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Remy's trouble creates some sparks
Date of Scene: 26 April 2021
Location: Little Italy
Synopsis: Remy gets beat up, Rogue's a brick S**thouse, and she saves the day.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    It's not Chinatown this time, no, it's Little Italy. One of Remy's stomping grounds due to the overly greasy food, but also there's always some action going in the backrooms of the shops, and while the Asian's tend to have more traditional gambling, there's something about betting on the horses with the itallians.

    Today, Remy tumbles through the air into a sheet of plate glass and out into the sidewalk in a heap. He's got a bloody nose and a cut across his left eyebrow. "Whoa whoa whoa mon amie!" He says, rolling onto his side, and over again onto his back. The pea coat keeping the small shards of glass from cutting his back and legs up. "Ah-" LeBeau bites his tongue as he looks into the shop and spies the large thick necked, barrel chested man approaching with a shine of gold across his fingers that he rolls into a fat fist and a smile drools onto his lips. "C'mon cajun, we're just havin' fun ain't we?" He says, pushing the door open with a jingle of the bells.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was in the car, the green Porsche that was parked out front. Remy had said 'Wait right here, Boo, I'll be right back in a flash.'

Of course she wasn't so sure of that, and had a bad feeling about all of this. But that was all put to rest as Remy came flying out the window...

No wait, the other thing.

Rogue jumps up in the convertable of the open car and steps over and out of it on to the sidewalk. Dressed in a STL Cardinals baseball tshirt with red sleeves and a white torso with the logo on her chest, blue jeans and a grey hoodie wrapped tied around her waist, the Belle stands there, looking at Remy then up at whomever threw him out of the store like that.

"What the hell is goin' on here??" The southern girl asks now looking for answers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The large Itallian points down at Remy with a finger letting go of the brass knuckle he wears, "You stay down rat." And then he looks up to the girl in the convertible and lifts both of his bushy black eyebrows. Then purses his lips together and makes kissy sounds before taunting her. "Hey sweet thang, you hanging out with this looser?" He asks, bringing a foot back and kicking the cajun in the side. "He owes the bosses money, and I'm going to take it out of his side and then his bones." The he points that meat hook of a finger at Rogue, "You can help his debts if you want. Just, come spend some time inside and let us get a real jersey on you."

Rogue has posed:
Being tossed through a window is no small thing, it could really fuck you up if you weren't lucky or ... lucky. She's on her way to Remy's side to check on him when the guy who threw him starts to talk directly to her, in a typical taunting sort of way.

Rogue is first checking on Remy's condition before she raises her eyes up to look past her white bangs toward the big man with the mouth.

"Come out here and try t'lay a hand on him again." She replies, voice even toned. "I dare ya too."

She moves to stand back up then, her feminine form being used to be all kinds of intimidating!

Or no wait, the other thing.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy's beat up pretty badly, and thankfully his injuries and cuts aren't as bad as they could be. Especially for being thrown out a window. "L-leave 'im, lets just go to the game." Remy did promise to take her to a baseball game. Must be that Mississippi part of her that wants to be in the Field of Dreams or something. He doesn't mind.

    "Cute. Cajun's a cunt havin' his cunt fight his fights for him." The man spits before he shurgs his wide shoulders. "Tried to do this the easy way." As if that was the warning and he swipes his broad right hand hard to try and open palm slap Rogue for being such an 'unrespectable whore' not doing what she's told.

Rogue has posed:
In truth,t he baseball thing is one of her last connections to her father. One of her last memories of him was laying on his chest on a hammock onutside their house on the hippy commune, while he listened to the World Series on a radio. He was a Cardinals fan, she knew that much about her dad because she could remember the little red bird on his hats and other memorabelia.

In the now though, Rogue is standing there staring at the man who would dare walk up on her and even more dare touse the dreaded 'C' word to describe her. This ain't Australia. That word doesn't fly well here.

When he moves to strike her, she doesn't move a muscle to stop him...

Jean and Scott, and Charles and Hank... and more, didn't like her using her absorb power on people, didn't like her touching people. But this guy was touching her, and she was jut going to stand there and let him do it.

His hand collides with her face and she doesn't even slightly react to it. Her white hair moves a bit, but otherwise the man's skin just goes right up against hers.

He'll likely only get a small zapping though, enough to drop him on his ass.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    The metal on his hand bends slightly against her jaw, trapping the brass knuckle onto his fingers with a mighty pinch, but he doesn't feel that, or he doesn't know he does.

    It's beyond intense.

    He'd later explain it like the time he was sitting next to his brother when he put a fork in the light socket. Just, the smell of death and pain and then nothing.

    The Itallian collapses to the ground, all over the broken glass that was crunching under his feet.

    Remy grunts a painful groan as he puts his hand down on the sidewalk and pushes himself off the ground. "Mon amour..." Remy says gritting his teeth as he pushes his feet underneath himself and rises slowly, "A hasty get away might be the right move." Remy notes, winking with a bruising left eye as he motions towards the car, but he opens the driver door for her, "Would you take the lead?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just watches the fat man with the knuckles land on the ground on his ass and in the glass. She smirks at him and calls out. "Did ya have a heart attack?" She asks, playing itup for the crowd of people who were watching from the other side of the store. "Maybe you should lay off the meatball subs, huh fatty?"

The Belle smirks then as she notes Remy is up and moving around the car. She nods once to him before smiling to the onlookers. "Someone call the cops on this fat pig. Tell them he assaulted the wrong people." They have it on camera after all, everyone's got phones right?

Rogue dances back to the car and is up and over the edge of it, light-stepping over the door and the back of the seats with the use of her flight power to make her look light as a feather before she drops down in to the driver's seat as Remy crawls in to the other, making them look like Smokey and the Bandit or something.

Rogue has the car started up with a press to the ignition button and then the vehicle's engine is revving up several loud times before she pulls it out on to the street. She looks over at Remy then, her hair blowing gently in the winds ... NYC traffic means they're not going too fast though.

"What. the hell. Was that." She asks him, shifting gears with the stick as they go.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    In the seat and keeping his attention away from Rogue, mostly so she can't see his black eye, split eyebrow and busted nose, Remy winces at the pulsing pain in his face. "Ah." The cajun begins, looking back and forth before turning back to Rogue, "That was one of my bookie's goons." Remy says rather forwardly. "Look. before you start, I know, I know, I shouldn't. I shouldn't be gambling, and really, I'm not in debt, that's actually the problem."

    Remy tries to salvage the conversation Rogue might have before she starts it up. "I was trying to get my money from him to help us have more fun at the game tonight, but, he thinks I'm cheating."

Rogue has posed:
"What the hell is a bookie?" Rogue asks, moments before he answers her which has her putting her eyes forward again. Her dark eyebrows lower down over her green eyes and she just, seethes.

Is Remy cheating? Everyone always treats him like he is. But she, for whatever reasons, wants to believe him, even if he has mysteriously vanished on her what seems like countless times in the past year alone.

Rogue lays on the gas for a second when she has enough space to do it and sends the green sports car flying down the manhattan street, only to have to pump the brakes to slow down for a light up ahead with worried cross-walkers gawking at the Porsche roaring down the street toward them. Relieved to see it stop in time, they keep going.

"Do I need to go back there and get your money?" She asks him then. "Cause I will." She grips the wheel, tries not to damage it... control your powers, Rogue!

Sighing she just shakes her head and reaches for her sunglasses. "Fuck it. Forget it. I'll pay for stuff t'night, not like I don't have a job and money of my own." She's been working for a paycheck at Xavier's after all, and still made bank on tips last summer at the car hop.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Anna Marie..." Remy says, looking over at her, reaching his hand across the console and the shifter, taking her sleeve and then trying to roll her hand so he can hold it while the light is still red. "I've got plenty of money, but I was gonna go all out for you tonight. A suite and a while new hat and jersey an' everything. Cause it's important t'you. So it's important to me." The cajun says with a bloody smile. "I got enough to get us in and get a few nachos and stuff." The man blinks, seemingly oblivious but then there's a pause in his eyes and his voice.

    "Ah." He turns his head away before he can actually let that thought out, and he thinks it's best to not say anything, turning to face out at the street again, taking his hand back if she'll let him.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just calms down a bit as she drives furhter onward, plus there's a NYPD car up ahead too, so that helps. She drives the car casually and just listens.

"I see." She says quietly then before glancing back at him. "Well, that's sweet of ya." She tells him. "None of it is necessary though. I'm not exactly the kinda girl whose use t'the fancy lifestyle. I was just wantin' t'sit in the cheap seats and maybe get a hotdog, while spending time with ya."

She smirks at him. "I mean, I like baseball, but I'm not a huge fanatic or nothin.' I don't even know any of the player's by names. I just rate them by butts." She says with a grin to the Cajun then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy turns back to face her and grins with a shake of his head. "Ah like you, and Ah like your butt, if that's the scale you wanna use, you get to take home the Superbowl." Wrong sport, but Remy was never into the 'normal sports.'

    The cajun rolls his head before he leans forward and wonders, poping open the glove box and frowns. "Scott." As he pulls out a small first aid kit and rolls his eyes, pulling out some bandages that he uses to put on his cut eyebrow and then rubs some alcohol in his hands to pat at his face to try and kill some of the infections and maybe reduce the swelling.

    "We gonna have fun Anna, either way." He smiles softly as he puts the first aid kid back away.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just drives the car on the way to Yankees Stadium. She shakes her head at him and smirks softly. Her eyes glance over at him to see him treating his wounds with the med kit.

"You better not hurt that face either, it's like the main reason I put up with all this nonsense." She teases him in return before glancing away forward again, then shooting him a grin back a second later.

"And they won't let us in if you look like you just got out of a bar fight." She laughs softly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Depends on if it was in their bar or a different one." Remy says with a teasing wink before he looks out the window on his side at the buildings going past and then upwards at them going through the wall of buildings. "Hay, I wanted to ask this at the end of the night, but, fuck it, I'm sore and I am pretty sure I'm concussed." LeBeau says with a smirk, looking at his hands fidgeting with the buttons of his coat before he smoothes his shirt and then his pants and looks back to Rogue, "Anna, we're fully dating, yeah? Ah think I'm ready to take it that next level, y'know? I like ya." The cajuns asks forwardly, cocking his closer eyebrow up and fighting a smirk as he waits for her answer.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just mostly keeps her eyes on the road like a good driver. She takes driving pretty seriously, most of the time, especially in the city cause the city is a madhouse. Cars everywhere, people everywhere...

She listens to him start to get serious with his words and it makes her shift a look over tohim when they get stuck in traffic again at some bread truck fighting with a taxi and bike messenger.

She grins lopsided at him. "What's the next level?" She asks "I'm afraid I don't know the levels of all'a this." When she looks forward again she reaches for her drink in the cup holder then raises it up to sip the tea from the straw.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Ah was hopin' ya did. I'm just makin' this all up as Ah go." Remy gives her a toothy smile, still a bit red from the fight he was in earlier, "But y'know, like, lets be a couple. You an' me." Remy says, looking at the cup Rogue is holding, knowing she's using it more as an excuse to not talk and force him to, than to actually quench her thirst. He's not a dumby, maybe a fool, but not a dumby.

    "Ah wanna show ya how much Ah trust you and how much ya mean to me." He says with a shrug, knowing he's sounding a bit sappy.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets the cup back down in to its place before she smiles over at him again. Her right hand comes up and back to stroke her white bangs out of her face from the winds that manage to make it in to the car's cab. "Is this the part where I say yes, and then ya run off for another month or two?" She teases him.

Her eyes go forward again as she thinks about what he's saying and nods her head. "I'm fine with sayin' that. I've always kinda thought it was the case anyway, I just never knew we had to like... I dunno, change our social media statuses" She moves the car on ahead and takes a side street that has less traffic.

"Do we have to do that?" She asks him then with a grin. "I get a lotta donations from people online who think I'm single and within reach." She grins at him again then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Anna Marie, do you have an only fans account?" Remy asks, the hint of joy sparkling across his eyes is easily an act, or is it? He turns to face her, jaw dropped in mock shock. "Ah don't think Ah have a social medium account anyways." Yeah, he's certainly not the facebook type. "But you're a big girl, you don't have to do anything you don't want to." Remy shrugs and then squints at her before turning away, "And don't think Ah didn't notice you calling me a wandering tramp like that cool dog in that old ass cartoon."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spends a few seconds laughing at this question he sends her way. She ultimately shakes her head though. "No. I don't." She replies. "I don't need t'expose myself t'earn big bucks. I got far more t'give to this world than the gift'a seein' me naked. Or at least I think I do. We'll see where I am in my 40s and maybe are runnin' outta time t'land me a sugah daddy."

She glances over at him again and grins at the teasing. "Don't worry, I'll make you a social media presence, and make sure all the ladies see that you're tied up t'my killer ass." She adds then with a sweet smile before looking forward again as they continue on their journey toward the stadium.