618/Taking A Breath

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Taking A Breath
Date of Scene: 18 March 2020
Location: Happy Harbor Campus
Synopsis: Kian drops in on Morrigan and they have a chat.
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Kian

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off today. This is not unusual for the woman, but, she's managed to find herself out in back of the school and sitting on a bench. She's reading through her missed texts from the day and generally getting ready to head home. She needed to wait on an end of the day report from the hospital before setting off for the evening. So there she sits, enthralled by her phone for the moment.

Kian has posed:
    People deal with stress in different ways, even when they're not technically human.  For the alien birdman Kían, nothing burns off stress quite like going flying -- which is exactly what he's been doing for about the last hour.
    Lazily spiraling downwards towards the school, he remembers the admonition to stay out of sight... but fortunately, no one seems about other than the headmistress.
    He drops lightly, even effortlessly to the ground not far away from her.  "/Kié, Mórikan q'miríth.  P'kat'tái/?" he asks, bowing and spreading his wings in greeting.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks up when there's a shadow that lands over the grass and the woman gives a curious quirk of an eyebrow, "Well...that's inconspicuous." she chuckles. She then quickly puts up the translation spell and stands up.

"I'm doing alright, Kian. How are you doing? Are the wind currents up there enjoyable?" she asks him.

Kian has posed:
    <<They are... different.  This world is heavier than mine, that I'm sure of -- though not by much, I don't think.  Flying isn't that much more of an effort -- although if I'm here very long, then if I find my way home, I will be a most exceptional flier.  I can already feel the workout I'm getting against your slightly greater gravity,>> Kían explains, stretching and re-folding his wings.
    Without warning, he switches gears.  "I iss lern In'g-lis iss no e-zee."  He recalls his recent conversation with Colette.  "Iss har't," he amends.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives him a smile as she continues to use his language, <<Gravity is probably different on this world as we aren't meant to fly.>> she sighs to that. <<Are you planning on going home?>> she asks him curiously.

Then there's a smile at his trying to learn English, <<It is a good attempt!" she tells him with a nod to that. She was genuine. <<How are you doing with the other things...like the image inducer and things? I apologize that I've not been by to catch up on that.>> she dips her head to that.

Kian has posed:
    <<If I could go home, I would,>> Kían says without rancor.  It's just a simple statement of fact.
    <<I... thank you,>> he says, with regard to his limited English skills.
    And then his face falls.
    <<The... image inducer.  I cannot.  I cannot be wingless, even as an illusion.  I have kept myself out of sight, but my wings -- they are also a Gods' gift, one given to all my people.  To hide them would be to deny myself.  I am willing to keep out of sight, but I cannot deny who I am.>>

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a smile to him, <<I know how that feels. I wasn't born in America, but, it's vastly different between flying to another country and flying to another planet.>> she admits to that.

Then there's a soft sigh as she retakes the seat she was sitting at, <<Our main thing at the school is discretion, mainly to keep you safe so that our human students don't react badly or in other ways.>> she admits. <<While keeping out of sight is fine, you can't attend mixed classes like that and I don't want to make you hide your wings if that's going to be something so grave." she admits.

Kian has posed:
    <<It is,>> the little birdman confirms.  <<To hide my wings would be an affront to my Gods.  And I don't mind tutoring.  That's how our education system works, in some ways.  Tailored to the individual by the house systems and programming.  I don't want to cause you any trouble -- you've been very good to someone who really has no claim on your time and talents -- but there are things I simply may not do, and I may not be that which I am not.  If that makes sense.>>

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a look to him and there's a smile, <<I don't want you to do anything that would upset your Gods or anything like that.>> she tells him. <<We do want to help you with things though. So if we can set you up with a tutor, whether I do it or we get another teacher to, we need to do that.>> she admits. <<And I want to make sure that you are in a comfortable place. Here you'd have to keep things quiet and it would be miserable for you." she frowns.

Kian has posed:
    <<It isn't too bad here,>> Kían says, spreading and re-folding his wings, and looking up into the sky.  <<It isn't my estate at home, but I have no clan here to assign me one.  I can't really asy I understand how you do things on this world, actually.  But if I can ultimately find a place to be, and a way to be useful, I think I can get by.>>
    He pauses, and adds, <<Of course, if I should happen to find a way home, I must go.>>

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
<<This is true.>> Morrigan states. <<But if you'd like to have your own space we can arrange that as well.>> she offers. <<It's sometimes a compromise with things. We can send tutors and things and you can live somewhere that makes you comfortable and you can not be stressed and things.>> she explains. <<I think there's a lot potential for you here, but I want to give the best environment as well.>> she states.