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Flight of the Navigator
Date of Scene: 22 February 2020
Location: Harlem
Synopsis: Riri tests the Ironheart armor Mk I and helps Kate Bishop stop a robbery. It's all captured on cellphone!
Cast of Characters: Kate Bishop, Riri Williams

Kate Bishop has posed:
The real big time now folks.

Armored car robbery in Harlem in the late afternoon verging on dusk hours.

One really needs to question why so many criminals try to rob banks, armored cars, and jewelry stores in New York City. I mean really. It may as well be the Super Hero Capital of the World these days. Home of the Avengers. Fantastic Four. Spider People. A variety shows worth of street level heros.

Still here we are, armored car robbery during afternoon rush hour which is probably designed to slow down the cops. The robbers caught the drivers after a pickup at a pawn-4-gold, holding them up right now at gunpoint while relieving them of their weapons and keys so they can next relieve the truck of the money. There are six of the criminals, all of them on bikes so they can get away despite the rush hour traffic. Helmets doing a wonder to hide their identity.

Kate picks up on it over the police band, having been boredly patrolling on her own bike. While a police respond is being sent, the rush hour traffic is slowing and complicated police response time severely. That doesn't slow Kate down though as she weaves fast through traffic, reaching with one hand to pull her quiver out, slowing a moment to secure it, then pulling her bow out and holding it against the bikes handlebars as she approaches fast.

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri is standing in a garage deep in the heart of Harlem. A tablet in hand with a pair of goggles up on her forehead where she'd been welding the last bit of her armors housing bracket together with bits of metal she'd picked up at the scrap yard a few days prior. Long cables are running to a hollowed out section of concrete where she's tapped directly into the City power grid because this thing doesn't run on nuclear fusion, even though the suit does.

The table is giving her the diagnostic readings from the last systems test for Ironheart Mk I. Looking like a mix-matched patchwork of armor pieces around a fusion core held in the center of the chest... it isn't pretty or sleek or specifically something nice to look at, but the tech is all sound. The repulsors are online, so says her tablet. "Okay..."

The goggles along with her jacket, beneath she's wearing a tight body suit designed to insulate her body heat against the increased the heated armor. After climbing up inside she pulls the main chest section down, scooting back into the helmet as the systems all start to come online.

"Okay, Riri... First flight test, begin recording." Hitting a button inside the gauntlet activates the digital camera set up across the garage. "Test flight one." In her booming voice through helmets loud speakers. "In five... four.. three.. two... One."

Activating the flight controls sends the armored teenager rocketing through the skylight like a firework, which thankfully doesn't explode at the end of the travel. "WHOOOOOOOOOA! Level out! LEVEL OUT!"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Thankfully there are no sky explosions, though fireworks are quite pretty. Still it is a bit early for them, the sun still up even if it is creeping towards sundown.

The armored car job is continuing to go down without a hitch so far like the robbers practiced. One of the six have their guns trained on the two armored car guards they have kneeling nearby on the sidewalk. A second is keeping an eye out for pedestrians or cops on foot. The third criminal is watching for approaching cops or problems from the street. The last three are unloading the money satchels from the back and loading them into saddlebags spread out across the six bikes.

Fast and effecient just like practice.

Wrenches are going to be thrown into the plan though.

Wrench one is Kate, speeding along weaving between cars even as the very distant sounds of sirens begins. The response time isn't going to be fast enough. When Kate comes into view of the guard watching the street in her incoming direction the helmeted criminal tilts his head confused.

Confusion will turn to alarm as Kate shifts up. flipping a cruise control mod on with her free hand and then suddenly her bow is in her hands as she takes a shot at the criminal raising his assault rifle .... which flies true and hits him right in the right front shoulder joint causing him to yell in pain which raises an alarm amongst the criminals and then drop his gun.

Riri Williams has posed:
Meanwhile Riri is having a battle of her own, trying to modulate power levels to keep from spinning in a wild circle like a bottle on a tabletop. The armor itself weighs a ton, which makes the fact that it's pinwheeling on an X-Y access all the more amusing until she finally gets the thrust levels rights.

Both palms point forward, then one out to her right and the other to her left... her feet thrusts fire in bursts and she's hovering. "Righteous!" Elation! Genuine and true. A grin spread across her face from ear to ear as she gets herself moving with the appropriate momentum so as not to blast away into a wall.

"Okay, suit recorder activate and link with database for system review... Let's see what we're working with." A labor of love. Two years in the making, Riri turns slowly and angles forward, blasting on all four repulsors in the direction, unbeknownst to her, of the robbery in progress.

Music playing into her helmet - Hopsin, Ill Mind Vol 4.

"I use to be the goofy kid you hounded..
The special ed kid in school
That nobody wanted to stand around with..."

She's within communication range of the police and the flashing lights reflect up to her visor, "Cut music... let's test the hacking software." Letting it run a search for the signal.

- Robbery in Progress on -

That's right over there.. Incoming Wrench number two!

Kate Bishop has posed:
Well another target for the bad guys probably wouldn't be bad for Kate right about now.

The bad guys trained for random interferrence and cops arriving sooner than predicted.

While one of them may be trying to pull an arrow out of his shoulder, the one covering the sidewalk and the one covering the other direction of the street spin around bringing up their rifles.

Kate mutters "Crud" into her helmet, just to herself, not like she has anyone to talk to about this really. A second arrow is nocked shortly after the first, and a shot is taken at the other one in the street, grazing over the shoulder though not hitting the seam like the last one. Turns out their gear is armored which means she needs to be more precise in her aim.

Still as they open fire she slides back down, flipping the cruise off and sliding the back down for a dismount behind a car stuck a ways up the road letting it be peppered by bullets. "Double crud." is the next mutter.

The two criminals start to approach, they have probably had some basic military training the way they walk approaching.

Riri Williams has posed:

The landing is still problematic, to say the least.

Rolling across the pavement, THROUGH, one of the armed robbers, or his bike at least, Riri come sot a halt against a newspaper stand that tips over against the weight and force of her sudden stop. CRUNCH. Her palm slaps down onto the sidewalk, pushing her massive bulk up with the whine of servos as she hoists up with metal weight bink bink binking as she hops to her feet.

Turning towards the armed group, "PUT DOWN YOUR GUNS." She needs to do something about that volume. A little on the loud side. Palms out towards the goons to fend off the fire she suspects is about to errupt at her.

Budget Iron Man over here.

Kate Bishop has posed:
The criminal that is keeping the two guards pinned down is very distracted watching all the mayhem unleashed. He holds his post though, not sure if his friends can deal with these people or not.

The crash landing budget iron man performed went right through one of the guys loading money and his bike, causing the bike and him to bounce along the street. The money explodes up into the air with prejudice really.

The two who were loading stop, and swivel their assault weapons up. One of the ones stalking Kate also turns at the crashing. "It's the Avengers!" and one of the others shouts back "No way... the one with the bow is a chick!... Shoot it" and three of the four that are engaged with the arrivals shoot at Riri and her armored suit, unloading in her direction.

Kate uses the wonderful distraction to run out from behind the car she was using as cover and then tumble before coming up to sink an arrow in the side seam of the guy still focused on her, paydirt.

Of course then she gets shot right in the chest by that assault rifle and goes tumbling down behind another car with a cry of pain... ... I mean her suit is armored but that was way closer than she expected. This is a huge step up from knives and she will have one hell of a bruise later there.

Riri Williams has posed:
If she were 100% honest with herself, Riri wasn't entirely convinced that the armor would hold up against smalls arms fire, let alone assault weapons. So when those weapons begin to fire at her, she fires the repulsors on her palms with the singular purpose of launching backwards out of the way of incoming bullets. The problem arise in the fact that the landing knocked the calibrations she'd made on the repulsors out of aleignment and instead of the steady stream of energy she was hoping for, she fires off a blast from both palms.

One at each of the armored assailants.

It's not enough to vaporize them, but if it hits, it'll knock them for a loop!

"WHOA?! I didn't know it could do that!" Volume! "SORRY." One of the bikes is grabbed in a grinding gear of her right fist and hurled across the street towards the gunman attacking Kate. "Hey you, dick head, pick on someone your own size?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
They may be armored but they were not expecting repulsor blasts into the chests. It sends them flying back against a couple of their bikes, weapons going flying as they sort of pinwheel through the air and then slump to the ground down for the moment at least. Appology unheard.

The one looks over at the shouting and blast, and tries to dodge away from the incoming motorcycle with an arrow still sticking out of his side "Shit!"

Kate pops back up, oh yeah she is going to feel that bruise later but her ribs seem okay. She pays the asshole back though though firing a shot in the seam on the back of his leg sticking an arrow through his calf and slowing him enough he is hti by the motorcycle.

Thud.. crunch... hmm hopefully he is okay.

There are two left upright, the one who was guarding the guards turns and fires. The third of the shooters on Riri shoots as well. Honestly both of them shoot at Riri.. she is a bit scarier in patchwork Iron Man armor to be honest.

At this point the bystanders are filming with cellphone cameras from cover.

Social media culture folks.

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri grabs another of the bikes to use as a shield, holding it infront of her to suck up the bullets being fired at her while kneeling down beside Kate where she's hiding. "HEY." VOLUME. "Sorry..." Finally getting that right, she lets the bike, all eat up from machine gun, drop beside their cover. "So I'm going...to.." Thumbing up over her big metal shoulder at the two goons.


She grabs the car they're kneeling behind, right int he wheel well, and uses the upward thrust of her standing to flip it in the direction of the two gunmen... or one of them anyways. It doesn't go flying like the bike did, but she flipped a car... and that was super cool. "Okay, I hope I'm collecting all this."

The massive suit crunches along the pavement, forearm up, which is the thickest portion of her arm along the left arm up to the shoulder, to shield her face... which is definitely the thinnest. She's definitely got their attention... Hell, she's got everyone's attention! Smile for the camera!

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate looks wide eyed behind her glasses as Riri says HEY and crouches by her in the unusual Ironman suit. Then the softer sorry actually gets a quirked grin. "HI there." she flicks her eyes trying to figure out what Riri is intending to do.

Then Riri is flipping their cover right at one of the shooters. "Oh man.. that is going to sting..." mutters Kate as the car goes flipping through the air.

the criminal tries to dodge but manages to get clipped and his leg pinned under it... crying out in a lot of pain.

Not one to pass up a distraction like that Kate darts up closer, moving in behind another car for cover still. She fires off a fourth arrow, managing to stick this one right in the gloved hand of the last upright crook, getting through the thinner material there and skewering the guy... which causes the last assault rifle to hit the ground and the guy to clutch his speared hand.

One of the two repulsored guys is trying to lever himself back up to sitting, pulling a pistol out of a holster there. Sluggish and definitely winded but still kicking.

"We should zip these guys up and leave them for the cops... good job Iron...girl?" says the purple clad archer. Okay she still hasn't come up with her own code name much to her chagrin.

Riri Williams has posed:
Riri stands over the pinned goon with her repulsor hand pointed down at him humming violently, but he's in no condition to fight... so she closes her fist and glances towards the guards, "Everyone okay?" Asking them in a much more controlled and even tone. Her left arm clearly has some heavy damage and one of the lines feeding hydrolic fuel to her joints has a small leak, but it's still mostly functional.

Another night of work.

The ... name. "Iron Girl? Really? That's what you've got for me?" There's a dissatisfied sadness in her worbly tone. "Ironheart. Call me Ironheart." The cellphones record the pair of heroes, guards standing up to finish securing the gunmen.

"Uhhh... seeya..? Around... and stuff." Palms down, feet flat, she fires all four repulsors to go into a short hover. The left sparking a little, which is knocking her a little list in that direction, but otherwise totally hovering! Even looking like she knows what she's doing.

Then she's gone. Rocketing into the sky on a trail of ionization as she breaks over the tops of buildings back towards her lab...

With the biggest shit eating grin on her face.

Kate Bishop has posed:
An arrow is fired off disarming the one with the pistol before he shoots anyone. Then Kate moves forward helping to Riri keep them covered while the guard applies zipties.

"Sorry... " yeah Kate is sheepish, people keep calling her ridiculous things too after all. "Ironheart it is... see you!" she calls after watching Riri zoom off into the sky there. "Man that is a good exit..." which is not what Kate does. Not even remotely.

Kate is forced to run back and tip her bike up and hop on securing her bow and quiver and then take off at high speed through traffic like the robbers intended too, definitely working it to avoid the whole cops incoming situation.