6069/Bring Doom Samples

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Bring Doom Samples
Date of Scene: 28 April 2021
Location: Two-Way Communication between RMV Gambler's Lore and Doomstadt
Synopsis: Doom makes a long distance call to outer-space to discuss an opportunity with Blackjack. The mercenary demonstrates their considerable business acumen. Doom is modestly impressed.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Blackjack O'Hare

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Victor von Doom, Ruler of Latveria sits broodingly at his desk pouring over a variety of tomes and histories relating to the nations of Wakanda and what information has managed to gather regarding the civilization of the Kryptonians. The nagging suspicion of a connection gnaws at his self-proclaimed superior intellect. The connection speaks to him in the manifestation of their technologies.

"This cannot be a simple case of simultaneous invention." He comments disregarding a hint of self-doubt. Turning, he reaches out with a gauntleted hand and makes a few strokes on a keyboard. A virtual monitor manifests in the air above his desk. He gestures and scrolls through his available data sources and grows increasingly frustrated. "Useless."

Finally, he considers the potential of outsourcing his plight. He swipes once more in the air and brings up a registry of potential mercenary resources who operate in the theatre of space. "A cybernetic lagomorph?" His eyes squint behind his mask, "with a sound reputation."

He embraces a whim and opens a communication, "This is Doctor Doom, Monarch of Latveria, Protector of Earth. I wish to requisition your services." The audio introduction serves as an electronic letter head with the intent of opening a holographic two-way conversation if accepted.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    The coms crackle alive, and for a moment it's filled with the static harmonies and the subtle droning tones of the cosmos. Finally the image flashes over to black for a moment, before the crest of the Black Bunny Brigade slowly resolves. A skeletal hare standing amongst the remnants of a ruined skyline, turned towards the rifle in one hand whilst the other clutches a sprig of some alien plant. A spread of alien script bordered along the periphery, which likely says some something vaguely philosophical.

    "One moment your majesty."Comes the easy voice, in English no less. The clatter of china resounds, before the camera finally turns on. The chromite helmet, the cherry red photoreceptors and at least the collar of that trademark purple jacket? Yep that's Blackjack alright, holding fine alien china in one hand as he settles into his seat. The wall behind appointed not with arms, but with properly framed artwork from god only knows where.

    "A thousand apologies your majesty, you caught us after lights out here. Whatever can the Black Bunny Brigade do for you, or this a planetary commission for Earth??

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Once the communication is established, Doom appears as he is, a humanoid clad in armor that sees primitive in design, yet is anything but. He sits in a modest antique office chair and a window behind him gives view to the skies of Latveria.

"Your apologies are not required. This is a commission from Doom, though assistance may very well lead to the future prosperity and stability of Earth." Doom replies relatively still. If not for the occasional tapping a metal finger, one might think the interstellar communication had frozen.

"I require artifacts from the lost civilization of Krypton, and the tangentially related civilization of Khera. My purview is Earth. My priority the citizens of my country. As a result, I have no projected my influence into the cosmos... yet." His eyes narrow as he considers that monumental task.

"I require a proxy to both locate and retrieve these items of interest. With force if necessary. Is this line of work within the operating parameters of the Black Funny Brigade?" His head inclines ever so slightly, the green fabric of his hood shifting to cover an eye in shadow.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "Krypton, wow that's a mighty big ask your majesty."Though he doesn't outright refuse. Instead his head rocks back a touch for a moment, before rolling to the left and right and finally dipping back down for a sip of his tea. "We could theoretically investigate where Krypton -used- to be, but there are larger factors in play. An investigation of any consequence on my behalf would be relatively overt, as I lack the means to covertly infiltrate a debris field that dense or the sort've sensor equipment to accurately survey the field for objects of interest."

    "The likelyhood that any such endeavor would attract authorities, as well as the interest of other empires is very high. Once under that much scrutiny my ability to transport the goods covertly goes up in smoke, and I would kindly remind his Majesty we are not Naval outfit. As such any operation is liable to bring considerable attention from various interested parties to Earth."And a pause as he sips his tea oncemore with a soft hum.

    "There are a few more naval oriented operations I might suggest, but I'd warn they usually moonlight as privateers at best. So His Majesty should be well prepared for considerable contract, renogiations as things progress. It would likely be very expensive to retain such services with assurances they wouldn't sell you out once the contract closes."And a pause as he delicately sets his tea aside, fixing that viewscreen with those occulars oncemore. "Unfortunately it's been my experience that such folk are never straight forward with contract negotiations."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom listens intently as the cybernetic lagomorph provides a very apt assessment of the challenges regarding the request. The tapping of his finger increases in tempo. He nods occasionally as further details relayed regarding privateers. Since the nature of privateers is not new information, his mind drifts towards rephrasing his proposal.

"I appreciate your candor and apt tactical analysis of the situation. Your willingness to redirect the business to a more appropriately outfitted unit gives me confidence that you are the individual I wish to conduct business with." He gestures casually with a metal gauntlet.

"Instead of directing me to these naval operations. Would you consider acting as my proxy? As part of our contract, I will provide you necessary funding to requisition whatever naval support you require, and you will use your experience and talents to avoid the need for renegotiation. " He pauses then continues, clinching his fist. "I care only about results. The details of your participation and methods employed are of no consequence."

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "Not my normal line of work, but my outfit is partially Terran these days. So I'm inclined to accept your offer purely out of deference to their home planet's well being, of course."Theres a pause there as he pushes back from the desk, fumbling around in his jacket for..oh hey a stubby little cigar. "In addition to whatever expenses I incur, I think we're looking at a contract price of aproximately ten million credits."He draws silent again as he lights up, puffing away for a moment before returning his gaze to the camera.

    "Ten Million up front, some secondary considerations which can absolutely be conditional about docking and salvage rights. I am of course, rather interested in retaining safe harbor on earth someplace. As I'm sure you're aware your neighborhood is a bit rough, and if I'm going to operate out there I will need a local place for logistical support."And a slow exhale through the nostrils, lending those lenses to bloom in the acrid smoke."Does this sound amenable thusfar, Your Majesty?"

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Earth's well-being should be a point of deference for all sentient lifeforms. When it is threatened, the consequences have proven dire. Though, I appreciate you have established ties that bond you to my world." The way he says -my- might be unnerving, didn't he say he was the monarch of a single country.

"This price is considerable but not unexpected. If you require safe harbor, Doomstadt has considerable facilities we can make available to your unit. Of course, there would be fees, but those rates will be negotiable." Doom replies matter-of-factly. There is little hesitance in his voice. When Doom desires something, he commits to the necessary action, and resources have never been difficult for him to acquire.

"If you are under contract, I would additionally permit you access to the various Latverian embassies positioned through out Earth. If you require more clandestine lodgings, I additionally have a variety of safe houses and secret facilities." Doom edges toward bragging in this description, seeming to take pleasure in explaining the extent of his network and influence on the planet.

"As a condition, I would station a Doombot under your command to protect my interests and investments. I am certain it would be a considerable asset to your on-going work." The monarch stares to taken in the mercenary's reaction, hiding his amusement at the almost cartoonish visage of the creature smoking a cigar.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "Unfortunately your majesty, I must contest this condition. I will not undertake a contract which requires a minder, robotic or otherwise. If my reputation alone is insufficient to put your worries at ease, then I'm afraid I'm not going to be the contractor for you."And finally he slips that cigar aside, ashing it off camera. "There are security concerns on my side, trade secrets to protect as well as the matter of what a thing says about my reputation."
    "You'd be paying ten million for my time, my experience and my network of connections. For that Ten Million I will endeavor to put you directly in contact with whatever crew I can find who I earnestly believe to be both capable and trustworthy. I offer no promises such a crew is open for work right now, and if they are open would be willing to accept whatever contract you have ultimately in mind. This is of course quite expensive, and I am not promising I will succeed."And a pause as he puffs at that cigar oncemore, letting his statement settle a moment.

    "I'm normally fifteen million for starters when it comes to my area of expertise, which is Asymetric warfare and counter insurgency. Your requirements would require the same investment of time, though at lower risk to myself. So a five million credit discount is represented in my opening bid."And with that finally he reclines, blowing that smoke up vertically. "A thousand apologies of course your majesty, But I have never claimed to be cheap. My reputation provides a wealth of contract opportunities, I'm not trying to play hardball with you here but I'll get my fifteen Million any day of the week I want it."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom's eyes narrow behind his mask as he considers the rejection of his condition. Fighting back against his inclination to voice and demonstrate his displeasure, he elects silence for a few tense moment.

"We are of a similar mind. I too have secrets to protect and a reputation. I would amend my offer thus. If you operate on Earth and wish to make use of my hospitality, you will have a minder if you wish to access any of my more sensitive facilities. A doombot would be the key to what are very considerable locks." He amends, shifting in his chair and correct his posture, which has started to slump as he began to brood.

"I have no interest in managing a relationship directly with another faction or crew. If I contract you, I would hold you directly accountable for the results of whatever unit you deemed necessary to outsource to. Since this is no the matter of business you are accustomed to, I understand your hesitation." He holds up his gauntleted hand, palm open.

"You've conducted yourself magnanimously and with professional deference, so I will temper my response if you cannot meet my terms. If you do not accept my business, and find yourself on Earth, we may revisit other applications of your talents. For now, we are concluded." Without much ceremony, he dismisses the communication with a sharp hand gesture.

"Aliens... So different, yet so similar. The patterns of the multiverse seem consistent in all lifeforms: business, family, and politics." He muses.