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Ramen without the ninjas!
Date of Scene: 11 May 2021
Location: Ramen Empire
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Bruce Banner, Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Bruce Banner has posed:
This is how Bruce Banner would like to spend the rest of his life, flask in his shirt pocket to keep off the tension, daily walks through New York City, exploring new restaurants, meeting new people with a genuine smile. The "Big Guy" dormant so long as he keeps meditating six times a day and adheres to various Zen mantras. Today this is exactly what he is doing because there's no world ending threat and any crime happening -anywhere- in the city is not his problem!

Bruce smiles warmly at the greeter, "Table for one please. Thank you." As always his tone is meek, his expression docile, for all anyone knows he's a pushover. Just how he wants it. The plus side is that no one has recognized him yet. Then again people usually remember him green rather than.. well.. normal Banner. Now seated he is looking over the menu, taking a small sip of his flask of rum when no one is looking.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "The lady would like the ramen bowl with ham and eggs, and those glass noodles on top, and make it smell like heaven. I'll be having the ramen bowl as well with no meat, but three eggs, and actually, lets do shrimp and eggs. Yeah." Remy says, looking up from his menu and then folding it closed and handing it towards the waitress. The man's still wearing sunglasses inside, peculiar, but doesn't seem out of place beyond that.

    "Oh, and a california roll also. We're celebrating." He smiles cheekily and then looks back towards the stunning woman sitting across from him. "We need to come down to the city more often mon cherrie." The cajun notes, adjusting his sunglasses with a glance over Rogue's shoulder and a motion. "Think someone famous just showed up."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is indeed seated across from Remy and grinning over the table at him as he orders for her. She's dressed somewher ebetween a hippy and Sarah Conner, in that she's wearing dark jeans and a dark green taktop with black gloves that go all the way up to her elbows, and a black 'doo rag' on her head tied back behind the crown of said head, her long brown and white hair flowing down out from beneaht it toward her otherwise bare shoulders.

The Belle's aviators are pushed up to her forehead over the white hairline found there, and her leather bomber jacket is draped over the back of her chair.

"Nice choice." She says to him with a sly smirk. "And you're right. I like comin' down here when its got a purpose and a reason, not just... I dunno, t'look for fights t'get inta, and win." She smirks at him then before reaching out for her glass of water.

The bit about the new comer, has Rogue looking over to see Bruce Banner. She looks back to Remy and nods. "Seen him recently. He showed up at one'a our missions. Nice fella, for a science-y guy. Course, I haven't met the other version'a him." That last part has her grinning a bit wider then.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Banner decides on Shoyu Ramen, "Never had that before. In fact I've never had ramen beyond the instant.. kind." He smiles again as his waitress leaves with his order. Bruce is not yet aware that Rogue and Remy have spotted him, much less that they know who he is. Maybe he should have worn sunglasses inside too? Either way there is now a bottle of Snapple in front of him now.

He considers another swig of rum but decides that he's sufficiently calm for now. This place doesn't serve alcohol anyway and he'd likely get kicked out if he pressed his luck.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy looks to Rogue and lifts an eyebrow. "The 'other version'..." Remy says in a whisper as he leans closer to be able to whisper even quieter. The cajun leans back and pops his shoulders by lifting his hands in a yawn before he looks over towards Bruce and takes off his sunglasses in a momentary lapse of memory. "I'm gonna go say hi to the guy. He looks like he could use a friend."

    Remy stands up and gives a boisterous shout, "Bruce! Old pal old buddy. I know ya don't recognize me, but I think you may remember my girlfriend." To which Remy gestures to with a thumb aimed behind him at his table, roughly. Stepping closer to Bruce. "Why don'tcha come sit and chat with us over dinner. Always better to have a friend and food than just food." Totally making a scene in a restaurant, but that's never much concerned the cajun.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue goes about pulling her long black gloves off of her slender arms. Onea fter the other, she lays them down on to the table and lets them drape down off of the side of it while she starts to roll them up in to tight little rolls. She looks up at Remy and just shakes her head as he stands up to go talk to the Doctor.

By the time Remy settles in to the chair at the man's table, and speaks about her, Rogue is turned around and resting her chin on the back of her chair. She raises one handup and waves once at Bruce.

"Hi." The Belle says to him after Remy gestures her way.

"You can tell us to leave you alone too. That's totally cool also." She has to offer an our, right? It's only fair!

Bruce Banner has posed:
At the sound of Remy and Rogue calling to him, he doesn't even get a TINY bit tense, no he's all good right now. Instead her turns to look at them with yet another smile, "Oh.. hey." At Rogue's offer of shunning, "No I wouldn't do that. In fact I think I would like to join you. I'm sure that the waitress will understand."

He picks up the unopened bottle of Snapple and joins the two. "I remember you.. Rogue isn't it?" Looking at Remy he pauses, "I don't recall meeting you though. You have a very excited personality. I'm a bit.. deficient in the extrovert department if you'll excuse my lack of 'pep.'" He's sure that he doesn't need to explain.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "He's not gonna tell us- Yeah, see." Remy turns and sticks his tongue out towards Rogue as Bruce stands and moves over towards their table. Remy does a quick double take at the man's table to make sure everything is picked up, and then he turns to face the back of the restaurant, and says, "He's moving over to our table and tab!" As if anyone acknowledged him, and yet, there's no way they didn't hear him.

    Remy slips back over and takes a seat next to Rogue, "I can be quite extroverted, but I'm nothing like this firecracker here." He says and gives Rogue's side a nudge with his elbow. "Surprised she didn't point you out and invite you first." The southerner says with a wink towards her.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches as Remy invites him and he accepts, which makes her smile. She holds that smile for the Doctor as he settles in at the table with his drink. "Mmm, Snapple." She says, showing another little grin. "And yeah, that was me. You really rolled up on a hectic one that night. Glad it went as good as it did and we got those people back safely."

It'd been a plane hijacking, where the passengers were taken to a creepy base because some of them were VIp types.

She motions to Remy then as he sits back down. "He wasn't there that night though, because he's a man'a mystery, this one." She states after she gets nudged in the ribs by the Cajun, which gets a smirk. "Yeah, I'm the social butterfly here." She snickers then and reaches for her water again now with a bare hand.

"So, Doctah Bannah--" Rogue says, her accent a bit played up there. "What's goin' on in your world? Anything excitin'? She asks, her grin back on her dusky red hued lips.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner gives another smile, "Well then I think that he's succeeded where I've failed. But you know.. my life is boring just how I like to keep it. I don't look for action, adventure, or anything else beyond not drawing SHIELD's attention. I'm just glad that they don't keep me in a cage." He smiles again for emphasis.

"I'd like to get back into a research position but anyone who matters just wants me for... you know."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "I think we're all wanting to stay off SHIELD's radar's. Literally and figuratively." Remy says with a nod as he takes his drink and takes a sip, and smacks slightly when he releases the straw. "Sorry." He shrugs and then looks back to Banner. "What kinda research were you doing and what kinda dumby wouldn't want to let you do that?" Remy asks, as if he's able to follow what Bruce would be researching, but as long as it's as vague as that, Remy can follow. No claims of him being a smarty, but quick.

    "Yeah, I'm a man of mystery, like that Bond fellow, only, he's got better suits and less dirt under his finger nails." Remy says with a shrug before looking back to Rogue and taking another sip of his tea.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes go between Bruce and Remy as they talk about the Doctor's skills as a scientist not being needed over the skills of the Smasher. This seems to surprise her.

"Really?" Rogue asks the Doctor. "That's crazy t'me. I mean... you're like renowned, right? I'd think SHIELD would want you for those smarts. They're always makin' weird stuff with their seeminglly endless budget." She doesn't know a LOT about SHIELD, admittedly, but she's learned enough about them to know that they're quite an operation.

"Well, have you ever considered teachin'?" Rogue asks with a little grin. "We work at a school, ya know. A nice one, at that."

Bruce Banner has posed:
Banner smiles again, rather politely so this time, "Biology, Engineering, Nuclear Sciences." To Rogue he says, "You would think so but.. there are a lot of experts in my various fields. There's only one.. you know." It's like he doesn't want to say HULK.. either out of fear of him being summoned or to prevent anyone else from recognizing him.

"I've helped in my professional capacity several times. I would just rather be known for that more than being.." He finally opens his Snapple as his food arrives piping hot, "Thank you.." He says to the waitress and he begins to eat, slowly, easy, "I like to live in the moment though. I try not to contemplate the future too much. It's bad for digestion and.. other things."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    "Shoot, I think the entire school we're ... um... involved with?" Remy pauses to look at Rogue and whispers, "How else do we explain it? Don't laugh at me." Then back to normal volume. "The entire school doesn't plan for the future as there's always something going wrong, or some teacher being turned into a t-rex, or ... some nonsense, that none of us can follow." Remy says with a shrug, "You'd sure as heck be welcome to enter and help in any way you'd like."

    "Shoot, I'm sure we could help you with research, we got heck of a lab I'm sure we could convince someone to let you use." Remy says and then he leans way back as their food arrives in kind as well. "Sushi?" Remy says as he picks up a roll and offers some to Rogue and Bruce.

Rogue has posed:
When she looks back down at the Doctor, she nods to what he said and what Remy replies to him with.

"I mean, yeah, Hank's a bit stuffy with his labs, but he's as busy as they come. I'm sure you could fit right in. The science class is pretty huge too, and has a giant turtle in it, no less." She flashes a grin then before she lowers her arms and reaches out for a roll that she turns around in her fingertips for a moment before she tears a bit off of it.

"But I can respec thte Livin' in the Now approach too." She says with a grin. "Gotta stay cool as ice, zen, yeah?" She pops that finger pinch of bread in to her mouth then and glances at the food Remy ordered for her.

Bruce Banner has posed:
Bruce Banner chuckles a bit, the most emotion he's shown so far, "In all seriousness? I might take you up on that. At least there no one will give me odd looks or bristle if I do so much as sigh." At the offer of sushi, "I'm.. keeping everything in moderation." He pats his shirt pocket and the flask inside, "Rum is the one thing I let myself indulge in. Believe it or not I've never been able to get myself drunk since.. you know. Toxin resistance. But in certain quantities it's a great supplement with meditation."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
    Remy shrugs, "Oh, I'm sure you'll get looks, and maybe some jerk'll bristle you, but it's generally harmless." Remy says with a second shrug before looking at Rogue, "I think it would be best if you did the talking, I'm pretty sure I'm on thin ice."

    "Never been drunk, sheesh that sounds like a nightmare in and of itself." Remy notes as he leans back and pulls his noodle bowl closer to himself and breaks out the fork, not even going to pretend with the chopsticks tonight. "Not that you have to be able to--- I'll just shut up now."

Rogue has posed:
Edit: top of my last pose

Rogue just leans there on her chair at a bit of an agnle to face them both, one arm on the table's edge and the other draped over the back of her chair. She watches the food get delivered and offers the server a bit of a smile, ever the flirt that she is.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle is quick to softly laugh at the both of them dining with her tonight. She shakes her head side to side as she reaches for her utensils to prepare to stab at her own food.

"I mean, I dunno what the hiring process is like, but the Professah-- or Jean I guess --is all for good new help at the school. Least based on the conversations I've overheard them havin'." She grins a little again.

"But yeah, I know for sure we'd rather have you, Dotah, than the big guy." That gets naother grin to him from her before Rogue looks to Remy. "You order me the weridest food, ya know that?" Remy having a deeper knwoledge and experience with foods than she does might surprise some!

"I got trouble strayin' drunk. I get there pretty easily, but yeah... I sober up in a half hour or so if I don't keep drinkin'. Leaves me with a pretty damn high bar tab." She laughs softly again.