6217/The Framework: Eliminating Resistance

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The Framework: Eliminating Resistance
Date of Scene: 16 May 2021
Location: Not-So-Secret SHIELD Outpost, Washington DC
Synopsis: Commander May, Agent of HYDRA, leads a crack team against a pocket of SHIELD resistence, saving the world from those who would destroy the peace HYDRA has fought so hard to build. Chief Daniel Sousa, Agent of SHIELD, has a very, very bad day.
Cast of Characters: Melinda May, Achilles, Daniel Sousa, Jessica Drew, Peggy Carter, Jack Nolan, Leopold Fitz, Bobbi Morse
Tinyplot: The Framework

Melinda May has posed:
The intel on this op has been verified six ways to Sunday and back again. SHIELD is definitely operating out of this warehouse. It's at the edge of the city (Washington DC) -- a low slung, two-storey affair made of cinderblock and brick. Probably built sometime back in the 70's. Its advantage is two-fold. Firstly, it backs onto the river, which makes sneaking in and out of it easier. Secondly, it's both close enough to the highway that traffic to it goes fairly unremarked and far enough away from anywhere important that traffic to it is rarely very heavy. Thus, it's been a very useful waystation for SHIELD to move refugees -- inhumans, mutants, and others -- in and out of the Captiol area.

Its usefulness, however, is about to come to an end. A HYDRA team, lead by Commander May, approaches on two fronts. A trio of cloaked Quinjets fly in from Joint Anacostia-Bolling AFB, while an amphibious team covers the Potomac side of the complex. "This is May," the commander says. "We are on approach. Prepare for deployment. I want this place razed to the ground. Take as many prisoners as you can, but don't hesitate to kill, if you must." It's not a question of mercy. It's a simple numbers game. The Doctor requires test subjects. SHIELD agents and the metahumans they smuggle are as good as any and better than many.

Achilles has posed:
    Even among HYDRA operatives, there are greater and lesser soldiers. May is in command of the operation, yes... however, Agent Achilles has always been something of a wild card. If only because he predates HYDRA's inception. And the fact that he has never really been loyal to 'the cause'. He is just a warlord who really only has one talent in this world... WAR.
    He had operated as a merc for centuries before joining up with HYDRA to basically get on the winning side and to benefit from their resources. His Myrmidons are loaded into stealth boats out on the river. His task in this operation is to close the waterways while May's team deals with landing from above.
    Him and his dozen men clad in black tactical gear and armor, geared up with suppressed high power weapons... float in the river with their submersible craft just under the surface where it would be difficult for the best sensors to find them.
    "We are in position." comes hos voice over comms.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel frowns into his coffee as he looks over a family of metahuman refugees the cell had quietly snuck here to prepare for transport out of the USA and beyond HYDRA's reach. It was good work, necessary but still he looks troubled. Draining his coffee he tosses the cup in a burn bag to be taken elsewhere and disposed of later, and gives one of the metahuman children a smile. "Alright," he says to the team. "I've got the patrol schedules for the bay, we should be able to sneak them out to the ship tonight," he says holding out a flashdrive emblazoned with the HYDRA logo he 'borrowed' from his day job. "As long as you guys stick to the route you should make it okay," he promises before checking his watch. "Anyhow if you've got any questions let me know now, I've got to get back ASAP, and let the boss know he and I need to talk sometime soon."

Jessica Drew has posed:
The slight vibration tells Jessica they are on the final descent. She leans back and closes her eyes, content in the knowledge that she once again can show her undying allegiance to HYDRA. No need for her to double-check the black, armored tactical gear she wears. Working with HYDRA, part and parcel of her earliest childhood memories has inculcated being meticulous. She prides herself on being combat-ready to carry out the cause.

A bit of turbulence opens her eyes, Jessica glance roves down the row of HYDRA combatants, eager to bring SHIELD to its knees; she takes a deep breath sure in the knowledge of where she belongs.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Jessi Taylor has been with the resistance since day one. She was a SHIELD agent before and, even as the world turned on them, has managed to remain loyal through everything. She just looks a lot older and a lot more tired than she did when she signed up as a rookie agent, fresh off the Olympian sprint team and ready to serve her country in other ways. She studies Daniel with slightly worried blue eyes, head tilting to the side, "Can't stay around for this one, boss? Too many questions, I'm guessing?" She asks him quietly.

Then she looks back towards the family, her smile warming even more. "Hey... I'm Jessi, and I'll get you out of here. I'll be with you as an escort until you hit international waters, and then some. For now... it's going to be a long night, you might want to try and nap before we all start moving, alright? We've got a few good cots in the other room. And fruit snacks." She offers to the youngest kid with a grin.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack Nolan has worked with SHIELD for a while. He's always wanted to be on the side that did what felt right, even if that meant fighting against the powers that be.

He's currently wearing a tactical vest over standard street clothing, with an AK variant weapon slung across the front of him.

He doesn't know he has the X-Gene, it's never been triggered. As far as he knows, he's just a regular guy doing what he thinks is right.

"Don't worry, chief. We'll stick to the plan." Though his best bet is to let Jessi talk to the family. The nasty scar on his face from one of his entanglements with HYDRA has a tendency to scare children.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
While hardly adverse to going out into the field when required, Leopold Fitz, the Doctor of HYDRA's rarely does so unless he feels it is absolutely necessary. Or if he feels that a reminder about just what the penalties for failure are might be necessary. Neither is the case on this particular mission however. It has been plotted out to the tiniest detail and while things can always go wrong in the field -- no battleplan survives the first encounter -- that is why some of HYDRA's best have been assigned to this mission. If something goes wrong, no one else is more likely to be able to compensate and fulfill the mission perameters.

Or Else.

The Dcotor is not known for his mercy afterall.

"The priority is any targets on site that exhibit any unique abilities," comes Leopold's cold voice over the comms as he stands back at central command, hands tucked behind his back and those hard eyes focused on the tactical display that dominates the room, a satelitte overview of the neighborhood provided along with dozens of other feeds from street cams along with the body cams on select agents. "They are to be brought back alive if at all possible," he continues, those clipped, precise words suggesting that there had better be a good explanation if it does not prove possible. "Any other captives you can take are a bonus. What intelligence we can... extract from them will only help the cause," he notes.

Information makes the world go round afterall.

Melinda May has posed:
"You heard the Doctor, people. It's time to go. Hail HYDRA." May hits the red hatch button at the rear of her Quinjet, having left its piloting in another's capable hands. Then, she leaps, the jumpjets on her back carrying her safely down to the ground.

May is a Commander who leads from the front. Never does she ask her people to do anything she wouldn't do herself. She hits the ground running, a pair of HYDRA commandos close on her heels. They reach the main door of the complex and test it. Unsurprisingly, it's locked. She motions to one of her companions. He slaps a device over the lock. They turn away. The lock explodes with a muffled *THMPH*. She knocks it off with a swift kick and yanks the door open. Her companions head in just ahead of her, weapons ready to fire at anyone that gets in the way.

The other two jets drop their troops as well. All to gether, a couple of dozen well-trained HYDRA stormtroopers spread themselves out around the building, covering every entry and blowing the locks off them all. Cameras in the warehouse don't catch them until they're on the ground and at the doors, the QJs having never registered on sensor -- not, mind, that there actually are much in the way of sensors in this place. It's a waystation, not a full base. That makes it a softer target. Cameras on various wavelengths from IR to UV to common visual spectrum are about the best they've been able to do. That and a few electronic tripwires... which the jets completely bypassed.

Thus, the SHIELD agents inside are caught flatfooted and outnumbered when the alarm is finally raised.

Achilles has posed:
    At a look from his squad leader, Achilles holds a hand up, "No. We are not charging in like those lemmings. Our job is to close the noose, not to carry the banner."
    As such, he and his men are waiting for the right moment. As soon as anyone attempts to escape via the waterways... that is when he and his men will go into action. Surfacing with deck guns at the ready as well as a landing force happy to spring shut the jaws of the trap.
    Of course, those deck guns are basically loaded with high velocity tranq darts. After all... *groan* The doctor requires live subjects. Never mind the fact that eliminating potential threats is the better strategic option. Okay, so Achilles isn't a true believer in HYDRA. He -is- a true believer in doing his job and earning his pay. Call it... professional pride. War is his business after all.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Nodding to Jessi, Daniel admits, "From all sides. Not sure how much longer I can keep it up," though he looks again at the family, the mother, father and three young children. "Though when you see what we're doing, it's hard to say stop and not feel like a total piece of crap about it, you know?" He gives his head a gentle shake before saying. "Anyhow it's not important right now, we've got work to do," he says letting Jessi go to attend to the family while he turns to greet Jack"

"Jack, thanks for running security on this one. Should go smooth," he touches the top of a wooden crate. "But if you guys run into any trouble out there tonight, run and go to ground. We can always smuggle the family out another night." And they couldn't afford the losses in personnel either.

That's when everything goes bad.

The first alarms sound before the doors are being blown off their hinges, but only just. "They found us," Daniel shouts. "Everyone arm up hit the escape hatch, civilians first just like we practiced," he says voice tense but even and understandable. He draws his sidearm. "Jessi, get that family moving, Jack, you and me are laying down cover fire but let's not plan to stick around. Once the civilians are out of the way we go and we blow this place, got it?" he glances around to make sure the other agents are following protocol, before he crouches down behind a pile of old crates, keeping his mind off what's coming by focusing on the details, how many rounds did he have, how many spare mags, how long would it take for people to pull out. "We can do this!" he calls to those within earshot. "Follow the plan and we'll all get to go home!"

Peggy Carter has posed:
The toned strawberry blond looks up to Daniel with a bittersweet smile as she hears his words, "I... know, Chief, but you have kiddos at home too, right? If you gotta stop to take care of them... you're still takin' care of them. No one's gonna damn you for it. But yeah. I got this." She nods back to the family after reaching out, giving Daniel's hand a single, reassuring squeeze. She meant what she said.

Then a bigger smile crosses Jessi's lips as the little girl gives a bit of a squeal about the fruit snacks, "Come on, kiddo... We'll-" And then the alarm sounds. They've got company. "Shit. All of you, that hatch, heads down, there's an escape tunnel in there. Move fast, be qui-!" Then the doors are flying open. It all happens so fast. She didn't even have time to give all the directions. Blue eyes go too wide as she spins around, crouching a bit, putting herself between the incoming force and the family fleeing into the escape hatc. The moment they are gone, she motions younger agents in as she pulls out her own gun out and firing directly on the HYDRA forces.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Hail HYDRA" still echoing in her ears, Jessica gives a hand signal to her squad of combatants. Incessant practice pays off when they land in close order behind the Commander and break into a full jog. The whomph of plastique blowing the door to the compound announces the first step to the carefully articulated plan to wipe the SHIELD scum from the face of the earth.

Motioning to the left and to the right, she spreads her team of four out; all of them carry dual-purpose assault weapons capable of firing deadly rounds or tranq darts for the targets worthy of capture and belonging to HYDRA. This will be like stepping on an ant's nest in combat boots. A tight, fierce smile shows white teeth beneath her goggles.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack had expected to be setting out in a few hours. He'd done a bunch of these runs, he figured things would go relatively smoothly. Boy how wrong he was.

He hears the alarm only a moment before doors start getting blasted inwards, "Shit!" He immediately goes to the nearest piece of cover, and listens to Daniel's plan, "Family's safety is top priority! Jessi, get them out of here!"

He leans over his cover, and fires a burst from his AK at one of the recently blasted open doors, intent on at least keeping the heads down of whoever just came through. He's not going for accuracy at the moment, more supression.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
There is a certain satisfaction that comes in being in the field. In knowing that you are taking a direct hand in furthering the good works of HYDRA. In seeing that last moment of fear and regret in the enemy's eyes as they realize how foolish it was to oppose the inevitable. But if the Doctor feels any of those things, any regret that he cannot be out there he gives no sign of it. If fingers itch to take a more direct hand even here in the command center, he doesn't allow himself to show that either. Weakness or even hesitation of any sort is never to be shown, never to be admitted. Not to HYDRA's rank and file at any rate.

So he remains there, in the center of the room with hands tucked behind his back, folded atop one another as he stares coolly at the tactical display, watching the agents deploy, watching as the trap set for any who try to flee is carefully setup.

Unseen jaws to put an end to this particular nest of vipers. One more step to crush reckless, foolish hope. One more step towards proper Order.

"focus in on the breach. Engage facial recognition and make sure any priority targets are flagged to the field agents," he snaps at one of the operators. No anger in his words. No emotion at all.

So far everything is going as planned. And with luck? Another handful of test subjects will be in their possession by this evening and proper... testing can begin.

Melinda May has posed:
May draws back behind cover when suppression fire starts. "Take out that shooter," she orders, raising her sidearm and aiming in that direction. She fires quick efficent shots, rather than spray-and-pray. Even so, he's in enough cover, she doesn't really expect to do more than make him draw back in response.

Regardless, one way or another, she's moving into that warehouse with her people. She holsters her weapon and closes in on a pair of SHIELD agents. She moves swiftly, well-practiced. She's been fighting like this since before either of them were born. She slides under their fire and attacks them with fists and feet. The first goes down, unconscious in moments. The second tries to retreat, firing wildly. May kicks the weapon fallen from the hands of the agent downed at her feet. Catching it, she turns and fires precise shots to his shoulders and knees. No, not lethal. But he won't be walking out of here... nor likely firing another weapon anytime soon.

Nevertheless, SHIELD agents are well-trained on the whole. They fight hard and they fight well together. What's more, they have everything to lose. Thus, it's not long before even the best of her stormtroopers are engaged in fierce fighting while the resistance fighters play interference so that young family can escape.

Achilles has posed:
    Patience is said to be a virtue. Well, when one is being strategic -and- tactical, it is not only a virtue, it is essential.
    Achilles and his Myrmidons lurk like sharks... okay more like Manta Rays, waiting for someone to step nearby and get stung.
    As the refugee family flees, the hunters lie in wait. The sounds of gunfire have most of the men antsy. They want to get in on the action. But Achilles waits calmly. His craft have surfaced... barely, by this point, and he has a designated marksman scoped in.
    "Fire." he says simply.

    The marksman squeezes his trigger, and a dart sails through the air with a chuff of compressed air. The mother in said refugee family is struck in the neck, and suddenly half a dozen green laser sights converge on the group. Not spread out to cover everyone. No. The smiling girl who was so happy to get the fruit snacks has all six laser sights on her. Two on her chest, one on her head. One on the neck. You get the picture.
    A single calm voice says in the night as two of the craft silently reach the end of the tunnel and begin to disgorge troops. It says... "Stand down. I take no pleasure in killing children. But I will not hesitate to do so if you do not cooperate."

    You see, while Achilles has no intention of killing the girl, watching the mother pass out, and seeing the girl threatened.. hopefully will make any resistance fade into the ether.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
When the shooting starts it's like a switch goes off in Daniel's head and emotion falls away to background noise leaving him clear headed and able to act. As the storm troopers come in, he lifts his gun and fires aiming for the throat and other weak points. Not every shot hits, but when his seven round mag comes up empty there's three less HYDRA agents in the world.

"Keep up the fire!" he shouts to the others as his hands reload his weapon by muscle memory, his eyes scoping out the battle from behind cover.

A round strikes his shoulder, grazing him, he drops the weapon and ducks low to recover it, teeth gritting against the pain as he calls, "Jack, get ready to fall back, we can't hold this place, we've got to blow it to cover our escape!"

Peggy Carter has posed:
Jessi is mid playing interference, really hoping the family can get out to the boat. But, she also realizes she's the one that knows how to drive it. She promised she'd get them to international waters. As much as she wants to stay and fight, if the family gets lost, it's all for naught. Therefore, she snaps off a few more shots towards approaching HYDRA agents and then slips into the tunnel herself, praying that there is salvation at the end of the drink.

Sometimes, prayers go on deaf ears. She spills out into the lower dock right next to the drink where the boat waits, but they aren't alone. A HYDRA team is already all over the family. "NO!" She crackles out, desperation behind her voice. There's tears in her eyes, but she knows she's outnumbered... "I...I'm what you want. Let them go. I'll...come, no fight, just let them go!" Jessi begs, stepping nervously forward, silently praying this tactic will work.

Jessica Drew has posed:
One of the most dangerous points in their assault faces them: the bottleneck into the warehouse where they can be picked off one by one. Behind Jessica, one of her troops goes down under fire, not dead but out of commission till he can crawl to better cover. Then, HYDRA willing, he'll take out the unwary SHIELD agents.

The sharp recoil of the rifle feels good in her hands as she drops an agent, blood spouting from the neck wound. Concentrated fire trained on her drops her into a reflexive roll, spider speed returning fire before she comes to a stop. Hopping to her feet, she runs, firing into a group of three agents, spinning into kicks that connect with chin and chest between one breath and the next.

One is still moving when she subvocalizes over coms, "Tranqs." Operating procedure is to leave as many alive as possible; not all the superhumans would be easy to identify on sight. Triage would be quick and ruthless in the end.

Jack Nolan has posed:
One of the shots from May hits Jack square in the chest. If he hadn't been wearing his vest, he'd be dead for sure. The shot still knocks him on his ass, however, knocking the wind out of him.

He struggles back to his feet, grabbing his rifle and falling back behind cover again. He takes a few moments to catch his breath, and then looks at Daniel, frowning but nodding, "Ready to go. I'll cover you, go! Trust me, I'll be right behind you!"

Though knowing Jack, he'll probably wait until the last possible second to get out of the building. He just hopes that Daniel has the detonator, otherwise someone has to go get it.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
Cut off one limb and two more shall take its place!

Once a rallying cry about the resillience of their organization, it might as well speak to the inevitability of ther ultimate victory. Each day their coils tighten a little more, stretch a little further to secure their hold on this world. And only these little pockets of resistance stand against that, stand against the proper imposition of order where once there was chaos. But while it is inevitable, that doesn't mean that it is always easy, that it is always smooth.

The line of Leopold's mouth thins ever so slightly, the only hint of displeasure on his otherwise rock-like visage. Resistance was always going to be inevitable. No matter how hopeless, how pointless SHIELD refuses to give into the inevitable, to admit the obvious. The real battles are long over. The war is won. And all these rear-guard actions, trying to keep a few dangerous, subversive elements out of the clutches of HYDRA for a few more measely weeks or months is only prolonging the inevitable. It is only creating suffering, forcing their hand.

It is annyoing. It is pointless. It is inefficient. And the Doctor hates inefficencies.

"Have aerial support light up that house like it's midday. I want them to understand that they have nowhere to go. No chance of escape," he says quietly, the chill in his words no less for that. His gaze flickers towards one of the other windows, multiple views of the scene of the escaping family provided. Satellite imagery mixed with ground coverage. And a number of views covering a wide spectrum. Scans, so many useful scans from the force of drones at HYDRA's disposal.

"The child Agent Achillies. Imaging suggests she might have gifts. I want her," Leopold states flatly over the comm.

Melinda May has posed:
It's probably just as well May is inside the warehouse, and not out where Achilles threatens the child. There are some things she cannot abide, even now. Despite everything she's done to earn her place in HYDRA's strict heirarchy. Threatening children is among them.

Still, ruthless as the tactic is, it's certainly effective.

She hears the Doctor's words and finds herself quietly chilled. But she still has a mission to complete. And she knows she's now running out of time. The quinjets have been ordered to fire. They start on the outermost areas of the compound, away from the worst of the fighting. But they're cutting off escape routes for everyone.

May steps through smoke and rubble and sees Daniel across the compound. The body cam she wears clearly registers his face. And facial recognition in the systems the Doctor surveys will quickly identify him. High ranking SHIELD officer, erstwhile time-traveller. A high value target, to be sure.

Her lips press into a thin white line as she resists the urge to swear aloud. She was *really* hoping she wouldn't find him here, today. Hoping that maybe, just *maybe* he'd listen to her warning to stay away. This isn't going to go well for either of them. After all, one of her primary assignments is to ensure that Peggy Carter-Sousa and Daniel Sousa stay out of the fight, to ensure their re-education doesn't require repeating... again. This is the third time Daniel has broken his conditioning.

She can't protect him any more.

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding his head, Achilles accepts the order from Fitz without comment. He taps his mic twice to confirm that he got the order. Then he steps out of the landing boat and holsters his own weapon. "Oh don't worry." he says calmly to agent Jessi. "I've got plenty of room. Besides, I was just given specific orders that I am to take the child into custody. This will be far easier for you if you simply allow this to happen. I -intend- to hand all of you over to my employer. After all, that is my job."

    He doesn't bother to imply that he might be bribed. If he could be bribed, he'd never have gotten this job in the first place. It's not like he needs the paycheck. He just needs an excuse to go out and command his men in combat.
    In ancient Greece the Myrmidons were the best mercenaries in the world. In that however, nothing has changed. Men step off of the boat behind him and begin producing zip ties as they approach the covered refugees and the agent.
    "Besides." he says, thinking back to a certain royal girl named Briseis, "I am sure that we can find some use for prisoners who prove to -not- have metahuman abilities."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"I've got it," Daniel confirms to Jack with a nod. "C'mon, let's get move-" he begins before spots May and freezes in place. Between her and the camera on her suit, he was as good as caught, no clever lie or excuse would get him out of things this time...

"Aw hell," he curses and looks to Jack. "Get out of here, I'll do what I can to stall them."

Then weapon recovered and reloaded, he moves towards May. "Really hoping we wouldn't meet like this," Daniel says ruefully weapon trained on his friend and Agent of HYDRA. "It's not too late to do the right thing, Melinda. Help me slow this down let those kids escape, they're innocent, you know that."

Peggy Carter has posed:
For just a few heartbeats, Jessi listens behind her, mentally begging for half a dozen more SHIELD members to come down that tunnel. If she had a bit more back up, maybe they'd have time. Maybe she could buy the family time to get away. But there's nothing, just the sounds of gunfire and fighting echoing in the distance behind her. She's alone on that water side platform and she's failed. She swallows back hard, blue eyes glistening in the night as she tries not to cry.

"Don't... don't do this. She's just a... kid. You want to take the mom? Fine. Both of them... fine. But... she's a *kid*, let me take her and go. Please." Jessi's never been the sort to beg, but there's genuine pleading behind her voice. She knows she's outnumbered and trapped. All she can do is appeal to their humanity now. "...I won't even fight back. Just let us go. Just the kid." She quietly tosses down her weapon at her feet, hands up. Going out dying won't do anyone good, she knows that. Maybe she can find heart in someone among HYDRA.

Jessica Drew has posed:
Jessica knows her commander. Seeing the minute hesitation in her adamant stance at Fitz's command, she marks it, puzzled, then tucks it away to examine later.

Signaling to the troopers following her, her black-gloved hand rises overhead, two fingers pointing to an exit. Her objective is just rising to his feet, a face familiar from briefings, earmarked for capture because of the X-gene he carries, a worthy opponent. The spider woman crouches and runs sideways, reminiscent of her namesake, intending to flank her prey. She glides over the top of a stack of crates to pounce on the man, gloved hands glowing as she readies to stun him. Gravity adds to her weight as she drops from eight feet above him.

Jack Nolan has posed:
"No way am I leaving you behind!" Jack yells back at Sousa, getting back up and ready to shoot again. His train of thought is interrupted, however, as Agent Drew drops down on him from above. No one ever remembers to look up.

The impact dazes him, as one would expect from having a super powered person drop down on top of you. His rifle clatters to the ground just out of reach, as he scrambles to try to pull his Ka-BAR from the scabbard on his vest while also trying to roll her off of him. He just needs to get a few feet of distance between himself and her, and get his knife drawn, the blade held facing backwards as he takes a combat stance, "Not too late to give up. I'd hate to cut up that pretty face of your's."

Leopold Fitz has posed:
While it all might be taking a little longer then he might like, while the ever-present stubbornness of SHIELD grates like a pebble in one's shoe, at least the outcome does not seem to be in doubt. More importantly, the scans relayed by that fleet of drones are indeed suggesting that there are targets of interest on site. Bringing down SHIELD is important of course. But the Doctor requires Inhumans and Mutants to continue his good works. Other's in HYDRA might disagree but it will be his work that insures both their inevitable victory, and that it will be impossible for anyone to undo what he has wrought.

While it is rare for Leopold to let any detail slip his attention, at least for long, he remains focused in on the feeds showing the escape attempt that has been neatly cut off. It is rare for him to ever lose the forest for the trees. But Commander May is ruthlessly efficient. A near perfect tool for HYDRA's ends. And while the Myrmidions have shown themselves to be very valuable, very useful as well they are still mercenaries. Not true believers. So even as the alert about the time-travelling Daniel Sousa appears on the tactical feed, Leopold's focus remains on the scene playing out down by the river.

"Inhumans. Mutants. They bring chaos. They must be controlled and put to use for the good of the world. For the good of HYDRA," he says quietly over the comm. Probably in that order too. Afterall, what is good for HYDRA is good for the world. "The child, Agent Achillies. Now," he states once more, that dead-eyed gaze starting to flicker over towards the body-cam footage of the interior of the Waystation and the time-travelling asset that is just waiting to be captured. To be reeducated. To help bring about HYDRA's one, true vision of a better tomorrow.

Melinda May has posed:
"I can't," May says, meeting Daniel's eyes. The Doctor is watching. Listening. "You should have stayed home, like Peggy asked you to..." Her tone is grim. And her eyes... Well, the Doctor can't see her eyes. And that's a good thing. Because her eyes are filled with anger, grief, and relentless resolution.

Nevertheless, she raises her hand, on finger tapping lightly against her earlobe. Will he understand what she's telling him without words? That she's being monitored. She can't speak freely. Not and live through this. Or survive the debrief.

Saving the child? Yes. She'd like to do that. But there will be a price to pay for that. And she's not willing to pay it. Not when, ultimately, what Daniel is doing here is threatening so many other, innocent lives. It's no secret between them that Melinda hates Inhumans, particularly. Perhaps even more than she hates the idea of a child at risk. Entirely *because* the Inhuman she once risked everything for -- and rescued -- killed so many children afterward.

She doesn't have her weapon in her hand, despite the fact Daniel has pointed his at her. They both know that doesn't make her any less dangerous. When she moves, it's viper fast. Her hand covers the gun, the other slamming into his wrist as she attempts to disarm him.

Achilles has posed:
    How many operatives of this glee club named HYDRA have really encountered and / or fought a real Hydra? Achilles smirks behind his balaclava and regards Jessi. There is a long pause pregnant with anticipation. This man has been an utter prick for three millennia and he will go on being so for a lot longer. When HYDRA fades into dust, he will be there. But he lets Jessi think that he is considering her words. That he might have a heart.
    In the end, a SHIELD agent escorting the refugees is too much of an intelligence coup.
    He opens his mouth to speak, and then lifts a hand, "Hold on, hold on. No need to go on with your begging. You are all going to HYDRA." And that said, he fires the tranq pistol in his hand at the SHIELD agent.
    After that, his men begin moving forward.
    Even as they do so, he says into his comms, "Target acquired. And it only took me twelve seconds since your last order to do so." Yes, he is turning his own back on the target to respond to Fitz's repeated order. He believes that his men are quite capable of finishing this. That, and he is becoming frustrated being told the same thing over and over. "You know that I don't fail. I don't fall short. I accomplish my objectives. All that I ask is the ability to do so without my shoulder being jostled."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel's eyes flash with recognition at the tap to the ear. He understands the message but it doesn't change what has to happen. "Probably right," Daniel says weapon still on May though he hasn't pulled the trigger. "Peggy usually is. She doesn't know anything about any of this you know that right?" he asks before she moves. Daniel knows May's fast, it was an error to get in this close, his wounds slow him down it's all too easy to grab the gun, and knock it from his grasp. Not that's the end of it, he reaches out with his wounded arm to wrap it around her waist to try and tackle May to the floor, he was outmatched but grappling his size gave him more of a chance than it did standing toe to toe.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The difference between SHIELD agents and HYDRA agents? SHIELD always has hope. Even when they shouldn't. No cyanide caps in the back of her teeth, nor does Jessi reach for her gun to put one in her own head before she completely passes out. If she stays alive, maybe she can get them out at another point. "...You all are... Monsters..." She rasps out as she sinks to her knees, the tranquilizer dart doing it's job well and fast. She's trying to fight it, but she's losing.

As her eyes flutter open and closed, she sees his back turning. Her fingertips try to reach for her gun. Maybe she can put that one down, at least. But all of her body feels like a lead weight. The last thing she can do is lock eyes with that child instead as she whispers out, "I'm so... so sorry..." And across the messy little patched together comm she has, she uses her last inch of strength to push the activation button so she can speak to whatever is left of the team. "...they had... people in the water. I'm... down. Family's... taken. I'm... sorry." With that last, shaking apology, she passes out dead cold on the edge of the dock.

Jessica Drew has posed:
A talker. They often are so full of themselves that they miss the cues. When HYDRA has Jack Nolan under their aegis, they will train it out of him, of that Jessica is sure. The memory of the grueling regimen she went through as she came into her powers still ache in her psyche.

They roll, and he gets to his feet. A twisted flip brings Jessica back to hers. She doesn't allow herself to acknowledge his words but inwardly girds herself for his strength. The doctor's words over coms thrill through Jessica. She is one that HYDRA has trained for the good.

Empowered by Doctor Fitz's words, she feints to the left as though afraid of the knife Nolan wields, bringing her in close enough to stun his right arm and cover his face with her other hand. His head is engulfed in a lurid green haze. Another spider might withstand a venom blast. She moderates it just enough not to kill.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    A sudden flash of blue energy balloons in to a perfect sphere. HYDRA has seen this before. Too many times before. _Afterlife_. That enemy that hides somewhere in the world that they have been hunting for years never ceases to stick its nose in to their affairs at the worst possible moments. Their targets always seems random.. why one Inhuman and not another?

    As the sphere disappears a young cocky looking man with barely shaven stubble creates a fist and slams it to the ground. A large shockwave of stunning electricity shoots out around Gordon and Lincoln. Li holds up his hands as if to fist fight against the HYDRA agent about to pick up the young child, but blades appear and he slices in to all the small gaps in his tac suit, dropping him.

    They are quick and efficient.. not even so much as giving half a care about SHIELD or the resistance. A hand is placed on the girl and then the blue energy balloons out again and *fwomp* ... they are gone.

    Afterlife has stolen another Inhuman prize. The only explanation is that somehow that girl mattered, and she slipped away.

Jack Nolan has posed:
Jack moves. He's fast, but Jessica is faster. As he swings the blade, he arm is grabbed and stunned, and he drops the knife. A second later, her hand closes over his mouth and doses him with the venom. He tries to grab her arm with his one good arm, but there's not much strength left. A fighter to the last, though he figures this is going to be his death as the world goes dark around him.

He'll probably be angry when he wakes up. If he wakes up.

Leopold Fitz has posed:
It is not terribly realistic to expect perfection from any one. While his rise through the ranks of HYDRA might have split his attention away from the laboratories that he loves to some degree, Leopold is enough of a scientist to understand that. And while he can display endless patience when he feels it necessary he is also a big believer in efficency, in time tables and precision. That those who fulfill his needs do not always quite measure up to his vision is... irritating. And while he might not endulge himself to vent over that irritation often it is still there in the back of his mind.

The saga on the docks is all but done with, brought to a satisfactory end but whether any of them realize it, that last little interaction between HYDRA's Doctor and the mercenary captain of the Myrmidions gives precious seconds to the still going drama within the Waystation proper. "You and your men do good work Agent Achillies," come the sharp, clipped words over the comm. "But that does not mean they cannot be improved on. Do not play with your food on one of my Ops again," comes those icy Scottish notes.

Finally his gaze focuses in on the feeds provided by the body camms and drones that have begun to filter through the Waystation and the Dcotor turns his attention to what remains of the SHIELD resistance. "Agent Drew, scans are showing a potential positive on your target. Finish him," he instructs coolly from back at Control, the clear implication that Nolan is to be taken alive. "Agent May, Daniel Sousa is to be..." he starts to give that order to take the priority target alive.

Before he can finish those words his gaze is jerked that to the feed of the exterior of Waystation, down by the river. He watches through narrowed eyes as that pair of Inhumans suddenly port in, watches as they vanish just as quick with his prize. Behind his back, his grip on one of those hands he has tucked away there tightens. But surprisingly no anger shows on his expression. It rarely does truthfully, but if anything the icy blue chips of his narrowed eyes seem to brighten, just a little and the thin line of his mouth curves up ever so slightly, just a hint of a smirk forming there. "Well now. How convenient," he murmurs softly. "Agent Perkins, I trust that you had the tracker engaged. Relay the coordinates to the Sky Commander at once."

Melinda May has posed:
May lets Daniel pull her to the floor. As she does, she twists her head and arms. The comm looped around her ear comes out, conveniently enough. Together, they roll, someone's elbow crushing it. If that means she happens to miss the Doctor's words -- aborted as they are... well, it also means he can't hear hers. "I'm glad," she grunts, wind partially knocked out of her. She doesn't believe him, mind. She's sure Peggy knows. Just as she's sure Peggy is desperately trying to deny it's true.

May slams her elbow into Sousa's gut and her head into his wounded shoulder to loosen his hold. Then, she's flipping to her feet. "You know what they're going to do to you, if I bring you in, right?" No mercy. Not from the Doctor. She gives him a chance to regain his feet. If they're going to do this... she'd sooner he be on his feet.

At the end of the day... he's still a friend. Almost a brother. SHIELD, yes. But... He named his daughters after her -- in one way or another. She can't in good conscience bring him in to face torture. Re-education, yes. But... he's been through re-education too many times. It's obvious it just doesn't work on him. Not long enough.

But, she can't let him escape, either.

Achilles has posed:
    The anger.. belongs to Achilles. He finishes his exchange with the Doctor. In fact, he doesn't even reply to the man as he turns to face his prisoners. His successfully trapped, engaged, and captured prisoners. All with only two shots fired. Talk about efficient.
    And then the flash of light. He recognizes it from the files he read. "Bollux." he mutters even as he lifts his weapon and fires. The tranq dart passing through the air where the teleporter had just been.
    "Update to the situation. I presume you observed the change. But I have the escorting SHIELD agent in custody, the parents that produced the child. The child however has been... what is a good word for this... yoinked?"
    That said, he moves forward and gazes down at his fallen man. "Erikson is still alive if barely. I do hope that you will enjoy using him for your experiments." he says as he turns to face the rest of his men. The implied threat is there... fail, lose a fight, and you will be given to the Doctor.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
That elbow knocks the wind out of him, he struggles for the weapon but it's no use and May springs free of his grip. When she gives him the chance to stand, he takes it using a crate to help him to his feet.

Seeing the com unit broken he says, "She suspects, it's Peggy, of course she does," he says with a rueful almost proud note to his voice.

He takes in her words and nods slowly. "I know," he says, of what the doctor would do and what May in turn must do to him. He lifts his eyes to meet hers, sad but resolute. "Look after them for me Melinda, alright? And yourself, you're better than this, hope you realize that before it's too late."

Then it was just a matter of waiting for the inevitable, eyes still open but his thoughts with his family.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Jessi Taylor is nothing but dead weight as she's drug in by the water based team, all fight left in her. She didn't even get the chance to be conscious long enough to see what happened to the child. Maybe someone will tell her later. For now, the SHIELD agent is bagged and tagged, like a rogue while animal that needed to be fixed before returning to the wild. That is what reeducation is after all, right?

Jessica Drew has posed:
Bathing in satisfaction at anticipating the Doctor's orders, Jessica catches Nolan's dead weight in the steel whipcords of her arms. She would have played with her prey before taking his life, but she relinquishes that pleasure to serve the greater good.

Nolan is lowered to the ground gently but not out of any empathy for his plight. Best that the goods did not come in too bruised to be of use. Zip ties replace a spider web. She snapss his hands and feet together. Around them, the fight is nearly at a close.

Half bent over her catch, she freezes, stunned by an incredible influx of superpower that locks her in place. Gurgling, she nearly breaks protocol to shout in shock as the bubble of power washes over her. Recovered, she straightens slowly, then nudges her take with a booted foot. "Sleep tight. You will wake in a better place."

Leopold Fitz has posed:
That carefully orchestrated plan of attack that they meticulously put together? That's increasingly in tatters. And yet the Doctor of HYDRA, Leopold Fitz can finally smirk in satisfaction. If only slightly. If only for an instant. If asked, he would coldly deny he believes in anything so fantastical as fate. Ones actions determine what the world becomes, not some higher power, or great, unknowable plan. But this comes close. To have his carefully laid plan disrupted, and yet to turn out better then he could have hoped for? It's almost enough to make one reconsider. Almost.

Of course, while it might have been providence that the Inhumans would take the risk to rescue one of their own, it is his actions, his research and his design that insured that HYDRA would be ready for such a response. His preparations that insured they would be able to track the Inhuman teleporter Gordon, to arrange to follow him to whatever refuge these unnatural abominations have found for themselves. Fate? Chance? No. His will.

"Understood, Agent Achillies. I look forward to your debrief," he says just as coldly as ever, as that smirk vanishes as if it was never there, leaving Leopold's mouth a hard, thin line once more.

His attention filters back to the last, lingering confrontation still drawing out this operation, a curt order given and obeyed with all alacrity to bring up the multiple views of Commander May and the wanted terrorist Daniel Sousa. There may be few absolute certainties, but the result here seems all but a given. This HYDRA agent does not fail. "Finish it Commander. I look forward to conducting this one's... interrogation," he says. That voice might remain cool, but there is a quiet note of satisfaction to it.

But his words seem to draw no reaction from one of HYDRA's most dependable strike leaders. Instead of bringing a swift resolution and quick capture it looks increasingly like the situation is spiraling out of control. "Agent Drew, Commander May requires assistance. Daniel Sousa is a high priority target. I want him alive," he snaps over the comm.

Melinda May has posed:
May meets Daniel's eyes for a moment. And just for that brief, passing moment, there's a glimpse -- a shadow of who she once was. But for one bad day... it's not that different to who she is now. "I will," she tells him. "I promise."

Then, she moves like lightning. Melinda May is an expert with a weapon. But she's even deadlier without one. It takes less than a heartbeat. Only Jessica Drew could move faster and accomplish the same thing. She steps in, steps around, and snaps Daniel's neck.

He dies instantly. And she cradles his body all the way to the ground.

But there's no time to linger. Much as she'd like to. No time to mourn. This was mercy, of a sort. Leaving him here? That's also mercy. Perhaps SHIELD will retrieve him. Though, since the Quinjets are going to blow this place to hell in short order, there probably won't be anything left to retrieve. It's better, though, than dragging the body out and letting it be desecrated in a HYDRA lab.

By the time Drew has reached her side, May is turning her back on the body of her friend. Her eyes are cold as she meets Jessica's eyes. "Give me your comm," she commands. She takes it, and places it in her own ear. "Pull out," she says sharply into the radio. "You have twenty seconds. Quinjets. In thirty, light this place up."


The news, later that night, tells of the explosion near the river. How a heroic HYDRA team stopped a ruthless cell of SHIELD terrorists from bringing superhuman bio weapons into the nation's capital, threatening national security. It's a day of victory. A day when Order has prevailed.