6052/Poxing Day

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Poxing Day
Date of Scene: 27 April 2021
Location: Ellie's Room
Synopsis: Gabby brings posters to decorate the dorm. Negasonic is gruff, but agrees to a few! The adventures of GabGab and Snugasonic begin.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Gabby Kinney

Negasonic has posed:
Like a dragon seated upon a horde of gold, Ellie resides upon the top of her blanket ready to fight fiercely for that which she has claimed. Her school books are laid out around her in a disordered mess of notebooks and texts as she finishes up some homework from algebra. This is one of the few places she can be found sans her usual leather jacket. Wearing an off the shoulder Type O Negative shirt and black fleece pajama pants. Toenails just as black as her soul.

There's a slight crease between her brown brows, a look of supreme concentration, while Iron Maiden plays entirely too loud from her docked Galaxy S20+ cellphone. The holy grail of internet trolls everywhere.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The peace and quiet, as it were, is soon disturbed by a quick knock on the door! Which is doubled up by a cheery voice also saying, "Knock knock!" right before Gabby just nudges the door open to enter. Tucked in the crook of one elbow is a stack of rolled posters. The other that knocked has a bunch of those packages of sticky gummy crap meant to hang posters without putting holes in the wall, or the poster.

Gabby smiles brightly in spite of her somewhat goth look herself: Black eyeliner and black lipstick. The rest is completely foiled by the grey t-shirt worn over leggings which bears a rainbow farting cat shooting off into some galaxy while laser-eyeing the sky. "Heeey roomie!" She greets. "I brought us some posters!"

Negasonic has posed:
Blue eyes cut upwards at the knock assailing her working slumber. The expression on her face the kind reserved for the singular purpose of striping chrome off a trailer hitch, "Nobody ho-" It's too late, Gabby has a key anyways, but wouldn't have been swayed by the grumpy Ellie's less than thrilled acknowledgement of a wouldbe caller.

The notebook she's working in is one of those old composition that every goth kid since the late 70s has used to write bad poetry. Ellie isn't a poet, but she does keep a journal. Mostly a list of everything she hates about being here and why it shouldn't be illegal to vaporize them..

"No." It's blunt. "Judging by your fucking pants, I can one hundred percent say I don't want that, at all."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney doesn't seem the least bit put off by the response to her suggestion. It doesn't stop her from marching over to the other bed to plop the stack down either. She stands there a moment with hands on hips gazing proudly at her pile of prizes. "Well, I'm told art is subjective and all so I thought we could at least look at them and see if we can agree on any. I mean, this place is kind of stuffy and..." A gesture is made toward the antique furniture. "Old. Not that it's bad. But it could use some freshening up!"

Gabby turns around holding one coiled poster up only to tug it open revealing the contents. It's the age old kitten hanging from a branch with the phrase 'Hang in there, buddy!' "Let's start with a classic! I've got others, too!"

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie tracks Gabby like a predator.. Head swivelingly side to side as her roomie heads to the oposite bed to deposite her collection of motivational tomes. "What the actual fuck is that?" When the poster is unrolled and the image revealed, "You're joking right? This is an elaborate ruse? Who put you up to this, I'm setting them on fire..." The composition book is closed and set aside, then she's sliding off the mattress to grab her phone and turn down the music.

"Who even writes this shit? Some poor cat is dangling from a branch and we're socially maladjusted enough to figure that's a chance for proverbs? Americans are so fucking weird."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"What? No, the guy at the store said it was an oldie and a goodie." Gabby looks at the poster herself only to frown a little bit. "I mean I can see it like, don't give up kitten! You got this! Go murder those birds making fun of you in that branch above you! But..." Her head tilts to the side considering it from the perspective just brought up to her. "I guess it is kind of animal abuse given the photographer could just *help* the cat instead of taking the photo." Her eyes narrow as she comes to this conclusion. "You're right, that's a dick move."

The poster is tossed over her shoulder back onto the bed so she can reach for another. "Next!" The next atrocity she opens up to reveal is a cat wearing a cowboy hat riding the back of a dinosaur unicorn through the desert. "This reminds me of the time I got stuck as a dinosaur for a week. I was a Compy! I had way more feathers, though."

Negasonic has posed:
Both hands motion out as if to say I told you so when Gabby acknowledges the logic in her counter argument. Ellie doesn't stop frowning, however. There's tons more posters to shoot down with razor sharp observations from the dark side. "I have a lot of questions." Said of the second viewing, brow crease growing deeper with each passing second and revelation. "Most of them about how you turned into a god damn dinosaur, but the natural order of this school is fucked up weird shit, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised."

Then she's quiet. At least for a few seconds.

Enough time to drink in the visual image of a cat riding a t-rex.

Which is a lot to unpack.

"I like it. You may put this one up."

As if that wasn't odd enough?

"What's next?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney can only nod in acceptance of the fact that shit be fucked up around here. "DNA changing virus war between Gorilla Grod and Sauron. Jean was a T-Rex. Laura turned into a Raptor, and I turned into a Compy. The most awesome of all," she adds quietly on the end of that before breaking into a broad grin. Given the OK on this one she tucks it to the side with far more care.

"Okay! Thanks! Let's see now... Okay, well if you liked that one, then how about this?" The next pulled out that is nothing more than some funky 70's disco style lettering that reads 'Good, Better, Best, never let it rest, until your Good is your Better, and your Better is your Best!'

Negasonic has posed:
That explanation clears nothing up, if anything the accepting nod is one of resignation. A agreement only that the mansion be trippin'. "Sure. Compy's are cool a.f. They killed that fat guy from Sinfield. He was from Sinfield right? The fat guy, I mean. Though that show would have been hella funny if it'd been about a group of Compy's living in an apartment devouring their neighbor over minor disputes." Obviously.

With the second posters reveal...

Ellie isn't even sure what's she's reading and has to do so severla times. "Wha-... what? Old people are so strange.. No. Not just no, either. But hell no. There is nothing in that incoherent, rambling series of words that makes any sense and we're both stupider for having read it. That poster is not going on the wall and may god have mercy on the creators soul."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Yeah I wasn't sure on this one either," Gabby has to admit. "It sounded kind of like it was trying to cheer you on but... Anyway." Maybe she'd just thrown in some that she knew would be automatic 'no' responses? Was she purposefully punking on Ellie? Hard to tell. "Well then. Let's see."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Turning away she shuffles through the stack clearly omitting several. Instead she plucks up one, hesitates, and then grabs another as well. "How about one of these?" It's an awkward moment of unrolling them both. She manages just barely by holding onto the top edge and letting the weight of the paper roll it down. It doesn't entirely unravel at the bottom. One is a lovely picture of a goldfish wearing a shark fin with the caption 'Mindset is Everything', and the other is an attack of UFO's and a giant space kitten lasering people running away at a beach. tinyurl.com/43wdpjv3

Negasonic has posed:
That's Ellie's takeaway; she's being punked.

She might not think Gabby is at the helm, but she's certain someone is and she'll get to the bottom of it! They will rue the day! They will quiver in their boots when she finds them and exacts her ven- "Oh..." Not so much the first, though that does get a quiet snorting chuckle. The second on the other hand?

There's a phantom of a grin on her black painted lips.

"Run little flatliners."

It is no secret Negasonic holds a small disdain for humanity, but it's likely unspurprising given she originates from Genosha. "Yes." Pointing at the Kitten cooking normies. The point goes to the first... and her hand wibble wobbles, "Maybe. It's clever, but I'm not sold."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins warmly at the one picked out. "I like that one too. Catzilla. Or space Catzilla maybe." The fact that people were getting zapped by the kitten doesn't seem to phase her much. Then again she had a bit of a sordid upbringing herself. "Well that's two and a maybe. That's good enough for now. The rest are just, uh, for reference. You want the laser cat one on your side or should I hang it in the middle?" Already she's going for the sticky tape intending to get right to it. There was no stopping her now! The other posters are just ignored. There's at least seven left that she hadn't shown off though.

Negasonic has posed:
The remaining seven are given a critical eye, but Ellie isn't quite ready to ask to see more. There's a finite amount of agreeability she's got in her and it's entirely possible that she's exhausted that reserves with this bit of comradery regarding decorative hanging art. "Mm..." Glancing up and around the spartan like room with very little decoration at all, "In the middle." She finally says with a brisk nod, again glancing at the pile of posters.

Narrowing her eyes...

Fighting the urge.

Until she cannot help it and reaches out to one not yet shown to uncoil the contents and take a gander at what lurks within. The curve of her brow creeps upwards, blue eyes flicking up at Gabby curiously as she turns it around with a reverse of her fingers on either end to show Women's Olympic swim team Gold Medalist Kathleen Baker.

"Can I have this?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney steps to the middle holding the poster up in both hands to try and get it level. A difficult proposition given she's kind of on the short side. Hanging something on the wall didnt end up going very high. At least it was eye level, mostly. Carefully balancing on her tiptoes with her tongue stuck between her teeth for optimum concentration she just manages to stick it to the wall when Ellie speaks up again. "Sure. Wait, have what?" Her head twists around putting her off balance. Luckily she's leaning against a wall so just kind of collapses straight against it smacking her cheek into the wall with a little 'oof' of air escaping. Green eyes wide she stares at the poster held up with a look of mortification. "Oh! Sure! Sure. No problem! All yours!" A forced cheery smile is offered, and she smacks her fist against the wall to pin the poster there more thoroughly.

Negasonic has posed:
It would be very magnatimus of Ellie to offer assistance in putting the posters up, but she's not very tall either... nor very magnatimus. She nods a few times, real slow like, and rolls the poster back up to lay down atop her own dresser for later hanging. She's not a big sports person, but who needs to be?!

"Cool." Stopping crawling back on her bed long enough to glance over at Gabby with a smirk hidden by the angle of her heads turn, "Thanks." Now she's got terrible poetry to write. She's lost countless minutes being social! Nevermind keeping up to date on the twitter war she was engaged in with some jack dick in Ohio. Phone in hand, she stretches out on her bed and holds the device in both hands with her feet stretched out, ankles crossed. Ready to put some asshole in his online grave.