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New guy
Date of Scene: 01 May 2021
Location: Suicide Slum - New Troy
Synopsis: 6099 Jacen and Kaida had a tussel with some thugs.
Cast of Characters: Jacen Knight, Kaida Connolly

Jacen Knight has posed:
He really doesn't fit in down here. It's questionable, by the look of him, if he fits in anywhere on this part of the country. That said he moves through the streets more or less at ease, getting a feel for the surroundings. Maybe that last turn wasn't the best choice.

If he's overly worried about the surroundings, he doesn't let it show. Instead, a ridiculous amount of self confidence practically oozes from him. He nods politely to people even if they ignore him, a man out of place and doing his best to not let it bother him.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
It really isn't a safe place, that's for sure. Suicide Slum isn't really that bad per se. There's a lot of people who live here and just try to get by. Just try to enjoy what small slice of life they have but there are plenty of people who try to cause trouble. One such group is a small gang of idiots who think they are something of a 'protection' agency for the Suicide Slum and they see a 'customer' approaching in Jacen.

"Yo, bro." The first man steps out of an alcove of a store front and into Jacen's path, "You look like you aren't from around here, man." He states and leans on the wall, "You shouldn't be out and about when it is getting late in Suicide Slum without a helpful member of the neighborhood watch havin' your back." He laughs. More laughter rings out from a nearby car and if he looks over he can see a trio.

"Yeah, man, you don't wanna get hurt around here. The paramedics," He chuckles, "Are real slow to respond." The guy leans out the window of said car while the two others lean on the side and hood respectively.

"Tell ya what." The first guy says even as they move to surround Jacen, "How about we offer to help you out? We're real helpful to new comers."

Jacen Knight has posed:
There is a shift in his demeanor. He's still more than a little sure of himself, but he's a lot mor mindful of his surroundings and the person approaching. His hand rests on the strange pouch on his belt and he hmms,"Yeah. Pretty new. Slow reaction for medics. Reckon it's a good thing I'm a med then." he continues. His eyes move from the other man to the ones he looks at and then back to him.

"Guess it's lucky f'r folks like me that y'all are out here taking care of them." he adds with a hint of dry sarcasm in his voice. Where is this guy from?

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Yeah, real lucky." The fourth guy states from his spot against the car. He uncrosses his arms and makes sure to get in behind Jacen even as the first guy grins and nods. He steps up to Jacen and looks at that hand on the pouch before looking up.

"Dat hand better be goin' for some cash and nothin' else there," He smirks, "pardn'r." He mocks and laughs drawing more laughs from the guys around him as he adds, "Two hundred dollars. Introductary rate." He nods, "We're good like dat. Always offerin' discounts to tourists."

Meanwhile, there's a sound that few could possibly hear. A scampering little thing, cloaked and moving fast are on the fire escape nearby. A figure stands up on the edge of the railing, looking down at the group and shaking her head.


Jacen Knight has posed:
There isn't any money that returns, instead his hand rests there and a flash of light in his eyes is the only warning the thug gets. A moment later the free hand grabs the one close and with a twist only a good amteur wrestler could do he tosses the thub into the one closing behind him like he doesn't weigh an ounce let alone the size of a full grown man. Head first into the other man's body.

He takes a step back from them to get trouble infront of him and find his escape option in the process. Nothing about him changes other than he is ridiculously strong in an instance. A normal person doesn't toss a body that hard and that easy.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Wait, what the-!" The thug is grabbed and thrown with ease and the other guy lets out an 'OOF!' as he is sent flying to the ground. The other two let out an annoyed noise and one pulls out a knife while the other gets out of the car, "You made a mistake, fool!"

These guys aren't bright but they make up for it in stupid bravado. The one getting out of the car immediately pulls a gun as he gets out and he begins to aim it. THe other guy gets into Jacen's path with the knife.

"You're gonna die now, foo'." He aims the gun only to let out a scream of pain as something blurs past his hand and the gun goes flying. A moment later the gun suddenly is grabbed up by something rather small and goes running off down an alleyway.

"What the hell was that?!" THe guy with the knife asks even as the first two (the one thrown and the one who got hit) attempt to untangle themselves and figure out if they are hurt.

Jacen Knight has posed:
"I never heard that one before." he mutters and when the one reaches for the gun he side steps enough to get the knife wielder between himself and the gunman. There are few things that suck more than getting shot, getting stabbed is way above that.

"Last thing th't tried ta kill me weighed over two tons'n had his own natural weapons." he comments back and smirks. The scream and the run away gun gets a raised brow, but his eyes go back to the knife. He moment of hesitation when the knife guy asks his question is taken and, though it isn't pretty, Jacen football punts the man in his pride and shoves him into the the one who lost the gun. Time for the better part of valor. He can run. He isn't super fast, but a football player's speed carries him away from the four on one. His hand goes back to the back and the flash of light at his eyes happens again, though what it does is anybody's guess.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
The man who gets punted in the balls has his eyes crossing and is dropping pretty fast right until he is thrown back into another person. They might've changed tactics at that point but the defacto leader sees Jacen run. He points after him, "Get the damn car started."

Meanwhile, Jacen might hear something else. A little tittering giggle. It's either distant or very small. It's unclear cause it seems to come from in front of him and then pass him. A moment later, a cloaked figure appears on the hood of the car of the thugs who all look on in confusion.

"Uh...is that?" The third thug who is still holding his ribs from being hit by the thrown fourth guy asks.

"Oh hell...I thought that was just some kind of bullsh** that the trash talked of."

The hood comes back to reveal a mousy face and a smirk. A small paw like hand is resting on the hilt of a sword and a few whiskers twitch momentarily before a small but carrying voice declars.

"Your tires...are already flat." And then the figure turns away and sheathes the sword before vanishing in a burst of speed.

A moment later there's a popping hiss sound from the front left and then another from the back left and then the front right and finally the back left goes out.

A few moments later, the leader is staggering out of the car, staring in disbelief and letting out a string of expletives that would cause a sailor to blush.

Jacen Knight has posed:
When he doesn't hear them pursue and does hear a weird hissing sound he turns a corner and looks back. Whatever just happened seems to have taken place to his advantage. Still, there is no sense in going back to the scene of the disaster. Being new in town could be a problem even if the locals are thugs.

He continues on his way, getting clear of them and shaking his head,"Like I'd be carryin' much money'n a new place." So...he talks to himself sometimes. He looks back once more hoping to maybe see what got him the time he needed to get away, but doesn't see anything so he continues to find his way towards other people.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"You should be more careful!" A voice calls out from somewhere above and has an odd cadence. Almost like it were said through a bullhorn but was not super loud. It didn't have a digitized sound to it like a real bullhorn though. Just echoy like one. There's teh sound of something moving overhead, "The Suicide Slums are dangerous for the unwary." The voice states more calmly even as there's a hint of a scrambling above.

Jacen Knight has posed:
He pauses and his eyes follow the sound that rings through those ears. He zones in on it easy enough, especially because of the bullhorn quality. The scurry above helps him track the sounds,"Gotta be careful 'bout that wrong turn at Albequerque?" At leaset he has a sense of humor.

Confident enough about something, he doesn't look back down the alley because nothing is coming from down there. He pauses and adds,"Reckon I owe ya thanks'n a drink if you're inclined. Appreciate th' backup. New ta town tends ta make it difficult to be careful of th' neighborhoods, but I'll keep track of that one."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Ya do!" There is the sound of something hitting a wall and then metal and then there's a skidding sound to his right and something small is skidding down the wall. A cloak flaring up before finally it comes to a stop next to his head and the figure flicks back the cloak, "And I'm not a rabbit." She states simply enough, pointing at him with her free hand, "And I don't drink." She points to her head, "I like my brain nice and clear, thankyouverymuch." She nods her head.

Jacen Knight has posed:
His eyes track sound and movement. When the cloack flares up near him he nods, giving her a once over,"No drink then. Thank ya none th' less." There is a smile and he admits,"I've had one concussion too many f'r my brain ta be too clear even without a beer." He weatches her movements and mannerisms, curious to be sure,"So anyway. I'm Jacen'n thanks f'r gettin' me outa that mess. Anywhere else I oughta avoid'n th' city. I ain' sure how long I'll be here."

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Nah." She states simply enough and nods her head, "This is the worst place." She then shrugs, "Though ya never know where things might be bad." She nods again before she looks again at him, "There's a lot of jerks in this city who occasionaly like to call attention to themselves." She nods her head, "Not all of 'em are street punks." She then shrugs and lands casually on a window sill and walks across it, "And I won't always be around ta snatch a gun." She shrugs, "So, watch yourself Jacen'n." She adds the extra n on in a slightly teasing tone before she casually scrambles back up the wall, "I'm Kaida. See ya around."

Jacen Knight has posed:
"Note ta self, stay outa here." he comments thoughtfully. He watches as she prepares to leave,"Yeah I'm gettin' th' idea that city life ain't for me. Still. Is what it is." A glance back down the alley, knowing nothing is coming, but good measure,"I'll be watchin' for th' ones that ain' just street punks."

Watching her scramble away he nods,"Thanks again Kaida. See ya when I see ya." Once she is gone he starts walking any direction other than that alley,"Gonna hafta learn th' speed'r reflexes if th's town like this all the time." he admits to himself and heads into the city again.