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Thrust upon them
Date of Scene: 04 May 2021
Location: Wetworks Bar and Distillery
Synopsis: Abcde runs in to Harley at a whiskey bar and offers to give her a tattoo, shares life stories, and gets invited to watch a Roller Derby match!
Cast of Characters: Abcde Prescelta, Harley Quinn

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "So.. this isn't happening is it?," said the guy with the fine chin and carefully trimmed stubble who had bought Abcde her last drink hoping for more than just conversation.

    "Happening? guy, that's the problem. Stuff just _keeps_ on happening. It's like, you move out of Huntington and the world is just craycray, you know?" She brings the whisky to her lips again and takes a long sip. "A water monster, as big as a three story brownstone. Weren't you listening? I almost drowned."

    He chuckles and says, "Hey. I can read the signals. Sorry you wasted my time.." He walks off to try his luck elsewhere.

    Abcde scoffs and stares after him, "Geez what's his problem." Nothing she can't fix with a bit more drinking anyway. She's tried to dress up for a night out. A nice dress that isn't too form fitting, but kept the overcoat on to.. hide everything. She's not good at this.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Talking about cray cray... Harley is one of those present at the bar tonight. In fact, after Abcde is done talking with her beau who gallantly exits the premises she may even catch a glimpse of her loud voice. She is talking to the bartender.

"Ya know ..." and she is swirling a whiskey in hand. "This Casino Ryeall drink reminds me o' the time I tried ta emulate one o' the tortures in the movie.." she is saying in that casual, nearly drunk manner of hers, leaning forward on elbows and smiling openly up at the man, "... Yea, ya know, when Mikkelsen ties up Bond, gets him all naked and threatens ta hit his balls with a rope with a weight on one end?" she makes a face. "Let's just say ..., good thing he didn't go forward, could had got messy..."

And while she cackles like a little hyena the bartender pales. He certainly wishes he was anything but there! When he moves to see if Abcde wants another drink is when Harley spots her. "Hermione!" she hops off her stool to approach the magician. "Who's that strappin' man leavin'? Is that yoh shag toy foh the night? Mmm?" wiggling eyebrows suggestive.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde blinks and sips the whiskey.. then gulps it down a bit when she sees Harley Quinn once more. Here. She can't help but smile a little bit. Despite having a heck of a reputation she has been nothing but entertaining and kind to Abcde.

    "He said he wanted to get to know me so I was telling him all about how I got stuck in a time loop but I think he just wanted to get me drunk and have sex," she says quite innocently.

    She lifts her whiskey up and peers in to it. "Hey, I can tell you instead. So, there I was in a park in Queens with my secret agent friends and someone my aunt recommended to help me get rid of the evil djinn from my arm," she says motioning to the now uninjured arm, "when the world started repeating itself over and over again."

    She points a finger to Harley, "We literally saved the world from ending. That's just nuts. Nothing like that ever happened in West Virginia s'far as I know. Just good good boys and girls doing good good things."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh yea." Harley bobs her head a couple of times in full agreement. "He even had the shag beard goin'..." then she making a face. She wiggles onto a seat next to Abcde, taking another swig out of her Ryeall and smacking her lips. "Damn, this whiskey hits the right spot." baby blue eyes then settling on Abcde when she is going about midway through her story, "Evil djinn? As in givin' crooked wishes?" she asks. She doesn't even bat an eye about the talk on djinns and so.

"And west virginia?" She furrows her brows. "I mean, theah's a lot of fen theah. I am suwah they aren't that good when they awhe rollin' around the hay and frolickin', eh?!" a suggestive wink given to Abcde.

"And wait, ya have secret agent friends?! I mean, I suppose that makes sense. Ya a magician oh somethin'.." yes, Harley looks preeeettyyy wasted by now.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She nods her head, "Mhm. Not the nice kind like in Aladdin. The real kind, who don't even wait for you to say I Wish, they just twist the situation to their own advantage and bam, suddenly they're twisting your words to their own desires. In this case, an exploding mirror and two time travellers - one who is a good guy and one who is an evil guy who speaks Italian."

    She takes a long sip of the whisky. "I'm going to level with you Harley. I have no idea what fen is. So if we have it, good I guess?" She stares at Harley for a moment, "Hay and frolicking? Oh heck no West Virginia is all about mining. Strip mining. Coal in the air. It's kind of horrible. That and forests full of monsters. Huntington ain't so bad I guess. Small town. We have a cool driver safety town and a burgeoning fandom for Ranchos.. er.. Tarantula Spiders."

    She nods her head, "Oh yeah the good guy is this spy and he met up with his spy wife and spy friends and I made them chocolate cake as a thank you and now I'm being hunted by terrorists named hydra but their symbol is a squid. It makes no sense."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You awhe assumin' the big blue was the nice kind. But he always gave me the creeps. And did ya see Will Smith bein' the djinn...?" Harley tsks, continuing to wave her glass about, the drink precariously holding inside. But it stays at least! "And oooo, time travellin'?!" she grins suddenly. "I have done that..! With my friend Spiral and April. We went back in time ta stop the Jokah from doin' somethin', it was kinds of traumatizin'... But we did it! Even got ta rob a bank in the process. But in the past, so it doesn't count, right?" by the way she tells it... Is it even true?! Might be she was just dreaming. But she seems certain.

"And I meant hay, not fen..." A hiccup. "Ya know, wheah ya roll with yoh beau and so?" then she gives it a thought about mining. "Sorta hard ta go at it in a mine. Hard ta breathe too. I would be up foh that though.." she says.

"And oh, Hydra?!" That name she knows. Because she is part of the suicide squad! "Yea, those little bitches. They been around... And now theah's no SHIELD so I am guessin' they awhe poppin' theah little tentacles up again in some kind of pervert hentai re-run.." she rolls her eyes. "Ya in trouble, Hermione." she finally assesses.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde nods her head, "Well ... he was Aladdin's friend and magic is cool." She taps her nose and smirks as if that were just a given. "But yeah Will Smith being the genie? that's just... messed up. You can't replace Robin Williams," she says in agreement and sips her whiskey.

    Abcde slow blinks at Harley and says, "Wait you travelled through time too? .... how did you do it? was it with an evil djinn using blood magic?" May be she can help her friends out if she learns how Harley did it. "Aren't all bank robberies in the past though? they can still throw you in jail for that right?"

    Abcde starts to laugh a moment as she imagines the dirty mines and gigantic mining machines and Harley snogging some random guy from the bar there. "Forest is better. Besides the monsters and bears and wolves and hikers," she suggests.

    "You know HYDRA? ... geez thanks for that," she adds as Harley confirms she's in trouble. She genuinely looks upset about it though, "My spy friends say I shouldn't go back to my apartment - but all my stuff is there. I'm sick of hiding. I'm starting to think I need to do a big ritual of SEP to stay off their radar or something."

    An eyebrow quirks and she grins at Harley and says, "I just realised you have no idea what my name is do you.." she finishes the whiskey and stabs a finger to the bar top. The bartender obliges and pours some more whiskey in to her glass when she slides money over to him.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Well .., it was magic.." Harley states, pressing her lips together in thought, "And in this case it was a friend. Spiral.." she explains to the young magician. "But she has gone back to the wildways.." not hiding some sadness in her tone. "I still miss her..." and she downs the rest of her whiskey in one gulp, looking all kinds of nostalgic and melancholic. The glass is lifted up to the 'skies' before she leans forward on the counter.

"And oh yea, you have no idea. Try snoggin' some guy when ya have a literal crocodile man sleepin' on the cell next ta ya. I sweah .., it's weird.." Much like her life is.

But enough with weird stories from Harley! She focuses on Abcde and mmmms, pressing her lips together. "Well, I know a friend or two who can help with that.." she says. "They awhe good in relocatin' people. Oooooor, we can go and see about bashin' some hydra skulls at your apartment. If they awhe theah.." she instantly offering herself to go take care of that problem!

"And oh yea, ya mean it ain't Hermione?!" big shock. "I am Harley Quinn." she grins toothily.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She nods her head picking up on that sadness. She lifts her glass up too and then takes a sip. "They do good whiskey in this place," she says having only recently started drinking. She hasn't enough life experience with alcohol to really know what she's saying there.

    "I.. I'm not really in to snogging guys," she states and then raises an eyebrow. "You said that all creepy like. I was just thinking of a warding tattoo. Hey want to get a warding tattoo? I have the stuff back in my apartment and if any one busts in you can make them unconscious..."

    She smiles, "Well, I knew your name. You're famous. Very famous. I find it hard to believe a lot of the stories people tell about you though." She holds out her hand and says, "I'm Abcde Prescelta. Small town witch living in the big apple and now drinking in a whisky bar in America's voted worst city."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You ain't?" A glance over her shoulder and then back to Abcde, "What weah you doin' with Tinder boy ovah theah then?" Harley cants her head to the side, a touch confused, but then shrugs. "But I hear ya. My frolickin' days awhe ovah now that I got a stable girlfriend." she then tapping on the counter. "JACK! ANOTHA RYEALL!" though then she is curious about that tattoo. "A wardin' tattoo? Tell me moouh.." she squints her eyes all sneaky like. "I mean, I nevah say no to a good tattoo, as long as it's a good one..."

"And ooo, a lot of the stories awhe true if I am ta be honest about it.." she admits, then grinning when Abcde introduces herself. "Good ta meet ya!" she extends one pale hand to shake Abcde's.

"Hey, Gotham ain't so bad!" She quickly looks around. "Besides, ya nevah know when Batman may be listenin' in.." she may be a little paranoid.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    "You've got a stable girlfriend? Congrats. No.. not really in to girls either. I just.. don't? you know? may be you don't know. I'm ace," she says with a small smile that she quickly hides behind the whiskey she sips. "He said he wanted to talk!," she exclaims and sighs, "It's not my fault he had false pretences."

    "Hmm well there are tattoos you can get that make you harder to spot for certain kinds of creatures or intentions. Not impossible to spot, but harder to spot. Like ghosts and demons and sludge monsters ... but there's one for people who want to hurt you, if you know their name.. well.. I know their name. HYDRA," she says with a nod.

    She frowns a little when Harley says the stories are true, "But you don't do the evil stuff anymore right? Because you don't really seem the type. May be I'm not good at reading people. No.. I know I'm not good at reading people." She quirks a look at Harley and says, "Batman cares if people say the city stinks? or .. drunk locals might care I suppose."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh, yea. I know what an ace is." Harley bobs her head a couple of times with a grin, reaching to tap Abcde's shoulder with a tap. "Hermi-- I mean Abs, when guys say they wanna talk what they mean is they wanna get dirty with ya." words of wisdom right there! "It's like that unspoken rule, yea?" she gestures, "Specially if ya come to a joint like this, or if he invites you heah.." more words of wisdom!

"And oooh, ya need a tattoo partner ta help ya do it on yohself or somethin?" She considers, "I mean, if ya need someone ta do it on you I know a few people." in fact she does seem as if she has a few tattoos on herself.

"And eh, I try ta keep my nose clean. Trouble finds me moouh often than not though.." All true! "But thanks foh that though." about saying she doesn't seem the type.

"Well, the keyword is that Batman cares. Prolly moouh than anyone else in this stink hole.." she gesturing vaguely around. "Which is tellin'.."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    There's a small smile of amusement from Abcde as she's told what guys are really after. "Look I do know that, it's just not the first thing that comes in to my head when someone nice offers me a drink." She rubs her eyes a moment and then stares in to the liquid in the glass. "I'm going to have a terrible hangover tomorrow."

    "I mean, no, not really I can do it to myself just fine. I just thought you might want one too if you're worried about HYDRA too." She stares for a moment at the mirrors behind the bar at the reflection of herself. A small wave is given to her reflection and Harley's reflection, then she nods her head and says, "I wasn't ever really sure if Batman was real or not. I've still never seen him. But given everything I've encountered so far.. I believe he's probably real."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"He is most definitely real." Harley confirms. Having been on the rear-end of a few beatings and pursuits in the past does that! "Get in trouble heah and you awhe bound ta come across him one way or anotha... Just make suwah not ta be on the wrong side." she says in ways of advice to Abcde. When Abcde proposes a tattoo to have her be unnoticed she considers it, scrunching up her nose..


"Nah ..., my supahpowah is sorta bein' noticed ya know?" She says, "I mean, let 'em come. I will keep theah attention, I am good with that. Considerin' all the kinda shit I pull don't think the tattoo would woik well anyway." a wink given to the young magician.

She peeks at the mirrors too and grins widely at them, "But the offah still stands. If ya need help takin' care of 'em I can give a hand. And I know people ..., in high places. With particular sets of skills..."

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    There's a small grimace as she imagines Batman beating up on Harley. "Wow," is what she says to that. "The world is so weird. We just don't have people like that in Huntington. I think I prefer the Spider-Man to the Batman. The Spider-Man is polite. I've seen videos of him."

    "Yeah that makes sense. I just like doing magic is all. Any excuse really, so long as it's not going to cause people troubles or harm that don't have it coming," she explains. "I don't need negative energy coming back at me. That can get real complicated real fast."

    She grins, "Do you really know Liam Neeson?" She wouldn't put it past her. The whiskey is thrown back and she leans against the bar, hair askew and leg dangling back and forth. She's made herself comfortable even if it looks super awkward. "Do you still live here, in Gotham?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Noooo...!" Harley says about knowing Liam Neeson. "Would love to someday though.. But I meant moouh as in knowin' actual assassins or army guys and ..., well.., lets just say I know people from every sphere o' life yea?" Harley makes friends evverryyywhereeee! "Besides...." and she looks around as if making sure noone is listening. "... I have woiked foh the government a few times already.." a sagely nod. Is she joking? Because what kind of government agency would hire her services?

She isn't telling!

"And nope, I live in Brooklyn now with my bestie April and my hyenas." She informs the other, "I come heah from time to time but .., took a break from actually bein' part of the scenery ya know? Theah's moouh o' the world than just gloomy Gotham. But now I just live back in New York, and besides, theah's no roller derby teams in Gotham!" which seems to be a big factor for her change too!

Well, maybe not too big, but it helps.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde ponders how Harley might have worked for the government, "DMV?"

    She grins, "You have hyenas? whoa. That's wild. I mean, they'd be wild right? Oh, besties. Is April your partner or is that someone else?" She looks a touch surprised though and asks, "What's Roller Derby?"

    The look of simply not knowing what this is and hoping Harley will tell her is genuine. She does not know what Roller Derby is. In her mind she is pondering some sort of car crashing demolition race though. She is from West Virginia after all.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Not as wild. I have finally managed ta have 'em not eat people anymoouh." Progress. And Harley seems fully serious about that too. "And nope, not my partner, that's someone else and ..." she stops when Abcde says she doesn't know what roller derby is. She is joking, right?


Harley slides closer to Abcde, "What ya mean ya don't know what roller derby is?" eyes squint as if taking in Abcde's face and expression, looking for deceit! But with finding none she lifts her brows. Affronted that someone doesn't know?! Hmph..

"Well, imagine this.." and she gestures grandly with one hand. "A rink, a bunch of gals in roller blades rollin' around it. A desire ta survive but a biggah one ta drive ya opponents to the side of the rinks and get 'em flyin' out.." she nods with a deep grin. "It's a brutal sport. I love it." because of course she does.

"And theah's an actual championship in New York, between the various districts. So yea..., I am the Brooklyn Queens' captain." she announces proudly.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    Abcde shrinks back just a touch as Harley looms in at her, studying her face. "You can be real intimidating when you put your mind to it," she remarks to the doctor slash ex-villain. There's small nods of understanding as she tries to imagine it. First of all starting with ice hockey and then modifying it as the description advances.

    "Okay. I still don't get it.. but i will g. Wait, you play it? Hey! Well now I have to come see you play. We're friends right?" that last part is a question. Harley did save her from the cops and she did save Harley from a spirit that rode people to their deaths. But more that she just can't read people.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Heheheh, it's not the first time people tell me that..." Harley says about being intimidating, all those shadows in the bar making her look even more eery, the clownish smile evident in how scary it looks! "But I don't bite...! Too much.." another wink. Then a nod in response about she playing. "O' course I do. I'm a doer, not a watcher."

"And sure thing we awhe friends, I will let ya know when we have a game next and ya can come watch. Or even play if ya wanna." she looking Abcde over thoughtfully. "We just gotta get some meat on those bones but ..., some scrawny ones have success in the game too. All a matter of chance..!" then she leaning in to whisper. "And on how bloodthirsty ya awhe..." a sagely nod.

Abcde Prescelta has posed:
    She smirks, "Okay now you're just trying to be scary. It's working." She covers her mouth with a yawn and says, "Oh gosh I think I drank too much. That time loop really got to me... seriously if we hadn't stopped those HYDRA people we would have never had a tomorrow."

    She nods excitedly, "Great!.. to watching. I don't know how to play so, probably don't want me to ruin your chances of winning or whatever. Blood thirsty? Gosh," she says with a laugh. "But yeah now I'm super curious. I also heard there's such a thing as competitive tag.. I want to see what that's about too."