6054/Toy Soldiers and Young Minds

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Toy Soldiers and Young Minds
Date of Scene: 27 April 2021
Location: Martha Wayne Children's Museum
Synopsis: Carmine and Winslow travel to Gothams children's museum so winslow can see his hard work on display.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Winslow Schott

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     It's a beautiful day for Gotham standards. The sun is shining and the birds are singing in the thin layer of smog that hangs overhead. Tall behemoths of steel, iron, and brick stretch high into the sky in every direction piercing the clouds of ick that span every direction far as the eye can see and yet in this little plot of land in the center of the city there is hope for the inner city youth.

     The Martha Wayne Children's Museum of Gotham is a place that even the youngest of youth can get in free of charge to live, learn and grow with some of the most fantastical contraptions sights and sounds the imagination can conjure. Entirely funded by donation this place stands out against the stark gothamite brick and stone for its bright colors and friendly exterior that makes the place look as if it were built right out of a dream.

     The Gargoyles smile wide half dragons painted bright reds and golds and greens by the owners to span the imagination with little knights paused mid charge on horseback against the mighty beasts. All the hallmarks of gotham are here but there is one thing missing in so much of this dark and depressing landscape: Whimsy. It's built into the very foundation of each and every brick of the building even as the children play out front on the elaborate sculpture of jules verne's rocket going on their own journeys to the moon.

     Out front of the building a bright white one of a kind vintage stretch Maserati pulls away out of view its occupant stepping along the colored bricks that lead the way to the front doors of the children's museum. He pauses for a moment as several children watch him expectantly, his feet coming to a stop at the edge of a chalk series of squares with numbers in the center drawn by the local youth.

     He lets out a low sigh before attempting to hop from one square to the next wobbly in his motion half ready to fall over in his bright white suit but managing to make it to the other side without making a fool of himself. It's almost time for the place to open, and he's expecting someone to show at any moment.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Winslow Percival Schott normally hated Gotham. There was something about this horrid berg that offended Schott's sensibilities. But, when Falcone invited him to the Martha Wayne Museum, Schott accepted out of curiosity. He was curious what type of Children's Museum a horrid metropolis like Gotham could produce. Surprisingly enough, Schott loved what he saw. He had always encouraged curiosity and wonder amongst children, with many episodes of MPU encouraging children to explore the world around them, evil villains notwithstanding.

Unfortunately, Schott could no longer be seen in public, his years as a supervillain had trashed his reputation beyond repair. So, in order to be out amongst the public, he had to wear a disguise. Today, he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, cargo shorts, and a pair of red sneakers. He was still wearing his wire-rimmed glasses and his long brown hair was tied into a ponytail. True, he looked slightly stupid, but no one would recognize him as Toyman. Once he approached the museum, he leaned by the front door, waiting for Falcone to arrive.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine walks his way up the rest of the way still dressed in his bright white suit for the nicer weather. He's brimming with his usual confidence as he walks along looking at the young intercity youth playing away their troubles. It's the sort of thing he'd wished that he could have had as a boy, but such things were often best left to the past. His attention fell down onto the man in the Hawaiian shirt.

     "It is a lovely day is it not?" The first words out of his mouth each one chosen with a loving care as he takes his time to bask in his surroundings. After all Gotham WAS his city once upon a time, and even if this place wasn't exactly in line with the decor it was still a part of his territory. "I must admit that I am glad you arrived, there was a part of me which questioned if your schedule would hold any openings." That thick mixture of Gothamite and Italian blending and churning with each word flowing out of his mouth one syllable to the next.

     He pauses a moment opening the doors to the children's museum with a light push of his hand. Inside the main lobby is a bounty of sight and sound in every direction, Dinosaurs loom tall and proud over the distance with rows of rounded teeth slides built in for children to roll down at their leisure. A globe of the world spins round and round allowing children to see all the major cities built up across the world. Everywhere one looks there remains a bit of that gotham darkness one can imagine how off putting the place must look at night but here during the day its a children's paradise.

     To one side a corridor leads off blocked with rope. 'History In Motion Coming soon' The word soon has been crossed out and replaced with a bright and colorful 'TODAY!' printed off but made to look as if it had been done in crayon.

     A young balding man standing at 4'5" stands behind the desk with a friendly smile. He's overweight by a fair margin, with a ponytail that has most of his hair missing and dressed in clothes that can only be described as a fashion artist's worst nightmare. Clashing colors spots with stripes the man looks like he's wearing a quilt. Anywhere else in gotham he'd be mistaken for a henchman but here he's just one of the staff. "Mr.Falcone, Mr.Black please come in, come in we've been waiting for you to arrive so that we can do the unveiling." He waddles out from behind his desk pausing halfway through in his stride to catch his breath but still keeping that friendly smile across his face.

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott smiled and nodded at Falcone as he approached. He then said in his now familiar British accent,

"Thank you for inviting me. I do quite enjoy seeing something that aids the children, even in a city like Gotham."

As Schott walked through the museum, his smile seemed to grow wider and wider as he saw the childish exhibits. Thee was no doubt that the childish supervillain was enjoying himself. Once he got the sealed off exhibit, his grin grew wider as he saw the "History in Motion" title given to the exhibit. Schott nodded to the man and then said to Falcone in a happy, but very hushed whisper,

"You actually fulfilled your promise! T=thank you!. Now future children can enjoy my work long after I'm gone."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I am nothing if not a man of my word Mr.'black'" Falcone offers a friendly smile towards the criminal mastermind beside him. "You assisted me when I was in a rough situation and I am simply returning the favor by keeping to my word." He adjusts his grip on the suit as the rotund desk clerk opens up the sealed off exhibit for the two to walk in and get their look across the place.

     "I am familiar with the plight of men such as yourself 'Mr.Black' I have seen many come and go who hold the largest dreams and fall short only because they are unwilling to grasp them, in you I see a difference."

     The display is set up in its full glory along with a vast display of accompanying works of historical references and little feelies for the kids. It seems that Falcone did more than 'just' set up the display in the children's museum. He's arranged there to be uniforms for children to try on, a 'camping area' the whole experience to explain the significance of that little moving wartime display. It's a much smaller wing of the museum but that carmine managed to get an entire wing should speak volumes.

     "My only hope is that now you have seen I am willing to carry through on my end of a bargain you would be willing to work further with me in the future."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott just smiled and nodded at Falcone as he walked briskly into the exhibit. As he looked around, flashes of his past flowed through his brain. He remembered clearly the children playing with his toys, watching the first episode of his cartoon with his friends, and the constant smiles he saw on all the people who played with his toys over the years. He then walked up to the exhibit and touched the glass covering it gently as he said,

"This beautiful piece of art took weeks for me to build. Weeks of hard work and loving labor. I do hope that the children enjoy it as much as I did."

He then continued to stare blankly at the exhibit as he said to Falcone,

"Perhaps, perhaps."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I am almost certain that they will, for many of the children that visit this little institution it is their only escape from the world outside its walls." Carmine lowers his stance somewhat walking over towards the glass box that had been built over the display thick enough that children throwing each other into it shouldn't shatter the case, not an easy task in a city like gotham but a nice little expense for laundering money on the side. "Our city has a sickness and for many of our children this simple place provides a momentary cure." He places his hands behind his back locked one inside of the other.

     "The work that has gone into expanding this wing will bring children joy for generations just as your show did once upon a time." There's a pause in Carmine's voice as he looks over towards him. "If you ever wanted to switch careers know that with a liberal application of assets I may well be able to make that happen, in exchange for a few favors of course."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott continues to stare at his exhibit, as if he were transfixed by his own creation. As he looked at his creation, he slightly smiled as the little Unicorns appeared and began to set up the battle once again. It would appear that this was his favorite part of the set-up. He then suddenly turns to you once you drop your offer. His face is surprisingly blank as he said,

"I'll consider your offer Falcone. You seem like a honest men. But, I've been decieved before. You probably know what happened then."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Falcone nods his head and the overweight desk guard takes the hint and leaves the two men to their conversing. "Mr.Schott, we are both men of criminalistic intent, of that much should be clear one man to another." He walks alongside Schott leaning against the container. "What I do with my wealth I often do in the pursuit of maintaining and expanding power, as is the nature of my business."

     "I am not a nice man who does things purely out of the kindness of his heart, but I am a man who enjoys helping people up onto their feet while helping himself." He rests his hand on the top of the case.

     "I am a part of a different class of criminal than Dunhill, not by virtue of being innocent but by virtue of simply being honest in my dealings." He pauses for a moment. "I do not enjoy lying to people Mr.Schott, and I do not enjoy going back on my word, in my day such actions often resulted in a mans death, and rightly so."

     "I offer you an opportunity to get your life back because I see it as an opportunity to regain something which has been taken from me, a life for a life as it were."

Winslow Schott has posed:
Schott's face goes blank for a minute, as if thinking it over for a bit. He then turns to Falcone and says,

"I'll think about it Mr. Falcone. Your offer sounds very generous."

Suddenly, his face brightens as he reaches into his shirt pocket and pulls out your daughter's old MPU doll, now in pristine condition. He hands it to you gently as he says,

"You didn't think i forgot about your old friend did you? I took my time rebuilding him, made him better than ever."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine's face lights up like a christmas tree once he sees the doll. His attention falling down onto it. "Ah there's the man of the hour." He looks down at the little thing with a warm smile on his face unable to keep it back as he holds his hands towards the it. "After everything my family has been through these past months I think that this will put a smile on her face." He offers with a genuine voice. "With what happened to her mother she could use a few happy memories again." He tucks the doll back away looking over towards Schott with a bit of a bright smile.