6008/Smoking on the girls roof

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Smoking on the girls roof
Date of Scene: 21 April 2021
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: Noriko and Ellie talk on the roof and stuff.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Noriko Ashida

Negasonic has posed:
There's a barbeque going on down in the backyard, but that's not really Ellie's scene. She's found a quiet place on the roof where she's sitting at the edge with her feet dangling. Hood up, headphones in, and eyes turned down to the phone she's holding in both hands typing furiously with her thumbs.

Thank god it's still cool out. She's got on a hoodie, a leather jacket, and black stretchy jeans tucked into combat boots. Every possible thing, all the possible things, are pierced.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Once you've been to one of the barbecue you've been to them all here in America, Nori has determined.  The girl doesn't bother with clothing appropriate for the weather, as per usual.  She's got on a pair of blue cotton shorts and some old obscure college tshirt on.  Nothing fancy, all secondhand standard.

On Nori's back is one of those crappy drawstring backpack sack things people get at conferences.  This one has Lamicil on it.  She grumbles under her breath to herself as she takes off the thin nylon roped piece of trash for a tiny backpack or purse.  Seeing Ellie, she shrugs, and appears sitting a few feet down from the girl, giving her space enough Nori thinks.

Negasonic has posed:
Blue eyes cut to the side, just barely visible around the side of her raised hood and lit by the glow of her cellphone screen. Squinting at Noriko sitting a few spaces down from her, curling her brow where a half hoop ring twitches. "Hey." Quiet, eyes going back down to her screen rather than risting eye contact with another living soul.

A vape pen sits nearby, well within reach. "They look stupid down there." The barbeque goers are visible down below. Cellphone held out to snap a picture of them looking like toys on a green grass playset.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko just lifts her chin to Ellie in greeting.  "Hey."  She doesn't even bother trying to make eye contact, surely unlike the adults they inundated with on a daily basis.  Instead, eyes just settle indistinctly down on the barbecue.

"...yeah, they do," Nori says, as if suddenly realizing how she's probably looked down there too before.  "Weird," she says as her eyes shift from 'toy' to 'toy.'  "What's in your pen?"  While waiting for a response, she zips back nearly to her own natural pacing, a joint appears next to her as she slows back down into the moment.

"How do you keep your phone charged up all the time?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Cannabis. Eighty percent." Speaking of, Ellie grabs the pen and hits it, producing a fairly wide cloud from her nostrils before setting it back down beside her. "You're not a snitch are you?" She only passingly knows Noriko from classes and seeing her in the hallways, but they've not really had a chance to meet. Which could be said for a lot of the other students where Ellie is concerned.

The second question is answered wordlessly, lifting a charging dock from the pocket of her coat. Holding it up so Nori can see it. "Seventy two hours of battery. Twelve if you use it as much as I do." Which is segnificantly more than average by almost every metric. "Why?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Nori doesn't bat an eyelash.  "No."  Well, it isn't like they haven't had their passing moments stuck at school functions together.  That is, both sitting on the side not paying attention.  Oh and there was that one time they interrogated Spiral (Arms) and Nori had to save everyone from...kaboom.  But, these were all /ages/ ago, and crazy stuff happens every day.  It hasn't amounted to much between them.

"Nope.  I don't.  Even if I did, I'm sure Jean already knows about my stash of Thin Mints."  That is, the name of the strain that she has, but Nori doesn't bother clarifying between her quickened speech.

"Because using phones blow for me but I don't know how much drain is normal," and Nori's not bore /enough/ to go look that up on Google.

Perhaps actually smoking up here is a risk.  It is.  Vaping certainly is much smarter, but Nori doesn't ask if Ellie is a snitch nor if she gives a damn.  She just lights up and starts taking monster hits....which she can and does actually re-inhale.  It's like some of it reverses back into her mouth, though not all of it.  "I haven't had a cell phone in...months.  It's just too expensive."

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie legit didn't care if Noriko snitched on her. It was a cursory question with an ultimate dead end as far as she was concerned... as much a whatever as just saying whatever. Made obvious when she too doesn't bat an eyelash when Nori lights up in clear view of everyone down below them.

Truth is, Negasonic couldn't give any less fucks if she searched fucks out on the internet and cornered the fucks market.

It's just not in her.

Too much energy.

"Six or seven hours without a charge station." If it's a cellphone, Ellie knows about it. "If you get the right phone. Those bullshit cheap ass phones seem like a great idea, but they use referbished batteries, which means the lithium is already starting to degrade. Which is why you can't keep a charge." Not that she's casting shade.

Nobody should use a cellphone as much as Ellie does anyways.

"Months. My condolences on having to actually talk to these shit birds."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
For Noriko's words, her casually disinterested tone communicates her no fucks enough.  It's very obvious why Nori thinks she can get away with this.  The joint is gone as fast as she can, limited only by the only laws that have truly stopped her from doing something...laws of the natural world.

"If only..." Nori murmurs softly to herself as she pops back to the now, squinting out at the horizon.  "I just give everyone Jubes' number.  Then she has to deal with it all...yeah the cheap ones suck, but the fancy ones are so slow.  I think I'll just install an aftermarket battery or lug around one of those power things."  The girl has battery go bag in cases of emergency...it has a car battery in it.  That's it.

"I wonder if I could get the hang of powering my own phone..." she muses.

Negasonic has posed:
"Where there's a will, there's a way." Ellie says without glancing up from the glow of her screen. She'd seen Noriko destroy the joint, but with the sheer amount of mutants with varying powersets at the school, not to mention on Genosha from which Ellie originates, this is hardly strange to her.

"Slick move, though. Giving everyone Jubes number. Like your personal assistant." She finally glances up, turning a little to stare at Noriko without looking directly at her. Over her shoulder. Hitting her vape pen.

"You two are fucking huh?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Well I was broke and could barely afford how fast I burned through shoes.  Had no choice, but it was a happy accident."  It's not like anyone ever really tries to contact Nori.  It's not like she's bursting with popularity.

Noriko's brain goes back to chewing on the phone obstacles when Ellie's question rips her out of her speedy reverie.  "Oh.  Yeah.  I guess it's a thing enough to come up at some teacher meeting," she says with a smirk.  "I like to think our neighbors made noise complaints."  She finishes off her joint and kicks her feet up to lounge in repose, changing her view to the sky.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie shrugs indifferently at Nori's explanation and brings her phone back up like a nonverbal threat. Someone is likely getting reemed online right now. "Shoes are expensive. That's why I fuck with boots." Lifting her left leg with the toes curled back.

She's not exactly Ms popularity at the school either.

Point of fact, most people just leave her alone or pretend she's not there. Those few who even realize she is here, anyways.

"Well, I'm one of your neighbors, so from the neighborhood association, could you two keep it down? Or at least put on some better music during... who the fuck listens to K-Pop while..." Eyes rolling, face cast down.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah I'm not running in boots.  I'd rather run barefoot," Nori says as if the reasons are obvious.  "They're cool though," boots presumably.

"...while fucking?"  Noriko arches a brow and shrugs.  "I wouldn't dare ruin one of your songs," she says with a little chuckle in retort.  It's not like she picks the set list.  She glances toward Ellie, brow crinkled slightly in doubt that Ellie /is/ one of her neighbors.  The girl really just not pay attention much.

"I think they're going to move us anyways."  No apologies given.  "...what do you do on there all day?"

Negasonic has posed:
"Not really meant for running, unless you ask literally every military on the planet." Which Ellie doesn't, nor does she much care anyways. She doesn't generally run anywhere, to or from. Not with her phone right here in her hands anyhow.

"That's too bad." That they'll be moving them. Again, only marginal concern, generally none really. "Can't say as I'm surprised, though. Soon as two people find something that makes them happy, best way to teach them how to be adult is to take it away from them."

"Be a shame if they... like... used it as a learning experience to teach you responsibility or something. Shame. Truly."

As to what she does, Ellie shrugs, "Ruin assholes on twitter, mostly. Blogs, youtube, facebook... whatever. Like a social media, justice warrior."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I got tipped off.  I...I don't think they're going to separate us?  I don't know what 'alternative housing' means and I don't know the source," or even why he tipped her off come to think of it.  Noriko frowns slightly.  "Whatever."

"I'm not sure how splitting me up from my girlfriend teaches me anything," but that's kind of the point.  Both girls are all too familiar with how one thing really doesn't always correlate with the other when it comes to adults.

"I get so bored waiting for answers.  I can't do any of that," Noriko shrugs as if it isn't worth it.  "Sounds like a job.  Maybe you can get paid for shit like that once you leave here," she muses, her mind still a little like it's riding a lazy river.

Negasonic has posed:
"Eh, you'll just sneak into each others room anyways. Not like they're putting you in different schools... but I think the lesson is one of subtly." The phone, at least temporarily, is laid down beside her pen on the railing where she's sitting. "If they don't realize what you're doing, they can't split you up."

Shoulders bounce.

"Besides, you're both adults. Ish... both adultish... not that you act like it or anything." Which could be as close to a complement as she's ever given.

Again she shrugs, "Maybe. I don't really care about getting paid."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I think they know they can't stop any of us.  Not after New Years."  It can't have been even the first incident this year.  "I think they can split up any roommates arbitrarily," Noriko says, not noticing that the phone has gone second fiddle for the moment.

"Who wants to act like an adult?  Adults are assholes," Nori says as if she concluded this long long ago.  "Well I don't think you'd get paid well anyways, so that's probably a good thing you don't care."  Noriko's silver linings don't sound like them.  There's no pervasive cheer or ulterior subtext.  It's like they are just the possibilities that spill out of her head.

"As far as being split up.  I can just threaten to move out of the school and let them realize how much needing a full time job fucks up my ability to finish school."  Smirk to the sky.  There's a sense that she only gives these things thought out of vague amusement.

"You plan on sticking around till you graduate?" Noriko asks with a hint of genuine interest betrayed when she shifts her eyes to the younger girl.

Negasonic has posed:
"I guess." Regarding adults being assholes, "It'll happen to all of us eventually. Isuppose you can keep fighting the good fight or whatever.." The spikes on her leather coats shoulders rise and fall, hands linked together between her thighs.

Listening to Noriko explain how she'll get back at the teaching body, there's the genial perk of one brow, "So your master plan to show them what's what is to piss on your own future?" She's not even being harsh, it's just as genuine a question, if asked in an obtuse manner. "Far be it from me to tell someone how to conduct their affairs regarding vengence, but wouldn't it be better suited that you excell despite their attempts to say there's some kind of hinderance to your learning?"

"Like out of spite, if not for your own betterment."

It's abstract curiousity.

"Probably. Then go to College or something."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I'm already doing that.  This is plan b."  Noriko, miraculously, actually allows Ellie to get through her entire spiel before responding.

"I don't know if I can take another four years of sitting through classes listening to lectures.  At least not without a little help.  It's exhausting."

"Whatever.  Doesn't matter.  Can't hold down a job anyways," Noriko says with a shrug.  "It's all kind of moot," she says with a flick of her metal gauntleted fingers, a soft swish of metal sounds.  Then she rocks upward to her feet as the swing down.  "See ya," Nori says right before she zips off, thinking she stayed around long enough to hear a reply.  Time to run off this smell and enjoy the brief reprieve she feels from the altered state.  Time to really feel the wind.

Negasonic has posed:
Noriko's gone before Ellie ever has a chance to respond, glancing over at the empty space where the speedster teen had been meer seconds earlier. "I guess so." Leaning forward, she rests her elbows on her thighs and her chin in her palms. Watching the toys down in the backyard playing barbeque.