6053/A Tribute to Demons on A Birthday Abroad

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A Tribute to Demons on A Birthday Abroad
Date of Scene: 27 April 2021
Location: Roof Tower
Synopsis: Yukio just arrived in a foreign land, to a foreign school, she struggles with the language, and took a moment to enjoy a rather lonely 16th birthday. Then Ellie happened. Then Talia happened. Culture Clash ensues. Thank god for Sultry Aussie Translator.
Cast of Characters: Yukio, Negasonic, Talia Wagner

Yukio has posed:
Yukio is a very recent arrival from Japan, some gossip claim some connection to Logan, but nobody really knows. She certainly doesn't look like she has any familial relation to him. Thing is, English is pretty new to her, the country is absolutely new to her, and a school environment of any kind is new to her. In other words, she's been forcefully detached from all things familiar, and moved to an utterly alien place. A week before her birthday too!

As a result, Yukio hasn't really made any friends, kept mostly to herself for the time being, and been religiously practicing her English in hopes of doing better and feeling more confident approaching others.

For her birthday, she made it all the way to the roof by her lonesome, securing in her hand a very precious gift from Logan. The one person that's about as close to an 'uncle' as it gets. The precious item in her hand is a small wrapped pastry, which in her eyes is quite coveted, the not at all famous in this country: Aya Shirabe.

She looks over the truly serene view from the roof of Xavier's Mansion, and figures, it's not all bad, as she holds up her prized gift and murmurs a quiet, "itadakimasu." Despite the fact she's the only one there, at least far as she knows.

Negasonic has posed:
Had Ellie been following the new arrivals progress through the tribulations of American life with rapt attention and curiosity? Yes, she has. Mostly from a distance. Like a stalker... a weird gothy creeper who peeks around corners, not unlike a ninja, as the Japanese transplant makes her rounds trying to get familiar with the landscape.

Is that Ellie leaning on the second story banister overlooking the foyer while Yuriko sorts out her classes? Yes. But she's totally tweeting. See? She is not at all paying attention and she has her phone. Hoods are good for this sort of behavior, afterall.. and Ellie always has a hood on.

Like tonight, creeping out of her room like a second story criminal wearing black pajama bottoms, a Type-O negative off the shoulder t-shirt, dragon slippers, and a leather jacket complete with grey hoodie. Did she know Yuriko was going to be up here covetting a god damned pastry?


She has her vape pen in her hand, clearly she was attempting to escape the insanity that is GabGab putting up posters on their wall... Motivational posters. With cats....... and strange American nonsensery.

Pausing in her steps when she sees the Birthday girl.. Eyes narrowed.


Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia hasn't been stalking anyone.

Is she observant. Yes.

Is she trying to be a hall monitor when she isn't even staff or faculty but some sort of extra-dimensional freeloader. Hell no. Nope. Not paid enough for this.

Still she absolutely has been keeping half an eye whenever she notices Ellie lurking or up to something. Yup. The other girl is about the only one who has actually bothered to really inquire what is up with TJ. This wins points, but also notice from the blue elf girl.

So it is less her noticing Yukio headed up to the roof, but more Talia noticing a light glow of a vape pen from her walk out on the grounds getting some fresh air. To TJ the starlight night may as well be high noon, so it isn't hard to make out the small figures up there. "Hm."

And lo' a bee-line is made, followed by a leap onto the mansions wall as she wall climbs up to the roof, Ellie is likely there for whatever response Yukio gives to the 'sup at least before TJ pulls herself up over the edge.

Yukio has posed:
Being new to the country, let alone Xavier's, Yukio really kept a wide view of things. It made it easy not to notice smaller thing, like occasional glances from Ellie, or the fact Ellie was somehow more often than not in her peripheral.

What mattered at the moment is the prized treat she was about to enjoy, all by her lonesome, to celebrate a very solitary birthday. But then a girl appears. It's a bit comical to see Yukio and Ellie in the same vicinity, one so very black, and the other so colorful and bright. What with Yukio's pink hair, and sakura themed haori. "Heee," she gasps in surprise, more so at actually being approached and spoken to, then the fact Ellie was there.

But before she can ask for forgiveness to her rudeness, and perhaps even make the sacrifice of offering Ellie a bite of her shirabe, Yukio senses Talia even without spotting her. She holds up the finger of her free hand to place it to her lips, as if to signal to Ellie to be quiet, and just about then Talia flips herself up and Yukio leaps back in surprise, exclaiming, "youkai!" Immediately thinking Talia is some kind of demon that was drawn to her.

It only occurs to her a second later, that maybe in this country the youkai don't speak Japanese, so she flails in her attempt of an offering, extending her prized shirabe towards Talia, "ofuringu fou pisu!" She imagines on the day of her birthday, surely giving up her one birthday treat should appease the youkai.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie pops her pen in the corner of her mouth and takes a monster size hit while YUKIO sorts her shit out after the snort. Watching her like a spider watches something caught in its web- which is kind of creepy, we're aware. To say Ellie is maladjusted socially is an understatement. The vast majority of her social graces are boiled down to; saying hateful stuff to people so they'll leave her alone and saying hateful stuff to people because they fucking suck.

Being a normal kid just isn't in the cards.

So while she smirks at the yelp of surprise, she doesn't apologize for causing it. Nor does she seem inclined to say anything once the finger presses to Yukio's lips signalling a moment of silence for reasons that Nega is not yet aware...

When Talia crests the side of the roof and sends the Japanese newbie into a fit of panic? That shit.. of all the shit... is hilarious. Cough laughing a lung full of smoke that turns into actual coughing, "Simmer down, Ninja Warrior, it's just Talia.." Not understanding the nature of Yukio's fear, but gathering the jist that she was, if only temporarily, frightened.

"Sup TJ." Up nodding, arms crossing her chest as she steps closer to the roof, right up there so her toes curl over the edge.

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ blinks at the reaction. I mean the startlement is she supposes very reasonable because well it is a bit startling to have someone pull themself up on the roof if you aren't expecting it at all. Talia crouches on the edge perfectly balanced and she starts to appologize. "I uh..."

Which is about when Yukio thrusts the dessert looking thing right at her and she honestly isn't quite sure what she is exclaiming to her. Those big yellow eyes blink very slowly at Yukio and then glances at Negasonic like she has no idea what is even going on.

See. Thing is TJ doesn't know Yukio is new to the school. "Uh... I'm good Ellie." she gestures with her broad fingered hand to Yukio. "Sorry for startling you?" she is honestly. "Is this kid new?" she directs back to Ellie again.

The hand turns and is held out open towards Ellie in a gimme open gesture.

Yukio has posed:
While to Ellie this all may seem amusing, Yukio is currently staring one of the fabled demons from the many childhood stories told by her grandfather to keep her in line. There's so many evil things youkai are capable of and so many tricks they can pull, Yukio is absolutely terrified to the point of making the tribute offer in the form of the awesome confectionary. Those yellow eyes blinking slowly at her are nothing short of proof Talia is a youkai.

Then again, she does take notice how friendly Ellie is with the youkai, and seems to even know it's name. Talia! Weird name for a youkai.

Holding the treat with one extended hand towards Talia still, Yukio points her other to Ellie, and forms a back and forth line between Ellie and Talia, "yanki-gal and youkai Taria...tomodachi? Erm," that wasn't it, she squints a bit thinking of the words and trying again, "galfurendo?" It's a slight miss on the meaning she was going for, but she's new!

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie nods an answer to Talia's question, lips puffed with a bit of held air, and holds out her vape pen tot he Youkai. "My dude said this was called Help me get home, I can't feel my feet." As to the strain of her particular juice.

Meanwhile, she's watching the play out of Yukio's less than amused reaction to TJ with a slight tilt of her head that has her hood scrunching up against her shoulder. "Hold up, I got this." Phone from her pocket, she fiddles with fingers hopefully free of her vape to start an app, then holds the phone up to speak into it.

"What the actual fuck are you saying" she says, then holds the phone out to Yukio. "Anata ga itte iru jissai no seiko wa nandesuka-" said in a sultry Australian accent because don't judge me.

Talia Wagner has posed:
Talia is staying sort of crouched on the edge of the roof, not even remotely worried about falling back off it the two or three stories to the ground below either. "Okay, the names may have reached a peak at this point..." about the vape pen.

Which doesn't stop the Youkai from taking the vape-pen from Negasonic and popping it into her mouth and taking a deep hit, very deep. She has a feeling this whole conversation is going to honestly merit it. She rolls the pen and offers it back out to Ellie ona fingertip. She has it a bit stuck there though no risk of losing it off the roof either. She will flex release once Ellie has a hold of it. It probably looks perilous and dexterous though.

TJ is thinking about what was said as she holds the hit then coughs a bit before chuckling. "I... think I caught that last bit...." though she by no means explains what she thinks she heard though. Nope. This is too interesting to watch at this point.

Yukio has posed:
Yukio is seeing clear proof that she's right, because there's Ellie offering a tribue in the form of the mist pen to the youkai, and it seems that is how their bond was formed. Maybe if the youkai accepts her own offering, she could befriend it as well. It was always preferable to befriend a youkai than to fight it, particularly without a miko around.

But then Ellie's mastery of her phone saves the day, when she takes the translate app to actually ask Yukio, in a somewhat mangled form, what she wants to say. It doesn't matter that the translation is off, because the gist is obvious and Yukio's eyes light up "oh! Nicenicenicenicenice!" She praises Ellie with a high pitched quick succesion of 'nice'. Leaning towards the phone extended to her, she lets out a flurry of Japanese, that is honestly quite difficult to pick up in her excitedness, but count on sultry Australian translator to clarify that somewhat, as it reads out back to Ellie: "It's a demon that can rob your soul or get worse, you have to make a tribute so that it can be you!" So almost what worries Yukio, except for the last part, as that's precisely what she wants to avoid by making the offering.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie: Pro-phoner.

She keeps the phone extended while TJ hits the pen, then listens to the reply with a brisk nod of understanding. Heavy emphasis on the quote unquote. "Right." Wrist bouncing to let the phone jump in her palm thoughtfully, tucking her bottom lip backwards with her brow raised.

Blue eyes cut over to Talia, which makes it obvious just how hard she's fighting not to laugh right in the blue furred womans face knowing that Yukio thinks she's a demon... "I'm not gonna lie, this is tickling me-" Nobody should say something like that so very deadpan. Like a cold fish popping off a oneliner.

The phone comes up and moments later the Australian accented voice speaks in a loose Japanese translation, "She's not a demon, but she did stay at a Holliday Inn Express last night."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ slowly tilts her head to the right as the phone translates all of that. "I'm a what now." those yellow eyes blink a couple of times and then there is this deep bone weary sigh from the girl who looks like she is seventeen, maybe eighteen tops.

"I mean we could scare the crap out of her... I could possess someone and make her really think I am a demon... or something..." helpfully when Ellie says it is tickling her. She takes another hit of the vape pen though in the meantime. It isn't like Ellie is going to be taking it back while she plays translator like this.

When Ellie turns back to the translating though she gives Yukio a grin, sharp canines and all. Then well she flicks a very tiny hexbolt at Ellie's ass when she maligns her about the holiday inn bit there.

Strength level: Flick.

If Yukio is mystically sensitive though it does ping as chaos magic.

Yukio has posed:
Yukio notes that very near escape of laughter from Ellie, and it puzzles her, yanki are so cool with how calm they are in the face of danger! Then Ellie lets her hear the reply thru Australian sultry guy, and she nods slowly, before the bit about the Holiday Inn Express totally loses her to the point her face somehow forms an expression that translates perfectly to question mark. "Nandekore?" She mutters mostly to herself, although the phone still obliges: "Why is this?"

But the important thing is that Talia is no demon, and the relief on Yukio's visage is immense, she's actually sinking to her knees, sitting in a seiza. "Yabai! I was so scary," she shakes her head, and starts breathing regularly again, before immediately bowing to Talia, she intended to apologize but then Talia makes things worse by flicking that hexbolt at Ellie, "yabai!" This time Yukio's coveted treat is more or less tossed at Talia, "prease take, make peace! Me, you are friend!" She nods several times to reassure Talia.

Negasonic has posed:
The bolt to her bottom almost gets a yelp, but Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters is way too strange for something simple like a telekinetic butt pat to draw much more than a little hop from the devil may come Negasonic Teenage Warhead. The look she shoots Talia is one of mixed emotions. One part annoyance because she almost yelped, one part amused because this is still very amusing.

Then her attention is back upon Yukio, hand held out for her vape pen, "I have an idea." Said to Talia, as she takes the pen, and holds it out to the Asian. Letting Sultry Australian speak for her, "It is a joke about ... nevermind. Here take a hit of the pen, it will help you relax." There is no way this can go bad-

Not with flying pastries being tossed at Talia and Ellie snatching it out of the air, "Mines now."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ gives Negasonic an entirely innocent wide yellow eyed expression at the mixed emotion look that Ellie shoots her there. Blink. Blink. Then a grin.

With a sigh she offers the pen back up once more to Ellie and shakes her head. "This can't possibly end in tears somehow.." she notes as she considers the words translated by the phone.

The fact Ellie intercepts the treat definitely makes her get to her feet no longer crouched. "Oh come on now. You had best share or I will hex you Ellie." she crosses her arms. "That is my special appeasement whatever it is so I don't devour your souls.... do you want me to devour you Ellie?"

Yukio has posed:
Yukio is very much at a loss, Ellie almost managed to convince her that Talia isn't a demon after all, until Talia got mischevious. She is confused, she is afraid, and she started doing weird symbols with her fingers, muttering quietly to herself "toh. toh. toh. toh. toh. toh."

It's only when Ellie offers her the magical demon peace keeping pipe, as per evidence seen with her own eyes, that Yukio figures this is a way to seal a pact of peace. So she dares to take the pen to her lips, and take a puff, which is soon followed by a feat of coughing. Which is the main reason Yukio misses out on Ellie snatching the treat. This has certainly been the worst birthday, and none of the other two are even realizing that's the day they are ruining for Yukio. At that moment she's raging at her grandfather on the inside, she'll need to get Logan to take her back. If she can come up with a way to convince him.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie is not a super emotional individual by nature, but that doesn't mean she lacks empathy. Someone in pain? Yeah, she knows what that looks like. Wasn't so long ago at all that Ellie lost her home, her family, and anyone she held dear to a fucking alien shrinking half an island into a glass jar like a snow globe.

So the look in Yukio's eyes, if not her demeanr (because Japanese are notoriously hard to read), is pretty telling. Now, she doesn't know that it's the girl's birthday (does she?), but she knows that she was looking at that confection with the same reverance Ellie looks at her phone... A confection now held in her own palm, with Talia behind her saying splitsies. A commentary that earns the Youkai a glare over her shoulder and a point directed at the newbie.

She doesn't say look at her over there about to cry, don't you think it's the right thing to do to give the confection back? What are you a demon? because that would be ironic, amusing, and belittle the moment... With her lips quirking from side to side, Ellie steps over to Yukio, who's about to be high as...fuuuuuuuuck... and smiles. A surprisingly gentle expression on a face that doesn't do it enough because wtf is there to smile about in this god forsaken shit hole of a world?

Without translation, it's pointless to talk (unless you raise your voice because that's how you cross the language barrier: talking louder). So instead she just holds the Shirabe out for Yukio to take. "Don't be sad."

Talia Wagner has posed:
TJ leans a little bit for a much clearer look at Yukio. "Okay you are right. Even if she was incredibly insensitive." she admits to Ellie, even if she doesn't know what the whole pastry thing is about. She also missed the reverence before Ellie interrupted her.

Still she isn't a heartless demon, she doesn't want the new girl to be sad when she can't even really communicate well with the other kids around the school.

I mean yes, the fact the new girl assumed she was a demon is incredibly insulting. It probably brings back tons of bad memories of baselines calling her names and assuming she is a monster.

For Real.

Still this Japanese girl is here because one assumes she is also a mutant. Sigh.

She waves from behind Ellie at this point to Yukio with her odd fingers, the universal wave motion and a smile without any sharp canines. Trying to be supportive.

Yukio has posed:
It's this moment of despair, down on her knees, having nearly choked herself on the vape-pen, that Yukio finally sees some empathy in Ellie's eyes. She cautiously reaches to take the prized shirabe, before starting to legit cry, whimpering a muffled, "tanks," which is pretty good considering the tears. "No sad," she agrees, despite looking extremely sad.

Looking towards Talia, she returns her wave, before getting up on her feet, and offering a quick bow. One to Negasonic, and one to Talia. "Sorry." she mouthed out, rather clearly for once. She keeps the confectionary cradled for a moment, then slips it into the sleeve of her haori, apparently she has some secret pocket of sorts in that long, wide sleeve. "I is Yukio," she points at her nose, "not mean troubre..."

She looks somewhat sheepish, apparently having finally settled on the mindset it was all one big prank. "I sleep now. Talk tomorrow, and maybe, share me...my, birthday shirabe?"

Negasonic has posed:
It's her birthday...

"It's her freaking birthday, dude..." Ellie says to Talia, feeling suddenly quite ill with herself for having laughed so damn hard at the girl's fright. Lips quirk off to the side, eyes turning down to stare at the roof, "Sure, yeah.. that'd be cool." Smile slipping away to be used in another 15 years.

Vape pen back in the corner of her mouth for another hit, she passes it to TJ, "Alright, demon, we've got to make this right somehow." She says the demon part with good humor, but means the rest of it. "I know she kind of pee'd on your shoe with that whole thinking you're a demon bit, but she's new, barely speaks english, and doesn't know anybody."

"We're basically fucking super heroes right now. Stopping the Godzilla monster of loneliness from crushing the fragility of her day like Tokyo."

Talia Wagner has posed:
"Okay. We are the worst." TJ notes at this whole revelation eyes going very wide.

There is a nod to Yukio though when she says that she sleep now and talk tomorrow and share birthday things. A very serious and enthustiastic nod. Like maybe nodding more seriously will get it across. Then well she gives Yukio a thumbs up and a big old smile, without sharp canines showing again.

The worst. Crap on a cracker.

She accepts the vape pen back from Ellie and takes a hit from it though. "Right. Oh I know she was way out of line but ... yeah you are right. I shouldn't have zapped you until she knew for sure I wasn't a demon.. or bare teeth at her I guess.. I mean I didn't possess you. Still.. new kid.. her birthday... almost cried.. ugn."

She shakes her head. "I'm the last person who should be making anyone feel more lonely or sad...." okay maybe her or Ellie. "So yeah we need to make sure we make her tomorrow better than tonight was." pause "Also maybe we shouldn't go right for Godzilla metaphors." the vape is offered back.

Negasonic has posed:
"I said what I said." Ellie says this deadpan, "She's Japanese, obviously it was intensional...." Because never underestimate the relevance of Negasonic's rapier wit.