pouty look from Jean, as if being denied a bit of Hank showing off the goods is as bad as discovering Warren didn't have a spare yacht just laying around for all of them to use!

Negasonic makes her rapid burger raid, which warrants a bit of a curious look before she retreats back to her own corner, leaving Jean to talk with Talia about eating Girl Scouts. AKA normal dinnertime discussion at Xaviers! "While it may not quite be dessert for dinner, I think there are still some cookies left." The Headmistress is also something of an infamous baker, so it is not too uncommon for there to be batches of this left sitting in the kitchen, although inevitably in large mansion slash school full of well... people, they are usually eaten quickly once discovered. Survivor rules!

"Zombie dimension, hmm?" Speaking of survivors. "This must all seem pretty dull by comparison."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast coughs at the jest from Jean, chuckling a bit. "We will see. I do not want to offend any sensibilities." Henry offers over, with a grin. His eyes go to Talia and Ellie, and their discussion of feral snacks. "Quite the sights you must have seen, Talia. Perhaps I will sit down with you one evening, and ask for stories to fill in some hypothesis I have about dimensional travel." He grins.

He does rise to his feet, dusting himself off. "If you wonderful ladies will excuse me, though. I have a bit more writing to do before I turn in for the evening. As always, it has been a pleasure to have your company over a meal." A wave to each, and Dr. McCoy is heading into bed.

Negasonic has posed:
Huddled with her back arched over the screen, Ellie eats her burger like a prisoner waiting for a shank to come at her from any angle! Situational awareness! That's really what's for dinner... Periodically glancing over her shoulder when a student comes peeking out at the yard or someone makes a noice in the kitchen that can be heard over the dull sound of conversation several feet away.

Like talk of zombie dimensions.

"So there's a whole ass dimension full of zombies and nobodies taken care of that? Are these smart zombies that could come up with dimensional travel because I don't fucking want zombies... Seriously what the fek... why are we not paying more attention to this potential zombie situation developing just across metaphysical dimensional barrier?"

Rarely, almost never, does Ellie seem so animate about a topic.

"Seeya." Waving what's left o her burger at Hank. "Watch out for zombies."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ gets some ketchup and then adds a burger to the plate too and all the toppings, her tail out and swishing. Which to be honest seems to quite literally come and go without a lot of rhyhme or reason to it. Odd girl.

She moves to grab a seat sort of equidistant to everyone out here right now. "We should do that Hank. Need to be a little careful of some things, don't want to fuck anything up here .. though honestly it seems flat out different enough here I am not too entirely worried."

A glance to Jean "I appreciate the dull.. and anyhow getting to blast mutant hating terrorists is fun if more peaceful. I'll be counting every day of this a vacation and a nice reprieve and all. I mean.. sure I want to go home eventually but the non-stop grind with the Timekeepers was killing us. Literally." she sounds glum, even though she tried to make a joke of it. Fail.

There is a glance to Ellie and her animated wading into it. "Mmm.. jesus fucking zombie christ I hope not... the figuring out dimensional travel again."


"I mean... all the capes were Zombies and probably too smart in a couple cases. I think they ate Gaa..." she stops herself. "I think they pretty much ate everyone. Not good. We didn't stay there long. Just long enough to kill Zombie Reed Richards and wreck his portal..." disgusted look on her face.

Which she somehow deals with by taking a bite of her hamburger.

Jean Grey has posed:
"According to some theories, there's a dimension for pretty much every possibility, right?" After proposing this, Jean glances briefly back toward Hank, since he'd be more of the expert. Although the fact that he brings up having writing to catch up on no doubt reminds her of whatever she left at her desk to come down and eat. "Night Hank-" Now back to interdimensional horror. "-so I guess it goes to figure there'd be one, or even a couple for zombies." She wrinkles her nose. "Kind of weird to think about, but then again, we've run into some pretty weird stuff here, so you can imagine someplace where it just, uh, got out of hand. And then multiply that for every different weird thing we've ever run into."

While she seems lost in such metaphsyical ponderings for a few moments, at the sheer weight of possibility, she ultimately gets over it without being overwhelmed with existential dread. Instead, winks at Talia: "No spoilers." Of who gets eaten. "If those even apply, which they probably don't. Glad we're giving you a bit of a needed vacation, at least. Really sounds like you need it."

At this point, she's gotten through her food, though, and looks off after Hank's retreating form once he's gotten a bit further on. "Sorry to eat and run, but I left some papers I still have to get through. If there's any food left when you're finished, Kitty brought a couple containers out, just cram what you can in there and shove it in the fridge when you come back in, alright?"

And with that, she starts back toward the rear manor doors herself.

Negasonic has posed:
"Oh, good, thanks... I'm not at all too high to hear that." Ellie says under her breath at Jean once the headmistress has departed. Now grumbling with her appetite all but disappeared, she stares at her plate with a look of disdain at the whole concept of freaking zombies.. Specifically smart ones that can cross dimensions to come eat all the people here.

"You know, once you introduce an idea into the universe, the universe makes that idea reality, right? You've doomed us all." Griping, Ellie stands up with her phone shoved in her pocket, to drop her plate off in a trash can. "So I'm blaming you personally when the zombies show up."

Double point at Talia. "You did it."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ looks over at as she licks some ketchup off her fingers and archs one eyebrow over a very yellow eye. "I didn't make the rules or the multiverse Negasonic.. or do you go by Ellie?" she seems unsure. "OR .... either?"

Yup unsure.

"Anyhow Jean is right though. There are pretty much infinite dimensions or.. honestly timelines. We only ended up going to the broken ones to fix them."

The blue chick picks up a brat in bun next. "Which basically means the absolute worst ones. Like.. that one no thank ye to the zombie mess. If it comes here somehow it absolutely isn't my fault...."

She looks after the other young woman now. "Bailing so I'm stuck cleaning up the leftovers." a smirk.

Negasonic has posed:
"Either." Ellie answers the question without pausing to consider or even stopping the other conversation about metaphysics and the potential for zombies. "Nuh uh, you're not getting out of your responsibilities that easy. You went to the fucked up zombie horde world and if they follow you here- that's on you." She's not loud, or very animate, just matter of fact. "Take responsibility for your actions."

Fists back in the pockets of her coat, pulling it tight around the hood over her head. A head that glances around at the mess left behind with a slowly raised, pierced, brow. "..." Red eyes squint at TJ, lips, black painted lips, quirk side tos ide thoughtfully. "No, I wont make you clean up alone, but I'm not touching the dick links."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"What about Nega?" head tilt.

Then she takes another bite of her food and considers it. "Fine. If the zombies from that particular zombie dimension follow me here to enact revenge for killing zombie Reed Richards and destroying their plan to devour the multiverse. I will own it and it is totally on me." she doesn't seem particularily worried though. She just keeps eating after owning up to it all.

She does pause though. "Thanks." softly. Then there is a blink. "The what now?" dick links, what the what.

Negasonic has posed:
"Nega... I guess. Seems lazy, but do you." Ellie shrugs indifferently at the shortening of her name, tugging the coat down with her hands in her pockets.

"Good, it's important to take agency of your own actions. The first step is acceptance." Bemused, at least Ellie bemused... which isn't. It's just sort of deadpan and judgy. "Because I'm definitely blaming you if it happens."

MMm? Brow raised, pointing at the brauts, "Dick links. They look like porn star dick."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ considers "Fine Ellie it is." amusement in her eyes but not smile, just dry delivery really. She takes another bite of the braut in question and looks across at Negasonic.

"Well. I've definitely had worse to eat. I'll bravely handle all the porn star dick for you so you can remain chaste and pure like the driven snow Ellie." okay still no smile. "Never fear." she adds then takes another bite.

"You are right tho the burgers are better."

Negasonic has posed:
"Wouldn't know, I don't eat meat." Ellie says of the burgers, "Did you know the water used to raise a single baby cow to adulthood, producing a gallon of milk, could be used to water enough vegitables to feed the entire country AND solve the drought in Africa?" She asks with a glance down at the grass beneath her boots.

"Vegitables we could grow on a half the land used to raise enough cattle to feed just Los Angeles." Blue eyes cut upwards, rimmed in black, to stare at Talia. "Eating meat is a stalwart waste of resources statisically... not to mention it makes you no better than the zombies YOU CAUSED..."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ grins and takes another bite, yeah this is the first grin out of her now though as she keeps eating while Ellie talks about why she doesn't eat meat and how cattle is a waste of land and resources that could be used to help people.

"Honestly, it makes you wonder why Stark of Richards don't just use their super science big brains to solve some of this stuff. I mean not Pym, if he tried he would probably create some sort of global disaster." and yeah well TJ knows why the heroes don't try to end world hunger. So many vested interests to do so would be to have to embrace Tyrany. That one time Stark did it was a mother fucker in a long list of motherfuckers.

"I mean we have people who can control the fundemental nature of molecules and reality... cause storms... and more." a shrug. "Is it the people who eat meats fault.. or those with amazing powers fault for not shouldering a burden that you would think the world has put on them?"

"Like.. totally my fault for the zombies now. I shoulder that."

Negasonic has posed:
"Because they're too busy not doing anything else." Ellie says with nothing, but disdainf or the two mentioned individuals. "Stark only creates things that make him look flashy, like fucking glass that can be used to ... fucking do math or something. I mean, there was that surge in agricultural self cropping or whatever, but small drip in a big pond. Could solve all power needs with one of those things in his chest and he uses it to punch people in the face-" Double thumbs up, super salty smirk.

"And Reed is just old and out of touch with reality."

As for why the mutants don't solve the worlds problems? "Good question. Magneto tried with Genosha... did you ever go there? It was amazing. Everyone was fed, educated, and had a roof over their head. Well paid jobs-, but like all good things, someone fucked it up. So that's great. Suffice that instead of doing that, we're hiding out in Up State New York eating dick links, but what the fuck do I know."

"I'm just a kid."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia looks all of seventeen herself really, talks a bit more mature but then she sounds like she has seen some serious shit. Being unjoined from Time has a way of messing you up. That and every day being a battle.

"Stark has an ego that manages to be epic across the multiverse and .... I think Reed is just distracted in his own head. Less old .. more ... too smart. Lot of people are too smart for their own good." she licks another finger clean.

"Still you are thinking about the right stuff. I've been to a lot of Genosha's.. my grandfather is a bit of a focal point and his dreams tend to go real wild sometimes." she looks sad about that. "Also it wasn't a nameless someone. Mutants and metas they threaten a lot of people's egos and those people have names and could be hunted down really. Also the corporations benefit from their not being free energy, free food, and a populance that doesn't need to live paycheck to paycheck."

She leans back "Wish I'd stolen one of Logan's beers..."

"You are right though Stark could solve global energy... Bruce Wayne .. I mean not a hero but could probably end poverty and hunger in Gotham without breaking a sweat.. and yet..."

Negasonic has posed:
"I don't have any beer." Ellie laments, but her hand comes out of her pocket with a vape pen, "I have this though." Holding it out in her upturned palm, listening to her explanations on why nobody has cured world hunger with her eyes already rolling.

"Sure, sure. Stark has always been a huge advocate of doing things that other people want him to do just for profit margins..." That's sarcasm, every single word is dripping with it. "There's a lot more to it, I'm sure, but I think it all comes down to greed with them too. I don't see the dude handing out anything at those Expos he puts on every year."

Whether Talia takes the vape, Ellie hits it and puts her hand back in her coats pocket.

"Who's your grandfather?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ is officially, or well probably unofficially, off the clock and on an extended vacation in this wierd as hell timeline. She reaches over with her less than human digit'd hand and takes the offered vape pen and hits it pretty hard there and offers it back holding it, deep breath, then lets it out.

She was listening though.

"Oh. Magneto. My mom is the Scarlet Witch and my dad.. well" she gestures at the blue fur and all that, it looks very soft and short like velvet. "Kurt Wagner. So on one side I have Mystique and the other Magneto as my grandparents.. which is a trip."

Negasonic has posed:
"Mystique is Kurt's mom?" None of the rest of that seems particularly surprising. Lord knows she could put two and two together as to who TJ's dad was if by nothing, but looks. The pen is taken, hit again, and slipped into her pocket with smoke coiling from her nostrils. "Cool." About the first thing that's not said sideways or sarcastic that is actually a compliment.

"Magneto is pretty awesome. I met him one." She is from Genosha, afterall. "Mystique too. She's trippy, but really dope." Apparently TJ has raised a level in her books, if for no other reason than her grandparentage.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"They can be." which is the measured reply as Talia shifts up to her feet and then settles in by Negasonic, her back against the table as she just relaxes and looks at the sky now.

"Magneto is definitely more awesome than Mystique though. He was coming by the Mansion some a month or so ago... got to talk to him. This dimensions Magneto seems decent."

A pause.

"I'm still waiting for Raven to come by and try to recruit me or stab me though. I almost stopped her from killing that politician. I really don't want that timeline to happen here." nose wrinkle. "She can be .. dope but is often a lot trippier. She is a lot of people's moms really."

Negasonic has posed:
"I guess." Negasonic's opinions on what's dope is grossly different than that of the vast majority of people at the mansion. "I grew up around them... I don't guess Mystique's plans and ends justify each other all the time, but she gives a shit about her people. Which gets her praise in my book." What little she knows, right?

"Yeah, I saw he was here. I wanted to talk to him, but I just never got the chance. Now I guess he's probably off doing whatever he does when he's not sitting around playing chess or something." Blue eyes look down at the holes in her jeans over her pale knees.

"Sal'right. We live in a small, weird ass, world. I'll run into him eventually."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"She cares deeply about mutants... about as much as she hates baselines so it is an interesting mix." she looks and sounds thoughtful. "I love her, I mean she is my grandma but shje is a complicated motherfucker."

"I am really curious what he is doing too. I should try to find out to be honest. It may involve an asteroid or something." which is odd sounding.

She looks sidelong then nods. "I am positive you will run into these people Ellie. The world as you put is is a small wierd ass world and both of them are bound to cross our paths again one way or another."

Negasonic has posed:
"mm." Ellie picks at the frayed edges of her jeans. An absent gesture, something to do with her hands while thinking. Like glancing over at her phone laying in the palm of her other hand. Quickly typing something with her phone before putting it back in her pocket.

"So you're stuck here?" Sort of glancing over at TJ, but not really looking right at her. "I kind of feel like I'm stuck here. Anyone I care about is dead or off doing other shit. So I'm just floating around this school like an anomoly, but I imagine it's a lot more real for you. Displaced in time and dimensions or some shit."

Hard to say if the tone of her voice is sympathy or apathy.

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Yeah. Stuck here." she sighs. "I was bouncing through timelines every couple of days trying to fix them so the TImebroker would send me home to my family. They said my timeline might be destroyed if we didn't fix all the broken ones. I don't know if any of that is true but ... we had to try... and now I am here and none of my team is. No one knows how to send me home or why my team didn't end up here. Pretty sure the Vamprie King we killed after killign the Vampire Captain America cursed us as we jumped.. it scattered us all I bet."

She pops her neck. "So stuck... and none of these people are my friends or family even if they are all really kind and seem to care. So mostly I visit my not mom who is really sweet and I feel kind of a connection with .. which oddly I do in every timeline.. and pretend it is all okay."


Wonder how much PTSD she has.

She does look sidelong. "Sorry everyone you care about is dead.... who is off doing other shit?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Bummer." Ellie finally says after way too long of silence for it not to be genuine. The single word reply about as obvious a way to show she isn't really sure how to respond... Emotional stuff really isn't in her wheelhouse. Instead she stares down at the grass, only infrequently glancing over at TJ.

"Mystique and Magneto...Lorna, I guess, but none of them really know me. Not really. Just another Genoshan lost in the great big American wasteland..." She also pops her neck and leans backwards against the edge of the table.

"At least you have that? Connection with your mom, I mean. Even if she's not your mom, mom. It's something. Better than nothing, anyways."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ plays a hexbolt over her fingertips there, the chaotic hex energy rippling. "Pretty sure it is something about the magic, like knows like or it is from her or something..."

She has no idea what a nexus being is.

"I guess so... it makes it easier to pretend right. It hits home sometimes though that maybe I failed now and my home timeline is destroyed with everyone I cared about." to put it mildly she can relate pretty well to Ellie.

"Can I have another hit?" she finally asks after a long silent pause.

Negasonic has posed:
"I don't know what to say to that." Ellie admits, holding the pen out to TJ without hesitation, "My inclination is to be straight with you, that your timeline is probably fine.. that thinking you're existance, or lack there of, mattered to the people you cared about, but likely didn't change the outcome of the general continuation of the world as a whole. But that seems harsh, even though it's true and my attempt to make you feel better."

Leave it to Negasonic to use you don't really matter as a way to make someone feel better. "What I will say is this; they're probably alright. I think, without having concrete evidence that the timeline is destroyed, it's probably better for your sanity and general mood if you tell yourself that your mission was successful. That you saved everyone and this is your vacation reward or some shit."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Oh my removal wasn't what fucked the timeline up. It was fucked by something way bigger that seems to be have rippled through the multiverse and by bouncing between timelines adjusting them and fixing them... the hope was it would align our own homes."

She accepts the pen and takes a deep hit then offers it back.

"I definitely am not egotistical enough to think that my existance or lack of it can screw up an entire timeline." though to be fair it sounds like she adjusted a lot of timelines since then.

"I hope you are right though and they are all right, I generally hold on to that." she laughs a bit. "I wish if this was my vacation reward they would have just sent me home thne.. but yeah. Seperated from Blink .. not your Blink.. and the Tallus fuck if I know or can know. So I just ...." she gestures at the school.

"I have to do my best to try to live here with all of you."

She considers then looks at Ellie. "You know you are the first person other than my not mom who has bothered to really ask about this.. most people just.. eh dimensions ..and walk away not wanting to cope with the fact they are just one of many.. not just one of many living beings in the world or one of many mutants but literally one of many of them and ... that makes a lot of people feel kind of insignificant..."

Negasonic has posed:
"I already knew I was insignificant, so it wasn't a stretch to think maybe there's a lot more out there than just what's around me." Ellie doesn't sound dismissive of who and what she is, far from it. She has an ego all her own, but it's a realistic one. "Besides, if a teenage girl can blow up an entire city block with her body, why can't there be multiple universes where there may or may not be zombies?" Because she's not sure she's ready for that reality.

Accepting the pen back, she pulls on it hard, holds it, and slips it back into her pocket. Blowing it out in a steady stream before speaking again, "Not sure I've ever met Blink. Heard of her... Clarice right? She your girlfriend back hoem or something?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
"You can blow up a hell of a lot more than a city block, don't sell yourself short Negasonic." she reaches for some chips, pulling the bowl closer and taking a handful.

"I find the multiverse comforting at this point.... even if things go really badly in one timeline there are so many others where things go amazingly well."

"Clarice yeah.. though the one I knew was never a Genosian royal guard .. she would boggle. She was our team leader and was dating Calvin.. uh.. Mimic. We were from all different timelines. Her timeline was one of the most fucked up to be honest." a head shake.

"I dated some girls back home and guys." she gets darkly silent. "On the team though only one.. he died and was replaced by the Timebroker. A lot of us died and new members were just ported in to keep the mission going." morbid.

Definitely like an endless war.

"I was good at surviving."

"I've spent the last few months thinking I might just.. pop out at any moment. I'm starting to think that isn't going to happen and I need to just... survive here and let all that go somehow."

Negasonic has posed:
"Sure, but I don't want to brag after talking so much shit about Stark being an egotistical shit bag." Ellie says this deadpan, dipping into the chips when Talia pulls them closer to both of them. "Ah.. you made it sound like you lost her or something, might want to be careful how you tell that story to this timelines Blink." A ghost of a smirk, side eyes on Talia.

"That's pretty fucked." Replacing every member that's gone with a new member, "Talk about a big ass game of dimensional Chess where the only winners are the people who died... because Chess is fucking boring and lowkey kind of a dick game to begin with." Opinionated. Super opinionated.

"Surviving is good. Adapting. You'll be fine. I doubt you'll be letting anything go, but whatever, there's worse places to be... like wherever there's fucking zombies."

Talia Wagner has posed:
She chuckles "No kidding... being stranded in that one or the robot one.. or the lifeless one. There are many bad options. The brood one." a shudder.

"Here is definitely a vacation... I hope the others are all okay and in safe timelines." survivors guilt too maybe.

"Also yeah the Timebrokers game of chess definitely sucked. I'm still not sure why they only had two teams.. eXiles and Weapon-X.... those poor bastards got all the worst missions.. mostly because a lot of them were sociopaths though."

"Dating Clarice would be super strange, also I think she is just into guys. I will just have to fish elsewhere."

Negasonic has posed:
"The brood? What is a Brood?" Negasonic wonders with a frown, "Actually, don't tell me." Hands up, waving them side to side with her head shaking, "I can't handle anymore of your nightmare fuel stories. I'm already going to be up all night wondering when Doctor Strange the Zombie is going to tear a whole in reality and let his flesh eating brethren run amuck in our sleepy little shit hole dimension."

Her phone comes out after it chirps quietly in her pocket, eyes temporarily glued to the screen while her thumb works over it, then it's gone and she's looking at Talia. "Plenty of fish to find. This school is like a really shitty dating show where all the contestants suck and think their lives are way more important than they actually are, so we hear all about their juicy gossipy nonsense."

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia smirks a little and eats chips instead of talking about the brood. Honestly watching Ellie wave it all off and not wanting to deal with the nightmare fuel is more enjoyable than talking about the nightmare that is the brood.

"Yeah... I've picked up on that. A lot of drama. I'd be more key into something lower key." she yawns a little bit. "I've had lifetimes worth of drama already and my heart ripped up. The fish would need to be a very chill fish and definitely not my dormmate." yeah that jab is definitely at specific people.


Negasonic has posed:
"Ooo, you just threw shade..." It's hard for Ellie not to find someone throwing some shade at her fellow student body amusing, even if her amusement manifests with only the ghost of a smirk. "They're totally fucking too. Noriko all but said it." She rolls her eyes and leans back against the edge of the table.

"I'm not going to get into details or anything, it's whatever, but that is not how you have a chill situation at a mansion full of fucking telepaths. The teachers here are so far up everyones ass anyways, they might as well call themselves pollips."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I mean hell.. Xavier and Jean are still here. The two most powerful telepaths on the fucking planet in one school and people try to pull shit." she laughs. "I grew up at my Xaviers. You need to be sneaky as all hell to be able to actually pull stuff off and rely on their ehthics too boot." she hand wobbles. "I mean it helps I am mildly psychic and have psychic shields I guess...." taps her temple.

"I mean nothing compared to that lot."

She glances at the building. "I was here like less than a week and went on that ski trip because no one wanted to leave me unchaperoned at the mansion I bet.. or well maybe wanted me to feel welcome and I knew what they were doing." she head shakes.

"Life is too short though.. I'll throw shade but at least people are happy."

Negasonic has posed:
"Yeah, it's whatever. I would hvae told them to keep it down if they want to live in the same dorm room, but none of my business." Ellie doesn't care, except when it pops up on the schools social media. Then she trashes it. "Not sure if I like Jubilee, though. First time I met her, she was kind of a dumb shit." Which is also kind of meh, she'll let most things slide, but...

Her shoulders roll back, popping as she pushes her palms on the seat to stand from the bench. "Well, Blue, I'm tired as fuck and I've got to sneak into my room before Gabby wakes up or she'll try to make me go running with her... which I definitely don't want to do. Hit me up if you ever want to shoot the shit? You got a phone?"

Talia Wagner has posed:
"I'm wiped too..." she stretches and then slips up to her feet with the grace only someone human can manage. She shifts and offers you a hand up to your feet. "Thankfully yes, and some fake IDs to go with my image inducer even.... Xaviers right."

A loose shrug and she fishes out the phone and shows you the number so you can text her a quick message.

"Want to help me pack it up and shove this stuff in the fridge like Jean asked. Honestly I enjoyed talking.. so if you need to get to sleep for class or whatever I got it though."

Negasonic has posed:
Negasonic pretends not to hear the part about packing up the food by faking a huge yawn while texting in TJ's number to send her a quick text. Phone back in her pocket, "Wooo, I'm pooped..." A hidden smirk on black lips.

>: Sure ill help

Headed over to start putting food into the containers Kitty had left, which between the two of them shouldn't take that long at all.

Talia Wagner has posed:
She twists her phone around and smirks a bit, then tucks it away.

She falls into a silent packing up of all the food now though, not calling out that Ellie is actually helping. Letting it ride.

They make short time of it though and pack it into the kitchen before parting ways.

She fires a text though.

>:Hope Gabby doesn't make you run. Channel your inner ninja.