6045/Sharing A Drink With A Regular Normal Human

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Sharing A Drink With A Regular Normal Human
Date of Scene: 26 April 2021
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Belle runs into one of the biggest movers and shakers of Gotham at the Hellfire Club.
Cast of Characters: Bella, Carmine Falcone

Bella has posed:
It's a bit slow at the moment in the V.I.P. Lounge at the Hellfire Club, making it quite a perfect timing for Bella to linger about. She's sat at a table with a full view of the room, by her lonesome, sipping what looks to be red wine. Though she has no company, she doesn't seem particularly bored, if anything, she seems to amuse herself well enough by watching the few people who are about.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     There's a smooth talker with an export cigarette walking his way out from the elevator doors with a smile across his face and a bright white suit from the finest tailors in the land. He walks with a sense of purpose and talks with a sense of grandior to his words, each one hand selected with the care of a man who has all of the time in the world.

     His hair's bone white as his suit slicked down with care and he brims with firm confidence as he makes his way towards the bar offering a few parting words to the pair of much younger women who had rode the elevator up with him. A bright smile on his scarred face, as he pulls up a stool at the bar and orders a drink.

     Middle of the road wine, only notable in that it's imported from italy. It's the sort of wine that went out of style back in the 80's and even when it was in style it was only really popular with the working man. Far from deserving of the man who once upon a time owned the eastern seaboard with an iron fist.

     "Bella, how lovely to lay my eyes upon you this fine day." His words are laced thick with that Gothamite accent intermixed with Italian, it's understandable, but it's undeniable that the man's been seeped in the seedy side for a long time. "You look so lovely as ever." He tilts an open palm to one side a flash of pure white teeth as he takes sip of that mid shelf wine of his.

Bella has posed:
Bella sees all, even that which is very hard to ignore, so it's only natural her gaze veers towards Falcone when he makes his grand entrance. It really was amazing to watch him put people under his spell, while his charm was not magical in nature. She raises her glass towards him to acknowledge his flattery, "there's that old world charm you don't really see anymore, how is your business, Carmine?"

It's usually affable between members of the V.I.P. lounge, and while not everyone know Bella by name, not being one of the more popular members, it didn't surprise her Falcone took the time to know it.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Business is hectic, but what can we expect when there is so much dutiful competition abounding in every direction? It would be enough to drive some men to drink." Carmine settles himself into the spot swirling the contents of his glass round and round as he speaks. "I would hope your own business ventures fair you with the utmost success." A light toast of his glass given sloshing the wine about slightly without spilling a drop.

     He takes a brief sip of the contents of the glass enjoying the aroma of the vintage before setting the glass back down onto the countertop with a refreshed smile. "Life has its many ups and downs but fortunately so long as one holds the fortitude to carry on and the willpower to do what they must it all works out in the end."

     Already he's getting into the atmosphere slightly nodding his head in time with the music while keeping his posture straight and narrow placing on the air of an old friend in spite of never having directly interacted with the woman prior.

Bella has posed:
"I have certainly seen my fair share of men driven to drink," Bella remarks, before giving Carmine a sharper look and quipping, "you're no such man. You drink for pleasure, you always keep your wits about you, that's smart..."

Bella nods at the question, murmuring, "I've picked up an associate who has been helpful in my endeavor, thank you for asking. It's a slow process, but I get better all the time."

Seeing how Falcone handles his glass, Bella takes a moment to hold her glass to her nose, looking rather ecstatic, before she takes another sip. "Is that the traditional way to enjoy good wine? Taking in the aroma first...?" She wonders aloud.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "In certain lines of work" Carmine begins, running his finger round the rim of his glass for just the briefest of moments. "One can afford to drink but what one can not afford is the luxury of becoming drunk, even for one night." He confirms after a time.

     Carmine relaxes taking in each word spoken his way with a light nod of affirmation. He is silent for a moment. "Each day builds upon the last, and it sounds you are building a foundation worth building."

     "Tradition." Carmine comments lightly. "It often stems from best practices, a majority of taste is decided by smell, without the nose the tongue loses its luster, without the eyes much the same occurs." He pauses for a brief moments sip. "Each part works together and while their jobs can be done alone to work in unity produces far greater results than one lone agent in the wild."

Bella has posed:
"Yes...it dulls the senses, makes one very easy to sneak up on, or worse..." Bella speaks with such an ominous tone, it's almost suggestive of experience with such things, but she doesn't elaborate. Could very well have been playfully done.

"Ah...sharpness of senses, the one true gift a hunter will value," Bella grins, quipping, "I like your style. So, do you partake in hunting, Carmine? You seem the type."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     A light smirk crosses the face of Carmine as he picks up his glass once more and enjoys the briefest of sips. He's clearly enjoying the conversation and the atmosphere as he sets back on the stool, looking her direction. "In my line of work it is difficult not to find oneself in the mindset of the hunter, as such I take time out to enjoy the pursuit." He pauses for a moment.

     "Though some would frown upon my use of pack tactics in hunting I personally find it far more enjoyable, though it is difficult to find those who agree with my stance on using every part of the animal." He brings that glass up to his lips for another moment enjoying the scent taking it in before downing more of the glasses contents, perfectly content to take his time to reach the bottom.

Bella has posed:
"I believe that is the case for all good businessmen," Bella notes, perhaps completely missing out on a potential tell in Carmine's wording. "It's true, a lot of predators hunt alone...but the more successful ones work in packs." She smiles at how much he enjoys his wine, and mimics that show of enjoyment in her own sips, "...I take it we're of similar status in regards to club benefits, I trust that wine is imported especially for you, am I right?"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     A brief toast of the glass is given and a light smile. He's all smiles today it seems The Roman in good sorts as he enjoys the evening air the merriment the libations all working together just to keep things flowing at an enjoyably steady pace. "While my grandfather was a member my father lapsed membership, and I went for the lifetime package." He runs his finger round the rim of the glass once more letting out a content sigh. "As I grow older I find myself spending more time here"

Bella has posed:
"It is certainly a place to indulge in well earned pleasures, no doubt, a shame your father did not share the view..." she drums her fingers on the table, and then empties her glass, going as far as to lick her lips and the rim of the glass clean. She must have really enjoyed her selection.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "To put a turn to phrase that was his cross to bear." Carmine offers with a bit of a smile a cold look behind the friendly eyes as he speaks something behind the friendly demeanor. The words roll off of his tongue with an arsenic to it, before a low buzz echoes out from carmines belt. He unhooks a pager of all things from his belt and brings it up to eye level. A series of numbers scroll across the pager's display, and he's stood back to his feet.

     "To spend the entire evening in your presence would be a dream, however I have pressing business matters to attend to." He pauses for a moment hooking the pager back down to his belt. "I have enjoyed this little conversation immensely and look forward to our next with baited breath."