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Tommy goes to Space
Date of Scene: 25 April 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Tommy meets Magneto in Bushwick. After a few questions on Tommy's outlook on the 'system', Magneto extends him an invitation to the Brotherhood and a place to live.... IN SPACE.
Cast of Characters: Tommy Shepherd, Erik Lensherr

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
After his release from a facility referred to as 'juvie' but was in truth a high security facility where 'mutant youth' were experimented upon on the regular, Tommy began using Bushwick as a common haunt and roost. Though he occasionally darted over to attend school at Happy Harbor, he was becoming more of a known quantity in Mutant Town.

Naturally, rumors began to circulate of a white haired young mutant with the ability to move faster then the eye could track. For those familiar with Pietro Maximoff, others commented on the odd family resemblance. Tommy shrugged off the gossip. He felt fairly certain he knew the losers who claimed to be his parents. He always dreamed of a different family, but that was long forgotten as a foolish hope.

Presently, Tommy leans against a lamp post and flips through a wallet which is not his. "If someone is going to come around the edge of Bushwick and talk smack about mutants. He should at least be considerate enough to keep a few more twenties on him." He looks at the driver's license and frowns. "Asshole." The wallet is tossed onto the street and kicked into a storm drain.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
A rich, deep voice drifts down from behind and above Thomas, "Yes, that happens all too often, doesn't it? It's rather a pity how often that kind of person shows up. But then, you already know quite a bit about how mutants are treated, don't you? I imagine your experiences in the facility you were put in gave you an early view of society's views of our kind."

If Thomas turns, or blurs away before looking, he'll see a large man in a grey and red outfit, wearing a spartan type helmet with the front cut and edged in red to form a stylized 'M'. He hovers about six feet above the street, cape flapping idly in the breeze. "I'd just like to talk, Mr. Shepherd, if you have a few moments."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
Tommy gazes over his shoulder then upwards. His mouth gapes for a moment, his eyes widening. His expression quickly hardens though. The man above him was infamous. A sign of authority in his own way. However, he was at least a 'mutant authority'.

There's a rush of air and Tommy is standing on the street light, kneeling slightly for additional balance and placing him on more even footing with Magneto. "I've heard its best to take your polite suggestions. So I'm all ears. Though I've got to admit, I'm a little creeped out that you know my name."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto chuckles, "Well, that should be no real surprise, considering I came looking for you and know about your incarceration. I have access to a good deal of information, both public and private." He looks around, taking in the streets of mutant town. It's never especially clean or neat, a consequence of the combination of poverty and various anti-mutant activities (see also, riots). "So tell me, what do you think of the current treatment of mutants? I'm interested in the view of someone who's been taken into the official system so early in their life."

Looking at Thomas standing on the street light, he smiles and drifts down to the street to land. "Why don't we take this conversation to the ground, that way you don't have to try and balance up there." He gestures to a spot beside him, "I imagine it will be a little easier to talk this way."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
Tommy's expression speaks loads to his view on the 'system'. He seems somewhat resentful of the question at first, instantly reliving the trauma of his incarceration. Looking to the ground at Magneto's invitation, he shrugs and in another rush of air, he's down on the payment next to the older man.

"Mutant treatment is horrible. The world seems divided on how to treat us. Some obviously fear us, think we are devils or demons. Some want what we've got and want us as their guinea pigs. Too few of them want to treat us like everyone else." He gazes down at his hand, clenching and unclenching his fist.

"Deciding its not okay to hunt us down with giant robots is a starting point." He rolls his eyes, "But its a pretty long way away from how it should be. And... I would rather die then ever be in prison again. No 'normal person' can be trusted with the well-being of a mutant. Ever."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto smiles, not happy with the situation but recognizing the sentiments the young man is expressing. "I've been dealing with that kind of treatment for my entire life. And it is not acceptable, in any way. I've been fighting for mutant rights my entire adult life. I've even had to step in right here in mutant town, you may have even been there at the latest incident."

He nods, "The Sentinels were an abomination, but the fact that they are gone doesn't change the driving forces behind them. It just means that the people who made them have had to move to less visible efforts." When Thomas finishes speaking, he nods and says, "And _that_ is exactly the thing I've been saying all along. Only mutants can be trusted. Normal people are either afraid of us, looking to use us, or too weak to be of use if they are one of the rare ones that actually accept mutants as equals."

He scoffs, "Not that they are equals to us. Mutants are the next stage of evolution, and we will eventually inherit this world. That is inevitable, there are more of us with each passing year. Unfortunately, that just makes the normal people more frightened as our numbers rise." He looks around, then back to Tommy, "That's why I came to speak with you. I have a group of mutants who work with me. I need every mutant who is willing to stand up and help their brothers and sisters. At times, it can be dangerous, but I try not to put anyone who isn't ready in harm's way."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
There's repressed hatred in the green eyes of Tommy Shepherd. He takes a deep breath and scuffs his converse shoe on the pavement, ultimately kicking a discarded can a few yards down the road. He broods silently as he considers what Magneto is telling.

"At the same time, just because someone is a mutant, doesn't mean you can trust them, does it?" He side eyes the older man. "Some non-mutants have their uses. At least in the 'system'. There were enough of them with half a heart between them to decide I shouldn't be locked up and prodded with needles for the rest of my life."

He runs a hand through his hair, "You've got a reputation. I'm sure you know it. Even me, someone locked behind reinforced walls for years knows that. But..." He stares at the infamous master of magnetism. "If this group is going to prevent others mutants going through what I went through, yea count me in. Assuming this is an invitation."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto nods, "I'll give you there are some decent non-mutants. And sometimes they can be in a position to help someone like you, and I'm glad they were able to. But the great majority of them are a problem, unfortunately. Still, I'm not really on a 'kill the normals' kick any more, that's not workable in the modern world. But I will fight to my last breath to protect my mutant brethren, and sometimes that involves striking before mutants can be hurt."

With a smile, he replies, "Indeed it is. I recently recruited a young woman you may know, Shannon Davis. She's now somewhere safe and comfortable, where she can learn to use her powers without worrying about the police coming after her. If you would like, not only would I have you join my Brotherhood, but I will provide you a safe, clean place to live. You will be able to return here any time you like, just as she can."

He looks over to the young man, "Or you can stay here, scraping an existence off the streets if you prefer." He glances at the sewer grate where Tommy discarded the wallet. "Your call, Mr. Shepherd."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
There's an expression of grim determination on Tommy's expression that might be unnerving to Erik Lensherr. There's a familiarity, as if looking into the mirror or into the eyes of his children, especially Wanda. Rather he knows it or not, he has the Scarlet Witch's eyes.

"I think I know who you are talking about. She has some weird creep guy who called himself a physicist following her." He folds his arms behind his head and twists his torso back and forth. He looks around at the streets and cracks a grin. "Well, it's not too hard to carve a living from 'mortals' as you put it, but it does distract from school."

He frowns, "As long as I can attend school during the week, I'll take you up on your offer. I've got one year left for something resembling normal, and I want it." He points, "Accept that and I'll accept the offer of a place to live. Either way, I'll join the Brotherhood. Juvie taught me you need allies to survive, and I'm... short on those at the moment."

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto nods, "Done, as I said, you can freely return here, so if you want to go to school, feel free. My only requirements are that you not attack or work against your brothers and sisters in the Brotherhood. And that if we need your help, you lend your abilities. Other than that, your time is your own. I am, after all, fighting for freedom for all mutants, I can't do that by taking away your freedom."

He speaks in a conversational tone, "Blink, join me." Seconds later, a portal opens about ten feet behind him and an Asian woman with black and red dyed hair steps through. "This is Thomas Shepherd. He will be joining us, and has free access to return at any time he wishes to." She nods, and the portal closes, then another opens in it's place.

He looks to Tommy and says, "After you, I'll show you your new home." He walks over to the portal and gestures for Tommy to precede him through.

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
Tommy squints, listens, and then offers one final nod of affirmation. "Not exactly the worst deal. Done."

Looking at the portal with some suspicion, he considers the possibility of this being some kind of trick. There's a very real moment where he considers just running, that flight or fight instinct rearing to the forefront of his emotions and thoughts. He pushes them back with a deep breath.

"Considering who you are, an elaborate trick to imprison me would be kind of pointless." He looks over his shoulder at the street light. "You probably would have just wrapped that around me."

Pursing his lips at the portal once more, he hesitantly approaches it. "Blink, huh? Usually I don't need help getting around, but hey, first time for everything."

He steps through.

Erik Lensherr has posed:
Magneto follows him through the portal, and then Blink steps in last. In between one step and the next, a lot of distance is crossed, and the step out of the portal lands on a metal floor.

The room Tommy finds himself in is huge, hundreds of yards across and at least a hundred feet high. Off to one side is what appears to be a spaceship being worked on by a maintenance crew. Piles of crates stand in other areas. One end of the huge area is completely open, revealing what lies beyond.

The darkness of space, stars brighter than they've ever appeared before.

Magneto says "Welcome to my space station, known as Asteroid M. You can come here any time you want to return to Earth, there's always a teleporter of some type on duty for transport back and forth." A thin metal card rises from his pocket and floats over to Tommy, "The address on there is the Saints and Sinners club, which is controlled by the Brotherhood. The phone number will put you in contact with someone who can get you transported back up here." He waves over another mutant, "Mr. Shepherd will be living with us, please show him to one of the unused living quarters." He looks back to Tommy, "I do have some business to deal with, but welcome, and enjoy your new home. I will be in touch, we'll be seeing each other fairly often, I imagine."

Tommy Shepherd has posed:
Once timing has his bearings, he rubs his eyes at the sight before him. In a split second he's at the edge of the voice peering into the depths of space. He gasps, "Hooooly shit!"

He's back nearby a moment later just in time to accepts the card. He murmurs the name under his breath and looks in awe toward Magneto. "You should have said space station sooner."

Looking to the other mutant, he up-nods with a 'sup' then looks back to Magneto. "I guess we will. Thanks for the invitation and the bunk. Look forward to earning them."

And then Tommy is gone, exploring every inch of the space station that is readily available to him. No doubt a few of his fellow residents are pestered with questions. Hours later, Tommy makes his first request back down to the surface... Why? For decoration for his new room, of course.